We make Cards Against Humanity, a party game for horrible people.

We’ve got a cool thing to announce in this AMA which is our 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit: HolidayBullshit.com.

Cards Against Humanity began as a Kickstarter project and has become the best-reviewed toy or game on Amazon.

We’ve been on the front page of Reddit a few times, like here, here, and here.

There’s ten of us who make the game together, and we’re all here to answer your dumb questions: Me, jsdillon, bhantoot, DavidManque, MrMeDaniel, ehalpern, Teller422, dpinsof, jennCAH, and trinCAH.


Ask us anything.

EDIT: The 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit sold out about 4pm CST today! Thanks so much everyone!

EDIT: 9pm here in Chicago, we're going to call it a night. Thanks for this amazing AMA, it's been a pleasure!

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sawser1986 karma

You guys have made my wife and I the couple that everyone wants to go to parties with because we always bring CAH.

P.S. You should put a warning that you should never play this game with your parents. I had to tell my Mom what smegma was.

P.P.S: I created a rule that everyone has to add a card (and sign it) when they play my deck for the first time. The results have been amazing.

trinCAH2482 karma

Trin from CAH here. While in general, it's true you shouldn't play with your parents, playing with your grandparents is often a fine idea. http://cah.tumblr.com/image/62254958078

VerdantOasis167 karma

My mom explained to me what smegma was. When I was 13. In the car. With friends.

bhantoot150 karma

Sounds like an awesome fun time.

katiestardust1863 karma


piece_of_meat706 karma

I don't know why, this card makes my friends and I laugh the most. So funny!

wildtaco990 karma

It makes me think of this, which is why it pretty much guarantees a laugh.

Maxistentialist1533 karma

I actually bought http://BeesBeesBees.com just to promote that gif.

novamov219 karma

I always just think of arrested development http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J2kc4oZTVU

bhantoot55 karma

You think correctly.

Fuzzwah462 karma

The best end of game "haiku" (as voted by our circle of friends) ever played was:




It has now become a common way of saying hello when any of us meet up.

bhantoot373 karma

Ben from CAH here. That's amazing.

gilliananderson1335 karma

how come I don't have a bigger blacker box?

Maxistentialist603 karma

I don't know, it's clearly unacceptable. Can you email me at [email protected]? I'll hook you up with a care package.

juice369331 karma

Gillian Anderson plays CAH? Any other celebs out there known to?

Maxistentialist631 karma

Daniel Radcliffe talked about it in an interview, and Anne Hatheway dropped our name on the red carpet at the Oscars last year. Both times were surreal.

420Titanium1252 karma

I work at a small family owned business that sells a bunch of board games. During the Holiday season, our store gets flooded with people asking for your game. We'd love to carry your game, but you guys strictly sell Online.

Cards Against Humanity would be a perfect fit for our store. Do you guys ever plan on selling to retailers? If not, is there any suggestions on how we could sell the game?

P.S. I haven't had a game more demanded by our customers than CAH during the Holiday season over the past 2 years.

bhantoot917 karma

We're planning to start doing wholesale to FLGS next year. It's a huge project for us and we want to do it right, without relying on a big distributor or anything like that.

WaltDWalt280 karma

have you guys considered going through Game Salute? They have a really strong track record of getting things out to game stores quickly and effectively.

Just trying to help, love the game :D

Maxistentialist687 karma

Game Salute is awesome and they publish and sell some of our favorite games like Alien Frontiers. But we'd like to remain 100% independent, and maybe make some technologies that help other indie game makers remain independent as well.

DarkFlounder1047 karma

Cards Against Humanity put my wife in the ER. No, I'm not kidding.

After a game, during which my wife laughed so hard she was curled up on the couch gasping for air, she complained about kidney stone pain. Eventually, the pain got so bad, I took her to the ER. After tests and x-rays, the diagnosis came back as, not stones, but renal spasms. And the doctor confirmed that, yes, renal spasms have been known to be induced by bouts of extended hard laughter.

Long story short, I demand that Cards Against Humanity carry a medical warning on the box.

Maxistentialist660 karma

I'm sorry we hurt your wife.

We actually have a sticker on the box that says "May cause diarrhea. If persists or becomes severe, notify your physician."

dankdooker953 karma

You had me at "Kids with ass cancer"

wglassbrook708 karma

My best friend ("N") and I had recently lost a dear friend due to a long battle with colon cancer. While playing this game for the first time, N goes to play his hand. He's apprehensive and looks at me funny. Boom! "Kids with ass cancer". Dead silence. We look each other in the eye, and immediately, and literally fall to the floor laughing. We may be assholes, but this really helped relieve some of the grief we were under. CAH is the greatest game ever.

