Bonjour reddit. We'll be taking questions today at 2PM EST before our show tonight at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. This is our NY stop on the US tour.

Our new album Bankrupt! is out.

Let's talk!


update: Thank you for your questions! We are off to soundcheck now. This was fun, let's do it again sometime. Love, Branco, Christian, Deckosse and Toto.

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dinocrayola165 karma


WeArePhoenix96 karma

thank you! I ll tell him! cm

Beekies135 karma

Mint Julep testosterone is probably the best 3 word combination ever. Where did that come from?

WeArePhoenix99 karma

I don't know but it makes perfect sense to me ™

Marykateandashley133 karma

Do you still keep in touch with the guys from Daft Punk?

WeArePhoenix378 karma

we sext each other all the time! b

WeArePhoenix252 karma

S-E-X-T sext

pinkjizz131 karma

What inspired you guys to write the song, 'If I Ever Feel Better'?

Such a good song..

WeArePhoenix131 karma

branco found the chorus in a gas station in Paris going to versailles cm

VioIentMagician37 karma

Were any of you going through tough times when the song was written? The lyrics sound slightly depressing but the actual sound is pretty upbeat.

WeArePhoenix93 karma

when we re happy, we usually write sad songs cm

coconutrecordss103 karma

What are your opinions on Julian Casablancas?

WeArePhoenix161 karma

he s maybe the best songwriter nowadays cm

CourtWilson97 karma

Do you guys listen to Tame Impala??

WeArePhoenix135 karma

We love tame impala b

oddbodkins79 karma

I am not a fan of the kind of music associated with you guys but Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was incredible. I used to teach at university, and when I watched all of the commentary videos from you and Zdar during office hours, I decided to quit and return to making music.

Thank you. Bankrupt! is also fantastic. You are the only important band right now.

WeArePhoenix112 karma

thank you so much but there are many great bands right now! unknown mortal orchestra is one of them cm

nicoleslawww71 karma

weirdest thing you've seen at a gig?

WeArePhoenix221 karma

A couple having sex in front of us at the first row for 30min. In denmark ™

CourtWilson70 karma

Deck I would die if you said hi to me

WeArePhoenix128 karma

hi Court! dda

WeArePhoenix211 karma

still alive? DDA

librarysteg64 karma

Saw you at the Aragon on Saturday, best concert ever!

For Thomas...have you ever been injured while in the audience?

WeArePhoenix95 karma

I fainted once in the crowd in Sao Paolo but that's it. ™

rookerscott64 karma

Should tomatoes be stored in a refrigerator? There is a lot of misinformation going around out there, and I was hoping Phoenix could straighten it out for me.

WeArePhoenix93 karma

the refrigerator vs tomato rumor is a urban legend - i can feel it in my bones b

JulianR51 karma

bonsoir les gars, ça va, vous mangez bien là bas?

WeArePhoenix111 karma

beaucoup de nourriture mexicaine ™

clementinette45 karma

What do you think of the last Vampire Weekend ?

WeArePhoenix120 karma

Best album about monotheism of the decade!


allisonpond43 karma

Thomas, do you still cut your hair with a knife? Or do you go somewhere to get it done?

WeArePhoenix95 karma

yes and they don't like it ™

allisonpond39 karma

They as in your hair or they as in the band/Sofia? Haha

WeArePhoenix90 karma

I meant the hair ™

FunkyPhoenixFanatic32 karma

That girl that comes to your shows on the East Coast with the Funky Squaredance sign, do you think she's weird? :D

WeArePhoenix61 karma

yes i remember you, hi! hope you're doing great! Deck

eiger8929 karma

How did you film your Take Away show in Versailles? Did you have it closed or had to film it before/after the tourists come flocking in?

WeArePhoenix45 karma

we did it at the sun rise before the castle gates were open it was beautiful to see the gardens empty cm

hannavas28 karma

I saw you guys at Music Midtown in Atlanta the other week. It was awesome. What's your favourite album you guys have made thus far?

WeArePhoenix51 karma

all of them, they are our children CM

WeArePhoenix28 karma

Thank you hannavas- Atlanta was great indeed- Our favourite would be Bankrupt! - the only album we've not tamed yet! b

johnnydaggers27 karma

What happened when all of your instruments got stolen before that one show? How did you play just a couple of hours later?

WeArePhoenix103 karma

we went to guitar center and bought everything and" tried " them at the show and gave them back after the concert! cm

niallpd26 karma

when you guys played with Air over a decade ago, was Thomas on drums?

WeArePhoenix41 karma

I started playing drums yes. ™

lovelymfey25 karma

Did you guys consumed any drugs during the united era especially thomas?

