My name is Abel, better known as The Weeknd. My new album KISS LAND is out this week, featuring 'Live For' with Drake. You can download it HERE I will be answering questions TODAY at 4pm EST. Let's do this. Ask Me Anything. Proof tweet:

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majintony1012 karma

Is there a chance of a collab with Frank Ocean?

TheWeekndXOXO1282 karma

Never met him. Love channel orange though!

ahshitsticks564 karma

Do you play your own music when you have sex with the ladies? Other music? No music?


TheWeekndXOXO768 karma


i___SUPPPORT__TERROR345 karma

How much of your lyrics come from your actual experiences?

TheWeekndXOXO745 karma

All of it.

Prophecy89339 karma

Hey The Weeknd! Great show on Jimmy Kimmel!

Any plans on collabing with Kavinsky again? I'm addicted to your remix of Odd Look.

Edit: The song for anyone curious.

TheWeekndXOXO395 karma

Without hesitation

AndSignHere_______324 karma

Where did "The Weeknd" come from? I've always wondered.

TheWeekndXOXO744 karma

I left home when I was about 17 dropped out of high school and convinced Lamar to do the same lol. We grabbed our mattresses from our parents threw it in our friends shitty van and left one weekend and never came back home. It was gonna be the title of HOB. I hated my name at the time though so I tried it as a stage name. It sounded cool. I took out the "e" because there was already a canadian band named the weekend (copyright issues).

AX1992313 karma

Are you even going to make stuff more like GTG/Initiation again? That half rap half sung shit? We need that.

TheWeekndXOXO442 karma

Yes of course

CaptainRosewood256 karma

Read in an interview that you were in Paris with Kanye. Can we expect something from you guys?

TheWeekndXOXO559 karma

I'm not sure but kanye is the homie!

dablazinasian221 karma

Hey Abel. Really love your music. How long did it take to make your first album, House of Balloons? Also, what are the main differences in creating music, now that you're signed and famous?

TheWeekndXOXO525 karma

House of balloons was special because I had no deadlines and nobody knew me so there were no expectations. Spent a year making it perfect. Every song had at least like 7 Different versions to them before picking the right one

delinaxo218 karma

Do you speak Ahmaric?

TheWeekndXOXO448 karma

Yes fluently. First language I learned. Had no dad and mom was working 24/7 so my grandma raised me until I was like 5. No English.

buddycashxo203 karma

Where are you at with your relationship with Jeremy Rose AKA Zodiac? He produced some of your most popular songs off Trilogy.

TheWeekndXOXO306 karma

Don't fuck with him. Especially that disgusting interview he did about me.

keed3179 karma

you really plan on signing everyone's copy of kissland @ ur shows ?!

TheWeekndXOXO423 karma

Fuck yes

msdarlyn173 karma

Are you a butt man or boobs man?

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erinyourlungsss153 karma

Hi Abel! I met you last night at the Jimmy Kimmel show for like a second while you signed my CD. I'm the girl that showed you my lip tattoo of the xo. I've been listening to you from the beginning and I love seeing how much you've progressed from then til now. Keep up the amazing work and I'll be seeing you on Monday at the Greek Theater! I'll be alone in the pit :/ haha but oh well! I'm very excited! Since I have to ask a question, my question is, could you please follow me on twitter? Haha it's the same username as this one: @erinyourlungsss Anyway, if not, just know that you're truly a really fucking talented person and that I love you so much. Xo.

TheWeekndXOXO283 karma

Haha yeah I remember you. Ima follow you now!!

waytoobublik146 karma

When did you discover this lovely voice of yours?

TheWeekndXOXO473 karma

Still discovering it!

Kedyxoxo128 karma

A collab with Miguel anytime soon ?

TheWeekndXOXO265 karma

Miguel is the homie!!! Really cool dude

IndigoAnthem69123 karma

Hey Abel When will you be touring Australia? The Australian XO fam been hungry!

TheWeekndXOXO182 karma

SOON! I can't wait

pretty_klinical107 karma

Kill Marry Fuck:

Madonna, Janet Jackson, Sara Palin

TheWeekndXOXO309 karma


starstunning107 karma

Would you work with LANA DEL REY?

TheWeekndXOXO250 karma

Yes. Lana is a good friend of mine

hurlbrrw105 karma

What is the worst thing about elevating into stardom?

TheWeekndXOXO280 karma

Not having enough time to decide on things lol

master_west102 karma

Would you ever consider doing a cover of another MJ song? You should do "Give in to Me" off the Dangerous album.

TheWeekndXOXO365 karma

Probably not. Nobody should ever cover more than one MJ song. If ever...

a-pala100 karma

Not to get all In Treatment on you, but it sounds like you’d had some lady trouble. What’s up, bro?

TheWeekndXOXO294 karma

I dunnnnno bro

gmgledders87 karma

Who inspires you to keep making music?

TheWeekndXOXO287 karma

My friends... And my mom.

kacieliz80 karma

Favorite musicians, bands?

