Hey guys, I'm back. My new HBO special We are Miracles premieres on November 23rd. And I have a new song out too. Ask me anything.



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vingt_et_un699 karma

what is it like knowing 13yr old boys still jack off to your tits?

Sarah_K_Silverman1241 karma

It's an honor

jg3237531 karma

What is your favorite traffic sign?

Sarah_K_Silverman1813 karma

Slow Children.

Sloppy_Episiotomy529 karma

I want to shave your bush

Sarah_K_Silverman798 karma

Um... Yes?

Sarah_K_Silverman627 karma

Join the club. Seriously. I started a club

Sarah_K_Silverman383 karma

Shit I have to go soon. This was fun and you all deserve love

avianerotica369 karma

As a woman from Texas I just want to say thank you for the support of the Pro-Choice movement here. Eat a dick Rick Perry!

Sarah_K_Silverman534 karma

I second that emotion.

StraightUpGrizzly363 karma

Who is the coolest/most popular person you have every done any illegal drug with?

Sarah_K_Silverman649 karma

Jane fonda

omgiTzGeneric333 karma

What's your least favorite way to be approached?

Sarah_K_Silverman1140 karma

When someone comes up w crazy eyes and says something like, "can I have a picture- my husband has cancer." And I'm like "well okay... AS LONG AS HE HAS CANCER I guess I will" -- just keep it short and be cool, fool.

jayssite329 karma

I miss The Sarah Silverman Program. Any new TV plans?

Sarah_K_Silverman650 karma

I just shot a pilot for HBO so we'll seee

operation_hennessey321 karma

What is the strangest or most memorable thing a fan has asked you to do?

Sarah_K_Silverman644 karma

Tattoo his leg. I just tattooed a guy's leg with an actual needle. I put WWSD (what would Sarah do).

larsvontears297 karma

Sarah! it's my birthday tomorrow, can I get a happy birthday wish from you?!

Sarah_K_Silverman1406 karma

Happy birthday reddit nerd! Go outside and check out some fresh air and posture!

schurigface261 karma

the TV show you have to watch weekly

Sarah_K_Silverman572 karma

Homeland, walking Dead right now

KrystalPistol207 karma

Hey Sarah! When you did Star Trek: Voyager, it seemed like you and Robert McNeill has great onscreen chemistry. Any of that carry over off-screen?

Sarah_K_Silverman248 karma

No but we had a great time. Lots of laughs were had

danhendricks198 karma

You were really funny on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. What's something no one knows about Jerry Seinfeld?

Sarah_K_Silverman648 karma

He's jewish

mrboucher187 karma

What was your favorite part of Wreck-it Ralph?

Sarah_K_Silverman513 karma

At the end when Ralph says he likes getting thrown off the building now because he can see vanellope win the race from there, and that makes him happy.

theTimHunter169 karma

Who are your top 5 favorite comedians? Are there any up-and-comers we should know about? Who does a better job of humiliating Jimmy Kimmel...you or Jimmy Kimmel?

Sarah_K_Silverman283 karma

You should know Tig Notaro Kyle Dunnigan Natasha Leggero Todd glass

samiiruddy169 karma

When you were first getting started in standup comedy, how long did it take you to feel confident in your act?

Sarah_K_Silverman319 karma

About 6 years. Still fluctuates

Mayo_On_My_Apple161 karma

Thanks for doing another AMA, Sarah!

I've always thought you were a diva - definitely not a cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt...

  1. What are you passtionate about getting across to your audience with We Are Miracles?

  2. Through your collection of animal bones from forest fires, I wonder, what has been your most prized find?

Oh and also, Eric Idle LOVES YOU.

Sarah_K_Silverman229 karma

  1. World peace.

  2. Smokey the Bear.

And I him!

DrAculaaaa131 karma

Did you ever scissor Sheldon Adelson?

Sarah_K_Silverman213 karma

Not yet.

mcmullenforus126 karma

what's your favorite thing while your'e not busy?

Sarah_K_Silverman332 karma

TV and sleep and kissing

CHNYC120 karma

How do you feel about male comedians that make rape jokes?

Sarah_K_Silverman395 karma


jamesygreeners106 karma

Hi Sarah! Thank you for all the goofs, gags, and laughs over the years! My question for you is: who are your main influences and what about their style influenced yours?

Sarah_K_Silverman165 karma

Steve Martin Phil Donahue Ruth Gordon Garry Shandling mr. Rogers Albert brooks

quietasashadow102 karma

Hi Sarah!

In a podcast I listen to Steve Agee talked about playing GoldenEye with you all the time in the early days. Do you remember this? Do you play anything now?

Sarah_K_Silverman227 karma

Some of my best memories. I still have it and we sometimes play. I know every room of that game.

FratTrain98 karma

Who's your celebrity crush?

Sarah_K_Silverman302 karma

Helen mirren

m65fieldjacket93 karma

where would you recommend to get an abortion?

Sarah_K_Silverman430 karma

Best Buy

bullheel62692 karma


Sarah_K_Silverman163 karma

Paperback, definitely paperback.

twelvedayslate82 karma

What's the most important lesson you've learned so far in life? What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Sarah_K_Silverman291 karma

No matter how bad things get, if you make yourself say "thank you for everything just as it is" it makes it better- even if just from making you laugh from the irony

JakesOnline82 karma

Sarah, how old is your dog?

