Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our Reddit AMA! It was so much fun! Remember, you can pre-order our new album, PTX Vol. II on iTunes ( We will be announcing North American dates on Nov. 5th, so check ( to find ticket info! Love you guys!

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serunson329 karma

I loved your collab with Lindsey Stirling when you covered Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Amazing song and you guys owned it! My question is, if you could collab with anyone on your next project who would it be and why?

PTXofficial195 karma

IT'd be cool to do something with Jordin Sparks. We love her, and she's tweeted a couple of our videos! -KO

notsarahtomlinson267 karma

So is Avi single

PTXofficial375 karma


OliviaPrecis197 karma

Avi, all I want out of life is to sing the counterpoint in Carol of the Bells with you. Are you free?

PTXofficial240 karma

I'd be so DOWN :) I love singing that song and I just love music like that in general :) -Avi

orboth138 karma

Are there any songs that you guys have wanted to cover but just wouldn't translate to acapella well?

PTXofficial264 karma

We tried Muse Madness, and we liked it, but we couldn't figure out a way to make it interesting and not like the original. At least we tried! -KO

PTXofficial146 karma

Yep, a few Taylor Swift songs. They just don't work for us.


craigatron125 karma

Hey guys! /r/acappella has been waiting for this for a long time, as have I :)

Two questions:

  1. Do you have long term plans for PTX? As in, do you hope to still be rocking our faces off 10+ years down the road?
  2. Who's your favorite judge from the Sing-Off and why?

Thanks for everything you're doing to popularize a cappella!

PTXofficial99 karma

1.) Certainly! We hope to be together for a long time. :)

2.) They're all perfect! But we're closest with Sara.


Hello_Schroddy124 karma

I've been sitting here trying to come up with an intelligent sounding question, and failing completely because you all are just so amazing.

All I have to say is, Avi, when you say 'subscribe' at the end of every video I seriously want to unsubscribe just so I can re-subscribe. I'd probably subscribe to anything if you told me to.

PTXofficial174 karma

;D -Avi

boudinpourpre112 karma

Kevin & Avi, is it possible for you to keep rhythm without moving? I ask because I find it impossible to listen to many of your tracks (especially the low end) without grooving.

PTXofficial221 karma

Im. Possible. -Avi

alison_collins105 karma

Avi - how does one become as sweet as you?

PTXofficial195 karma


Renix75 karma

Hey guys!

So excited that you are doing an AMA. I've been a huge fan since you got started, and it's awesome to see you doing so well. I saw you perform at Norfolk, VA this summer and it totally blew my mind. I've got tickets for the Kettering, Ohio show and I can't wait.

Couple questions for you:

  1. How many years and what sort of musical training have each of you had? Voice lessons, piano(cello!), theory, etc?

  2. There are many fantastic a cappella groups and vocal bands out there that haven't had nearly your success. Other than your absolutely outrageous talent, what do you think sets you guys apart? Would you have any advice for newly formed groups :)?

  3. How on earth do you come up with works like the Evolution medleys? You constantly one up yourselves and it never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Thanks so much guys! You are all a huge inspiration(individually and as a group) to me as a musician. I also love how connected you guys are with the fans. I'm totally buying a VIP ticket for your next tour!

PS. I'm calling it now that Natural Disaster will be a total hit. Looking forward to seeing that top the iTunes charts!

EDIT: Don't feel like you have to answer all the questions. :) I know there are lots of people with lots of questions!

PTXofficial82 karma

1.) Mitch here! I've been training in music since age 6. I started with piano, then did musical theatre. I've also studied voice for 7 years.

2.) I think because we are such a diverse group of people and come from a variety of backgrounds, our music is sort of an amalgamation of all our differences. :)

3.) We just made a list of songs and worked it into an arrangement as creatively as we could!

4.) Hopefully still working with PTX, and also working on solo projects.

Thanks so much! We love you!!


ICringeAtMyLife74 karma

How do you go about arranging music? Do you produce sheet music or just come up with as you go along? Is there someone who does more arranging than the rest of you or it is fairly equal?

