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UPDATE all done for today. hope to see you all real soon. thanks for all your questions!

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Skizot252 karma

You guys are my heroes! I have introduced you to many MANY people around where I live and they all love you.

  1. both: What was your favorite character to do and why?

  2. lloyd: Dis raps for hire, does peter have any involvement with those?

also, boba fett vs deadpool. seriously. best battle ever.

nicepeter159 karma

1) I liked playing Beethoven a lot. I got to be angry and dark and sullen and it felt good to let that kind of shit out.

I think my only involvement so far has been when Lloyd told me the idea for dis raps I said "that's awesome"

ShoopDaKev138 karma

Seriously, someone pay this guy. Anyone who wants Boba Fett VS Deadpool is a genius. (No sarcasm intended, I want that battle so bad) :D

liono6989 karma

Upvote for Deadpool vs Boba Fett rap battle!

ShoopDaKev30 karma

Pay him too. :)

nicepeter62 karma

okay, payments around for everyone.

raspy_wilhelm_scream251 karma

I'm constantly shouting "EAGLE!"; however, to date, one has not appeared.

What am I doing wrong?

EpicLLOYD269 karma

do you carry dead fish in your pockets? if not, try that.

nicepeter161 karma


ryancowl245 karma

I'm still hoping for Mythbusters vs. Ghostbusters, definitely a joke cash-cow.

nicepeter196 karma

It's on the table for sure.

Slanderpanic115 karma

I'd bet you could get the actual Mythbusters on-board for that one. They love fan-stuff like that.

King_scrub67 karma

get the mythbusters as the ghostbusters.

nicepeter10 karma

lol thats a funny idea.

ghostmayhem218 karma

How the hell did you guys get Snoop Lion?

nicepeter329 karma

We met him and he liked our videos. I think.

vaider123155 karma

Nicepeter: how did it feel to be Putin for those few, glorious minutes?

Also, have you guys ever had an actual rap battle in real life? and finally, Leno vs Letterman, dammit!

nicepeter235 karma

being Putin was fun. shaving my chest was not.

Frodijr124 karma

First all, I absolutely love ERB! The Doctor Who vs. Doc Brown rap was dope!

  1. Has anyone featured in a rap battle responded to you?

  2. What is your own personal favorite verse?

nicepeter178 karma

1) the producer of Napoleon Dynamite sent me a really nice email, thanking us from using his character in the series. I was blown away. I also got an email from the makers of Angry Birds thanking us for using it on Stephen Hawking's chair. 2) I would not could not on a boat. and Lloyd's first verse in the one that comes out Monday. It's got a vicious flow.

xangerella123 karma

What possessed you to do ghenis khan vs the Easter Bunny?? It is so unrelated lol

nicepeter172 karma

I thought it was funny. and it was easter.

AnorOmnis117 karma

Does Lloyd always do the short, evil, dictator characters?

EpicLLOYD198 karma


nicepeter116 karma

Clint Eastwood!

evryviadis116 karma

Nicepeter: Will you consider doing a Special Philosophy Rap Battles of History? Perhaps Socrates Versus Bertrand Russell? Or Descartes VS Chomsky or something similar

nicepeter346 karma

We are strongly looking at Socrates vs Confucius.

Oilerman14116 karma

Did you guys really use fruity loops to make that beat?

HappyLittleBoy72 karma

Fruity Loops user here. Also want to know

nicepeter170 karma

Yes. We didn't use Fruity Loops because we don't make our own beats from scratch. The producer on Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates was Tristan from Hamsquad (also did Vader hitler 1 and Obama Romney) and we confirmed with him that he used Fruity Loops to make it.

AnorOmnis104 karma

You guys should use George Watsky again. He's been great both times.

nicepeter93 karma

yeah, Watsky is an incredible talent, he just keeps getting better with his music. hope to work with him again soon.

GhostOfPluto80 karma

Are there any personalities that are "off limits" for battles?

