We are running an indiegogo campaign to fund our 4th studio album! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/we-the-kings-our-4th-album

PROOF: http://twitter.com/wethekings http://twitter.com/travisrclark

Edit: Going to play our show here in Jacksonville! Will be back in 2 hours to answer more questions!

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ygrn104 karma

What do you guys miss most about ODB?

wethekings66 karma

Old dirty bastard????

SonicMooseman38 karma

I don't have any questions, I just wanted to say you guys are awesome. I hope Charles gets better soon. Fuck cancer! CTFxC FTW.

wethekings43 karma

You are also awesome! But seriously. Fuck cancer. - Danny

Charlie9134 karma

Hey guys, big fan since your debut, I've just got a couple of questions.

  1. How and why do you think your sound has evolved since your first album, from that sort of classic punk sound to more of a poppy sound?

  2. How has the addition of Charles Trippy, the prolific YouTuber changed your fanbase?

Massive fan, I'm incredibly jealous of Travis' glorious, glorious ginger mane.

wethekings26 karma

  1. Our music will probably always evolve in the same way that we as humans evolve. I write music whenever I feel inspired... Our first record I was inspired by different things than I was on our 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th albums! I love bands who don't release the same thing over and over and over again...it helps build me as a fan and become even more in love with them. We also want to keep in mind our "We The Kings" sound :) - Travis

  2. Charles has been an amazing addition to the band because he comes with an amazing following, but he is and will always added to the band because he was one of our closest friends and we love him like a brother! - Travis

taylo23431 karma

Do you guys think that CTFxC has helped your bands popularity?

wethekings41 karma

Of course it has. He has a fantastic community of viewers who embraced us and come out to the shows all the time. He would also say that the band has helped CTFxC as well. Hes an incredible person that were glad joined the band - D

Blurredpixel27 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this!


  1. Will you be at Warped Tour '14?

  2. What inspired you to write the song "Check Yes Juliet"

wethekings37 karma

We haven't decided on touring yet for Summer 2014...but it's always a fun option when you get invited to play at Warped!!!

Check Yes Juliet was a song I wrote about a girl that I dated...I used to sneak her out of the house every chance I could! - Travis

hasa-diga27 karma

Do you guys like being vlogged?

wethekings58 karma

It was weird at first when Charles joined the band but we knew vlogging was his thing. He's actually really natural with it. If he were to say something like "Wait...do that again I wasnt filming" it would feel like a chore but that never happens. He's good at what he does.

taylo2344 karma

How many things have you guy's had to cut out of the vlogs?

wethekings12 karma

Hahaha about as much as you'd imagine. We started pranking him for a while. He would be filming a clip and someone would just shout "COCAINE!" in the background. He would just laugh, stop recording and go finish his clip somewhere else. - Danny

Lucas_Fett26 karma

Hey guys, I'm just saying hi from Jamaica. Love your music. Love your hair Travis and your awesome battle scar Charles, stay strong and keep making good music.

wethekings21 karma

I went to Jamaica once! It has the most beautiful sunset! Coley

wethekings15 karma

I would love to come to Jamaica!!!!! - Travis

Lucas_Fett4 karma

By all means come :) just bring sunscreen.

wethekings13 karma

SPF 100, Trav - Danny

paige_nicholex20 karma

Travis, have you thought more on the idea of making your own vlogs ?

wethekings24 karma

I have thought about this, and I guess if there were enough people who would want to watch it, then I would start a daily vlog of some sort :) just tweet me @travisrclark and let me know who all would watch me blabber about life! - Travis

wilbefeard20 karma

What is your favorite song to play live?

wethekings21 karma

I really like playing the new songs from the new album...it's cool to see how fans react to songs they haven't heard a thousand times before! - Travis

SingingInThePain18 karma

So guys. Is that dildo still on the tour bus? And when will you be coming to the UK? CTFxC +. WTK = THE BEST

caseymcbassist8 karma

I hope Grimis is still on the bus.

wethekings20 karma

It isnt but whats weird is that we dont know where it went. Somebody put that thing in there suitcase and bounced haha - D

dstabb2318 karma

What are you guys going to do with all the extra money?

wethekings28 karma

It costs a lot to make a record and tour on it. Every cent will go towards this album and new Range Rovers (Kidding). But seriously, our initial goal was to have this campaign pay for SOME of the record, not even half, but now its looking like we are going to be able to fully fund this after the 30 days. We seriously underestimated how amazing our fans were. - D

Jump4Coins15 karma

Why did you call yourself We The Kings?

wethekings25 karma

We all grew up in the same hometown (Bradenton, FL) and went to school together. Thats actually kind of rare when it comes to touring bands so we thought we'd name name it after the same middle school we all went to (king middle school).

justhereforthefunny12 karma

Is friday really forever?

wethekings24 karma

Maybe? What day is it?