WeArePhoenix98 karma

why me especially? ™

NyashaMe23 karma

I LOVE you guys!

WeArePhoenix38 karma

Thank you! We are honored to be here. - CM

WeArePhoenix29 karma

yezzzzzz! dda

CourtWilson21 karma

Where do you guys keep your Grammys?

WeArePhoenix99 karma

my mother has my grammy she deserves it cm

Flagblues20 karma


(seriously, no one woke up or said anything to you at the end of the flight ? I like it so much how Bourgeois just become the best "berceuse" on Earth with this video)

WeArePhoenix27 karma

all the guys who are sleeping are from our crew it was 5 a.m and everyone was so tired!

kendallstevens20 karma

Who is the best dancer?

WeArePhoenix38 karma

Christian ™

silas_18 karma

do you all write collectively, or do you guys each come to the table with your own ideas? also, please tell me where branco gets his badass loafers.

lumosliz13 karma

Où êtes-vous à present ?

WeArePhoenix36 karma

dans les vestaires du Barclays center de Brooklyn. Il y a des douches communes...;) ™

WeArePhoenix14 karma

nous sommes dans les loges du barclay center a brooklyn cm

potaetosak13 karma

This is prolly a really stupid question but I don't know what else to ask. What are all of your favorite colors?

WeArePhoenix44 karma

JulianR12 karma

ça ne fait pas trop mal à vos finances de tourner à la française?

WeArePhoenix26 karma

haha c'est vrai - mais l'amour est plus fort que tout! b

JDrakkar11 karma

Do you like it when fans sing out loud at concerts? Or it depends on the song?

WeArePhoenix41 karma

we hate it when they don't! b

WeArePhoenix55 karma

have you noticed a crowd is never out of tune?

Susfour10 karma

Do you have a favorite synthesizer you use? I love the analog sounds on WAP and Bankrupt!

WeArePhoenix15 karma

memorymoog b

CourtWilson10 karma

are you guys going to make it rain tonight at Barclay's with money?

WeArePhoenix20 karma

Richard Prince is coming so it will be pouring ™

JulianR10 karma

Est_ce que vous allez faire un Olympia l'an prochain? le dernier était mythique

WeArePhoenix9 karma

Non un truc plus spé ;) ™

RobClemz10 karma

Which song on Bankrupt! took the longest to make? (The title track is the best in my opinion)

WeArePhoenix15 karma

The title track was also the hardest & longest to make b

lovelymfey10 karma

Branco t'est mon favori, je t'adore! j'aimerais savoir qui t'inspire dans la vie?

WeArePhoenix14 karma

l'amour de carine brancowitz! b

CandiceF9 karma

j'espère bien que vous vous parlez français entre vous? haha

WeArePhoenix12 karma

of course! cm

NyashaMe8 karma

Can you imagine making music as anything other than Phoenix (i.e. not together or with other people)?

WeArePhoenix20 karma

No we just couldn't - individually, we're pretty weak - together we're pretty good! b

Flagblues8 karma

I loved it when there was "C'était un rendez-vous" behind you playing at the concert for Love Like a Sunset, how did you get this brilliant idea ?

WeArePhoenix13 karma

C'est mon beau-frère Roman qui me l'avait fait découvrir. ™

Wenjaman8 karma

Your first TakeAway show on the bus was probably my favourite out of all of them. How much pre-planning went into the recording? Did you guys just pick a random bus? Were there people who didn't like having live music on there? I could swear one of the ladies in the video was giving you guys the stink eye.

WeArePhoenix15 karma

yes totally improvised. DDa

jacklefrost7 karma

whats the worst thing to happen to your equipment? (stolen,broken on stage?)

WeArePhoenix23 karma

Our storage room was robbed recently but they couldn't take the Thriller mixing desk cause it's so heavy so we're fine ™

SachN7 karma

"And along with peace, love and understanding, what the world needs now is a band we can all believe in as one. That band is Phoenix."

1) How cool is this quote?? 2) I love Phoenix! Can I get a Smile or a Hi, It would literally make my life.

WeArePhoenix45 karma


koala!!! b

egonmasama7 karma

Je vous ai vus à Musilac cet été, et écouter vos chansons me donne encore la chair de poule. Géniaux ! La première chanson que j'aie jamais écoutée de vous est Rome et ça a été un coup de coeur. De quoi est-elle inspirée ?

WeArePhoenix11 karma

merci! l artiste anglais sonic boom et la toute l Italie nous ont inspiré cette chanson cm

mashygpig7 karma

If you were In a parallel universe in which everyone is an animal, what animals would you be?

