The Gauntlet is a show by Rooster Teeth Productions in which 4 teams battle it out in a series of gaming competitions for a chance to win the Gauntlet trophy and $10,000 to the charity of their choice. Teams include a group of Rooster Teeth personalities, members of Achievement Hunter, a team chosen from the community, and a team of Internet Celebrities.

Along with some of the cast, we also have our hosts, Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman, and our directors/producers, Brandon Farmahini, Chris Demarais, and Matt Hullum.

New episodes come out every Sunday at 7 PM CT on and a week later on our YouTube Channel!

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  • roosterteeth: Gus, Burnie, Joel, Matt, Barbara, and more
  • RT_Brando: Brandon Farmahini
  • larkthechris: Chris Demarais
  • lunatic24: Miles Luna
  • JayOrDan: Jordan Cwierz
  • GameOverGreggy: Greg Miller
  • IGAdam: Adam Kovic


Let's do this!

** EDIT: Thanks to everyone for joining us and watching the show! Episode 5 is now up on our site, and Episode 4 is now up on YouTube. We'll probably finish up some questions, but for the most part, that's all for tonight! Until next time, folks!

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Reddit-Pro531 karma

Who is your favorite achievement hunter intern and why is it Mike Kroon?

roosterteeth658 karma

Achievement Hunter has interns?


Holtby351 karma

Burnie, you are an inspiration. That's all I wanted to say, and I hope this gets seen before it gets buried. Congrats on all the success with DG/Roosterteeth, asking if you ever imagined RT becoming this big would be cliche, but what was the toughest moment for you to get the company growing?

roosterteeth324 karma

Thanks. As with anything starting out, I had some expectations of what I hoped could happen with RT, but even my wildest expectations were surpassed about one month after we started. Everything since then has been just a bonus, which is a crazy thing to type considering that every year is better than the last. Every period of Rooster Teeth has seemed like its Golden Age. We have been extremely fortunate and we are very grateful. -- Burnie

Brewster-Rooster73 karma

I'm sure you guys will only continue to grow. Do you have plans for the future of RT?

roosterteeth146 karma

I have plans for my own Rooster Teeth projects, but the management team at RT really has the best handle on where we are headed as a company. Matt, Yvonne and Alan have been really taking the company in a bold new direction that's enabling all of us to make great content.


longy74136 karma

What's with the downvotes you had a good question along with a nice comment

EDIT: just realised all the comments have almost half downvotes probably just assholes

roosterteeth235 karma


JustLetMeComment196 karma

How is everyone feeling after the live stream? You all OK?

roosterteeth420 karma

Proud, excited, overwhelmed ...sleepy. Not sure if still drunk.


amp1010186 karma

First off I want to say congratulations on the livestream last night. Second, what was the cast's reaction to Greg destroying the obstacle course in the elimination competition?

roosterteeth305 karma

I knew he would barrel through the obstacle course, so seeing all that stuff knocked over wasn't a shock. However, when I turned the corner to see onion rings and glass all over the floor.. I was a tad confused.


tokomonster180 karma

In the Joel/Burnie Gauntlet intros, Joel seems to be playing it straight, while Burnie acts silly. It's almost as if Burnie is playing the part of Joel, and Joel is playing Burnie. Was this intentional? I do enjoy Joel pretending to be a rational human being.

Edit: Punctuation and slight rephrase.

roosterteeth393 karma

Can't speak for Joel but I try not to be "me" on camera whenever possible. I know me. I'm not that great.


Riliz173 karma

Most/Least valuable player of each team? Love all your content, thanks for the laughs!

roosterteeth799 karma

Gavin. Both most and least valuable. For each team.


Longvols127 karma

I would just like to say that what you guys did yesterday was absolutely amazing. The number of lives you change yesterday by raising $330,000 is unfathomable. Days like yesterday are what make the Rooster Teeth community one of, if not THE, best in the world, and to see all of the emotions, especially from Jack at the end, shows that you guys care about more than just making videos. I have nothing but the utmost respect for each and every one of you, and I hope that you continue to touch people’s lives for many, many years to come.

roosterteeth98 karma

Thanks! It was an amazing 25 hours, and what our community raised was completely unbelievable. Seeing donations roll in and having so many people watching and supporting us shows how amazing the Rooster Teeth AND gaming community is. It's still hard to put into words how we all feel right now.


MsJorable124 karma

Gauntlet season one and Gaunlet season two seem very different. Why the change?

roosterteeth249 karma

When we shot season one, it was entirely different than any other RT production to date. We shot the show in its entirety and then released it week after week. Normally, we have the ability to make small adjustments to series as the audience starts to see it. In The Gauntlet, we has to make all those changes between seasons. What you are seeing now is a whole year's worth of lessons applied all at once.

Plus 75% of the cast are professional performers this season. In the first season it was more like 5%. --Burnie

The_Sugar_Rush113 karma

How is Joe the Cat?

roosterteeth185 karma

He is enjoying his retirement.


sausages_and_mash108 karma

Just wanted to let you know you guys are the reason people look at me weirdly on the bus, as i am laughing out loud so much at your podcasts.

roosterteeth199 karma

Glad to help. Hopefully it helps get your mind off the strange bus smells.


roosterteeth274 karma

Definitely read that as "butt smells". huehuehuehueheu butts


IrishHashbrown107 karma

This is for everyone, What is your favorite moment that you had while working on the Gauntlet?

roosterteeth131 karma

It's hard to pinpoint one moment, but just hanging out with the whole cast in the green room was a blast. It was just a fun shoot with fun people. Oh, and when Greg had to clean up the onion rings. That was great.


roosterteeth109 karma

For me it was the Portal 2 competition which is in this week's episode!


roosterteeth97 karma

Tried to post something from a future episode, but spoiler tags aren't working for me.