Squaringtekneek11 karma

Are you guys ever gonna tour australia again? and danny when did you start drumming? i love you guys <3

wethekings26 karma

We LOVE Australia (I was kind of all about that weird Ameristralia thing). I believe I heard talks of us heading over there sometime early 2014.

I started drumming my freshman year in high school. First with drumline then I moved over to the drum set. - D

blumoon0010 karma

Who is more oboxious before a show? after?

wethekings22 karma

Travis is probably the most obnoxious before and after the show. - Travis hahaha

Jadvia10 karma

What's the craziest thing a fan has done to you guys at one of your shows or just in general?

wethekings19 karma

A certain fan got really emotional about us leaving. We had signed everything and taken pictures but she was still unsatisfied. As our bus driver turned on the bus, she dove in the road and laid there so we couldn't move. It was pretty intense for a while but she eventually got up and waved us off. - Danny

CallMeCeri9 karma

I'm planning my next WTK tattoo, and I want maybe Hunter to write it for me... Up for it? ;)

wethekings13 karma

I would be so down for that! My hand writing is kinda crappy though

taylo2349 karma

When Charles recorded those bass tracks at Boyce Avenues studio, was that just for demos/pre production? Or are those gonna be on the actual album?

wethekings13 karma

A little mix of both. The whole album is in a bit of a preproduction phase. Some of those parts will be used while others songs have changed a bit since then.

taylo2348 karma

What is your favorite song to play live?

wethekings16 karma

It varies. (I) Danny says "Skyway Avenue" Hunter says "Any Other Way" Coley says "All Again For You" Travis says "Just Keep Breathing" and Charles says "Check Yes Juliet"

Sinio8 karma

What's the weirdest item that Coley actually signed?

wethekings23 karma

Oh man...I've signed a baby. That was interesting cause I'm not sure the baby was Into the band! Haha Coley

ohhlookitsadam7 karma

What was your first "holy shit we made it" moment?

Also have you ever toured with, or met, any other bands/celebrities and been star struck by them?

wethekings19 karma

First time hearing our songs on the radio.

And meeting Katy perry

fanofmanybands7 karma

What is your favorite tour memory?

wethekings8 karma

Going to Australia for the first time! I have always wanted to go there

Dakzi7 karma

Hey Coley, if you met John Stamos , do you think that the amazing powers of both of your side burns would implode the earth or make it better?

wethekings20 karma

If I met stamos, we would rage and take over the world! Sideburns would be mandatory fashion

monstersaurus7 karma

What is your favourite thing about each other? And more importantly, what are your favourite pizza toppings?

wethekings25 karma

Ill take this one gents.

Coley - Hes the most talented member of the band. He can play all of our instruments well and look like John Stamos at the same time.

Hunter - If we were the Ninja Turtles, he'd be Michelangelo. Party.

Travis - One of the most positive dudes ever. The glass is always full and we can play smash brothers for hours.

Charles - Thats my brother from anther mother and hes probably the hardest working person I've ever met. He does everything we do PLUS runs the most successful vlog on YouTube (Ctfxc). Hes also fighting brain cancer at the same time. He's a champion. - Danny

paige_nicholex6 karma

Any chance you guys can make my LIFE and play Rain Falls Down at the Wilmington NC show next week ?

wethekings4 karma

I know hunter would love of that happened too!