EpicLLOYD104 karma

with time no. sometimes stuff happens and it's just too much of a raw nerve to hit right away (i can't think of any examples right now) but i think everything is fair game after a while.

TheVidNerd71 karma

Steve Irwin?

nicepeter222 karma

Yeah Steve Irwin is pretty off limits for me. that dude holds a special place in my heart.

GhostOfPluto27 karma

George Zimmerman?

liono69115 karma

George Zimmerman vs OJ Simpson would be baller

DangerousPuhson116 karma

Casey Anthony vs Terri Schiavo would be the most politically incorrect thing ever.

nicepeter70 karma


karlcool1279 karma

Will Freddie Mercury return?

nicepeter112 karma

I don't know. I think he's said his piece. but maybe.

ToAzT79 karma

What rap battle would you do over if you had the chance?

nicepeter113 karma

I would love to do better editing work on Hulk Hogan vs Kim Jong Il.

ysnmue9579 karma

Did you have any copyright issues?

nicepeter101 karma

never have so far.

stephaniecaseys74 karma

Hey Peter (and Lloyd)!

First, I wanted to tell you that I met you two years ago in Champaign-Urbana, IL at Digitour 2011. You gave me this ( which is still my favorite autograph I've ever gotten to this day. When I met you I had never heard of you, street music with Kassem, or Epic Rap Battles of History. But you left a lasting impression because you were SO nice when I met you, that I went home and subscribed to everything that you do. You're an amazing musician, and I hope you come around here again. Not The Prettiest is probably my favorite of your songs.

Anyway, my question is- can you elaborate on what happened with you and Digitour? I attended in Chicago in 2012 in hopes of meeting you again (even got VIP to make it happen) and you left the tour like two shows before mine. I know you've explained it a bit before, but it's been awhile.

Love you! Keep being awesome.

nicepeter56 karma

I'm sorry that happened. it was just a mess from the start and I was a bit of a mess personally at the time and it all went badly. it makes me very happy to know you're still interested in the music and seeing another show, and I will try to make it out that way as soon as I can.

ChaosReaper68 karma

Many people loved Stephen Hawking's entry into Epic Rap Battles. Any chance of seeing him again?

nicepeter77 karma

I think he'll always be around in some way or another. Having him rap again could be really fun, I wish we could just make an album sometimes, the song creation part is my favorite. Making the video adds a level of time and editing and planning that makes it hard to do as many songs as we would like.

Miss2748 karma

Since you said video production gives you less time for doing as many songs as you'd like, would you guys ever release a few new extra rap battle audios over breaks? :) It'd be really neat & not all EPIC songs need videos.

nicepeter94 karma

that's smart. I hadn't really thought of it until doing this ama. I don't mean to get all lofty but this is my favorite part of making youtube videos. the ideas that come out of talking with a large group of people about different options and ways to do it. there are ideas out there that we can't think of ourselves, or maybe just wouldn't have the confidence to do if people weren't cheering us on. I might tear up into my coffee. shit.

JonSnuhhh65 karma

From a financial standpoint, how much does it cost to run your operations?

nicepeter125 karma

a lot.

The_Commissioner59 karma

I'd love to see a Scottish character get some love. Any chance?

nicepeter117 karma

William Wallace is always on the list, just waiting for the right matchup

AnorOmnis58 karma

Does this pay well, or do you guys have jobs besides this?

nicepeter111 karma

it pays well enough now for sure. we're lucky to get a lot of views, youtube revenue is pretty modest, and it gets split up a lot of ways before it gets to us, but we definitely get by. it's a very good thing we do, because we wouldn't have time to work other jobs. it's a 7 days a week gig when we're really cranking.

ShoopDaKev52 karma

Have you ever checked out the Epic Rap Battles of History wiki? We've been awaiting your arrival. :) Plus, do you have a favorite rap battle?

nicepeter79 karma

the ERB wiki is my favorite battle.

Adelina37rus50 karma

Hello from Russia! We love you, guys. Come to Moscow :3

nicepeter84 karma

I'll be there sometime in the next couple years. gotta visit my ancestor's homeland, yo.

