The U.N states that Honduras is the most dangerous country in the planet(Link). I went to do some volunteer work and decided to stay and backpack this amazing country. It was incredibly cheap and has the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. The cloud forests and the hidden waterfalls made this trip worthwhile. In a country with 20 homicides a day, I was incredibly lucky to come out alive. I have to admit, some days it felt like i was in the scene of a Michael Bay movie. Proof

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you are really over the top OP, try being in a war, then you can say you were incredibly lucky to come out alive. dipshit.

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I'm sorry if I offended you.

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I know Honduras is not Costa Rica, but I will be travelling to Costa Rica soon, and your AMA is putting half a picture of fear in me before my trip. Is Costa Rica similar? I ask because you lived in the region for a year and have a much better idea of the conditions than me...

Thanks for the AMA!

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Costa Rica is safe to travel. It is nothing like Honduras. I have been there and there are lots of U.S expatriates that live there. Just don't dress ostentatiously and don't flash your iphone because that is what thieves are looking for.

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Thanks man. I appreciate it.

A question about Honduras though - did you already have family there who helped you out in the begining when you landed there?

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Yes. That is the reason I stayed for a year. Through networking I would meet distant family members, friends etc. that let me crash at their houses because I would explain to them i was backpacking and sightseeing. I would travel and make plans with people I met and that offset the cost of hotels. If you are in Costa Rica make sure you visit the cloud forests and go ziplining.