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Fifteen years ago, I debuted in a K-Pop hip hop idol group, 1TYM, as the lead vocalist, lead rapper, and youngest member of the group. I've had a great run in the K-Pop scene for seven years, but now I'm currently back in the states! And hosting Mnet America's weekly original show, Danny From LA, where my co-host and I give you the latest insider's perspective on Asian pop culture, entertainment, music and much, much more! You can catch me on DFLA every Thursday at 7PM PST/EST on Mnet America. Full episodes are uploaded on our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/mnetamerica.

Let's do this! Ask me anything!

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Pearroc41 karma

Who's your current favorite act in Kpop?

dannyim_mnet111 karma

i know it's gonna sound like a joke but crayon pop. what can i say they put a smile on my face.

-momoyome-11 karma

That was a lame question dude!

To the person who downvoted It's okay he's my friend and It's a joke!

Pearroc14 karma


evil cackle

-momoyome-6 karma

Better check it boy or else you're gonna get a barrage of downvotes! RES will be negative!

Pearroc8 karma

dannyim_mnet22 karma

can't we all just get along!!!

xXSquareHeadXx28 karma

Hi Danny o/ Big fan of the show

What is the most significant thing that has changed in the Korean music scene since the times when you were active with 1TYM?

Edit: I got answered by someone famous

dannyim_mnet29 karma

thank you! the biggest that has changed since my time would no doubt have to be social media and how artists get their music heard now a days.

oneway_18 karma

Hi Danny! What was the weirdest/most memorable gift you've received from a fan? What about best gift?

dannyim_mnet48 karma

the most memorable and best gift was a puppy. since i lived alone it was good to have company at the house. the weirdest was someone's underwear. don't even think it was washed.

CB_Softie18 karma

Just want to say, very proud of you as a fellow American being able to make it over there and represent the USA so well.

Can you give a brief overview of your experience of moving from the USA to Korea? Is there anything you would have done differently knowing what you know now?

dannyim_mnet19 karma

well, when i first went there i was very young so everything was new to me. one thing i would have done differently is i would have learned korean before i went there. nobody understood what i was saying when i first went there so it was kind of difficult in the beginning.

sirthinh17 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, how Asian is Kevin?

dannyim_mnet75 karma


dannyim_mnet17 karma

this was fun guys, but i gotta go prep for mcountdown now. if you didn't get enough of me yet, catch me hosting the hottest weekly kpop performance show at 5pm pst/8pm est on mnet america. another shameless plug haha.

i'll try to answer more questions in the future, but feel free to hit me up on twitter @dannyim80 or mnet america's twitter @mnetamerica. bye!

StReEtWaLkeRpNoY16 karma

Did you or any 1TYM members had any close relationships with other popular 90's idol groups like H.O.T. (Tony Ahn was from LA), Sechs Kies, Baby V.O.X., Fin K.L, S.E.S.etc.?

(Hot tugotugo Hot tugotugo Hot!)

dannyim_mnet14 karma

jinhwan was very close with jang woo hyuk. baekyoung was close with many other artists and i was close with teddy.

MikBor14 karma

Your interviews are one of the best in the business. Love how you incorporate your life as a former kpop star to ask the right questions and elicit the best response. Your demeanor makes your interviewees so comfortable. It also helps that your co-host is freaking hilarious. LOVE what you do man.

dannyim_mnet9 karma

thanks for the love. still learning.

chocolatesandwiches13 karma

What do you think about YG's WIN show? Have you been keeping up and do you have a favorite group?

dannyim_mnet23 karma

i love the win show! i know most of the kids very well and wish nothing but good things for them. my favorite group in kpop would have to be seotaiji boys! well, former group i guess.

goingrogueatwork11 karma

My friends still sing 1TYM songs when we go karaoke. YEAAHHH!

dannyim_mnet14 karma

i honestly think our songs don't sound that great in karaoke. haha

kriztetaluo10 karma

Hi Danny! I just want to say you were awesome during the KCON in LA. And I love your show, Danny From LA. Anyway, here's my question... do you plan on making a comeback as a solo artist?

dannyim_mnet11 karma

thx! no plans on a solo artist comeback at the moment. when i did do it, it was a project album. but after being in a group it was also very lonely. but you never know!

hatemyfriends9 karma

What did you think about the name 1TYM when you first heard it?

dannyim_mnet22 karma

i thought it was ok. not great. now i love it though.