WeArePhoenix18 karma

a sponge of course - like spongebob b

rustles7 karma

Hi guys! It's been a while since Lisztomania took off, but you guys are really kicking ass now.

My question is what is the best food you've had while out on the road?

WeArePhoenix34 karma

uchi in austin texas cm

SuperMeatBoi7 karma

What's with you guys and filing copyright infringement claims with YouTube videos that legally use your songs?

WeArePhoenix17 karma

don't worry we're double agents... b

WeArePhoenix14 karma

We acknowledge that Lessig’s use in the context of the ‘Open’ video was ‘fair use’ and we support Lessig’s use of our music in his video. We will elaborate more in a near future. ™

diggmedown6 karma

Hey guys there so many remixes of your songs which is your favorite?

WeArePhoenix15 karma

there're many we love but the jay mascis one of entertainment really means something special as we've been fan of him for ever. DDA

disregardmarie6 karma

What are some of your favorite albums by the artists that have influenced you?

WeArePhoenix12 karma

mississipi john hurt serge gainsbourg steve reich david bowie and blonde on blonde by bob dylan


WeArePhoenix9 karma

here is one : Kill City _ Iggy pop and james Williamson ™

fluorescentnat5 karma

Thomas, do they still make the shirts that you always wear? Or do you have to get them custom made? I'm going to Paris this summer for the first time, any place that y'all recommend I should go to? Also, I met you guys at the Tabernacle in Atlanta in May. Y'all are so nice, and I could tell that y'all really enjoy what you do. Don't ever lose that :)

WeArePhoenix13 karma

I have a few but my favorite one is made by a woman named Anne-Marie who works at Charvet.™

leicamont5 karma

What do you think of Kanye?

WeArePhoenix21 karma

kanye is a true artist (this is rare)- always trying to create new forms-running faster than beauty- i'm scared for him though - he looks like a semi-god about to be sacrifiedé_Girard b

TheAccidentalGenius5 karma

I remember Thomas saying that you weren't really sports fans. Who won the basketball game against The Vaccines?

WeArePhoenix18 karma

Team Justin and I won ™

dinocrayola5 karma

are you guys going to have an asian tour anytime soon? :)

WeArePhoenix18 karma

yes yes crayola - korean japan singapore jakarta in january - more to come hopefully b

WeArePhoenix11 karma

yes!!!! CM

thepennycollector5 karma

huge fan here. I was so stoked for your concert at the Los Angeles sports arena on oct.4 but to my demise, you cancelled the event. why?

WeArePhoenix16 karma

just postponed, we'll be back soon! DDA

99scenes5 karma

Quel est votre festival préféré?

WeArePhoenix16 karma

il y a tant! lollapalooza a chicago rock en seine belfort musilac vieilles charrues summer sonic au japon ..... cm

grumpycat124 karma

Hi Phoenix, my favorite song is Rome, what is the significance of it? THANK YOU

WeArePhoenix9 karma

It's about breaking up with a girl while on holiday.™

mhmaidi4 karma

pourquoi est-ce que toutes vos chansons sont en anglais? est-ce que vous en avez quelques en francais?

WeArePhoenix6 karma

UGC ciné cité est une démo en français ™

AlexTDS3 karma

Votre album coup de cœur de ce moment ?

A quand des concerts en France ? (*cough Bordeaux)

Sinon je vous adores tous, ainsi que tout le travail que vous faites.

WeArePhoenix5 karma

concerts en france prevu pour novembre album coup de coeur:unknown mortal orchestra cm

wiingdiing3 karma

Thomas Hedlund is one of my favorite drummers!

How did you recruit Hedlund to play with you? Does his style affect the way that you write/compose your newer songs?

WeArePhoenix9 karma

thomas hedlund was playing with an other band called the deportees when we saw him play, we couldn t believe how stylish and good he was he is very important for our music cm

IGottaFindBubba3 karma

Why did you lipsync at the Fox Theater show in Boulder, Colorado? Does that happen more often than not?

WeArePhoenix17 karma

Because I love to lipsync ™

sianyu3 karma

Tell me a funny story.

WeArePhoenix9 karma

"My parents kept me in a closet for years. Until I was fifteen I thought I was a suit" Richard Prince ™

davie182 karma

Why did you cancel the warehouse project gig in manchester?

I just got an email to say my ticket was refunded with no explanation.

Anyway I'm a big fan and I loved you at glastonbury. I certainly didn't expect your little trick at the end! Can't wait to see you guys again, I hope you do more gigs in England soon (newcastle PLEASE!!). :)

WeArePhoenix3 karma

We will announce a show in Manchester very soon. First one was canceled because of shady promoter. sorry about that ™