Also any general tips when arranging music would be much appreciated.

Thanks! You guys are fantastic.

PTXofficial96 karma

We usually just jam until we get something. Thanks!

TerraRyan1159 karma

Avi, what solidified your decision to join these crazy kids and start the journey?

SO proud of you guys. The "we're bigger than we've ever dreamed" in your Royals video made me tear up.

PTXofficial79 karma

Honestly seeing their YouTube video of telephone. I was extremely impressed and I really wanted to see what I could add to their sound :) -Avi

PTXofficial56 karma

Thanks! I think it was the challenge of being kids to show the world that a cappella can be a cool thing again! -KO

2SP00KY4ME57 karma

Hi Pentatonix!

During the recent StageIt show you guys did, I remember you mentioned that you wanted to get a PO box for us to send you guys mail. Any progress on that yet?

PTXofficial66 karma

Not yet! Still workin on it :)


DrKoala52 karma

Any plans to publish your originals and arrangements? As a high school music teacher, I really feel Pentatonix is saving vocal music from obscurity. Choral Music will always have a following, but traditional vocal jazz (Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices) is slowly shifting towards contemporary a cappella because of groups like Pentatonix and The Real Group. My group pulls your tunes by ear, but getting your arrangements in the hands of thousands of student will have a profound impact on a generation of young vocalists.

PTXofficial61 karma

We are working on that now!


le_hounds50 karma


PTXofficial67 karma

It depends on the arrangement, usually. Sometimes it can take one day, sometimes a few weeks. They're usually formed by jamming.

oliviacunis3749 karma

what is it like knowing that you have changed our lives?

PTXofficial52 karma

Wow, thank you! That's humbling. We'll keep making music for y'all! -KO

ajt931143 karma

You guys really seem like my kind of people to just hang out with and have a couple beers. So my questions... when and where?

And Avi! Give me some throat singing advice!

PTXofficial53 karma



thesneak15535 karma

Scott, Mitch, Kirstie, Avi, and Kevin thanks for taking time out of your days to come here! From the first time I watched y’all on The Sing Off I have loved your stuff! Video Killed The Radio Star was my favorite performance in the 3 years of the show (YAY! It got revived for another season!) UNTIL The Dog Days Are Over. Y’all moved me to the point of tears with that song… It was beautiful! Whenever I am having a rough day and I can’t clear my mind I turn to a combo of PTX and Mumford and Sons and everything seems to melt away!

As for my questions:

What has it been like after winning the show and touring?

How excited are y’all for the Europe tour?

Who are your personal inspirations?

What is the process in “PTXing” a song (adding your little flair)?

Thanks for being awesome!

PTXofficial31 karma

1) AWESOME! 2) MUCHO EXCITED! 3) Mine is my family. I love them and they inspire me. 4) We just listen to a lot of music, take what we like, and make it vocal!

PTXofficial26 karma

Thank you!

1.) It's been crazy, but really fun. Touring's great.

2.) We are SO pumped!

3.) We're all inspired by different people :)

4.) I would say just giving it new feels and reworking it until it's completely different and unique.



EyebrowsOnSpoons32 karma

What's been your biggest challenge working as a group?

PTXofficial59 karma

Hi!! We're a family, so there are times when we disagree and argue like a family. But we know that what we're doing is very unique and special, and we always keep that in the back of our mind. It's exciting, and we love it!

PTXofficial38 karma

Working out creative differences. We all have different visions and backgrounds.


joeyott029 karma

Question for Avi:

Your collegiate a cappella group won ICCA’s when you were a member, in fact you won the best rhythm section award that year (2009?). My question is, how was that whole process? How did your college (a community college, right?) end up in a position to win the ICCAs? What role did you play, what did you all have to overcome, what were rehearsals like, who did arranging, ect ect?

Really, I’m just asking what was that whole experience in Fermata Nowhere like?