Maxistentialist372 karma

Thanks for the story. I'm really glad we were able to give you a laugh after losing your friend.

jennCAH334 karma

Aw shucks.

AdaAstra859 karma

You pissed off my ex girlfriend to a point where we got into a big fight, and broke up. Her next boyfriend, she stabbed with a fork.

Thank you for saving me from crazy.

Maxistentialist363 karma

I'm glad to know that we saved you from getting stabbed with a fork!

evilduky666614 karma

For the longest time, my cousin had an awful girlfriend that our entire family hated. We all tried so hard to get them to break up, but nothing we tried worked. One time, when we were all hanging out together, my cousin (the one with the shit GF) brought CAH claiming it was the greatest game. We all played it for hours and loved the shit out of it, but that wasn't even the best part. The best part was that afterwards, my cousin's GF broke up with him because of his "horribly immature humor". The whole evening couldn't have gone better. Thanks so much for succeeding where the rest of us couldn't.

TL;DR: CAH got my cousin's shitty girlfriend to break up with him.

Maxistentialist404 karma

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

bamface572 karma

Do you guys regularly play your own game? I've noticed that after going through all the cards about six times, I've become somewhat numb to the jokes ):

I definitely need to buy an expansion pack.

bhantoot758 karma

We play it all the time! The more you play, the more the subtle cards shine and the big dumb cards become hopelessly dumb.

drakeblood4158 karma

Do you guys ever thin the deck, so to speak? I find myself wanting certain cards to never show up in my hand again after a few times through.

bhantoot240 karma

Ben from CAH here. We pull out the worst cards every few months.

drakeblood4119 karma

What do you think is the most mediocre card to still survive the near-holocaustal culling process I assume you put the cards through?

bhantoot331 karma

Swooping. I'll let you figure out how it has survived.

bamface45 karma

What are some of those subtle cards?

bhantoot226 karma

Personally I think the best card in the deck is "Emotions."

Maxistentialist82 karma

We play all the time when we're writing or playtesting new cards, but we definitely need new black cards to keep it fresh.

muzzyhoo92457 karma

my friend Nessa claims her cousin invented this game. so..are any of you cousins with Nessa?

trinCAH1629 karma

Trin from CAH here. Nessa's full of shit.

jennCAH1221 karma

Fuck Nessa.

Nevadadrifter423 karma

For the love of God, when are we getting a "biggest, blackest dick" card?

Maxistentialist354 karma


Fizzbit393 karma

I wanted to go to the Pax Prime 2013 CAH panel to throw out my idea for a new card, but the queue was overflowing max capacity when we got there an hour and a half before the doors opened.

I was sad, and I never got a chance to submit my idea for a white card: "Helicoptering your dick and accidentally taking flight".

So there you have it. Two months late, like a scumbag period.

EDIT: I'm colorblind.

Maxistentialist280 karma

That's actually pretty great.

Salacious-391 karma

Do you ever think there is anything "too soon" for a joke? Like, would you be willing to put in a "Typhoon Haiyan" card now? If there is a "too soon," then how long do you have to wait until a tragedy becomes funny?

ehalpern550 karma

Eli here from Cards Against Humanity. We write cards to be as funny as possible. If people are ready to joke about something, then a joke about it will be funny. If people are not ready to joke about it, then there is no way to write a funny joke about it. It will just make people sad or uncomfortable. Different people have different thresholds and sensitivities, but we try to figure out where the lines are so that we can toe them. We also read and respond to all emails that express offense at certain cards in the game. One of the nice things about being an independent game is that, as well as writing whatever jokes we want, we can also change or remove jokes at a moments notice.

mowgliart352 karma

Can you please tell us your favorite card in the game and why it's, "Oprah sobbing into a lean cuisine"?

bhantoot277 karma

My brain is physically unable to craft a response to this.

bemerick336 karma

A Sad Handjob.

bhantoot471 karma

Would you like one?

Maxistentialist341 karma

That will not be one of the 12 gifts.

lunchtabler295 karma

Instead of asking about the fourth expansion, could you tell us when the FIFTH expansion will be made available?

Also, do you have any plans to print an expansion made of nothing but all the rare cards you've released (PAX, PAX East, Holiday 2012, etc)? If not, please do that thing!

