Lindsey Stirling just released a deluxe version of her self-titled debut album, 'Lindsey Stirling,' coming off the heels of an incredibly successful presence on iTunes and YouTube. Comprised of 12 original tracks, the album showcases Stirling's signature violin-electronic-dub step style – opening with "Crystallize, which became the No. 8 viewed video of 2012 on YouTube. Stirling had already sold over 800,000 songs, several of which have hit the iTunes Top 100 as well as the top of the digital electronic charts. Stirling also has also toured the U.S. and Europe, selling out the majority of shows. Stirling composes, choreographs, and directs all of her original music and videos — merging unique violin stylings and electronic dub-step beats with animated contemporary dance. Her wide array of videos are all available on her Lindseystomp YouTube channel, which rings in at over 3 million subscribers — and has tallied over 400 million hits. (Viewership is enthusiastic: the ice-themed "Crystallize" at over 70 million; fiery Elements at 28 million; and the silhouette-performing "Shadows" at 27 million.) Buy her new deluxe album now:


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OfGodsandMan2510 karma

What kind of vacuum do you use?

lindsey_stirling1686 karma

hahaha, actually, i recently moved so I am borrowing my neighbors Hoover. :)

bmblbe20071556 karma

My fiancee and I fell in love because of our shared passion for your music. Would you play for us at our wedding? or would it be at all possible for us to have our ceremony at one of your concerts? We will plan our wedding around your tour schedule.

lindsey_stirling1713 karma

omg! thats amazing. Hmm... we dont have a tour schedule finalized yet, but please email me through my website once we announce our tour dates. We will see what we can do. Congrats to you both!

lindsey_stirling1553 karma

hey Guys! I just arrived and I'm excited to chat :)

Rayzdestiny930 karma

I am sure i am speaking for everyone when i say this. When are you going to play Pirates of the Caribbean? :)

lindsey_stirling1384 karma

I LOVE that music so much. I am ashamed of myself that I havent done it yet. I am writing a new album full of original songs but after that I hope to do Pirates with the piano guys

Noppers655 karma

How do you balance being a faithful Mormon with being a successful touring musician? What aspects of the business, if any, make it difficult to practice your faith?

lindsey_stirling825 karma

my faith is an essential part of my life and yes it is difficult to keep up on the road and in the entertainment business BUT, my faith is what keeps me real, grounded, and happy. So I have learned that I have to make it a priority to go to church where ever I am at, read my scriptures every morning, and rely on God.

Ultimaknight7631 karma

Do you consciously dance whenever you play? Or does it just come out naturally?

lindsey_stirling1206 karma

It is very unnatural to dance while playing the violin I had to practice so hard to learn how to do it but now it is part of my expression and it comes naturally. I have to know a song perfectly before I can even begin to move. Once I know a song really well I can then have fun dancing.

Eckssso539 karma

Big fan, one question. Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur?

lindsey_stirling1152 karma


0entropy498 karma

It's been over a year and a half since you first teased us with the picture of you dressed as Lightning, but we still haven't heard anything about your Final Fantasy medley. You've mentioned at your concerts it'll be released on Devin's channel, when can we expect more info? Sorry if I'm sounding pushy, but the wait is killing us FF/LS fans. =p

lindsey_stirling547 karma

no, not pushy at all. Devin keeps pushing that project back. Ya know, he's a busy fellow. I think I might do my own on my channel in the spring. Sorry for the long wait

lindsey_stirling491 karma

thanks my party people for joinin me today at my first AMA. I will hopefully see you soon somewhere in the world! Wahoo

Areia25357 karma

Hey Lindsey! Your song 'Crystallize' made me fall in love with your music and style of playing. What gave you the idea to play the violin in such a unique fashion and combine it with the more 'modern' genres of music such as dubstep and game soundtracks? Were you inspired to do so from someone else, or was it your own original idea?

Stay awesome!

lindsey_stirling496 karma

I had gotten burnt out on classical music. I thought to myself that I used to LOVE playing and I was so sad that I didnt enjoy it any more. So I decided to start playing the kind of music i liked to listen to. I loved dance music so I started with that and wrote transcendence, Electric daisy and spontaneous me. Then I got really into skrillex and decided to give Dubsep a try. It seemed like a fun challenge to try to make Dubstep melodic and fluid and I think it worked :)

djlax805346 karma

Of all the video games that you made music for, which is your favorite to play? Favorite video game of all time?

lindsey_stirling672 karma

Honestly... you guys will hate me for this but I love just dance. Haha... I just think it is such a great game cus it allows people to get up and make fools of themselves while having a great time. Plus I love to dance. Other than that I like Zelda because it takes me to my childhood

ajt9311304 karma

I just wanted to say that while your music is amazing, your choreography is something that really stands out to me during your performance! It's just so graceful and smooth. Have you had much training for dance?

Also, please come to Auburn University!

lindsey_stirling390 karma

nope, I am completely self taught; but I just started taking dance lessons this week because I love to dance so much and I want to get better. On the next tour I will have so sweet new moves.

Blindphantasm209 karma

Lindsey, I got to pick you up at the airport in NC about a year ago and it still makes my buddies jealous that I got to meet you and talk with you. I kinda hope you remember me, but on the other hand, I was doing my best to keep calm and not be awkward.