Drehmini48 karma

How much did you guys enjoy getting hit by Kassem?

EpicLLOYD76 karma

i didn't get hit but i very enjoyed watching peter get hit. sorry buddy.

nicepeter106 karma

Kassem is my spiritual advisor. it was like getting slapped by the ghost of christmas present.

NickAmato45 karma

What's the weirdest suggestion you ever got for a Rap Battle?

nicepeter153 karma

we get a lot a lot a lot of PewDiePie vs Tobuscus, and I love those dudes, I just don't understand it as an epic rap battle of history, never have. I would so much rather see Tobuscus come in as Socrates or Thomas Jefferson or some shit.

Sevenvolts52 karma

I am glad that you made that clear in the last ERB news. Same goes for Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin. It was posted on every video, which is a bit much.

nicepeter48 karma

yes, a bit much indeed.

mafiajoe61940 karma

what would you do for Klondike bar

nicepeter42 karma

nothing. I don't like those much. I'd maybe trade a blowpop.

s46037 karma

I noticed that Epic Lloyd usually plays the bad guy and Nice Peter usually plays the good guy, but then I watched Christopher Columbus vs. Captain Kirk again, and it seemed to be the other way around.

Was that a purposeful choice, or did it just happen to work out that way?

nicepeter78 karma

Just happened to work that way. Lloyd plays a better handsome man, I have a knack for the sickly.

AnorOmnis32 karma

Have you guys ever been randomly recognized in the street by passing fans? What's it like? Does it feel gratifying?

nicepeter62 karma

Yes. When it first started happening it freaked me out. I wasn't ready to be recognized, I got famous faster than I was prepared for, and I didn't feel that good about myself inside, so when I saw people in real life and they said "Hi, you're awesome" I just felt like "oh... no I'm not, I just pretend to be awesome on youtube"
I slowly got more used to where I'm at in life right now, and got more comfortable with who I am and what I'm doing, and now I love meeting people who like our work and want to say hello. It is gratifying nowadays, yes.

Icedrive31 karma

Hi guys, I've heard your next battle will "sponsored" by Assassin's Creed as they let you use their ship. Does this mean that in the future more of these arrangements may happen, for instance McDonald's giving you access to resources if you feature Ronald McDonald as a character?

nicepeter105 karma

The announcement of Assassin's creed letting us use their pirate ship graphics was given by Adam Smith, a historical dude known for his theories on free markets and demand driven economies. That was our way of trying to be both clever and honest, they are giving us money to help promote their video game. We said yes because we think their video game is awesome, and pirates are awesome, and money is pretty awesome too. I don't think McDonald's is awesome, I think they make shitty unhealthy food. If I wrote a rap about Ronald McDonald I want to would tear his creepy clown ass so wide open I don't think McDonald's would be too happy to work with us. I know it's a popular suggestion, and I used to eat McDonald's when I was younger, so I get it, and I hear you. But it goes way too much against what I believe in, so I don't want to get involved with them.

AnorOmnis30 karma

@ Peter : What kind of coffee do you make?

nicepeter36 karma

I have a nespresso machine. it rocks my world.

Erog0030 karma

Who does the intros? Peter or Lloyd?

nicepeter115 karma

the announcer.

cassus_fett27 karma

No question, just want to say that I love your raps and think that your beats and flow are highly underrated.

oh and Mitt Romney vs Barrack Obama was probably the best one you have done!!

(Lincoln won btw)

nicepeter27 karma

thank you. the romney obama beat was produced by Tristan. He also made Vader vs Hitler 1 beat, and Steve Jobs vs Bill gates beat. he's a very talented dude.

