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lcarusLives1363 karma

what brand and model vacuum do you own/recommend?

Chris_Jericho1222 karma

Vacuum? What's that? I'll have to ask my maid.

imbignate528 karma

You never want your maid to use her own vacuum. That's how you get bedbugs and mites.

footytang184 karma

What about mouth vacuums?

Chris_Jericho1132 karma

they suck

Thedrunkgaymongoose605 karma

Which wrestler is the most/least like their on screen persona?

Chris_Jericho1497 karma

Kane-mild mannered and highly intelligent

money_boi562 karma

What did the Rock's cooking smell like?

Chris_Jericho1198 karma


mister_head_cheese427 karma

I always loved your 'high-angle' Liontamer/Walls of Jericho move; it looked terribly painful and was unique. What was the reasoning behind your transitioning to a standard Boston Crab for (as it appears to me) the majority of your WWE career?

Chris_Jericho634 karma

This whole story was in my second book Undisputed. But long story short, guys were way bigger in the WWE and I couldn't apply the move to most of them.

PRguy1789367 karma

My step dad is from Mexico and doesn't speak a lick of English. He can however quote you on command and usually without prompt. You're his favorite wrestler and he wanted me to tell you that when I told him you were doing an AMA. Wrestling is one of the few things we genuinely bond over, as he tells me in great detail whats going on every week. Anyways, thanks for entertaining us all and bringing us a little closer!

Chris_Jericho532 karma

Gracais senor!

parnaitsk331 karma

Chris you were my favorite wrestler during my childhood! Who was your favorite tag team partner from back in the day?

Chris_Jericho657 karma

Big Show

yyoyyo294 karma

Was your twitter shot at HHH last week part of story lines, or were you genuinely annoyed?

Chris_Jericho981 karma

I was drunk at the time.

Josh918213 karma

Ohhh can't wait for the dirt sheets to see this one.

Chris_Jericho1172 karma

Extra Extra!-Chris Jericho drinks sometimes…and he's OF AGE!!

Silversalt245 karma

I saw that you're the celebrity guest on The Talking Dead this coming sunday, how did you get that opportunity? Did you ask them or did they approach you?

Chris_Jericho392 karma

They asked me a few times and I was never available, but I'm stoked to finally do the show. I miss Lori though. A hot chick zombie killer? ME LIKEY!!

Salacious-232 karma

What was losing your virginity like? Any awkward stories?

Chris_Jericho1150 karma

It was the best 10 seconds of her life yo….

dekkytsh220 karma

Hey Jericho! What was it like jumping from WCW to WWE? What made you make that desicion? Was the plan always to get to the top of the WWE or did you expect midcard status?

Also, I met you at the Agincourt in Camberley, UK. I caught up with you before you were leaving to grab a picture with you. You said no problem and you would be back in 5 minutes! I waited... you never came back Chris :( You never came back! :(

When are you next touring the UK?

Chris_Jericho370 karma

Sorry I owe you a picture! PS-Axl Rose did the same thing to me when I was 16

Magnum_Cobra209 karma

Does Vince McMahon send you Christmas cards?

Chris_Jericho411 karma

No. But he did send me a hardcore santa for christmas once

tootergray34204 karma

Most annoying guy in the locker room?

Chris_Jericho701 karma

Miz haha

vviikkrraanntt201 karma

Are you ever going to keep your hair long again? Cause I liked that.

Chris_Jericho460 karma

In order to keep my hair long, I'd have to grow it first. And that would take a long time

hueys187 karma

What are the secrets to being a good heel?

Chris_Jericho470 karma

Avoid doing anything cool or likable. No catch phrases or merch either

Herpbees183 karma

I don't have a question. But a small story.

I used to carry a picture of you around with me everywhere I went. It was a picture of you in a black coat, long hair, sunglasses and tons of snow. But I carried it with me everywhere. And at night I would unfold it, and sleep with it. I was probably 11 or 12 years old.

I don't know why but I always wanted you to know that. Not in a creepy way, but in a more, you were always there for me when real people weren't. I was a very lonely kid and carrying that picture around always made me feel better, and it gave a bit of security.

So, inadvertently, thank you for protecting me and making me less lonely.

Chris_Jericho185 karma

Thanks! I think that was from Sapporo Ice festival in Japan

countdownkpl155 karma

If you had to pick acting, writing, wrestling, or musicianship, which would you select?

Chris_Jericho448 karma

I don't have to pick…I get to do them all!

sydal144 karma

Your interactions with the demi-god known as Ralphus in WCW were some of the highlights of my week. The spinoff of him and Norman Smiley made him a world-wide star. Did you get jealous of his fame?

Chris_Jericho224 karma

Totally. He must be destroyed

weinerdudley140 karma

Hey Chris! Thanks for this!

First of all, long time follower of yours, your angle with Malenko in WCW was gold, and that's what made me a huge fan of yours.

My question- who is the greatest in ring opponent you have faced, and what is your favorite match of all time?