TheWeekndXOXO163 karma

Emika right now. She's sonically out of this world

iguot338876 karma

I heard some of your earlier stuff, it sounded like more popular r&b, how did you go from that sound to the stuff you do now? Also have you talked to Beach House? Those samples make epic choruses. You're album blew me away man, it was one of those that made me forget all music before that moment. I'm serious

TheWeekndXOXO180 karma

Those were not for me. Those were demos for pop stars before the fame so I could get some work in. I was 16-17. (Ironically the darkest times of my life). I failed miserably apparently it was pop enough so I said fuck it and started my own shit. Never would have that dark r&b would pop off. But it did I guess as you can hear everywhere

Mellsdgaf76 karma

Are all of your albums going to be like a chapter of your life ? & why do you like to "spoil" your fans like why do you do all of these things for them for example calling them, signing there albums . Do you want to be different from other artists by how they are towards there fans ?

TheWeekndXOXO234 karma

Yes always a chapter! And i do it because the only reason why I'm here is because of you!

icekrunk69 karma

What is your favorite TV show Abel, do you think Hank is going to die on Breaking Bad?

TheWeekndXOXO524 karma

Waiting until the season is over so I can watch all in one day. Fuck that every week bullshit. Game Of thrones won my heart last season though

Simply_victoriaa67 karma

Do You Write Your Own Music? :)

TheWeekndXOXO160 karma

Of course but I'm always open to write with others.

Georgie_Kay64 karma

Will you ever work with Illangelo again?

TheWeekndXOXO121 karma

Yes of course

geenyus9259 karma

Hey Abel, I missed your set with Flying Lotus after Bloc got cancelled in London last year, that said do you have any plans to work/collaborate with FlyLo or Captain Murphy in the near future?

Keep up the great work.

TheWeekndXOXO93 karma

Yesssssss long over due

Jonicalister59 karma

What is your favorite song off of kissland? Right now, my fav is professional.

TheWeekndXOXO172 karma

Professional pretty and adaptation

rubberarrow58 karma

I love the lines in "Rolling Stone" when you address the common artist's dilemma of going mainstream, starting off with "I'll be different" and transitioning to "I hope I'm not different, And I hope you'll still listen".

Do you think you're at the point in your career where the music industry has changed you, and you are trying to hold on to those original fans? What is your thought on the changing of your style?

TheWeekndXOXO191 karma

If you're an original fan then you will understand every decision I make. Rolling stone is definitely the past me talking to the present me on some Christopher Lloyd shit lol. But I feel like I'm changing the industry more than its changing me. But hey, I could be wrong.

LeTrickeryRoux54 karma

Because your music is obviously very much influenced by love and relationships, do you believe that the relatable subject of sex and infatuation is the most powerful way of getting your music across to people?

TheWeekndXOXO114 karma

The latter one.

watchingyoupee53 karma

Is House of Balloons a real place? Where was it?

TheWeekndXOXO140 karma

65 spencer in parkdale

GrahamBarfield47 karma

What was the hardest thing about making Kiss Land?

TheWeekndXOXO180 karma

Getting comfortable in different studios around the world. LOVED Japan though.

ZakkH32 karma

Whats your collab with Diplo sound like? Any idea who's project it will be on?

TheWeekndXOXO82 karma

It's going to be a big record for a big album. Not mine though. And it's a collab with another singer. No more info!! Lol

anastasiatorresxo29 karma

Besides Blade Runner, Japan and Portishead - what else inspired you when writing, producing and creating KISS LAND?

TheWeekndXOXO108 karma

Scanners, naked lunch, the thing, polanski's Chinatown, enter the void, Amadeus and videodrome

carlog23429 karma

hey abel. ive been following your career from the beginning, im a huge fan!

after all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

TheWeekndXOXO91 karma

Remembered for my music

mj45231226 karma


TheWeekndXOXO68 karma

Alot of issues mixed together. But doc is my mentor. I love him to death. We'll work again of course. Carlo is one of my best friends. Also will work.

Spasticated23 karma

Did you or do you play any sports?

Yoo I know you dabbled into hockey

TheWeekndXOXO65 karma

Naw no hockey. Just ball

CBKR16 karma

Would you ever be willing to share your original versions of "Crew Love," "The Ride," or any of the other songs that you gave Drake for Take Care? I know you said in that one interview that you disliked your second verse for "Crew Love," but I'm sure the fans would love to hear it.

TheWeekndXOXO74 karma

Never that is disrespectful

stro_budden11 karma

I thought the album art you had for the original Trilogy releases were some of the best I'd seen all last year. Why for your new album did you go with a more...standard cover with you picture? Did you feel you had to get your image out there?

TheWeekndXOXO54 karma

I'm a fan of irony

Hales39 karma

Are you seriously considering working on your next album in Seattle?

TheWeekndXOXO28 karma

Yes! And New York

NayabJade9 karma

Has all this fame and support hit you yet? Do you ever wake up and just snap in reality that all of this is not a dream?

TheWeekndXOXO31 karma

Of course . But i still don't feel satisfied