Reddit, Tech N9ne here. Indie rapper, co-founder of Strange Music Inc, #1 indie label in the world. Check out my latest Rock inspired EP w/ Ross Robinson, THERAPY - AMA!


UPDATE: Alright yall, I gotta run to the studio and get some new music for yall, THANX FOR KICKIN IT! And dont forget to check out THERAPY -

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TheBlackContractor1069 karma

I was introduced to your music by a friend 4 years ago and you are hands down one of my favorite rappers of all time. Question, which artist would you like to collaborate with but haven't had the chance yet? Keep making great music!

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therealTechN9ne649 karma

THX For kixin it, I gotta get back to recording at Strangeland!

theset3625 karma

Hey! I'm a moderator over at /r/techn9ne and would love if you answered some questions!

1) What is the song or album that you personally are most proud of?

2) What (if any) independent rappers are you considering recruiting to Strange Music?

3) What advice would you give to all of your younger listeners?

therealTechN9ne777 karma

I'm really proud of 'Worldwide Choppers"

I cant tell you yet! Haha

Keep on keepin on!

chuvering504 karma

Does Caribou Lou have any defects?

therealTechN9ne1387 karma

Yes, I told you on the song. Only defect is wakin up like what happened?!

Willyb524368 karma

Hey Tech, first off I'm in the Army and I want to thank you for all of your support of the troops.

Secondly, What inspired you to visit the troops overseas and write "The Noose" with Mayday?

therealTechN9ne690 karma

Because of the news of all the suicides that occur among soldiers.

Blazejak25368 karma

Huge fan here! Who is your favorite artist to listen to that isn't on Strange Music?

therealTechN9ne895 karma

Corey Taylor.

hollatay345 karma

You touched my hand at a show once, Tech. Haven't washed it since ;-)

therealTechN9ne916 karma

That's nasty lol

therealTechN9ne1687 karma

Cuz I had just scratched my balls and scratched my ass and smelled my finger afterwards, Sorry N Shit

godhatespretty342 karma

First of all, Do you feel your fans have embraced therapy like you've wanted them to?


Would you ever give me the chance to come on to your tour bus? ;)

therealTechN9ne1130 karma

Yes, and I'm so happy about it.

not if you don't have a pussy!

Tcoch28686 karma

Currently calling doctors to get sex change surgery....

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Midwest_Pole09325 karma

When was your last time that you were beardless?

therealTechN9ne1316 karma

Before I started eatin pussy

That was a long time ago

therealTechN9ne1705 karma

So 12 years old

channingman310 karma


No, seriously, what was your reaction when Sherman coffed up that fumble right after we got one off them? Predictions for the rest of the season?

therealTechN9ne519 karma

I don't wanna talk about it LOL

HairyBalloonKnot296 karma

I noticed a Lana Del Rey album in one of your instagram videos... is this a hint of things to come? Please confirm

therealTechN9ne712 karma

I fucking hope so, I love Lana!

DemonFreak666287 karma

Hey Tech when is that collab with Immortal Technique going to happen?

therealTechN9ne438 karma

Whenever the beat calls his name.

sentual_sloth286 karma

Will there ever be a 816 boyz album. Also I just want to say thankyou for all the wonderful music youve made.

therealTechN9ne556 karma

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

djevikkshar195 karma

The rain had your 2 daughters on it. Do they have any interest in following in their fathers foot steps? And thank you for doing what you do, much respect.

therealTechN9ne401 karma

Nope. Alyia is in an all girl college. Reign is cheerleading now in highschool. Dontez is trying to follow in my footsteps.

Co_Co_Co1a186 karma


therealTechN9ne374 karma

Fuckin incredible. He's so zen.

TheOneAndOnlySven164 karma

Hey tech! First of all huge fan.. How did you come up with the idea for "Worldwide choppers?"

therealTechN9ne474 karma

Traveling all over the world, listening to muthafuckas rap.

8amedia149 karma

Personally, what song of yours would be the best to dance to on my first dance at my wedding?

therealTechN9ne403 karma

Cult Leader LOL

therealTechN9ne490 karma

No, That Box

therealTechN9ne684 karma

No, Areola lolol

NewRedditorftw147 karma

What cartoon character would you be?

therealTechN9ne508 karma

Bugs Bunny was kool as a muthafucka.

kachenagrace134 karma

What are your thoughts on Snowtheproduct?!

therealTechN9ne277 karma

I think she's crazy lyrically AND mentally. I just think she gets quiet around me so I won't know that she's crazy for real. But from one crazy to another, I know she is.

jhilton604123 karma

Which one of your albums is your favorite and why?

therealTechN9ne248 karma

Something Else. Because it's a mixture of everything I do from The Calm Before The Storm up!

Slurpski13113 karma

Will you sleep with my girlfriend please?

therealTechN9ne247 karma

Depends on how she looks...and if she's old enough.

Slurpski13158 karma

22 and a white girl with a banging fat ass!

therealTechN9ne434 karma

Send me a pic

hollatay94 karma

What's the craziest shit that's ever gone down on your bus? Loved the tour of it, by the way. Rotating wardrobe my man, you know what it's all about!

therealTechN9ne302 karma

I can't tell you that. It's incriminating!

cichington94 karma

I have one question and one question only.