Cvspartan99 karma

Why wasn't Ray on the AH team?

roosterteeth315 karma

He smells kinda weird.


jzeids11996 karma

Barbara, I am a very big fan of you as a pun aficionado and lover, but not great player, of video-games. How does your more social and logistical job and personality work successfully with the more technical and game centered roles of the rest of the team?

roosterteeth154 karma

First off- thanks! I'm happy there are still folks out there who appreciate a good (or rather, really terrible) pun. I think the mix I have with the other guys at Rooster Teeth is really great. It's cool to have different perspectives on a situation, both professionally, and for the kind of competition this is. I think you'll be able to see that at play in tonight's episode.


IrishHashbrown91 karma

This is a question for all of you, what would be the moment in working at Roosterteeth that made you say, "That's why I love working here."

roosterteeth562 karma

Every time I walk in the front door and think "I can't believe I get to work with a bunch of people I genuinely like and Joel."


roosterteeth126 karma

Moments like that happen daily for me. During the Gauntlet, I remember standing on stage while Burnie and Joel were doing their thing, cracking all of us up, thinking "man. This is the company I work for. This is my job. How did this happen?" It's still so surreal. Getting to be part of something like this, helping create content for people that makes them smile- I'll never get over how cool that is.


themrmoonie83 karma

Why are they in the basement?

roosterteeth271 karma

I really wish they got our initial reaction to seeing our base. It was a lot of "what. the. fuck. is. this".

Also, I like to call it our BASEment.


catfish72078 karma

What was the reaction when Greg ran through the onion rings?

roosterteeth250 karma

Well the onion rings sure as hell weren't very happy about it. -- Burnie

roosterteeth163 karma

I was upstairs at the mobile Sonic game with Freddie and Lindsay when that happened. All we heard was screaming and the sound of stuff breaking and falling over. We all gave each other a look and commented on how it sounded like a zombie apocalypse was starting downstairs. We imagined at any moment a crew member was going to run up the stairs and yell "RUN!"


adhding_nerd65 karma

Is Joel gonna go crazy like last time? Please tell me he will.

roosterteeth152 karma

What do you mean by "GOING to"?


Gizmod88743 karma

As general question to Roosterteeth; Is there any work being done or has Roosterteeth ever thought about making an application for the consoles (xbox 360, xbox one, ps3, ps4) so your videos can be watched on TV outside of the youtube application?

roosterteeth120 karma

Our content is of course available via youtube and blip apps, however we would like to have our own app at some point. Before we tackle that we are working on a total rewrite of our website to help set it up as a platform that can better support apps and future growth. The community site we use now doesn't have these functions as it was originally coded nine years ago.


ariannebulanos43 karma

When filming, Gauntlet or RT shorts etc, how often are things improvised and things scripted? If a mixture of both, how much of it is in the final cut for publication? EDIT: When speaking of improvisation, in terms of Joel and Burnie's banter while hosting The Gunbuh.

roosterteeth111 karma

Can't answer for the hosts' side of things, but being on the cast, we went in not knowing anything- the games we were going to play, what surprises they had for us-- nothing. For example, until I was out on stage to play Halo, I had thought one member for each team would be in Spartan armor... then realized it was only Miles. All the reactions are genuine, and no outcome is scripted. That's what made it so fun for us- we were able to be ourselves.


inhumanrampager40 karma

For Barbara, how comfy was the beanbag as a napping device?

roosterteeth118 karma

It was like being back in my mother's womb.


Bombdiggitybomber22 karma

If you could a fifth team with whatever celebrities you wanted who would they be and why?

roosterteeth125 karma

Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. because HELLOOOO NURSE


danman555020 karma

What is the weirdest thing you've done behind the scenes of a video?

What are some of the things you've said in the Let's Plays you had to bleep out?

GameOverGreggy43 karma

When I went to do the Gauntlet, I didn't expect to come home with a video of Bard showing me how to draw dicks:

roosterteeth99 karma


0intment16 karma

Did Miles choose Sonic Generations knowing that he would destroy everyone against him?

roosterteeth34 karma

When we were going around deciding who would do each game, Miles mentioned that he had some type of leader board score/record for that level in particular. I think we all knew then that he would be our MVP, and no matter how far behind we were, he would make up for it.


Lycanthrotree12 karma

I'm really enjoying every episode of the Gauntlet so far! Was there anything, gamewise or ideawise, that you wanted to include in this season, but just couldn't make it fit? Are you already planning (dare I say it) Season Three?

roosterteeth76 karma

On the Halo episode I said something was a "Gaunt-Let down" and it didn't make it in the episode. I sad.


Saage304 karma

Hey Jordan which RTAA is your personal favorite?

roosterteeth9 karma

Barbara Punkelman and Barbara Punkelman Jr.

-The Real Jordan (and definitely not Barbara)