Chris_Jericho345 karma

Shawn Michaels. Michaels vs Jericho ladder match 2008

jules222138 karma

Hey Mr. Jericho, I just wanted to say that you're awesome! When you beat Rock and Stone Cold in the same night, who do you feel was the "bigger" win?

Chris_Jericho295 karma


Tilx125 karma

With how often returns/surprises get leaked, how did you manage to keep your returns/appearances from getting out? Specially the 2013 Royal Rumble in Phoenix. I was in the crowd and while Dolph was going on in there ring, there wasn't a single person around me who thought you would be entrant #2.

Chris_Jericho197 karma

I was very careful to keep it a surprise

HubertMcAwesome124 karma

How do you really feel about HHH?

Chris_Jericho264 karma

Good guy. Doing a good job taking over the reigns of the WWE. Really who else could do it?

Thndrcougarfalcnbird110 karma

What band would you say was your biggest musical interest?

Chris_Jericho302 karma

Beatles baby!

DeadSira82 karma

What's the best thing about Canada?

Chris_Jericho278 karma

Pamela Anderson and Glossettes

Daggerskull80 karma

Don't suck on The Talking Dead next week. Marilyn Manson was a horrible guest this week and we need an huge improvement.

Chris_Jericho170 karma

Well its called the Talking Dead right?

ajlm74 karma

I don't have any questions for you, but my best friend is obsessed with you. She named her cat Jericho after you. So...yeah :) your name lives on in a super friendly orange cat.

Chris_Jericho391 karma

After tanning, I too am a friendly orange cat

GooLuster68 karma

What's the craziest thing you seen a fan do?

Chris_Jericho333 karma

Tattoo my face on his back. In a few years that will be the equivalent of having a Screech tattoo.

fouryearbrett7466 karma

If you could tag team with any superstar (deceased or living), who would it be and why?

Chris_Jericho231 karma

Owen Hart

Janus12764 karma


Chris_Jericho180 karma

The Big Four of grunge are Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden

Josh91860 karma

Hey Chris, been a big fan since the WCW days. How uncomfortable was it when you were on Opie & Anthony and you and Jim Norton got into that argument? I'm glad you guys got past that as I love when your on but holy shit was that uncomfortable to listen to.

Chris_Jericho105 karma

Made for great radio though! Btw I LOVE Jim Norton. Great guy

MONKSFTW58 karma

Hey Chris ! You're band Fozzy came to Sydney soundwave this year and somehow me and a couple of my friends got right in front to see the performance, you guys were awesome, mid way through your performance you threw a towel that you wiped your face with into the crowd and my friend who's a big WWE and Fozzy fan caught it and still has it( washed now hah). My question, is there any chance of you coming back for soundwave 2014 in Sydney,Australia ? It would be awesome if you answered this, I stayed up till 2 am just to ask it haha oh well hopefully totally worth it

Chris_Jericho129 karma

No Soundwave 2014, but we are back in Australia in December w Steel Panther and Buckcherry!!

billymeehan53 karma

I love you, dude. I got a Chris Jericho skateboard for my 10th birthday and I still have it today.

I gotta ask: How did you come up with your finishers, both The Walls and the Codebreaker? Did you think, 'oh those look like they hurt'? Cause as my brother showed me, the Walls really does hurt.

Chris_Jericho111 karma

What?? I don't even have one of those! Nor do I have the Chris Jericho bowling ball

fouryearbrett7453 karma

Who was your favorite talent to work with in WCW?

Chris_Jericho140 karma


berrybutton48 karma


You're on death row and tomorrow morning is the big day. What is your last meal?


Berry Button

Chris_Jericho159 karma

Steak, D-Jays pizza, grey goose on ice, cherry pie, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a can of invisible spray

sonnylarson48 karma

I have to ask...did you invent that?

Chris_Jericho79 karma


Brett_Favre_447 karma

What (in your opinion) is the most memorable match in WWE history?

Chris_Jericho128 karma

Shawn vs Taker Hogan vs Andre

ExodusLegion43 karma

Hi Chris! Thank you so much for doing this. You're the first pro wrestler I remember seeing on TV & I've been a fan ever since. Thanks for all the memories! A few questions:

-You've been a "veteran" in the ring for some time now, and have had some amazing matches recently (your match w/ Punk at WM 28 was fabulous). But if you debuted today and were an up & comer (rather than a vet), who would be the one guy you'd want to work a program with (any promotion)?

-A lot of Fozzy lyrics seem to have a very personal touch to them. If you had to single out one set of lyrics as your favorite, what song would it be?

-When you debuted in WWE(F), you had an awesome segment with The Rock right away. I know you've stated that he's one of your favorite guys to work with, but at that time was there any issue with him when working out that segment (since you were "the new guy" from the other company) or was he always great to work with from the start?

-Did you see the Metallica IMAX movie? It was awesome. If you haven't, go see it.

Also, when I backyard wrestled as a teen, I used "To Kill A Stranger" as my music. That song is froot!

