My short bio: IamA 15 year old college freshman, having skipped three grades, and I am now studying Chemistry at Clemson University.

9/14/13 Edit: Thanks so much for the support and advice from everyone. I had a blast answering your questions/reading your responses. I'm going to be busy for the rest of tonight, but if you have any other questions just post them and I can answer you tomorrow. <3

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bong-water1 karma

Gone to any college parties? I'm not really interested in the academic part to be honest, I feel like the social aspects would be very interesting.

TheOneTrueRen5 karma

No, I haven't. Most of the parties here involve quite a lot of drinking, which isn't really much of a social aspect for me.

bong-water2 karma

Eh, not trying to get a 15 year old to break bad or whatever, but stay open minded when you get older.

TheOneTrueRen3 karma

Of course, I'd just not want to be involved with that right now.

Dickless4Chickless931 karma

TIGERS. You didn't want to major in farming?

TheOneTrueRen3 karma

Nah, I'd go to USC for that. :)

Firemeter1 karma

Are you dating anyone in college? Have you ever hit it off with a girl there? If yes, have you told her about yourself? How did it go?

Saw this asked, wanted it answered

TheOneTrueRen3 karma

No, I'm not dating anyone there. Yes, I have talked to girls, but I'm not looking for a relationship right now since I just came out of a disappointing break up.