Hi - I'm Melanie Iglesias from MTV2's Guy Court so ask me anything! You can also catch my on Guy Code & Girl Code! I'll be taking your questions from 2 - 2:45p ET.

Proof: https://twitter.com/MelanieIglesias/status/400696246060339200

Update: Thanks for all of the questions....I wish I could have answered them all. Make sure to catch Donnell and me lay down the law on Guy Court tonight at 11p on MTV2!

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First of all, I said Guy Court. My response is learn how to read. I really believe it's a great show and the viewers seem to be pleasantly surprised with how funny it is.

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Hey Melanie, you're gorgeous. Which flip book is your favorite?

melanieiglesiasama23 karma

I think 2 is the best one because my best friend is in it with me.

swagchef123 karma

When did you decide you were good looking enough to model as a profession?

melanieiglesiasama43 karma

I didn't. Maxim discovered me.

swagchef115 karma

How did maxim discover you?

netpastor150 karma

"oh hey look, it's a melanie iglesias!"

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Should I start RG3 or Tom Brady for my Fantasy Football team. P.S My team name is Melephants...

melanieiglesiasama0 karma

No clue but gl gl

xxOMEGA77xx19 karma

Do you ever feel awkward revealing so much of your body for complete strangers?

melanieiglesiasama46 karma

It's not for strangers, it's for work. It's nothing you can't see at the beach.

Spartylives19 karma

Your twitter bio says that you are proficient in hand-to-hand combat & general Kick-Assery. What other Kick-ass things do you do?

melanieiglesiasama85 karma

I steal candy from babies

melanieiglesiasama16 karma

Not a question but they're my favorite animal

Enterrr12317 karma

What's it like knowing that every guy in the world would love to take you out on a date?

melanieiglesiasama36 karma

Not every guy! My brothers hate it because they're in high school but I think it's funny. Hopefully they'll laugh at it someday.

jimboslice80616 karma

First of all, thanks for doing this! Second of all, what's the strangest or most memorable compliment that you've gotten from a fan?

melanieiglesiasama54 karma

You're welcome! Umm... one fan gave me a card and it said "I know I missed your birthday but I hope you can buy yourself something nice with this. You're so sweet and you deserve it" and there was $300 cash in there. I donated it to Autism Speaks.

DoinAMadness15 karma

Hey Melanie, if you could guest star on any current TV show, what would it be?

melanieiglesiasama46 karma

I'd really love to be a part of Homeland or Orange is the New Black.

MWBower10 karma

Would you ever pose for Playboy?

melanieiglesiasama42 karma

No. I'm the second oldest of eight kids and I don't want them to have to see that. I've been approached already but there isn't enough money in the world.

araginghobbit9 karma

In terms of food what is your favourite guilty pleasure?

melanieiglesiasama9 karma

I love McDonald's! Uuuughhh. There have been days where I've eaten it twice in one day. Not my proudest moment.

King_Raxx9 karma

Didnt you run a contest to win a date with you a while back? How did the date go and who won it?

melanieiglesiasama21 karma

I did! We had so many submissions and I think the right person won. He was a nice college kid from Texas. We went bowling and played air hockey.

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Chipotle or qdoba?

melanieiglesiasama47 karma

Chipotle burrito bowls.

Hookerpiss8 karma

What is the worst 1st impression a guy can make on you?

melanieiglesiasama31 karma

People think since I'm in the entertainment industry that name-dropping will impress but it's the opposite. I run like Forrest.

Sisiwakanamaru7 karma

What is your favorite meal and dessert?

melanieiglesiasama48 karma

I love cheeseburgers. Favorite dessert is chicken mcnuggets.

Obamawantsyourweed12 karma

What would you do if a guy gave you a 20pc mcnuggets?

melanieiglesiasama54 karma

Say thanks

gotstohavetittysbaby6 karma

What's the most thrill seeking thing you've ever done?

melanieiglesiasama6 karma

I used to hop fences and go swimming in people's pools during the day time, after school.

every_day_user6 karma

1.When modeling have you ever felt uncomfortable? If so what was it that they were asking you to model? 2. If you weren't a model/actor what do you think you would be?

melanieiglesiasama9 karma

Of course. People will always try to see what they can get away with. I have my own morals and things I will never agree to do. I won't pose in a g string or nude. No nipples, butt or private area lol

denike356 karma

What's the number one thing on your bucket list?

melanieiglesiasama4 karma

Adopt a child

KissMyJonass6 karma

Hi Melanie, you're actually one of the most beautiful people in the world. What do you plan on doing in 20 years?

melanieiglesiasama16 karma

I don't even know what I'm doing in the next 20 minutes.

huhz6 karma

How did you land your job at Guy Code other than being hot? Lol

melanieiglesiasama2 karma

I dpn't know. They auditioned a ton of "hot" girls, though. I think they liked that I was brutally honest in my on-camera interviews and the fact that I'm very opinionated.

Jumphreys5 karma

What one thing do you regret the most?

melanieiglesiasama4 karma

I feel like I shouldn't regret anything because everything that I have been through whether positive or negative has helped mold me into the person I am today. I love who I am mainly because I take pride in being an influencer and I can help people learn from my mistakes.

i_am_Raf2 karma

Melanie, first off, you are a stunner. My question is: did you play any sports growing up? If so, what were they?

melanieiglesiasama3 karma

Volleyball, Handball, Basketball and Soccer.

avalanche932 karma

Hi Melanie, a couple of months ago you started working out with a personal trainer, did you hit your target?

melanieiglesiasama4 karma

Nope. My agency said I was getting too muscular and I had to stop for a bit. I just do cardio now but I hate it.

diddykonger2 karma

2 questions....1) which Actor/Actress would you love to work with on TV or in Film? and 2)Who's your favorite character to use when playing Mario Kart? also you have the most adorable mole.

melanieiglesiasama4 karma

I like using toad!

s3kcboy1 karma

Can we play TMNT:Turtles in Time together?

melanieiglesiasama2 karma

OMG yes please