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Lostfiniel3 karma

Do you ever struggle with the videos feeling like you've done them before? How do you keep each one unique?

Playboy_Videographer5 karma

Well, as much as the people who watch or read playboy don't exactly crave original, engaging storylines, we do make an effort to keep each different from the next. I mean, almost anything becomes sexy if you have a group of playmates doing it,

uronlisunshyne2 karma

How did you get into this job?

Playboy_Videographer3 karma

Some pictures I took of my friend who was an amateur model were found online, and they looked at some other things I had took, and called me out to see if I was good enough for playboy.

Adoptedwuss1 karma

Do you get to edit your own work or do you just have to hand it over after a shoot? Thanks!

Playboy_Videographer5 karma

Normally we'll hand it over for someone more talented at editing the me to do.

TotiMercator1 karma

How long do you last in a photoshoot?

Playboy_Videographer3 karma

The whole shoot.

Jakedubbleya1 karma

Are you one of those pervy “photographer" friends every girl has that just happened to be skilled and got picked up?

You know what I'm talking about girls.

Playboy_Videographer4 karma

No... I am not a pervert, at least not yet.

jgarcia10921 karma

What is your advice for someone who gets shaky when using a camera (both photo and video)? Is there some type of technique to get great shots?

Playboy_Videographer2 karma

You could use a tripod?