PTXofficial56 karma

We did and yes I did :) The whole process was a LOT of work! Our college had/has an unbelievable choral/vocal program so the talent level was very good. The group I was in definitely had our own style and the year we won, the group was incredibly solid. We chose a set that really took the audience on a journey and really played to our strengths. I was the vocal bass, one of the main arrangers and involved in all of the group set planning and song selection. Group leadership was split up and it was really an amazing thing to be a part of. I'll never forget it! -Avi

hoodedpenguins29 karma

Hey PTX! Thanks for doing the AMA, you guys rock!

1) What artist(s) would you most love to be able to collaborate with and why?

2) What has been you favorite arrangement that you have released so far?

Love you guys!

PTXofficial46 karma

1.) We all have different artists we want to collab with, but I think we most want to collab with Beyonce hahaha 2.) we all have our favorites!! Love you!

EpicSeeker28 karma

Favorite Pokemon?

PTXofficial94 karma

charzard! -KO

leahjoslin28 karma

when you guys are singing/arranging do y'all every think," dude this is so cool"?

PTXofficial46 karma

Hahaha we definitely have those moments


Adriennetara25 karma

Yay! So glad y'all are taking the time to do this! Thank you! My question is: What has been your proudest moment since winning The Sing Off? Either as a group or individually!

PTXofficial43 karma

I think for me, it was top 20 charting on the Billboard 200. That's been a dream of mine since PTX was created, and it happened! Now, i'm hoping for it to be even higher for Vol. II :) -KO

PTXofficial34 karma

I'm pretty proud of us for touring so much! And also completing another album :)


rackik21 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I would love to do what you guys do some day.

Anyway, how do you decide what song you're going to do next?

How do you figure out who of the three leads will sing which part? Do you guys have a set system for that?

PTXofficial30 karma

No, thank YOU!

Whichever song is inspiring one of us at the moment! We will pitch it to the group and see if we can arrange it.

We can usually just tell whose voice would sound the best on each song.


DanniiMarie19 karma

If you could not do what you are doing now, what kind of careers would each of you love to pursue?

PTXofficial56 karma

-I'd be either a solo cellist, or i'd be in medical school right now. -KO

SmarshmallowBalls19 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Huge fan, along with my 4 yr old who loves to sing every part of your guys songs! Lol

I wanna know how you guys go to be so awesome and when are you coming back to Iowa?!?

Also, Mitch and Scott, SUPERFRUIT gives me life everyday! I wish it was on every day!

EDIT: words and stuffs

PTXofficial21 karma

Aw thanks! I think next year! And we appreciate it :)

pentaholicness19 karma

How do you pick chair girls ? Is it a hard choice to make ? (It's quite a big deal in the fandom ;) )

PTXofficial31 karma

The most excited girl!!! :)

leahjoslin17 karma

Hi guys, out of curiosity when will the 2014 tour dates be released? love you<3

PTXofficial26 karma

Soon! Most likely the day of the album! -KO

blameitontheEtOH17 karma

Do you guys have a "pre-show ritual" that you all do???

I love you guys and I can't wait until you all come back to NYC!

PTXofficial90 karma

We pray before every show :) -Avi

Symphawnics17 karma

Hi Pentatonix!

Just wanted to say that you're all lovely people. I met you guys after your Toronto concert last December and somehow ended up quickly chatting with Mitch and Kirstie about our "Canadian Squirrels".

Anyways, I would like to ask: Would any of you like to add me on Pokemon X?

Okay, more serious question: Favourite foods?

PTXofficial32 karma

omg the black squirrels!


I love pizza!


ludzy7616 karma

Firstly, love all of your songs, and I can't wait for you to come to the Boston area.

What are your thoughts on The Sing Off being cancelled? The show that brought you guys to fame has been taken off the air, and I want to know how that affects you when you say "We won The Sing Off" and people don't know what it is.

I'm excited to hear your response to this, I have wanted to ask this for all too long.

PTXofficial31 karma

We were super bummed about it, but fortunately IT IS COMING BACK! Can't wait for season 4!

When people don't know what it is, we just explain the show to them, and there response 99.9999% is "I don't really keep up with TV, but congrats!"

