Hi Reddit. I'm Anthony Green and I'm the singer in Circa Survive + my own solo project. I'm about to put out my 3rd solo album, Young Legs. It's the first album that I'm self-releasing on my own label, Moshtradamus. Ask me anything! For more info about the new album: http://anthonygreenmusic.com Got to wrap it up everyone. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me. For more updates and cool shit follow me on Instagram anthonygreen666 and twitter anthonygreen and come out to see me on tour. Feel lucky to have such amazing support from you all. Proof: http://imgur.com/IspFg0f

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Describe436 karma

Oh, my sweet, my questions are not worthy.

But seriously will you play Seven Years?

AnthonyGreen666368 karma


TheUnbelievableMind267 karma

Hey Anthony!

Got 2 questions.

1.) Are you ever planning on doing anything with Casey Crescenzo?

2.) Is is true that on the last tour with Coheed, you and Claudio would kick each other in the nuts to get your voices ready?

AnthonyGreen666339 karma

Hey! Yes and yes

cartmanbeck180 karma

Hi Anthony! I know this must have been asked several times, but is there any chance for more music from The Sound of Animals Fighting? I LOVED those albums!

AnthonyGreen666265 karma

It's very possible

AnthonyGreen666157 karma

I'm still nervous to play. All the time. It's a great feeling though. Like the feeling right before you kiss a girl. Doubt is a part of the game you just have to work through it and make it work for you some how. It's nature to doubt yourself when you have other people's opinions getting involved. You have to sort of ignore it or it can destroy you.

Chrisdwarz135 karma

My favorite show I've ever been to, hands down, was Halloween night 2007 at the white rabbit in San Antonio. Thank you for that special evening and thank you for reading!

AnthonyGreen666126 karma

That was an amazing night. We went crazy.

blindreaper297117 karma

Have you ever thought of working with Dallas Green?

AnthonyGreen666195 karma

Love his music and would love to sing with him

yeahlance116 karma

Hi Anthony! I just wanted to tell you that some of your lyrics from the first Saosin EP helped me get through a lot!

Would you ever do a reunion tour with the guys for that EP?

Are you coming to Columbus, Ohio any time soon?


AnthonyGreen666182 karma

Thanks a lot. I wouldn't be opposed to it.

TheFish19107 karma

Settle an argument for me please: Is Macklemore in your video for Medicine and Poison? Keep making music. It is wonderful.

AnthonyGreen666167 karma

Yes that's him

itheswan106 karma

This isn't really a question but I usually have your music or Circa playing in the background while I'm having sex... it sets the mood.

AnthonyGreen666230 karma

Me too

Makmik99 karma

Hi Anthony! I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this Ama. I am a huge fan of Circa Survive and your solo work. Juturna and On Letting Go basically made up the sound track to my high school years.

Stop the Fuckin' Car and Your Friends are Gone really hit home for me. I have spent many a night belting your songs in my car. I actually got to meet you and take a picture with you the last time you were in Tampa, Fl. You were so nice! Thank you again.

Here's my question. I just wanted to ask out of all of your songs which is the most personal to you? Or hardest to actually write down?

AnthonyGreen666139 karma

Thanks a lot. A lot of songs have had that effect in me but the circa song spirit of the stairwell was reall difficult for me Still is.

-Theis93 karma

What do you say at the end of Dear Child?

AnthonyGreen666128 karma

I say I'm sorry

rancor5885 karma

how do you get your voice to be so intense and god like?

AnthonyGreen666378 karma

I'm always yelling at god

ernestoee82 karma

I saw a video of you going off on a kid cause he kept on asking you to play seven years. Can you explain what went down? From what I heard you are a very nice guy and I know you must of had your reasons.

AnthonyGreen666270 karma

I was drunk and that kid was being an asshole for about an hour before that video was taken. The perfect storm

Chopstewie79 karma

Hey Anthony, what's something that you always find yourself writing about over and over again?

AnthonyGreen666327 karma

My wife

octowussy74 karma

Anthony, this is Justin from the Idea Men and Five Stars For Failure. This isn't a question.

AnthonyGreen66671 karma

No it isn't really? I loved your bands so much. Still do.

AnthonyGreen66667 karma

I miss your music

hairytrout68 karma

Hey Anthony, big fan. Many questions I would like to ask but here's a non music related one, we just got a gray male kitten what's a good name for him?

See you soon...

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brandxnewx1366 karma

How big is your dick? My friend wants to know. He's straight.

AnthonyGreen666344 karma

My dicks not that bug but I know how to fuck.

Enderdan66 karma

What's your favorite Circa album to have been a part of?

AnthonyGreen666356 karma

The next one

ohdizzy61 karma

Anthony, please name my daughter. She's due in January and you're her mothers favorite musician.

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lehaunter59 karma

I hope you see this. In 2009 I struggled with depression and I listened to Avalon every day. It introduced me to how music can heal you and save you from yourself. Your music saved me. I still listen to your songs every single day. I just wanted to let you know that your music is a gift to the soul.