Leeeesa9 karma

Hi Danny~ During your career with 1TYM, how affected was your social life as a result of being part of an idol group? I.e. how often did you get free time, breaks, opportunities to just hang out or visit family. We often hear a lot about many idol groups nowadays that hardly get a week or so worth of breaks in a year due to training and whatnot so I'm curious of how it was when you were in a group.

dannyim_mnet18 karma

it was hard for us too. there was a lot of shows back in the day and while we were promoting didn't get much time off. one thing that was hard was that my family was here back in the states so didn't get to see them much. so yg was my family for many years.

nattersaur8 karma

What are the chances of a non Asian-American interning for MNET America/any other Korean broadcast company? I'm an English major with a background in Media Broadcasting/Theatre (I have worked for a KPOP music channel in SF), but I haven't had any luck contacting any Korean music company. Part of me hopes it's just because I'm lacking connections, but another part of me worries that it's because of my lack of "Asianness."

Do non-Asians have any hope of working in the KPOP field?

dannyim_mnet17 karma

we have a lot of non koreans here. just hit us up! there are tons of non asians already working in the kpop field. it's global now!

MikBor7 karma

What did you think about the hip hop rivalry in the late 90's early 2000's between YG Entertainment and Drunken Tiger and other Movement hip hop members?

Is it strange that Epik High is now a part of YG?

dannyim_mnet7 karma

i think having a rivalry helps you stay focused and on your game. so i think it was a good thing. when we first heard the news about epik high it was weird but first day they came through they were family right away.

usbcable207 karma

Kpop has made quite some strides in the past year. Though there were a few kpop artists testing out the American market before Psy, it seems like 강남스타일 really pushed kpop into America's mainstream. Or maybe it just put Psy in the American mainstream attention? Nevertheless, where do you see kpop's influence in America five years from now? Is your own five-year plan a part of all that?

dannyim_mnet18 karma

in kpop, just like korea, things change very fast. so i'm sure it will be very different at that time. my hope is it keeps getting better. i do also think they have to be careful to not over saturate the industry though and instead be a little more picky on quality. i would love to be part of the movement for the rest of my life

txjxkxp7 karma

any plans of getting back together with the 1tym crew for an album???!!!

dannyim_mnet18 karma

we never shut the door completely on the idea but that also doesn't mean it's gonna happen either. we will have to see.

fiveSeveN_6 karma

Hey Danny what are your thoughts on the disparity between mainstream kpop "hip hop" and the underground k-hiphop movement, especially with regards to lyricism and production?

dannyim_mnet11 karma

there was more before but these days i don't think there is that much difference anymore. more of the mainstream audience have excepted hip hop these days.

speakinsentences6 karma

You're about to have your last meal. You can have anything you want. What are you going to eat?

dannyim_mnet22 karma

my mom's home cooking!

limchori6 karma

As a fellow Lim/Im, I am very proud of the way you have represented us!

I grew up listening to you guys in High School; along with groups like H.O.T, Shinhwa, et al.

My question to you is who was your biggest rival during your time in the industry?

Also, what do you think of K-pop musicians coming to tour in states (i.e. Wonder Girls, G-Dragon, SNSD, PSY)?

dannyim_mnet10 karma

wow thank you! at the time we ourselves thought everyone was a rival. not that we disliked or had anything against anyone. but we were all in the biz to try and make good music. i think it's great that so many acts are coming over here. actually i'm a little jealous because we didn't get do that many shows in the states.

usbcable205 karma

Back in the old school days, the kpop artists lip-synced alot more than they do now. If an artist/group was lip-syncing, was that by their own choice or was it the broadcaster's decision? How would it feel to lip-sync in front of a live audience (which I'm sure was always chock full of fans/haters/everything in between)?

dannyim_mnet18 karma

sometimes it was by choice, other times it was by circumstance. some groups just had crazy choreography that it was hard to do at the same time i guess. you do lose some of the energy when you do lip sync tho.

Pratypus5 karma

Hi Danny, having been a part of a k-pop group, what do you think a group would need to be a hit in the US? (Besides English songs) Also, which current group or artist do you think has potential to become big in the US and/or globally?

dannyim_mnet12 karma

they would have to have something new and different. what that is, even i don't know. there are many people in the biz trying to figure that out. there are many groups that have the potential but it just matters on all the pieces fitting together at the right time.

chocolatesandwiches5 karma

What do you think about Chad Future?

dannyim_mnet28 karma

i give it up for his determination and drive.