KatyUlcova16 karma

Hi! Will you ever shoot some Vlogs again? Because it's been a long time since you did. Much love :)

PTXofficial21 karma



KH315 karma

How much editing do you do in the studio to make your voices sound more clean for the albums? Do you use vocal effects? Or is it completely 100% natural human voices?

PTXofficial38 karma

We all go in separately to make sure everything is crisp, clean and perfect. We use reverb, delay, we get everything EQ'd and mixed right but it's 100% natural human voice with some occasional stomps, claps or pats :)

chickengoggles14 karma

You guys are great! I love your music!

My question is what was it like working with Lindsey Sterling during the making of the cover "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons?

PTXofficial21 karma

It was great! She's super nice and fun to work with :)

Brittmy14 karma

Which of you are single?? :-P

PTXofficial79 karma


souponastick13 karma

My friend and I have seen you twice, and will continue whenever you come through.

On to my question: it seems like there is a definite split between the "trio" and "meat and potatoes". Is that accurate, or are you more of a group of five?

I love you all!

PTXofficial32 karma

It's definitely a group of five :) -KO

12jalyons12 karma

Hey, I'm a huge fan and an a cappella performer myself! You guys have gained a lot of recognition for the twists you put on a very wide variety of styles and selections. As a member of a collegiate A Cappella group (Vanderbilt Melodores, woo!), what advice can you give on potential song selections and switching arrangements up to dodge traditional performance conventions?

Edit: spelling

PTXofficial19 karma

Play to your strengths and choose a key that works best for the group and ESPECIALLY the soloists! As for dodging up the traditional... Play with groove changes, stops, maybe some chord reharms! Melodores are awesome FYI :) -Avi

PTXofficial15 karma

Try different styles, don't just stick to emulating the song. It's okay to stray away from the song's original feel. And it's just fun!


PhillipPPhil12 karma

Hi guys! Kevin and Avi, I love the interplay that you guys have together, and I was wondering how long it took to develop that kind of musical relationship? Also, what kinds of exercises do you all do to improve musically?

PTXofficial22 karma

Honestly, Avi and I are best friends. We became that from the jump, so that really helped us build a musical relationship also. -KO

Zashiony12 karma

Hey guys! I love your music, and have been listening to the PTX Vol II previews since they were put up on iTunes (I Need Your Love is amazing, and definitely my favorite)! Keep up the good work!

My questions:

What is your favorite song on the album? (I known some of you answered this in the PTX Vol II Introduction video)

Why wasn't Peaceful War on the album? I loved hearing it on tour and its message from y'all was amazing!

Do you guys thinks you could officially support a /r/PTXoffical?

What was your favorite performance from the Sing-Off?

What was your favorite YouTube cover to arrange?

What was your favorite city you guys toured in?

Ninja Edit: Spelling error

PTXofficial20 karma

1) Natural Disaster. So. Raw. 2) It just didn't make the cut! We're planning on doing something with it though~ 3) I don't know what that is? 4) Mine was Love Lockdown. 5) Radioactive. 6) NYC, but I know it'll change once we go to Europe lol -KO

DynamicDelilah12 karma

I saw you guys a few months ago in Norfolk, VA and loved it! My question is for Kevin. I've been playing cello for 8 years and I am also trying to learn how to beatbox. How long did it take you to do these both efficiently together?

PTXofficial29 karma

I'm still learning how to do it well, but I started in 2008. It took me a year to start feeling really comfortable with Julie-O. It's a process that just takes a while. But you'll get it! -KO

ikirifyos12 karma

Hi, here's a great fan from Spain (you should think about passing on your next tour). Anyway here's my question:

Do you like other people singing your arrengements? (Some friend are doing it here, and we'll keep doing it if you say it' ok)

PTXofficial22 karma


erinlindseyy51811 karma

Hi! LOVE you guys :) I'm a freshman in college who just started my own all-female a cappella group. Any advice?

