Suburban Legends - Ask us about our dragons and cats, we are wizards, AMA

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angrypandarage21 karma

Your choreography is amazing. I haven't seen any other ska bands with the kinds of routines you guys have. Favorite has to be the MDA telethon you guys did. Who does the choreography for the band, and how much time do you spend practicing the routines?

SuburbanLegends17 karma

We'll come up with most of the dance moves ourselves. Everything else is just our interpretation of Micheal Jackson Videos.

SuburbanLegends10 karma

Not sure if answers are going through, but thanks for joining us on our AMA!!! This is RAD!!!

bvhj8 karma

I love you guys! I've seen you a few times here in the UK and you always put on an awesome show, I caught the show at the Parish in Huddersfield last time you played there (you picked the name I shouted for one of the team names but you completely misheard me!), awesome venue! Any plans on returning soon? I'll always make time to catch one of your shows!

Also, you guys also released a split record with Five Iron, how did that come about? And I think you've supported them or are going to? Are you guys all good friends? Do you think you could get FIF to come to the UK?

Keep it up, Day Job is an awesome album!

SuburbanLegends7 karma

Thanks bvhj! Huddersfield was awesome!!! That's the show where the town mayor showed up, great guy! Trying our best right now to line up a tour early next year, we'll post details when we get them.

The split with FIF was by chance. A good friend of ours Matt Flood with Asbestos Records put us on the split. It was quite the honor! We're all big fans of FIF!!! We're playin with them next month Oct 12th. Have no idea if they're coming out to the UK. If you wish hard enough they just might!

NeverEnoughBoobies6 karma

You guys are the most personable band we've ever seen. We've seen you a few times now (local Orange County gigs). How much do you have to change up your lyrics for the Disney shows?

(Also, shout-out to Ed -- our son still has the drumsticks! Thanks!)

Klemm-0-Tronic12 karma

not too much... just a little hear and there. we've been pretty good about it. its a little hard when we come off tour and are sooo used to saying it the way its recorded... we generally dont swear that much in our songs anyway :)

andyottito8 karma

"Don't eat my chicken fingers!"

SuburbanLegends8 karma

We love our chicken fingers!

bigjerm6 karma

what is it like under the tomorrowland terrace?

SuburbanLegends23 karma

Underneath the terrace is a top secret lair of good coffee, cable tv, and old pizza. Also there's a lot of old signatures of a lot of the groups that have played there on the's pretty cool! I think that's about all we can say.

moses13245 karma

Hey! I'm the lead singer of Ska to Catch 'Em All, the band you guys once featured on your site for covering I Want More. Just wanted to say that you guys were really hilarious and down to earth when I met some of you at House of Blues Chicago a while ago. Thanks for being awesome dudes and making sweet music. My question: Does ska finally pay or are you guys still working some side jobs?

SuburbanLegends7 karma

Thanks moses1234! We gotta get back to Chicago soon!

We're still working side jobs ;)

freelanceryork3 karma

Hey Guys! I'm a long time fan and a dirty skanker. I know you guys do gigs at Disneyland a lot, and some of my favorite songs are the Disney covers, so my question is this:

How do you decide which Disney songs to cover? Does Disney have any legal issue with it, or does it not really matter?

Side note get back to Salt Lake City ASAP.

SuburbanLegends5 karma

We did picked the songs we've been wanting to do for the last couple of years. So far we've been golden!

...and yes!!! We need to go back to SLC ASAP

richardmeyer20123 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for your upcoming show with Five Iron? Secondly, and most importantly, how much would it cost for us to get Vince to grow Aaron Barrett like sideburns?

SuburbanLegends10 karma

10! ...and if Vince had proper facial hair and not the spotty patches he calls man hair, he'd do it for like a 20 spot.

FeliciaHardyXoXo2 karma

Klemm- marry me? ♥

Klemm-0-Tronic8 karma

i would be honored! :) xoxo

SuburbanLegends12 karma

Need a band for your wedding? ;)

gazzthompson2 karma

Hey guys! I Saw you live in the UK at the UEA with bowling for soup few years ago and again fairly recently at Waterfront, Norwich with reel big fish (We actually came to see you guys).

Did you enjoy being in the UK? If so what did you enjoy most? favourite places?

SuburbanLegends4 karma

LOVE the UK! It's like a second home to us. Enjoy the people, old stuff, and kebab shops!

DevenStonow2 karma

Next time you come to the East Coast, please play Waikiki

SLaaron9 karma

That song was one of the first songs we ever wrote. It would be fun to play it again!

SuburbanLegends5 karma

Wrote that song in Aaron's kitchen

Reeonzoid2 karma

Hey guys! Seen you twice now (both supporting RBF, in Eindhoven and Utrecht, has a nice talk with you after both shows :) ) Any plans on doing a headling tour in Europe?

SuburbanLegends5 karma

Working on something for early next year. Will keep you posted ;)

Hokie_Wartooth1 karma

I've been to a few of your shows here in DC, and love seeing you guys. There's one moment I wanted to ask about. In June '12 you toured with RBF and Goldfinger, and you played with Goldfinger during their set. A few of us exchanged glances and laughed when during "Spokesman" John F. sang "What happened to integrity/I don't see it on MTV/All I see is choreography..." Now, we were pretty sure you guys aren't included in the "choreography" criticism, but was that something that ever caught your attention?

SuburbanLegends3 karma

Haha! Now it has...

reelbigfishtml1 karma

Why is your new cover album not available in Canada on iTunes? :(

SuburbanLegends5 karma

Don't worry it should be soon. We're working out the details with the Canadian government as we speak. Once it's up, we'll let everybody know! :)