4Nia5 karma

Hows Teddy doing? That guy seems so trapped in YG these days producing music, do you keep in touch with him(do you guys still talk and stuff even though you're both busy with separate stuff)?

dannyim_mnet6 karma

he's good. we keep in touch. he's doing what he loves and i must say he is very good at it!!!

Reddit4L4 karma

Danny do you play any video games and if you do what kind??

dannyim_mnet8 karma

not really into video games. i love sports and choose to actually play them.

cheakie183 karma

hello Danny! :) what is your favorite current song right now? or the latest song that has been on replay?

dannyim_mnet6 karma

im chang jung's song. just reminds me of the old kpop days when we were out there together.

sugarplum8923 karma

Oh! Do you still keep in contact with the other 1tym members? When and what was the last thing you said to them?

dannyim_mnet10 karma

i do still keep in contact with them. i talked to them last week and it was a conversation just about how things are and just catching up.

ArcticSpyder3 karma

What's your favorite anime show?

dannyim_mnet10 karma

sorry don't really watch anime. please suggest a good one though.

ellemae933 karma

Is there anything you miss about being an idol?

dannyim_mnet21 karma

i miss being on stage and feeling that energy.

sirthinh3 karma

LA or Seoul?

dannyim_mnet9 karma

going back and forth would be the ideal thing for me.

sugarplum8923 karma

Who was the most memorable/out-of-your-expectation guest you ever had?

dannyim_mnet30 karma

memorable would have to be tiffany giving me a birthday cake.

anjalipullarkat3 karma

Hi there! So how did you get picked to do a show with mnet america? Also, do you have any plans to go back to rapping/singing in the future?

dannyim_mnet6 karma

i knew one of the main producers from korea. he produced 2ne1 tv. so when i came back to the states we just started talking and it just happened.

madaboutmaddy3 karma

What is harder: being an idol/entertainer or being a father?

dannyim_mnet8 karma

good question! i would have to say they are both hard and great at the same time. but one stress being an entertainer is that if you mess up everyone sees it.

Procrastinator19943 karma

Hi Danny!!!! How was meeting B.A.P?!?!

dannyim_mnet8 karma

it was good. they were very nice guys also very humble.

unknown5133 karma

Hey Danny! I love your show, I think your interviews are really well done and fun to watch.

Who is the most down-to-earth K-pop celebrity you have met? Also, who in your opinion is the prettiest girl-group member?

dannyim_mnet32 karma

thank you so much! the most down to earth kpop celeb to me was tiffany from snsd. she was super nice. the prettiest girl group member to me in my opinion is dara. well , more cute than pretty.

Kevxo3 karma

Hi Danny, do you know what Master Wu is working on? Or if he will make a comeback?

dannyim_mnet4 karma

funny thing had dinner with him yesterday. he is back here at the moment. he's always working with all the artists in yg either writing or producing. he has been getting ready for a comeback just has been busy helping everyone else out. i would love to see him back as well!!!

ohmyguccigege3 karma

Hey! Hey you! You're awesome! Haha~ :D Anyway, what group would you like to see debut in the US?

dannyim_mnet11 karma

i'm sure your are awesome!! i would love to see 2ne1 or big bang debut here. sounds bias but it is the truth

Supramad243 karma

What is your opinion about the current state of Kpop? Not think there's much clonic group? I remember a few years ago with G.O.D Wheesung,FTTS,SG Wannabe, 1TYM, Se7en, Park Hyo Shin, Lena Park, Gummy, Park Hyo Shin, SSK, Kim Bum Soo,Rain, Soulstar.... now so far only seems to be idol groups.

dannyim_mnet10 karma

a lot of entertainments do seem to jump on whatever is hot at the time. but then again what they put out has a lot to do with what is in demand. so technically the power is in the public's hands.

stickymemo3 karma

Hi Danny! I've been a huge fan for a gazillion years. Do you miss anything about being in 1TYM or being a solo artist?

dannyim_mnet6 karma

i know we came out a gazillion years ago. i do miss being on stage feeling the energy from the crowd.