PTXofficial18 karma

Just have fun! And don't be afraid to be creative. :)

hpfey1010 karma

Two questions:

1) Have you ever considered fusing two songs in different languages together as an arrangement? Spanish/English fusion or Indian/English fusion, like Penn Masala?

2) To Avi: How did you learn to do overtones with your voice and how long did it take to master?

PTXofficial15 karma

1) We've thought about Chinese songs since Kevin speaks Chinese! 2) That's a question for Avi lol -KO

lemairec9 karma

Hi guys! love your work sooo much! What is your advice to singers in college about singing and working with other people? you guys all sing so so well together im curious on your advice!

PTXofficial31 karma

I would say just leave your ego at the door; The key to a strong work ethic is keeping an open mind to other's ideas, and genuinely working together to create the best product possible.

bamba829 karma

Hey guys! How excited are you for your European tour? I found out too late you're touring Europe and you're sold out. Will you come back soon and especially to Holland?

Love, Angela

Ps: Avi, your voice is so damn sexy!

PTXofficial19 karma

I think we're planning on coming back next year. Hopefully we will be performing in Holland!

Avi says thanks. ;)

crowfrost8 karma

What are some of your favorite chorale arrangements ??? For example, Miserere Mei Deus, If Ye Love Me, Dona Nobis Pacem, etc. Not limited to sacred music though. Also, sooo pumped for Vol II, your music is both breathtakingly awesome as well as purely inspiring. keep it up!!

PTXofficial25 karma

If Ye Love Me is one of my favorites! I love Salvation is Created - Chesnokov, Hymn to the Virgin - Britten, Miserere - Allegri, Just to name a few :) -Avi

Dancingtoes168 karma

First off, love your music, it is so creative.

Obviously Youtube has been a fundamental part of your success. Do you think you would have been received as widely were it not for your use of video sharing? Did you explore other options as a group as for what platforms would suit you best in displaying your art?

PTXofficial19 karma

Thank you!! YouTube and social media have definitely played huge roles in where we are today! I feel like many contestants coming from reality shows kinda disappear after their season, but we wanted to stay current and show our fan base that we were still keeping busy making music! Without social media we would never have the following we have now. It's continuously putting out content that has really helped us stay connected with everyone.

terrydiane7 karma

When will we hear dates and locations for 2014 tour. I miss y'all

PTXofficial17 karma

Hopefully soon! Within the next month. :)

thesweats7 karma

For Avi: as a fellow bass singer, what's your secret for keeping power in your voice in the lowest notes?

Me and my son are 2 of the lucky guys to see you in Amsterdam in three weeks. Can't wait!!

PTXofficial19 karma

Lots of water and rest! Also, the older you get the lower your voice gets ;D -Avi

Meowingtons-PhD6 karma

Did you ever consider naming yourself "Here Comes Treble"?

PTXofficial9 karma



PTXofficial8 karma

Also love the mau5 username ;)


sickgnasty6 karma

I just wanted to let you guys know that I feel primitive. Kick. Drop.

My question for you is: Can you handle it?

PTXofficial15 karma

We can definitely handle it.


hoppinjalapeno6 karma

Where do babies come from? (You said anything. . .)

But seriously, I second ICringeAtMyLife in wondering how you go about the arranging process. I also wonder how that process may have evolved over time. :)

PTXofficial15 karma

We usually get the key and soloist, and then avi and I start trying out different grooves and feels. Once we find something we like, Mitch Scott Kirstie will figure out background parts. ONce we arrange it, we'll then go back and figure out moments. -KO

iluvscotthoying5 karma

Hey guys! Thank you for doing this AMA. It's super confusing lol I have a question that I'd love to know each of y'all's answer.

For each member: what has been your favorite moment through your journey? You all have come so far and I'm so very proud :)

PTXofficial11 karma

Meeting fans on tour :)


agloriousgeek5 karma

What's your favorite part of being on the road together? Also, do you guys ever spontaneously burst into song and come up with awesomely fun arrangements that way? Because if I can start singing and harmonize with a friend, I can't even fathom the majesty coming from that tour bus.