Love you guys. Keep up the horrible work!

ehalpern537 karma

Eli here from Cards Against Humanity. The Fifth Expansion will be available when the stars fall from the sky and rivers flow backwards, when mountains crumble and God descends from his throne in Heaven to walk among men. Sign up for email updates at our website.

Re: PAX cards, shoot us an email at [email protected].

sneve274 karma

Is the packaging for your Holiday Bullshit inconspicuous, or will I regret having it sent to my office?

jennCAH649 karma

Jenn here.

It's inconspicuous, but you're still going to regret it.

bhantoot266 karma


murren272 karma

I learned recently that the Canadian and UK versions of the game have some Canada and UK specific cards. Will you ever sell those separately so that people with the US version can get them?

Also - Your booth at PAX Prime was fantastic, and the fortune cookies were hilarious. It was definitely one of the highlights of PAX this year for me.

Maxistentialist253 karma

Thanks! I designed our PAX booth and it's so nice to hear that people liked it. We probably won't ever sell the localized jokes because they just wouldn't be relevant to 99% of our audience. If you email us and ask nicely we usually send them out for free though.

Maxistentialist223 karma

We made this video just for you Reddit. https://vimeo.com/79253016

thewoj116 karma

Bullshit. That's a garbage can.

In other news, I am really excited to see what this holiday bullshit is. Thanks CAH team for everything you all do.

edit: I was lucky enough to get order #69 for my Holiday Bullshit™. Obligatory reference.

Maxistentialist160 karma

The home depot in the desert wouldn't sell us a proper hazmat barrel.

imatt711214 karma

Is everybody going to get the same 12 gifts? Or will my friends and I get to compare who you guys hate the most?

DavidManque381 karma

David from CAH here. If we tell you stuff about the mystery gifts, they stop being mysterious. Which, you know, is kind of the point.

[deleted]116 karma


DavidManque249 karma


RBGolbat201 karma

Recently, you guys wrote a blog post about how you were unhappy with the Penny Arcade folks over their Dickwolves comic and the aftermath of how they handled the criticism for the comic. Given the nature of the game you created and some of the dark humour you have on some of your cards (Date Rape, Beating your Wives, Ethnic Cleansing), what explanation could you give to this situation that doesn't come off as hypocritical?

Maxistentialist45 karma

I hope that my blog post speaks for itself, I don't have a lot more to say on the subject. We really like PAX and want to keep going. Our sense of humor may be dark, but as people who have been bullied ourselves, we try very hard not to bully people with our jokes. We wrote the "date rape" card when we were less mature writers, and we removed it a long time ago.

SomeDingus196 karma


I just got your Holiday Bullshit email and immediately gave you $12 and filled out the survey.

I'm curious where my survey answers will go. What are they used for?

bhantoot579 karma

Oh, just determining your worth as a human. No biggie.

SomeDingus233 karma

Also, are there any females on your team? because I asked for blowjobs for Christmas, and if it's all dudes Im gonna need to change my answer.

bhantoot274 karma

We are pretty much mostly dudes.

Maxistentialist73 karma

Only time will tell.

Migz968190 karma

Would you consider doing a best of reddit suggestions card pack?

My entry would be

"Honey, why did you Google _________ addiction?"

Edited suggestion thanks to another user

Honey, why did you Google _______?

MrMeDaniel432 karma

Dan from CAH here.

It's surprisingly hard to come up with a versatile, delightful card. My favorite reddit suggestion is probably, "The soft, silky interior of an unwilling sheep."

Thorgrim666185 karma

I just signed up for the 12 prezzies, but now I'm worried. I confessed something really awful that I did this year, which means I didn't wait for the statute of limitations to pass first. You're not going to turn me in are you? We're cool?

bhantoot202 karma

No comment.

Damadar140 karma

Is /u/wil making an expansion for you guys?

I love your game; it's one of our favorites to play. Our favorite combo is, "I killed a (big black dick) with (a bigger blacker dick) - what's your favorite combo?

Maxistentialist348 karma

Wil wrote this card for our PAX pack: http://imgur.com/i0aIU9j. It's one of my favorite cards we've ever made. He's also a genius at improvising cards for people, I highly recommend following him (https://twitter.com/wilw) and Anne (https://twitter.com/AnneWheaton) for the custom cards they post.

totaldominasian128 karma

How did you choose the design of your cards?

bhantoot458 karma

Ben from CAH here. The idea was to keep the content front-and-center, not some dumb design, and we thought the look of the way-too-serious black/white Helvetica Neue saying things like "Dick fingers" was just hilarious.