Thanks - Katherine (Dallas, Texas)

AnthonyGreen66670 karma

Glad to share in the healing power of music with you Katherine

MarsupialKnight58 karma

What was it like to work with Chino Moreno? Is there anything else you guys might work on in the future?

AnthonyGreen666172 karma

Love him, he is amazing. Would love to work with him on anything. I'd build a house with him

ashWednesday55 karma

Dude. Handshakes at Sunrise was a beautiful track. Just lovely.

AnthonyGreen666100 karma

First circa song me and Colin ever wrote !

emuhlee9546 karma

What's your favorite T.V. show??

AnthonyGreen666265 karma

Breaking bad

Lingra45 karma

What is your most embarrassing moment? Thanks for doing what you do. You've touched a lot of lives.

AnthonyGreen666325 karma

I pooped myself onstage a few times. I was sick and it just exploded. I don't think anyone noticed but I was very upset to say the least

sawddit42 karma

If for some unseen reason you were playing your last show, what song would you close with?

AnthonyGreen666242 karma

Meet me in montuak

emuhlee9540 karma

Are there any bands or any certain type of music that had an influence on your newest album coming out?

AnthonyGreen666149 karma

Frank Sinatra

pennypotato39 karma

Hey Anthony, thanks for doing an AMA! Circa Survive has been my favorite band since I was 16 when Juturna came out. Thanks for making such amazing music and being such a big part of my life! So anyways since this is an AMA, what is your favorite song to perform?

AnthonyGreen666108 karma

Thanks a lot!! People ask this all the time and its so hard to answer. It's changes constantly. Get out is always fun. They are all pretty awesome for me to play. Sorry if that sucks but that's the truth.

girlboobs36 karma

Hi! I have a few things.

  1. Your kids are absolutely adorable. Probably some of the cutest kids I've ever seen. How do you balance your family and touring? I've always wondered how families stick together like yours seems to do when you're always traveling.

  2. A few years ago you did a "secret" show in Avalon on the boardwalk, and someone took your picture, and you were tagged in it, and you made it your profile picture. Anyway, I took that picture, and just wanted you to know how much I was bragging about that to everyone I spoke to.

  3. I noticed you didn't say anything about Saosin in your description. Are you not fond of attaching that band to your identity?

AnthonyGreen66675 karma

Hey hey 1 thanks. My family comes out as much as possible 2 that rules 3 I just don't sing for them at the moment so I didn't put it up there

stiffler145634 karma

Hey anthony! I'm about to see This Town Needs Guns tomorrow and I was wondering if you knew them? Math rock at it's finest! I have a band of my own and I'm sure many other people would like to know what you think it takes to succeed to be a great band? Thank you! :D

AnthonyGreen66641 karma

They are awesome

fujiiiiiiiiii34 karma

Day to day, what inspires you?

AnthonyGreen666156 karma

The world around us is so bizarre and beautiful and chaotic. This is another question that always gets asked, what's inspiring, fuck what isn't inspiring ?

xFoof32 karma

Tits or Ass

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Wozzki31 karma

Hey Anthony, long time fan. Can't wait for Young Legs!

One quick question. There is an old cover, floating around the internet, Circa Survive played of Modest Mouse's "Interstate 8". Is Modest Mouse an influence of your's or did you guys just play the cover for fun?

For those of you who haven't heard, here is the cover! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g1ELBzZIu8

AnthonyGreen66655 karma

We did that right before violent waves came out. Love that song and I know a bunch of the other guys love modest too

tinfoulforrest66630 karma

What is your greatest fear in life?
I love your music and you deserve mad props!! Thank you for making my life so much better than it could have been.

AnthonyGreen666104 karma

Being alone

EarlESquirt28 karma

Hey Anthony!
I'm a big fan!! I could listen to you read the phone book. Weird question, but... what do you dream about?

AnthonyGreen666107 karma

My dreams are really strange. I keep a log of them sometimes. I dream a lot about sex

humangous_bryz28 karma

I was just wondering how awesome is Will Yip?

AnthonyGreen66643 karma

You can't even imagine

Soul4Soul27 karma

Does it bother you or make you feel good when people ask you how to play a song that you've arranged?

AnthonyGreen66651 karma

Makes me feel awesome

wafflemonger26 karma


AnthonyGreen66667 karma

It's all over our record I think

xmontygx25 karma

I keep hearing this crazy fucking story about you and a giant bag of beans from literally several people, all from different stops, at warped tour 2007.

jesus christ, man

AnthonyGreen66653 karma


WhyHelloSean25 karma

Hey Anthony! Is there any particular song that you love to cover live? Keep up the great work, man.

AnthonyGreen666146 karma

Love playing the deftones diamond eyes. And good old wars coney island

jmh930123 karma

Hey Anthony! I really like Circa Survive, my cousin has the On Letting Go album cover tattooed on his side, and my girlfriend thinks your kids are adorable.

I'm a singer and I was just curious, what was the hardest part about getting to where you are now in music?