P.S. Love you guys! Thanks again for Kutztown! <3

PTXofficial9 karma

Hahaha yea! We also figure out original songs that way also! -KO

amariahoying5 karma

how long did it take to arrange the beyonce medley?

PTXofficial20 karma

About 4 days. -KO

PTXofficial19 karma

About 3 days


Ana_ptx4 karma

Who had the idea of doing the "chair girl"???? P.S.: Come to Portugal and I LOVE Y'ALL!

PTXofficial11 karma

Scott! We love you too!

kalifornia4294 karma

My friend Jacob Hemsath wanted to know if any of y'all made all state in choir in high school?

PTXofficial10 karma

I did, and I know the trio did as well :) -Avi

kalifornia4293 karma

So um yeah hi guys I just wanted to know if we'll ever get a studio version of "The Peaceful War" since it's not set to be featured on PTX Vol. II? It's just a really beautiful song and I know a lot of us would love a recorded version of it to listen to so yeah ok thanks bye

PTXofficial10 karma

We hope so! Trying to work on that right now. -KO

skoldsm13 karma

Who are your favorite musical artists of all time?

PTXofficial25 karma

-Jacuqline du Pre. Cellist. AWESOME. -KO

boopptx3 karma

What is your favorite arrangement you've done so far? Oh, and what's an artist that you've been dying to cover?

PTXofficial10 karma

Musically I'd say mine is "Carol of the Bells" :) -Avi

Itszednotzeee3 karma

Hi guys!! (Fan gushing). I stumbled across your videos one day and fell in love with your arrangements! I have you constantly on repeat (not in a weird way... obviously...) I wasn't actually aware you did a tv show in the USA as I am in the UK and I'm so sad I'm missing your gig in London :( How did you get together as a group?

PTXofficial7 karma

Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie went to school together and sang in choir and in a trio. Scott wanted to try out for the show, so he formed the trio again, and then added Avi (from a mutual friend) and myself (found on YouTube)! We met the day before the audition. -KO

charismelia3 karma

Do any of you plan on branching out to do solo careers in the future? As much as I love you guys as a group, it'd be exciting to see what you can individually do with all the experience you've had as PTX!

PTXofficial11 karma

I think right now we definitely want to do this, cause we really believe in this. We don't mind doing solo stuff even now, and we definitely do that on the side, but for now our careers are rooted in PTX. -KO

thedandilion3 karma

Avi, do you know who Tim Storms is, or have you met him? A duet with you two would be incredible.

PTXofficial16 karma

I do! I haven't met him in person but we plan to get together for a bite when we are in the same area! I would be so down haha! -Avi

itsjordanstarr3 karma

Idk what to ask but you guys are v awesome and ilysm

PTXofficial12 karma


aldeanp3 karma


  1. How many vids will out on November?
  2. PTXmas, Vol. 2, yes or no?
  3. I love you guys <3 (def not a question)


PTXofficial10 karma

  1. Definitely more than one ;)
  2. You'll have to see!!!
  3. we love u mor3

crachor3 karma

do you have a "dream performance" or "dream tour" that you'd like to do one day?

PTXofficial14 karma


FCBPanda3 karma

Hey guys, really enjoyed watching you on the sing off. My question is for Kevin. How did you get so good at beatboxing? Is there a set way to practice that kind of skill?

PTXofficial7 karma

Just listening to a lot of what I liked (hip-hop, electronic music) and trying it out! I literally am doing it all the time, so it becomes second nature!

alison_collins3 karma

If you guys could each pick one vacation destination, where would you go and why?

PTXofficial8 karma

Mitch: ICELANDDDDDDDDDDDDD to meet Bjork Scott: Australia!

Pokebunny3 karma

Hi Pentatonix! First off, I wanted to say you guys are awesome, I saw you live in NYC in February and it was an awesome show. I've gotten into college a cappella myself and it's totally a blast. I had a couple questions:

  • When do you "finish" working on a song, and how long does it generally take you from your first time sitting down with a song to deeming it performance-ready?

