Hello everybody. I had so much fun last November doing my previous reddit AMA that I decided to return. I'm sure you've seen the exciting news, but here we are to confirm it, officially: Monty Python is reunited. Today is the big day and as you can imagine it's a bit of a circus round here, but we'll be on reddit from 9am for ninety minutes or so to take your questions. We'll be alternating who's answering, but everyone will be here!:

  • J0hnCleese
  • Terry_Gilliam
  • TerryJonesHere
  • _MichaelPalin

Proof: https://twitter.com/EricIdle/status/403525056740851714

Update: We're running a little late but will be with you 10-15 minutes!

Update 2: The url for tickets - http://www.montypythonlive.com - available Monday

Update 3: Thank you for all the questions. We tried to answer as many as we could. Thanks everyone!

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ForToday2788 karma

I'm a lumberjack, am I ok?

ericidle3741 karma

No. You're fucked mate.

ericidle3759 karma

No. They are arrogant little twerps trying to get cheap publicity off our backs.

noisegeek1684 karma

I seem to recall several of you saying in interviews that Python could never get back together, because it wouldn't be Python without Graham. What changed?

ericidle3328 karma

Graham came back but he didn't want to do the show.

Larrity1679 karma

What is one thing none of you will ever do?

ericidle3179 karma

Live forever

fukmisideways1598 karma

When I was in elementary school, I used to sneak out of my room to watch reruns of Monty Python late night on PBS, much to my mother's annoyance. Six year old me had a crush on Eric because I had decided that he looked the best in a dress. I'm pretty sure that this warped me for life, so thanks for that. Who of the troupe do you think played the best female characters? Any particular favorites?

ericidle2710 karma

Me because I had the best legs

hockeysam1292 karma

Which one of you enjoyed dressing up as a woman the most?

ericidle3023 karma

Carol Cleveland

eatmycupcake1226 karma

Some of my first clear memories are watching Monty Python with my parents. I grew up on you guys. That being the case, I'm a girl and I always wondered, since you're an all male comedic group, you must have found at least some women funny. Who are your favorite female comedians that might, just might, have been worthy of Monty Python?

ericidle2206 karma

Gilda Radner. Sarah Silverman is quite a dish.

bobs_convenients_sto1199 karma

which Terry is the good Terry?

ericidle2484 karma


Dwade1036 karma

Are you surprised by which of your bits have remained the most popular over time?

ericidle1882 karma

Yes I'm surprised at it all.

Salacious-975 karma

Who is your favorite modern comedian, and why?

ericidle2203 karma

Dylan Moran

wasabijoe955 karma

Which of you is the worst to work with?

ericidle2361 karma

I am. I'm also the worst to sleep with.

out-of-line903 karma

Terry Jones - any chance we'll get to see you stark naked playing the piano again? There's a large market for that.

Edit: For anyone interested

ericidle1430 karma

Terry Gilliam is playing that role now

I_RAPE_CASTES832 karma

What's the #1 thing you guys are always fighting over?

ericidle1783 karma

The Daily Mail.

BassBlood810 karma

What is your favourite of each other's individual work?

ericidle1123 karma

I love Ripping Yarns.

starshipme789 karma

Hello, all! My question is, was there ever a sketch or song that you wrote, either for an episode or movie, that you didn't use because it seemed too extreme, even for you?

ericidle1439 karma

The wee wee sketch.

kyalmc666 karma

For the reunion show, will we see all old or new material?

ericidle2827 karma

You'll see nothing if you dont come

PillEnthusiast640 karma

Carol Cleveland. For those who don't know, she's in a lot of Python's work. How did the relationship form with her? Was there ever talk of making her a Python? How many of you slept with her? Just kidding.

ericidle1875 karma

All of us slept with her, and half the audience

TonyLeMesmer616 karma


ericidle923 karma

Not really.

themanfromwales612 karma

One of my favourite lines from the Life of Brian is "He is not the Messiah! He is a very naughty boy! Now go away!" can you tell me your favourite line from any of your work?

ericidle1682 karma

Say no more.

amurrikan573 karma

If all of you were stranded on a island, who would you eat first? And how quickly would it come to that?

ericidle1676 karma

Carol Cleveland.

UltimaGabe551 karma

Two questions:

How often do you guys watch your own work?

And what did you think of Spamalot?

ericidle1173 karma

Never. Except for Spamalot which I see a lot and love.

lifestyled519 karma


ericidle1203 karma

I'd do the Six Samurai.

herpderpherpderp515 karma

Is it daunting approaching a reunion of something that so many people treasure, with the worry you could screw up your legacy?

ericidle1683 karma

I hope we will.

SamGFriend470 karma

What is your favourite sketch/skit that you've written in your careers?

ericidle1593 karma

The Galaxy song

trekkie626439 karma

Will Graham's urn be making another appearance?

ericidle1311 karma

Graham's ashes were finally sent into space on a rocket at the millenium.

Ranga93396 karma

Between all of you, who would you say is the funniest?

Also thank you Mr Cleese for being a constant inspiration in my life.

Edit: I'm honoured that I get 2 replies!

ericidle1837 karma

I am the funniest and I am a constant inspiration in Mr Cleese's life.

dilpreet64388 karma

What beer will you be drinking later?

ericidle787 karma


adrmlch384 karma

So, Carol Cleveland, yay or nay?

Edit: As in "Is she part of this reunion?" not in any other way.

Edit Edit: Can't force you to not answer other possible interpretations though.

Edit Edit Edit: Screw ambiguity.

ericidle1173 karma

Carol is part of the reunion. She'll be playing the part of Carol Cleveland.

grahamfreeman291 karma

Do you think you're going to have as much fun this time round?

ericidle595 karma

As when?

RicsFlair289 karma

You guys have influenced so many comedians. But who influenced you?

ericidle636 karma

Graham Greene.

Katanta_fish158 karma

who do you all think had the best career after monty python broke up?

ericidle825 karma

Tony Blair.

crashusmaximus137 karma

Your wives; are they a-goers? Eh? Eh? Know wut I mean eh??

ericidle264 karma

Of course.

mr_chi_city_mayne135 karma

Who's smarter, Michael Palin or Sarah Palin?

ericidle430 karma

Billy Idol

myqual82 karma

What is your favorite current comedy television show?

ericidle171 karma

Family Tree

Ayts60 karma

•When did you first realise that you were famous?
•What did it feel like?
•What are your plans for the future?

wieners50 karma

Follow up questions: Have you ever had sex? What does it feel like? Do you plan to have sex in the future?

ericidle117 karma

Yes I've had it. It felt awful and I plan never to try it again.

ericidle37 karma

To read a book.

Fapmiester36 karma

First off I just want to say Im a big fan of the work you create and secondly what was your all time favorite skit that you created?

ericidle117 karma

The Bruces