Alen122122 karma

How long does it take to make lyrics,clothes and how long do you take editing it?

nicepeter40 karma

Sulai Lopez makes the costumes and we rarely give her enough time. She works long hours on the weekends last minute because we are always adding new things. "hey Sulai, we need two swords and a giant purple anteater!"

lyrics can take days or hours, it's weird. if we do enough research and the beat is right and the mood is right it can come out in a blast. Lenin came out like that, Michael Jackson came out like that. But one of the ones coming up, we had to just sit and grind on the lyrics for days, just wiggling words into place until it worked.
Editing is the longest part, it usually takes between 6-12 long computer days, with several different people on different computers.

Wholelottajosh21 karma

Are there ever some lyrics you remove from a rap battle for fear they'll be too offensive?

nicepeter37 karma

yeah we've taken out a few things that are a bit much even for us.

ChazualFridays19 karma

What all goes into picking match-ups?

Do you try to go for more historical match-ups over pop culture ones? Do you look for unique things that the opposing characters have in common? Do you make sure that you have a good concept for how the battle will go before selecting a match-up? Etc. etc.

Also, I'm a big fan of MC Mr. Napkins, and I loved his portrayals of Einstein, Doc Brown, and Sherlock Holmes! It seems to me he is (or, at least, was) involved in the writing of the rap battles. Does he help out with every battle, and what exactly does he do? By extension, do the guest YouTubers you have in many of the rap battles participate in much of the writing and behind-the-scenes aspects, or do they mostly rap and record?

Sorry for the long post!

Cheers, -Chaz

nicepeter27 karma

long one. My basic philosophy has always been this: if the two characters bumped into eachother at a party in trans dimensional space, would they have beef?
Mc Mr Napkins aka Zack Sherwin is a superstar on the writing team. He has written some great lines in a lot of battles. He does help with every one. Basically we send him the matchup and the beat and he cranks out lyrics for both characters that we work into the song as a whole. Sometimes its complete lines, sometimes its variations of his work.
Some guests help us write, some guests rap and perform. It's different every time.

aguywithsunglasses19 karma

I want to say I truly appreciate the work that you and your entire crew put into making the rap battles! You've created something to be proud of. My question is this: is there a chance of seeing Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin this season? I've seen it suggested, and I'm quite fond of the "Masters of evolution" match-up. How do you feel about it? Thanks for doing this AMA and keeping it real with the fans!

nicepeter39 karma

hey dude, thanks. We've talked about Ask Ketchum, I like it. always hard to say which ones we like will actually make it all the way through production. I feel like great battle matchups are a little like sperm, they have a long way to swim and only one at a time can make it. that's a little weird sounding now that I see it, but whatever.

rodblt222117 karma

Hi, I'm a big fan of erp and have watched all your videos countless times. Nice Peter- Do you usually have to do more than one take when you do a picture song, or do you just come up with everything on the spot everytime?

nicepeter28 karma

many many takes for a picture song. usually two days of them at least. it has to have an improv element so we have to keep switching out pictures every time. i love those videos but they are a really weird kind of hard to make.

IdahoSciGuy16 karma

Hi guys! I want to say thank you for being totally awesome and making such cool things for all of us. My roommates and I gather round the tv to watch ERBOH on our youtube app, and its really solidified our friendships. One quick question for nicepeter. I am on a speech and debate team and our mascot is the sparkling unicorn. Could we get a shout out? So excited for season 3! Keep up the amazing work!

nicepeter28 karma

Let this be an official shout out to the Debate team of the Sparkling Unicorn. -nice peter

Burningswade13 karma

I've noticed you fellas posting about Breaking Bad a lot on the ERB facebook page. Any chance of a Breaking Bad cast member winding up on ERB? Thanks! P.S - Is it weird my friends and I through out highschool would prefer to jam the rap battles in the car over other music?

nicepeter19 karma

no it's not weird. it's awesome. Breaking Bad makes me depressed when I watch it, for some reason. I'm not planning to use ant Breaking Bad characters in ERB, but we weren't planning to work with Key and Peele either, and it happened and was awesome, so you never know.

AngelaW4213 karma

What was your least favorite costume to wear for an ERB?

nicepeter23 karma

anything with a helmet or hat leads to a very unique kind of headache.