Maxistentialist187 karma

We found pretty early on that the black and white helvetica made everything like 10% funnier. It's just so official and declarative.

For the packaging, we just tried to get rid of all our assumptions about how a game or a product should look and design it practically.

F1CKEN120 karma

What's up with the Giantbomb expansion pack?

Love the game. Own all the expansions. So thanks for making some parties more fun.

Maxistentialist93 karma

We're still planning to make something with the Giantbomb guys, but it's been tough without Ryan. Hopefully we'll have some good news on this next year.

GeneralSmedleyButsex108 karma

What should I do with my life?

bhantoot336 karma

Salmon farming.

workingwithpi108 karma


I'm in Canada. I drove all the way to PAX Prime this year and was disappointed to not be able to buy a bigger blacker box (sold out every day) and figured I'd just order it when it was available online. My question is, is there any way I can tack it on to my holiday bullshit order so I don't have to pay out the ass for shipping??

bhantoot116 karma

Ben from CAH here. They ship from totally different places! Sorry.

MattyFTM92 karma

Is it safe to assume that following Ryan Davis' tragic death, the Giant Bomb + CAH collaboration is dead in the water? I know Ryan was the major driving force behind it on the Giant Bomb side.

Maxistentialist106 karma

A collaboration with Giant Bomb is still in the works, but obviously those guys have had their hands full recently. Hopefully we'll have some good news on this next year!

HoofFan2388 karma

Hi Max...I remember you from ICDA debate in high school! I was floored when I realized you were behind CAH, congratulations on all your success! Your cards are alternately clever, horrible, and grotesque. Can you give us some examples of card ideas that never made it into the game? And what's your favorite ICDA memory?

Maxistentialist176 karma

Ha! I have the best memories of ICDA, though I never did very well because I always tried to be funny in my speeches. We have a huge list of cards that we've debated for hours and ultimately don't decide to put in the game, usually because they're too weird. My favorites recent rejects are:

  • An irrational fear of creams.
  • Becoming the mayor of a nursing home on Foursquare.
  • Profiting from the suffering of untold millions.
  • Dopamine.

luciferspenpal76 karma

Hi! I love CAH. Just wondering, how did you guys decide that you wanted to make a game for horrible people?

DavidManque194 karma

David from CAH here. We wanted to make a game for ourselves, and we're also horrible people, so it seemed like a natural fit.

boomerangutang59 karma

How do you sleep at night?

trinCAH148 karma

Trin here.

Very, very carefully.

With one eye open.

_plaidlad39 karma

What are the top 5 things you haven't been able to print? I'm sick that way...

(waves at trin & max)

Maxistentialist62 karma

We're an independent game so we're "able" to print whatever we want, we just want to make sure we aren't bullying anyone or making people feel uncomfortable at the expense of making them laugh.

Novazilla32 karma

The game is hilarious. I have had many drunk laughs and cries while playing. I wanted to know how did you not die laughing while making the game?

DavidManque106 karma

David from CAH here. Fun fact: we actually all died from laughter back in 2009 and are currently answering your questions from beyond the grave.

joshpaulg30 karma

I've played this game with my family on numerous occasions. Most love it. What does your families think of the game?

bhantoot37 karma

Ben from CAH here. I can say that my parents love it!

goretooth29 karma

Max. I love you guys. You need to return the love the the UK dude.

Has it all been good times since you started CAH? Has there ever been a point where you've thought, if only i could go back..? Do you enjoy the geeky fame, new giant bomb friends etc..

Maxistentialist51 karma

Thanks! We're a really small company, and it takes a lot of resources to localize the game for countries that we don't live in. We spent about a year learning about British pop culture and writing jokes and made a UK version of the game: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00DTXYCOU/?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&linkCode=ur2&tag=cardagaihuma-21

Obviously we'd like to make everything available all over the world, but we also want it to be great, so we're taking it slow.

EDIT: Also to answer your question, I don't know if I accept your premise that we have any kind of fame, but I'm glad we get to do things like this: www.CardsAgainstHumanity.com/holidaystats.

BearPawB12 karma

Was the naughtiest thing you have done this year throw a pie in the toilet? Or have you done something EVEN WORSE?!

Maxistentialist22 karma

It was a really good pie. http://WhatsGoingInTheToilet.com.

gtsorbo8 karma

I played CAH this past weekend at a party at a friend's house. It never fails to get a group going; we were dying laughing in a matter of minutes. Keep it up guys!

Maxistentialist5 karma