AnthonyGreen66652 karma

I guess learning how to stay true to yourself and still get your music out to the people you want to hear it. Still very much learning how to do this.

nattcakes21 karma

Hi Anthony! First I'd like to say a big thank you for doing this AMA. Circa Survive has been one of my favourite bands for the past 6 years.

My question is do you ever get tired of playing songs from Juturna and On Letting Go, or do you still get as into playing them as ever?

side note: If at some point Circa Survive would do a few tour stops in Canada, I would cry with happiness.

AnthonyGreen66645 karma

Not really. I have such an intimate relationship with the songs that its actually pretty amazing feeling to sing them every night on tour

bklein21 karma

When will you play 9:30 Club in DC?

And best cheesesteak in philly?

AnthonyGreen66650 karma

I make the best cheese stake in Philly! For tour dates check out www.anthonygreenschildren.com

subwaytunnel21 karma

I don't know anything about you. Tell me one thing about you.

AnthonyGreen666168 karma

I love music and breakfast Someday technology will combine the two and I will cum out of my butt wiener for it. Shit. I just got hacked

floydio19 karma

Who do you like better, Led Zeppelin or The Beatles?

AnthonyGreen66661 karma

Fuck that's tough. The Beatles by a hair

Soul4Soul17 karma

Are your wife and kids involved in any way with the children's album your working on? if so, how?

AnthonyGreen66648 karma

Trying to get them to sing on it

Bookshelf_16 karma

What scares you most?

AnthonyGreen66658 karma

My kids bring hurt

TheBastrd16 karma

Huge fan of SOAF, any chance we'll get to see or hear more from you guys in the future?

AnthonyGreen66622 karma

Very possible

brumbowski15 karma

Anthony, are you a Coke or Pepsi guy?

AnthonyGreen66667 karma

I fucking love a fountain coke

NatanAML15 karma

Hey Anthony, I'm a big fan from Brazil, any chance Circa Survive will be coming down here anytime soon?

AnthonyGreen66635 karma

Would love to but we have to be invited by a promoter or win the lottery to afford it, hopefully someday we will get down there.

joelw8213 karma

I also wanted to know if you did a lot of vocal training and have to use a lot of restraint with your voice or does it just come naturally?

AnthonyGreen66621 karma

I warm up a little. Mostly just sing a lot and get as much rest as possible

dylandaman13 karma

do you remember Greg Itzen from like lions??? I'm friends with his younger brother also in a band with him... i was listening to some like lions and your on some of those tunes. I wanted to ask what was your experience with all them guys?

AnthonyGreen66615 karma

Love that dude

emaginary13 karma

So I've been listening to a podcast by Yoni Wolf from Why? and he often mentions how his older stuff is somewhat embarrassing, or ... not shameful; but it's just harder to appreciate the earlier music that you've written.

Do you ever feel that way about your earlier stuff, or have you ever been like "I don't ever want to play this fucking song ever again...?"

AnthonyGreen66661 karma

No not really. I didn't want to play seven years out of spite for so long but the truth is that I love the song and I'm happy to play it acoustic at my solo shows

zacmanning11 karma

Has anyone told you how awesome you are

AnthonyGreen66651 karma

My mom hahaah

pskelly52610 karma

Hey Anthony, I have no idea how to work this website! Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do, it's interesting to see how many lives you've touched, now I see I'm not alone in feeling such magic, and gratitude toward you. Here's a question, what inspires your lyrics? Also, a lot of your songs leave me feeling haunted, is there any song in particular that you feel haunts you?

AnthonyGreen66618 karma

People in my life mostly.

Digitalsky8 karma

Hey Anthony thanks for joining us on reddit! Do you think you will ever work with rx bandits again?

AnthonyGreen6669 karma

Yeah I would love to. They are so talented and greats dudes also

mason21138 karma

What is your favorite 80s movie

AnthonyGreen66620 karma

Better off dead.

ChuchestaCal7 karma

Are you a fan of Bukowski? If so, what is your favorite book by him?

AnthonyGreen66617 karma

End of the world poems

puppysmiles6 karma

Hey Anthony! What are some future projects that you're working on or planning on?

AnthonyGreen66644 karma

I'm working in a kids album sorta of. And started working on new circa stuff that's the best shit I think they have ever done

stopthefincar5 karma

would you and circa ever consider releasing an album of b-sides and acoustic versions of songs?

AnthonyGreen66628 karma

We have been talking recently about re recording some older songs acoustic just for fun

lennyandcarl4 karma

SO proud to know you come from Philadelphia. What has this city meant to you?

AnthonyGreen6666 karma

I love this city so much. I couldn't say why it is pretty rough but I feel home here.

makeoneup564 karma

Need a bass player?! PICK ME!

AnthonyGreen6667 karma

Have you ever heard of nick beard. We need o get him on here

AfroooDudee4204 karma

Anthony I am a huge fan of all your work and you do a lot of good. :D but anyways what was it like being in audience of one way back when?

AnthonyGreen6668 karma

One of the most fun times in my life. We made the best jams

batmanofbaylor3 karma

would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

AnthonyGreen66612 karma

Fuck I guess the bug duck. But even that's going to be fucked. Fuck that's a scary thought