Sarah_K_Silverman445 karma

He's zero cuz he's dead but he was 19 up until 3 months ago.

vapidnarcissist82 karma

Would you rather eat poop or have to choose someone else to have to eat poop?

Sarah_K_Silverman198 karma

Great question! The latter

mybuddyvalentine72 karma

I saw you in 'Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields'. Question: what's your favourite MF song?

Sarah_K_Silverman124 karma

Book of love. Acoustic guitar. - oh - I Don't Believe in the Sun

r_swizzle67 karma

Perfect Night is my anthem. Amazing. Thank youuuuuuuuu

Sarah_K_Silverman89 karma

You're welcome, it is the closest thing to an autobiography in song.

handamputation63 karma

What does David Cross smell like?

Sarah_K_Silverman134 karma

Green apples

NavajoWarrior62 karma

Hi Sarah Silverman. How's your day going?

Sarah_K_Silverman136 karma

It's going up!

minnesconsin61 karma

I'm not normally a heavy quoter, but I spout some of your random lines on the regular (especially with my sister—we both love ya). I particularly love speaking over people with "I'm so bored right now" (Sizzler Alert), and leaving a room with "Take it easy beazy, don't make it sleazy no lessons" (TSSP).

Thanks for doing this AMA now and doing you always—you're my favorite comedian.

Sarah_K_Silverman88 karma

Oh thanks angel pie! That made me happy

brownnerd61 karma

Do you wipe forward or backwards?

Sarah_K_Silverman235 karma

What??? ALWAYS front to back!

Lulusbean59 karma

Sarah I think you are hilarious! I just recently watched the pilot for your show that never was. I thought it was great. Also, i just want to say that I always look forward to when you are on Howard!

Sarah_K_Silverman71 karma

Thanks, Doll

MyloXyloto56 karma

You should listen to the album Have One On Me by Joanna Newsom if you haven't already.

Sarah_K_Silverman82 karma

I LOVE her!!

22taylor2248 karma

Sarah I remember seeing you do a skit where you sang amazing Grace with your vagina, where can I watch that again?

Sarah_K_Silverman218 karma

My guess is you'll figure out the right search words to find it. I believe in you 22taylor22

joshwahhh46 karma

What's your favorite non-comedy movie?

Sarah_K_Silverman105 karma

Ordinary People The Squid and the Whale

SugarCreeps45 karma

Sarah I love you! Anyway, you joke about controversial topics a lot, have you ever felt seriously threatened by the backlash?

Sarah_K_Silverman118 karma

Yes. But I'm still alive so I'm still gonna express myself as I see fit as I encourage you to do as well

Dali-Dagger41 karma

Ok, as a comedian, at some point life gets in the way and your human (I think) so its normal to be depressed now and then. How do you stay quick witted and funny? I lost my mojo and it's like I've used all my allotted funnies. Help!

Sarah_K_Silverman125 karma

I have days in a row of not talking out loud, staying in, sleeping, letting myself be low.

jambraz38 karma

Have you had a noteworthy dream since the shark with the braces bit?

Sarah_K_Silverman111 karma

Yes. Dame Judy dench was starring in a tv biopic of Linda ellerbee

slyeguy36 karma

whats your favorite book of the bible?

Sarah_K_Silverman161 karma

Crazy from the heat

FunkMastaBlasta36 karma

Can you tell my girlfriend emily happy birthday? We are both Huge fans!

Sarah_K_Silverman79 karma

Happy birthday Emily you son of a gun. Make it count

TheNamesJustin34 karma

3D is still a waste of money, right?

Sarah_K_Silverman132 karma

I don't like wearing those reusable 3d glasses. You have to assume they are covered w dried semen and fecal matter and I don't want to put that near my eyes

operation_hennessey30 karma

If there were to be a biopic made about your life, who would you cast as the role of Sarah Silverman?

Sarah_K_Silverman63 karma

A young Danielle Brisebois

Briguy2425 karma

What's your favorite alcoholic drink?

Sarah_K_Silverman95 karma

I don't drink. Wish I did but I literally have a 10 year old's palate

killamf15 karma

Is Jesus Magic?

Sarah_K_Silverman43 karma


_Pamplemousse14 karma


Sarah_K_Silverman42 karma

Since I can remember. I made a bunch if grown ups laugh and my arms itched with this kind of pure joy

Nick16932 karma

How much do you hate knickers and kites?

But really, I loved The Sarah Silverman Program. I have no other questions, and I really feel like I should. Also, I'd like to know what you, Kathy Griffin, and Whitney Cummings would be like in the same room.

Sarah_K_Silverman4 karma

I adore both of them.

spacejelly122 karma

Sarah Sarah Sarah, lets talk about my friend Mary Jane, Do you know her? Do you two talk often? I heard from a friend that you two have met but please tell me more

Sarah_K_Silverman11 karma

Yes mr sad code. I smoke pot when all work is done at night. A couple puffs. If you take one puff too many you can't go back y'all. Make it a treat.