ThearBear3 karma

Danny, was there any incidents in yg where you did not get along with someone? How did you handle this and what is something you want to say to people who feel like they are being kicked when they are down?


dannyim_mnet11 karma

of course we bumped heads from time to time. we basically saw the same people every single day. but again it was a family and just like family you fight and make up. if anything the tough times made us closer.

sirthinh2 karma

Is DFLA still filming with live audience? How does one get lucky enough to witness this?

dannyim_mnet3 karma

we actually haven't these days but we just might sometime in the near future. so keep up with socials to stay posted.

oneway_2 karma

What do you miss most about living in Korea? Where in Korea is your favorite place to visit (besides the YG building)?

dannyim_mnet5 karma

of course the people. but also sometimes the faster pace. la is pretty slow compared to there. my favorite place is hong dae. my home for like 10 years.

beeyee20102 karma

Hi Danny, haven't seen a ton of your stuff but I've seen a few interviews with idols and thought they were quite good. Of idol groups, who are the same on and off camera, or close to the same? How about individual idols, not the group as a whole?

dannyim_mnet6 karma

to tell you the truth all were very polite and curtious. but to be more truthful it could also be because i'm a lot older. but yeah to me they were the same when the cameras were on or off.

Reddit4L2 karma

Danny my question is how did it feel to be an idol? Fan from Texas :)

dannyim_mnet6 karma

what up texas!!! honestly we were so busy that didn't really have much time to think about it. when i look back on it now seems like a different life.

Salacious-2 karma

If you could address everyone in North Korea, what would you say to them?

dannyim_mnet26 karma

1tym is one time for your mind!

-momoyome-2 karma

Thanks for filming Smarter than an Asian with me! I was the one with the album. Made my year!

Also recommend an amazing place to eat in diamond bar. I want to take my boyfriend out to eat there since he lives over there.

dannyim_mnet3 karma

thanks for coming out! was very nice meeting u!!!

NorthRemembers2 karma

Hey Danny. Do you have any ambition to do music anymore or are you content with what you're doing now? I love DFL btw!

dannyim_mnet5 karma

music will always be a very big part of my life. whether i do it for a living is another question. doing the show is something new and fun for me at the moment.(i was the quiet one for the longest time.) trying my best to put out a good show. still a lot to learn tho.

usbcable202 karma

Best Korean food...in LA or Korea?

dannyim_mnet5 karma

i would have to say korea. simply do to the fact that there is just so many more restaurants to choose from. so they also have more bad ones as well.

Sunjino2 karma

With the comment about the unwash undies

What your experiences and how do you feel about sasaeng or superfans?

dannyim_mnet15 karma

i feel if you are a true fan you respect the person you are a fan of. just like if you truly love a person you concern about their happiness and you respect them. i'm sure all the groups love there fans and hate turning them down with things but sometimes it's just not possible to satisfy every single fan's wishes. i'm if they could they would.

qqtan362 karma

Hey danny, very big fan of 1tym. I've always wondered though, how come you guys didn't place a big emphasis on chloreography like other idol groups?

dannyim_mnet8 karma

most of us weren't very good dancers that wasn't our thing. but also we wanted to have performances that were more free to do as you please.

waldening1 karma

Hi Danny! What sort of music do you expose to your son? (genres/groups)

dannyim_mnet7 karma

in the car i actually don't play that many kid songs. i play him everything that i listen to. starting him off early!

Requizen1 karma

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for putting out great content.

What are your top 3 groups to listen to? Also, what do you think of Ladies Code?

dannyim_mnet10 karma

i listen to everything. and ladies code are very pretty pretty.

Jasmino9241 karma

Hi Danny, I love the show, I think you're hilarious! Do you think there should be less pressure on idols to be role models and how do you think it affects them?

dannyim_mnet6 karma

thank you i think i'm hilarious too but not everyone feels the same. i think the artist should know the business they are getting into and whether they like it or not people are gonna look up to them. whether they care about that is up to them.

trinamaire1 karma

I love you.. Me and my kids live watching the show.. Tell GD Pinky loves him! And what's the hardest part about being a kPop star?

dannyim_mnet5 karma

ahh a fellow parent! great to hear from you. the hardest part about being a kpop star was the schedule. they don't really have unions over there so you just keep going and going and going......

mucholucho1 karma

what was the best experience at YG?

dannyim_mnet3 karma

the family atmosphere. sometimes you forget your working. but definitely wasn't easy all the time

tauiotatau1 karma

Hi Danny! I love your show~ Just wondering, will your interview with Big Bang ever air?

dannyim_mnet4 karma

technically it has aired just hasn't been posted on the internet. hopefully it does one day. but that is a question for the suits here at mnet to answer. sorry. maybe one day i'll just post it myself, once i figure out how you post videos on the internet. man i'm old!

oneway_1 karma

Congratulations on your daughter!!! What do you & your wife plan on naming her? :) also, how many kids do you guys want?

dannyim_mnet3 karma

thank you!! don't have a name yet. please if you have suggestions let me know. and i think we are done with two. but you never know. we seem to be very fertile people. haha

elliecee1 karma

Can you give a shoutout to all the fans from Tennessee? haha~

dannyim_mnet2 karma

what up tennessee!!!!!!! go titans!!!!!!!!!

dieuthao011 karma

I really love your show and I watch all the episodes when ever I get the chance to. I'm happy that you've found your solo path. I miss your voice and singing though.