Chris_Jericho60 karma

My lyrics have to be personal, because I have to sing them and believe what I'm singing. I love the lyrics to 'Shine Forever" and "Sin And Bones" at the moment

huge2thadork43 karma

Do you still have those black and white checkered pants that you used to wear like 10 years ago?

Chris_Jericho76 karma

Yes! They were awesome

Wakers41 karma

Hi Chris, long time fan, love the books, love your - ongoing ;) - wrestling career.

Wrestling related question to start with - what do you make of the fact that in 2013 the two champions are Orton and Cena?

Music related question - Like me, you're a massive fan of Metallica. Any chance of getting Papa Het to guest on the next Fozzy album?

Chris_Jericho90 karma

Hetfield rules and I'd love to have him guest on the next Fozzy album…playing a guitar solo! I feel his solos are so underrated!! Check out his leads on Orion or Nothing Else Matters for proof

Doodlebutts40 karma

What was your off screen friendship with Eddie Guerrero like?

Chris_Jericho94 karma

Loved each other

killerantsfromspace39 karma

Just wanted to say, when you returned at the last royal rumble, my house almost collapsed from the sheer awesomeness. Huge fan of all things Y2J, keep being awesome!

Chris_Jericho53 karma

Thanks it was a classic moment for me too!

DorionJ38 karma

Hi Chris! It seems like webseries are an interesting new medium, but it's arguably still in its infancy. What attracted you to it? As an aside, I will definitely be checking out the link above! Thanks!

Chris_Jericho64 karma

Its the way of the future I'm convinced. I came up with the concept of But Im Chris Jericho 7 years ago and I'm so proud that we finally got it up and rolling!! Its VERY funny and I think you're gonna like it

The1andonlyZack33 karma

What can we expect from the next Fozzy album?

Chris_Jericho96 karma

More amazing Heavy riffs and melodic vocals. And a free decoder ring in every package!

reginaldroundtree33 karma

To start off...you rule! I used to work at the St. Josephs hospital in Tampa at the coffee place. I swear I made you and your wife drinks before . I never knew if it was you for sure though. When my coworker asked if he knew you, you said something cool and mysterious. I also told you not to go behind the counter, which i feel like a dick about still. Im sure you don't remember that day but do you go to that hospital? If not, I should stop telling people I served Chris Jericho and his wife drinks.

Chris_Jericho60 karma

It was me! We spent alot of time there in 2006.

JulesBlues30 karma

Hi Chris! Which wrestler was/is the most intimidating?

Chris_Jericho72 karma

Haku Big Show

TravelingTom27 karma

The questions I wanted to ask have already been asked. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the entertainment over the years!

Chris_Jericho49 karma

Thank You!!!

davidevan21 karma

Tell me everything you know about Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Chris_Jericho46 karma

Loaf and Jug is a convenience store there

gra617 karma

Hey Jericho! Wondering what your current fitness program is like. I read you were into DDP Yoga and was curious if you are still using that.

Chris_Jericho40 karma

DDP Yoga and Caveman diet

KNPKH2ster17 karma

Will the web series "But I am Chris Jericho" be exclusive to the website or will there be a deal where it can be streamed on sites such as Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube?

Chris_Jericho30 karma

Its on both butimchrisjericho.com and Action's YouTube channel

Donald22416 karma

What's your dream car??

Chris_Jericho88 karma

DeLorean Time Machine

burninghooters12 karma

Hey Chris you are my favorite person and the reason I got into wrestling. I bought every Fozzy album, All That remains being my favorite.

My question is this: How did Stephanie McMahon react to being called a Filthy, dirty, disgusting, bottom feeding, trash bag, ho? Did she know it was coming in advance? It seems like that would make things awkward backstage

Chris_Jericho28 karma

Of course she knew and was cool with it. She's great

Jolte10 karma

What was filming your new webseries like? What were was the cast like?

Chris_Jericho17 karma

We did 10 episodes in 5 days and surprisingly everything went perfectly! Best cast ever and sooo funny!! Scott Thompson and Andy Kindler are geniuses

Theroyalhamster8 karma

In your earlier wrestling career you were a loveable douchey guy (in my opinion), and when you came back you were just plain douchey.

Which one was your favorite to play?

Chris_Jericho23 karma

Loveable douche? Isn't that an oxymoron?

josuegruiz4 karma

Do you really think that Daniel Bryan deserves to be the face of the WWE? To be honest he doesn't look like a heavyweight champion like you once did! I'm really interested to know your opinion.

Chris_Jericho13 karma

I can't see his face…too much hair!

dpaddyb3 karma

I think I'm right in saying that you're currently writing your 3rd book just now? What will that cover? Like the full range from Fozzy to WWE to Dancing with the stars?

Chris_Jericho5 karma


AndrewDoucette2 karma

Why aren't you wrestling

Chris_Jericho11 karma

Why aren't you? ;)

altsetiX2 karma

Are you and Fozzy coming back to Donington anytime soon?

Chris_Jericho6 karma

Hopefully 2014! fingers crossed

meshugagah2 karma

which is your favourite fozzy album, and why?

Chris_Jericho5 karma

Sin And Bones is our best and most successful