  • Do you arrange all your own music? Who does that? Any advice for cool a cappella arrangement creation, or how to learn to arrange music? (Or... do you guys not actually have sheet music?!)

  • Will you be coming back to NYC on your next American tour?!

Love your music!

  • Nick

PTXofficial11 karma

  1. IT depends. "I Need Your Love" took 5 hours. Evolution of Music took 4 days.
  2. We do! All the stuff you hear for live, we do it together in a circle. All the stuff for our album, we get with our producer Ben Bram and figure it out with him together.
  3. YES! Check our website on Nov. 5th.

Little_Janko163 karma

Hi guys! Thanks so much for doing this- cant wait for the new album :)

So my school's choir is performing your arrangement of Carol of the Bells on Monday December 16th at our concert. Any choice you guys will be in Michigan and want to help us out ;)

PTXofficial7 karma

That'd be fun!


Sarahfidecaro3 karma

Do you ever get nervous performing?

PTXofficial11 karma

Not anymore, at least for me. Only time I get anxious is when it's a new song we haven't done before. -KO

Eyes4music3 karma

So you said that when you arrange you just jam and figure out what works. Do you try to stay within specific chord structures that Match the original song or do you just go with it, even if it seems to not follow the originals base? I mean as a general rule. Also I was wondering if you ever put stuff down to paper even if that is not how you start, or do you do that long after the song has been solidified with the group? Thanks. I want try try more arranging in a non premeditative way, but I am unfamiliar with the process or if there are any guidelines that you follow. As you can tell I am a bit of a type A personality so I am just curious how others arrange when it is not on paper first.

PTXofficial10 karma

Sometimes we will put things down on paper if we want it to be complex and can't do it alone. But usually, when we cover a song, we do stick with the original chord progression.


hollygyenes2 karma

Are y'all excited for Kettering National A Cappella Festival on November 9? :)

PTXofficial7 karma

YES -Avi

Sch13082 karma

Hey guys, big fan. I saw that you visited Florida State University and worked with some of the acapella groups on campus. How was it and will you be coming back soon? (I'm a student there)

PTXofficial8 karma

we will be in fl next year! -KO

PTXofficial6 karma

I personally did that and LOVED it! Super solid groups and maybe sometime, but no plans that I've made yet :) -Avi

321crayonsarefun2 karma

Hi! I'm a big fan--you guys were actually my favorite team on the Sing-off, so I'm super excited you are doing this AMA! My question(s) for you guys are; Who is the person with whom you would love to collaborate? and, what do you consider to be your greatest achievement as a group (besides obvious reasons like winning the Sing-Off)?

PTXofficial7 karma

So far, I think for us getting a top 20 Billboard charting for our album has been huge. We'd love to do collab with people like Tori Kelly, Jordin Sparks, Beyonce :p!!

Shiguray2 karma

Hi, Pentatonix! Thanks for doing this AMA. It's awesome that you are doing this.

How long does it take to complete a song and post it?

Describe all of your personalities in as few words as possible.


PTXofficial8 karma

It's difficult to say. Depends on how much time we have, how dedicated/focused we are on the project, etc. But when we're really inspired, it can take us a day. We arranged "I Need Your Love" for the album in about 5 hours.

XineLively2 karma

How have you approached songwriting? Do you work on it individually or altogether or is it a combination?

PTXofficial8 karma

We usually work in pairs or on our own for lyrics and melodies.


em_rose_722131 karma

Hey guys! :) I have two questions:

1- Will you ever record/make a video for Sweet Nothing? I love that song and I really hope you can put it up on YouTube.

2- Are you going to have a livestream for the release of PTX Vol. 2?? Because that would be so much fun!

I love you all!

PTXofficial6 karma

  1. Not sure yet!
  2. Also not sure yet! -KO

KatyUlcova1 karma

Hi guys. First of all, I love you all so much. My question is if you will or if you want to come to Czech Republic some day?