Is there a chance for you to stand on stage with all the 1TYM members again? Should fans continue praying and keep their hope up for this epic day? What really happened, honestly, if you don't mind telling the public? No obligation here really.

dannyim_mnet5 karma

i said it earlier we never completely shut the door but we're also not gonna just come out to come out. things would have to align. we first stopped because jin hwan had army service. then everyone went there own paths. remember we started as teenagers so it was the first time not doing the 1tym thing as adults. so it was a natural thing

visindahouse1 karma

Hi!!! I love ygent.

What is your favorite song?

What do you think about the old and the new YG?

Do you have your favorite hoobae?

What do you think about BIG BANG?

dannyim_mnet10 karma

i love yg also! my favorite song would have to be gasoline by jinusean since it started it all. my favorite hoobae would have to be gd and taeyang is a tie. i love big bang!

inusarang1 karma

What's your favorite restaurant in LA??

dannyim_mnet3 karma

too many! feel like different things on different days. but i do love el taurino!

fangirl1011 karma

Who were the most genuine and nice idols you've got to work with?

dannyim_mnet9 karma

all were pretty nice to us back in the day. if it wasn't genuine they were genuine with being fake.

dafadork1 karma

I am currently in High School. I am actually in class , >.< (hiding my phone) did you ever do a Senior prank? Were you popular? What kind of student were you. Congrats !! heard your having a girl.

dannyim_mnet9 karma

hmm in class. you should be paying attention to the teacher but good to hear from you. i wasn't the best student and wasn't the worst. i'll just leave it at that. lol

AsnSensation1 karma

Hey Danny! Love your show.

Is Teddy still your best bro?

Any Chance we get 1TYM at a YG Family Concert in the next few years like Jinusean did 2 years ago?

Do you think the "all-in american advancement" approach people like Wondergirls, Se7en and Boa took is wrong and current groups should stick to Asia with occasional US Concerts like Bigbang's Galaxy Tour, SmTown etc.?

dannyim_mnet6 karma

well teddy is not just a friend he is a brother and family. the only reason we didn't do the yg family concert is that we didn't want to put on a mediocre show. so we decided not to do at all. i don't think there is a set formula yet for how an asian artist could break through in the us. even the us execs don't know.

jharphe1 karma

Hi Danny! Congratulations on your growing family! Without You was the first KPOP song I ever listened to. Ever fancy an impromptu performance on DFLA?

dannyim_mnet5 karma

i don't know i'm rusty as hell. plus gotta remember the lyrics again. even when we were performing that song i messed a bunch of times.

CrowningGlory1 karma

Hey Danny! Love your show!

I know before DFLA you were doing more behind-the-scenes sort of jobs and it had been awhile since you were on the stage, but were you still being recognized out on the streets? Korea/US/otherwise

Thanks for doing this :)

dannyim_mnet8 karma

not really. even in korea i was taking the subway and riding the bus at times. but then again everyone on public transportation is just looking at their phones.

inusarang1 karma

I'm listening to a lot of old (?)...I don't want to call it old...but back in the day songs lately..Recent kpop songs have their own uniqueness, but you can't deny that people can never get tired of these old songs!! Anyway..my favorite season!! autumn seems to have finally arrived in LA!! Any recommendation of good songs to listen to in this cool autumn weather??

dannyim_mnet7 karma

i love the old school songs. for me it brings back many memories. i think korea comes out with very good ballads in autumn. so you should watch mcountdown on mnet america and choose for yourself. see how i shamelessly plugged the show. haha

CrowningGlory1 karma

Any cool upcoming guests to the show? Or a dream guest you hope to interview one day?

dannyim_mnet6 karma

well dumbfounded is gonna be co hosting with me for awhile so that should be fun. i would love to have yg himself on the show. that would be very awkward and fun at the same time.

elliecee1 karma

Danny! I just want to tell you how much I look up to 1tym! How many times and One Love is my favorite! I'm doing my best to become a singer and one day I hope to influence the music industry like how 1tym did!

dannyim_mnet3 karma

thx for the love! work hard and be better than us!!!