How was it working with The Piano Guys? You all seem like really silly and lighthearted people, so I can only imagine that half of the time was spent goofing off and not actually filming.

lindsey_stirling260 karma

That was a year ago? Crazy and yes I remember. The Piano Guys video was one of my favorites to shoot because they are so much fun. Just a bunch of goofy dads that absolutely love what they do. If you havent see their stuff guys, you gotta check it out

Xenocide321193 karma

Hey Lindsey!

What are some of your favorite musicians to listen to? Where did your inspiration first come from?

lindsey_stirling542 karma

Right now I am loving Zedd, Ellie Goulding, Paramore, and Avicii. I first was inspired by phoenix and Passion pit and Daft Punk because I just loved their unique take on electronic music. I though..."I can do that with a violin"

mappyman180 karma

I loved your show in Portland last year, it was amazing to see you live. I was surprised that you did not play the Zelda theme that night. Has there been any push back from Nintendo as far as rights to the song/franchise? Have any other gaming companies given you problems playing their songs? Thanks Lindsey!

lindsey_stirling288 karma

no, nintendo has been very nice to me and all the games have let me cover their songs with no problems. We just like to switch up the set sometimes since we cant play every song every night. We'll try to play Zelda next time.

SynchronisedRS140 karma

Lindsey, will you marry me?

Serious question. Will you ever make a video which involves you singing more than you did in the LoTR Medley? The small bit of singing you do in that song has had me wanting to hear you sing since I heard it.

lindsey_stirling248 karma

I'm working on my new album and i just wrote a song that I sing on. I cant wait to show you guys. And... I'll think about the marriage proposal;)

ocustar129 karma

Which of your videos has been your favorite to shoot so far?

lindsey_stirling207 karma

Hmmm... I loved shooting Elements because I got to see a really difficult vision come to life as we filmed. I designed the sets with the fire, and water and I thought of all the ideas and designed the costumes so it was really fun and relieving to see that it all worked.

JelleC118 karma

Hi Lindsey! the first video I saw of you was "We found love" and I was really touched by your version of the song as well as the music video, so my question is kinda related: during your stay in Africa, what was your experience with the people, the culture, and the music there?

lindsey_stirling183 karma

the People there were absolutely amazing. I loved how peaceful and kind they were. No matter if they were running the hotel, herding sheep, or driving a tour jeep, they took so much pride in what they did and did it to the best of their ability. I love that. I was so inspired by them to always shine the brightest in whatever spot I am currently in.

lindsey_stirling131 karma

some of the people lived in mud huts and had so little yet were also so humble and they were so happy. I learned a lot from my experience in Kenya

SHRIVES199385 karma

Hey Lindsey! I saw you in Philly earlier this year! (proof! XD )

I've got to ask, what was it like working with John Legend and how did that collaboration come about.

What other artists alive or dead would you love to collaborate with if you could?

You're the best!

lindsey_stirling110 karma

It was so awesome working with John. He is so down to earth and nice, plus he is AMAZINGLY talented. Wheeew!

If I could work with anyone from the past it would be Michael Jackson for sure and present its a toss up between Zedd and Ellie Goulding

ziztark73 karma


lindsey_stirling113 karma

We toured for almost 9 months straight and just got back. So from now till the spring I am writing a new album that will be released in MAy. We will tour the us in the spring and we are trying to go to Mexico city on that tour.

lindsey_stirling86 karma

phelba never got her Gavi date. She'll keep trying I'm sure

ajt931169 karma

  1. How long have have you been playing? Do you do any singing as well?

  2. Can we possibly expect another collab with Pentatonix in the future? Or should I put those hopes to rest... Your style of playing goes amazingly well with their voices and Kevin's celloboxing.

  3. A special shout out to my woman (a fan of yours) and me (Alex and Alex) for our anniversary today from you would be awesome :D


lindsey_stirling117 karma

I've played for 20 yrs. Wow, thats a while. I kinda sing :)

I love Pentatonix so I hope we do something but we are on opposite touring schedules so who knows if it will ever happen. We'll see

hey Alex! Happy Anniversary :)

Baynex45 karma

I heard her sing live at her show in Lansing (We Found Love) She has an amazing voice, wish she'd sing more.

lindsey_stirling104 karma

I am working on my new album and there is one song that I might sing full lyrics on. We'll wee :)

PoliceAlarm60 karma

What gave you the idea to combine dubstep and violins?

lindsey_stirling114 karma

I heard Skrillex song Bangerang and I LOVED it. I had so much fun dancing to it so I wanted to be able to play my own version of Dubstep. I like trying new things. It keeps me creative and it makes me think in new ways

zyere55 karma

What advice would you give artists like yourself just starting ?

lindsey_stirling97 karma

Be ready to work really really really hard.

Try lots of different things in order to succeed. I tried many different roads before I found youtube. Different things work for different people.

Collaborate with other artists as much as you can to get get more exposure.

Have fun with it. Keep it fun and that way you will be happy wether it leads to "Success" or if it stays a hobby

HikariBH51 karma

Would you ever consider your own clothing brand, maybe even with a hint of "nerd" in it? :)

lindsey_stirling104 karma

Some day that would be really fun and I love the idea of adding the nerd factor into it.

SgtShadow48 karma

I have a few questions.

What was your life like before YouTube?

What inspires your songs?

Do you have any plans to do more covers of video game music or music from shows?

Any plans for a new tour and come to smaller cities?

lindsey_stirling98 karma

I was a student working and paying my way through college. I was playing at opened mic nights and touring ith a country band as their fiddle player. I also worked as a counselor for troubled teens.

My faith inspires a lot of my music.

My new tour starts in March. It will be announced soon.

I am sure I will do more game music own the road