PTXofficial6 karma


NerdBadass1 karma

Honestly, the first video of yours I watched was your Radioactive cover with Lindsey Stirling, and it was amazing! My question is, how do you go about organizing these music videos and shooting them? Also, where was the location for that one? :D

PTXofficial7 karma

1) It takes a lot of planning. We get around, work with the videographers to find a location and a theme, and then go from there. Radioactive was at Salton? Sea in San Diego. -KO

Luthiaesc1 karma

So many questions already! Okay, got a couple of questions~ 1) Would you ever consider adding the Isle of Man to your tours in future? It costs so much to get off the island for anything; I couldn't afford to book travel to your Manchester gig, and now it's sold out :'( 2) Would you feel happy/comfortable giving singing advice to people? :D You're all so amazing!

One more: Kevin, would you ever consider doing a beatbox tutorial?

PTXofficial6 karma

1) I mean, that sounds cool to me! 2) Yeah, all I can say is focus on pitch, musicality, and play to your strengths as a singer! 3) I want to! Haven't found the time though lol -KO

EdibleFruit1 karma

Any plans on coming back to Europe after the tour that's approaching? I missed the tickets, also congratulations on your success you all seem really nice people and I appreciate your effort into all your music.

PTXofficial7 karma

ABSOLUTELY! We're planning on it next year! -KO

SheezL1 karma

Hey Pentatonix!

I'm really a big fan!

I have a big question!

I have been a major Michael Jackson fan my entire life and I would say that Mitch's voice is the only voice in the world who can make a cover of his songs. Would you consider making a MJ cover? :)

Stranger in Moscow would be sick with your talents.

Regards from Denmark!

PTXofficial4 karma

That might be cool! We'll have to think about it. -KO

sweetwattah1 karma

Huge fan of you guys and your work! What was the best venue you performed at so far?

PTXofficial6 karma

SO many awesome venues. I liked the one in Norfolk a lot though! -KO

bamface1 karma

HI, you guys are wonderful! I've been a fan since way back and have finally met some people who love you guys too!

As for a question, how tall are each of you? (I swear this is an important question for every day life...)

Also, what's your favorite song to perform? Recently, your cover of Royals has been on repeat for me. I get shivers from the harmonizing. I love it.

Thank you so much for finally doing an AMA!

PTXofficial8 karma

1) 6'1''. 2) Royals right now! -KO

Bobalu1 karma

What is each of your dream songs to cover that you already have done/might do in the future?

PTXofficial9 karma

-I hope something with Michael Jackson.

OLGA261 karma

When will the tour dates be release?

PTXofficial6 karma

Tour dates for North America will be Nov. 5th~ -KO

hucki1 karma

Any chance of any more tickets being released for your London show? (or for a meetup when you're in London)?

PTXofficial4 karma

I don't think so sorry ;( But we will be back next year that's guaranteed! -KO

isevenx1 karma

How do you guys create such great arrangements so quickly? Also, thank you so much for covering Daft Punk. I'm a big fan of them as well as you guys. This is like a marriage made in heaven.

PTXofficial6 karma

I think we learned to do it on the Sing-Off. You had to have an arrangement in 3 days or you're behind. Also, there's only 5 of us, so we can use/scrap ideas easily. -KO

hellokitty26561 karma

Omg I've loved you guys forever! Not a question. Just wanted to tell you guys you're awesome and very talented :) <3

PTXofficial5 karma

thank uuuuu ;) -KO

InLuxAeterna1 karma

Just dropping by to say you guys are AMAZING. I saw y'all live in Vancouver this summer, and my friend and I were astounded at how good you sound allllll the time. We can't wait for PTX Vol. II!

PTXofficial6 karma

awwww thanks! -KO

thatdude65660 karma

Pentatonix! My girlfriend and I are some of your biggest fans! (And she's got kind of a major celebrity crush on Avi) How long does it usually take for you to become happy with an arrangement and then be happy with how you recorded it?

PTXofficial4 karma

It really depends. Evolution of Music, we did it for four days, and finally had the arrangement the day before we recorded. Even the day we recorded we were changing things around lol. -KO