Hey Reddit,

My name is Marc Eckō. I’m an artist and entrepreneur best known as the guy behind Eckō Unltd. and Complex Media.

Earlier this week, my first book came out: Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out. It’s the textbook I wish I had in college. A business book for the creative class. In it I share the lessons I learned in creating authentic personal brands from my experiences with Eckō Unltd and Complex Media. Lessons I learned from dropping out of Rutgers to sell t-shirts, partying with Puff Daddy, partnering with George Lucas, buying Barry Bond’s 756th homerun ball, making (and losing) millions, or spray painting Air Force One. Its all in there. For a little sneak peek, I’ll send the first chapter of the book to any redditor who emails [email protected].

I hope I can answer some of your questions on art, entrepreneurship, fashion, media, or whatever reddit is curious about. I’m here for a couple hours and I’m excited to get to as many questions as I can.

Lets go!

EDIT Thanks guys! This was great. I'm off now, but may circle back later to catch up on a few.

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indianapolismic104 karma

How do you feel now that the only people who wear Ecko are 35 year old wiggers?

m_ecko42 karma

they told me there would be some retards on here...


Best of luck in life!

brotherxandepuss46 karma


m_ecko6 karma

Yo. I don't project my "definitions" of ones creative intent, onto them. The point of the piece was to be intellectually honest about the fact that everyone, effectively is selling "themselves".

No doubt there are people out there "just for the check"- but truth be told, that was likely ALWAYS there MO. Dig?

noahcross34 karma

I bought some Marc Ecko glasses frames a few years ago. The temples are leather. They are cool. Nice quality finish when new. Unique. But the leather came unglued from the wire insert after a couple of months. Boo. Inferior adhesive, I'd say.

What's up with that, Marc?

m_ecko150 karma

fuccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeee.

send an email with addy to [email protected]

i will send you a new pair.

capncrunches21 karma


m_ecko17 karma

The 41 year old me, would tell the 16 year old me...to "quit being so emotional."

m_ecko7 karma

distribute the upside. distribute the risk. be less of an equity hoarder.

intsaniac18 karma

Hey man, thanks for doing this! My question is regarding the video game Getting Up. Were you at all involved in the creative process of the game? And if yes, how much? Just wanted to thank you for sponsoring it in any case, one of my favourite games ever!

m_ecko21 karma

Yes. It was my inception. I wrote it when I was on the verge of bankruptcy. Original title was "project rhapsody".

I was super hands on, from designing and directing the visuals, animation- music and all. It was a major labor of love.

Scholles0118 karma

In Brazil your brand is being used mostly by thugs / criminals nowadays.

Do you have any plans to change the brand consumers in here or isn't it something that you can't control in your opinion?


m_ecko16 karma

Ha. It's crazy how people perceive and interpret the brand. To me the brand is about MAKING SOMETHING FROM NOTHING. I think hustlers get that, from the bottom--- narrative and can relate. They are being entrepreneurial. I don't consent to illegal shit--- jus' saying.

BGPchick14 karma


m_ecko31 karma

LOL. It's me.

DeweyFat13 karma

In winter of 1995/1996 I lived on George St. in New Brunswick and bought a couple shirts off of you on Rutgers campus. One of them had a cop and said something like "Bad Cop. No Doughnut!" or something to that effect. It's been years, and everyone at N.B.H.S. rocked your shirts, but I haven't seen them anywhere. Was hoping you could maybe post a link or some pics of your first set of shirts.

Also, I remember seeing your stuff in Lakewood (I was in a group home in Toms River at the time), and your tag back then was spelled "Echo". I joined the Army in '97, and it was almost ten years before I came home. One day at the mall I came across some clothes in Macy's that looked like a rip off of your tag, except spelled Ecko. I took is as utterly disrespectful, and immediately went online to try and look you up in Jersey to tell you someone stole your shit and it was now mainstream. An hour later I was proud to learn it was still your label, and you had built it into a half-billion-dollar empire.

I was also responsible for informing my classmates at New Brunswick High School that, unfortunately, you were white.

No one believed me.

m_ecko7 karma


Nori34010 karma

What is a day in the life of Marc Ecko like?

m_ecko13 karma

I can not complain. Blessed with a beautiful family--- and a hunger for trying to figure shit out.

There is nothing that exotic about my lifestyle. I eat the same cereal everyday, and drink the same coffee... dig?

Salacious-7 karma

If you had your way, what would the plot of Star Wars Episode 7 be?

m_ecko15 karma

i want to see a Boba feature....

Alex123456789107 karma

How is it like to own such companies?

m_ecko2 karma

cool. lots of work. wins some, lose some. wouldnt change it for the world.

emanu205 karma

What would your biggest advice be to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to follow a similar path that you did?

m_ecko6 karma

jump in. and quit being so afraid of what others may say you scared turd.

your success will just be the hangover of your failures. know that...manage your expectations... and learn by doing!!!!!!!!

NotNotNotAPig4 karma

Hi Marc! Thanks for doing this AMA. I have worn only Eckō jeans every day for 7 years. Best jeans in the industry. Keep up the good work.

I was wondering what lessons could be learned from Cristal and Jay-Z flair up? Did the boycott actually affect the brand or sales?

m_ecko2 karma

I dunno'?

I think Jay did aight in the end. And cristal was probably short sighted.

Being successful (in this case Jay's Omnipotence)--is the sweetest revenge.

Proud_Denzel3 karma

What is your advice for us who want to start a clothing company in this day and age where anyone can make a t-shirt business online? What are your tips for a startup that wants to stand out in a crowded market?

m_ecko10 karma

you are what you make.

tends are mere guidelines, that inform a tempo...

but you MUST find your differentiator. It's not enough to just make "STUFF" anymore... what are you making to transact emotionally. What is your differentiator. The world doesnt need another cool t-shirt. The world needs UNIQUE perspectives...and we want to be challenged and delighted. Not dressed. There is a distinction.

thatsmyidea1 karma

what's your opinion on A-Rod and the state of baseball today?

m_ecko3 karma

baseball is the best picture of America.

I think the catharsis is not over yet, but we are getting there. To me, it was never about A-Rod or Barry, or any of these guys. They were entertainers playing to the coliseum crowd.

It was/is about Bud Selig and the hypocrisy of trying to talk out of both sides of their mouths..as a league, and owners-- who are NOT entirely intellectually HONEST with their fans or consumers. Dig?


Mr. Ecko, I would like to take this moment to say that I am a huge fan of your clothing, mainly because we share first names!

My question is, when you are designing, what is your process? Do you go somewhere special, play music from a certain artist, or something more intriguing?

m_ecko1 karma

I harvest inspiration in very quiet places. Funny, how that hasnt changed since I was 14.

jogging. working out. I hunt for eureka...and when she comes, I find that she comes at the most unassuming and least predicatble of times/places. Also, you can't pull her out with fanfare. She can't reallllly be seduced by music or dope. But when she comes, you shut up and take notes.