Dynamitebunny6 karma

Any tips for an aspiring musician?

wethekings10 karma

Dont stop trying. Its all about about hard work and luck. You cant do it without one of those things. Just persevere. We tried everything until one day our manager found us from a website called purevolume. The timing of us being up there while he was looking is nothing short of absolute luck. We worked our asses off before that and have been ever since.

taylo2346 karma

Any chance of a vinyl release of any other albums?

wethekings8 karma

Thats not in the cards as of now but if the vinyl of this album works then it would make sense to release more!

ohhlookitsadam6 karma

How do you guys find tour crew like Yoshi, Snake and Josiah? Were they your friends before hand or did you meet them somewhere else and they became part of your band family?

wethekings5 karma

don't forget NerdRock! and they all found us...but they're secretly our brothers from other mothers.... - Travis

exc_crash5 karma

Any chance of one day getting a live album from We The Kings?

wethekings10 karma

I hope soooo!! That would awesome!


reality-in-a-dream5 karma

Do you guys ever plan on coming to Maine? because you really should :)

wethekings9 karma

Maine is the only state I have not been to! I would love to visit.


imyourgirlfrient5 karma

What are your favorite meals?

wethekings21 karma


Kangy1235 karma

What was it like having alli on tour as the only girl

wethekings11 karma

Our other wives and girlfriends came out with us as well. It's Awesome they help keep the bus clean

Keave4 karma

When you coming back to London!?

wethekings7 karma

Hopefully soon!! We love it over there!!

taylo2344 karma

Is the new album gonna have Just Keep Breathing, Any Other Way, and Find You There on it? If so are they going to be re-recorded?

wethekings6 karma

Yep!! These songs were recorded for the new album and once we finished them we wanted to release them right away, so if anything they will be re-mastered, but most-likely just the exact same! - Travis

johnnywok4 karma

Did all 5 of you go to the same school together?

wethekings24 karma

Myself danny trav and Charles did.. Coley was our teacher


aorta34 karma


wethekings11 karma

I kicked out mayday parade's window once


Fayfi113 karma

Is it really true that touching Travis' hair will bring you good luck? Or did you just say that so you could jumpscare people? :) love you all!

wethekings2 karma

Touching my hair is absolutely good luck.....no lies there ;) - Travis

SingingInThePain3 karma

What type of guitar/bass/drums do you guys use?

wethekings3 karma




wethekings3 karma

I use gretsch hollow body guitars with Mesa and fender amps. My green gretsch is myost favorite


blongify3 karma

Any tips on getting through high school? Love you guys!! p.s. get better Charles, love you!

wethekings8 karma

Music. Music has helped me with every aspect of my life.

NickAmato3 karma

Where is the one place you would most like to play a show?

wethekings7 karma

I would love to play at red rocks amphitheater in Colorado! Playing Madison square garden would've pretty surreal as well.


vron283 karma

Will you guys be doing a hometown show at the end of the year again? :)

wethekings4 karma

Of course!!


snapyourfingers3 karma

Hello! Seriously love love love you guys.

How do you guys deal with bad reviews/press?

wethekings6 karma

Reviews are just opinions. What's most important is that we believe in what we are doing and the music we create and hopefully that continues to inspire our fans

Shortyinabox3 karma

Will you guys ever do a full tour in Canada? One or two stops is okay, but Canada is a big country.

wethekings3 karma

That would sweet! As long as it's not in the winter.. Hah and also with simple plan

Timebomb1012 karma

I have a question for the drummer ? Danny. Can we write you fan mail ??

wethekings8 karma

Of course! I can think of the address off the top of my head but its in my twitter bio @wethedan - D

Stanlydragons2 karma

What are your hobbies?

wethekings5 karma

Golfing, hanging with family and friends, and going to the beach!

AnnieYejinKim2 karma

What was the best thing that a fan has done for you?

wethekings3 karma

Supported us as best they can!!


sydstap242 karma

Hi guys! You are the reason I got into pop punk music and found other great bands like All Time Low, We are the In Crowd, Hey Monday, Yellow Card and so many others. I just want to say thank you so much for that.

My question, who are some of your favorite bands to tour with?

wethekings4 karma

Taking back Sunday, mayday parade, simple plan, and the list goes on


NotDavidStern2 karma

Please tell me you guys aren't fans of the Miami Heat, the Rays is bad enough

wethekings4 karma

I can confirm that no one in the band is a Heat fan. Also, how can you hate on the Rays? We have like 50 dollars to our name and even less fans hahaha - Danny

becrhodes2 karma

Any plans on stopping by Guam again?

wethekings3 karma

One of my favorite places I have ever been!!!

JoeCastellucci1 karma

Do you guys ever actually listen to the CDs that bands give you outside of your shows?

wethekings2 karma

Yes, I do. I used to hand out discs to my favorite bands when I was younger and always hoped they would listen so I keep up the faith!