Will you ever do a song with Mac Lethal? That would probably be the sickest thing ever!!!!!!

therealTechN9ne156 karma

Yeah, I'd work with Mac.

audreezy988 karma

Do you already have another tour in the works? Where are you going next ?

therealTechN9ne517 karma

They're tryin to get me and Hopsin together on one.

BloodStone7387 karma

Hey Tech, what are your thoughts on Kendrick Lamar and his crew?

therealTechN9ne258 karma

Kendrick's crew is my crew - my family.

BreezyLlama87 karma

What is your favorite song to perform?

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SannyTaetah85 karma

did you write Something Else or anything with the pen I gave you in munich? Sanny Taetah

therealTechN9ne189 karma

I've used the same pen since KILLER.

MiseryLovesKompany85 karma

First I want to thank you for changing the game. Your rhymes are not only machine-gun fast but intelligently written as well [and don't get me started on Worst Enemy.. genius..] But I have a few questions

1) Which do you sip on more, Caribou Lou or KC Tea?

2) Who is the lady who sings the hook for 'Who Do I Catch Now'? I feel like I've heard her on other Strange recordings

therealTechN9ne131 karma

I sip on KC Tea a lot because Caribou Lou will put you on your ass and you cant do that every day. Unless youre me! LOL

It's a girl named Courtney and a girl named Liz Suwandi.

alphama1e77 karma

Hey Tech. You and the Strange Music crew have a great sound. Thanks for making great music! I have 2 questions:

1) What's your craziest road story?

2) Since the Lil Wayne collab, have other artists apporached you and which would you work with assuming everything comes together right?

edit: The children seem to be downvoting today....

edit 2: The children have had a change of heart. Thanks children!

therealTechN9ne147 karma

Dudes offer me their wives.

Not really, to your second question because I'm a murderer.

AnCap_Griffin74 karma

Who is your biggest inspiration?

therealTechN9ne280 karma

My life.

Jacksterrrr74 karma

I've really wondered for a long time, how is Hopsin as a person? And are you featuring on more songs on Knock Madness? P.S You the shit man!

therealTechN9ne178 karma

Hopsin is a cool and humble muthafucka around me. LOL

I'm only on one song.

Aces11971 karma

I see you perform in Jordan's, which Jordan is your favorite?

therealTechN9ne136 karma


AlexHuntKenny54 karma

Whats the process of finding artists to colab with? Do you listen to their shit first or do you go by their rep?

therealTechN9ne231 karma

Fuck their rep, they gotta be dope in my opinion.

rayar36345 karma

Who would be the best Trivia player on Strange Music?

therealTechN9ne113 karma

Fuckin Krizz Kaliko and Travis.

tacosandstuff42 karma

What's your favorite Brotha Lynch Hung song?

therealTechN9ne66 karma

Situation Dirty from the I'm Bout It soundtrack

slartbarg39 karma

What's the hardest verse you've ever recorded?

therealTechN9ne144 karma

The hardest verse I ever recorded was 'So Dope' because the beat is so open its hard to stay on beat.

iijeriichoii35 karma

I wasn't in to rap until I heard Riot Maker ages ago. Since beginning your publicized career, have you noticed any huge shifts in the style of music that you produce for one reason or another?

therealTechN9ne74 karma

My music changes by the day. I write my life. So, it changes every day.

fijianrocker6933 karma

Is K.A.B.O.S.H in full effect yet?

therealTechN9ne61 karma

It will be.

jeigh2930 karma

You think rappers should call it quits at a certain age? Rock n Roll stars perform well into their 60's, will you!?!?

therealTechN9ne83 karma

If I did, I woulda quit already.

SquidneyTaylor28 karma

TECH N9NE! I'm a huge fan. I literally listen to 'I Can Get Grim' every morning before I go to class and was curious as to whether you'd ever consider releasing anymore NUTTHOWZE tracks from back in the day, kinda like a vintage tech part 2 type of thing?

therealTechN9ne60 karma

You have to talk to Icy Roc. He has them hidden somewhere.

Jwa2nd27 karma

How will Strangeulation be different compared to all the other collabo albums?

therealTechN9ne74 karma

I don't know, but I recorded a solo song today and it's incredibly humongous. It's called "Over It".

TwistedLuck24 karma

Huge fan. I've seen the trailer for The Devil's Carnival. I've got to ask, what can you tell us about its progress?

therealTechN9ne49 karma

I haven't been able to get off tour till now. So, they just have it on hold for me. I feel special.

HowHeavyIsThat22 karma

If you could Work with one artist past or present who would it be?

therealTechN9ne104 karma

Well, I already worked with Jim Morrison and 2Pac, and Roger Troutman, so I would have to say Jimi Hendrix.

kNewc14 karma

Einstein? Huh What!?

Has anyone ever messed up the Caribou Lou when you ordered it? Did you then have to rap about it so they got it right?

therealTechN9ne72 karma

Fuck yes, all the time. Muthafuckas be puttin blue shit in it. I won't even buy blue drawlz from Walmart!

PaperPals10 karma

What is your favorite Pokemon?

therealTechN9ne31 karma

I don't know Pokemon.

On the video shoot with Hopsin for 'Rip Your Heart Out', he had to tell me who Ash Ketchum was.

srjnealon7 karma

When was your "oh shit.... I'm going to do this forever" moment and what was it like ?

therealTechN9ne34 karma

I just realized on the last tour that I can't quit cuz you guys follow me and to just stop would be soooo wrong.