TheCrabyCat13 karma

I tweeted today but I just wanted to say that today in IB History we were learning about Stalin and the formation of the Communist Party in Russia. I showed my teacher your ERB for the finale of Season 2 and he couldn't stop laughing! Thanks for the history help! :)

nicepeter11 karma


Miss2712 karma

Hello ERB! I’m Jessiqua, but people call me AccordionChick. It’d mean a lot to me to hear you respond to me. I just want to let you know to keep up the amazingness of the rap battles & every project that goes on your own channels. I really enjoy everything you guys release! Pete’s Queen covers & Lloyd’s Original raps are my favorite things to hear when I’m feeling down, they brighten my mood :) I was wondering if you’d consider having “Weird Al” Yankovic in a battle. I’ve suggested him on many video comments, tweets, & posts. He is my all time hero & I would love to see him rap! If I had one wish, it would to see him in battle in some shape or form. There is no doubt he has great musical significance. I would really like to see him as himself, but if not I can see him playing some pretty cool historical figures like Sir Isaac Newton hint hint I also want to suggest: - Liberace VS Sir Elton John - More historical women like Amelia Earhart, & Eleanor Roosevelt - Dr. Seuss VS Shakespeare rematch Thanks for everything you guys do!

nicepeter28 karma

we would LOVE to have Weird Al. I got to meet him last year and he seemed interested. I think Isaac Newton is a brilliant idea.

Dranzerkai12 karma

Just how far do you guys plan on taking ERB? Do you want to see it on a world tour, or are you happy where it is now?

How does ERB affect the time you put into your respective solo careers?

Are you guys personally ok with ERB leapfrogging your personal careers?

Btw, great job on ERB also, can't wait for the day you start touring internationally :)

nicepeter15 karma

I have no idea. As long as it's fun I suppose. ERB has taken over my solo career for the time being, but I'm at peace with it. As far as leapfrogging, yeah, I'm at peace with that too. It is what it is, I tried for many years to be a successful musician, so far I've found the most success when I dress up an make music as other people. I think there' something for me to learn there, and someday I'll probably learn it. I don't plan to make rap battles for the rest of my life, but I do plan to make music for the rest of my life, and I'm learning new things and introducing my name to new people every day I work on ERB, so in the big picture I think it's all good.

jaxtah11 karma

Hey guys! This is actually my first chance catching an AMA at the beginning...

EpicLLOYD: What was your favorite memory from going to UMass? (studying there currently and I love it)

Nice Peter: The first five words that pop into your head are the title to your autobiography, go. Btw, been a longtime fan since a little before The Station days, keep up the awesomeness!

But seriously I love both of your work and I remember sitting there watching the first ERB and thinking to myself "man...this is lame, it'll probably never catch on...Nice Peter should make more picture songs." and boy was I happy to be wrong.

nicepeter20 karma

:) My life as a dude.

theflyingdutchman2349 karma

What made you choose to do YouTube rather than a "normal" job?

nicepeter33 karma

my last job was delivering pot brownies for a bakery here in Los Angeles, it wasn't hard to leave.

Erog004 karma

Do you guys ever fight about rap battles? Like who's going to say what or who to even be?

EpicLLOYD8 karma

we have disagreements like anyone but we really try to be objective and never let it get personal. i come from a family of brothers and we fought a lot. i don't think Pete and I have ever actually fought about anything.

nicepeter7 karma

except this bullshit answer. how could you, lloyd? I'm done. are you still picking me up in ten minutes?

tray20122 karma

Hello Peter and Lloyd, I am a huge fan of you both, and I was wondering what was your inspiration for the ERB? Also, any tips for an aspiring video maker?

nicepeter4 karma

thanks. my biggest tip would be to aim high and don't settle. sometimes you need to do another take, and then another take, and then another take, only to throw them all out and do it again. but it's worth it. in editing, the smallest details can change everything. every frame should feel good, and if it doesn't it can be fixed, trust that little nagging voice in your head that says "something wasn't right there" and dive in and fix it until you love it.