The movie is Lloyd the Conqueror. It's a comedy about 3 comunity college kids who have to join a LARPing league to pass their medieval literature class.

Here's my proof:

Here's where to get the film:

Here's some articles I wrote about the making of the film:

Ask me anything about indie film making, writing, LARPing(I dont LARP but I did research), Rampart, or whatever you want :)

*edit for spilling

Thanks for all the great questions! I'll check back later, so if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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anormalmanofawesome6 karma

If there were a bunch of ducks having an awesome party with cannons and everything and there was also a pigeon parade going on at the same time and you had a camera with 1 picture left......what would you take a picture of?

LloydConquers5 karma

What season of the year is it?

anormalmanofawesome4 karma


LloydConquers3 karma

So with smoke from the canon and all the winter condensation I doubt I could get a good shot of the ducks, I'll go with the parade even though that's the obvious choice.

stejmg4 karma

Where is the movie set?

LloydConquers4 karma

It was filmed and set in Calgary, Canada. The setting doesn't matter really, it could be any town with a community college and people who are into LARPing.

Notsure323 karma

How was it working with Mike? He seems so unlike the character on TPB.

LloydConquers3 karma

He's not like Bubbles at all. It was a really enjoyable experience working with Mike. Even though the premise of the movie, and the role he played, is kind of goofy, Mike approached it very seriously. It was really great for me to have an established actor give that kind of validity to a character I created. He also knows how to have a good time, I went out with him and the other acotrs a few nights, but I always had to give in and go home before them.

Notsure322 karma

He sounds like a pro and lots of fun to hang out with. Thanks for answering my question!

LloydConquers3 karma

no problem, hope you like the movie!

bencordoza3 karma

Have you ever been LARPing?

LloydConquers2 karma

I have never LARPed myself, but I have watched some LARPing first hand. Both story and combat based.

I played Warhammer 40k when I was a kid so I guess I LARPed as a space general.

EDIT - to elaborate, I was introduced to LARPing by an old go coworker who would tell me stories about he and his buddies LARPing as vampires, I believe the game was called White Wolf or something like that.

Heroijuana2 karma

How much dope dooes Mike and Brian smoke and have you gotten stoned with them?

LloydConquers3 karma

I can honestly say that no, I never got high with them.

Edit I know its an ask anything, but if you want to know Mike Smith and Brian Posehn's opinions on getting blazed and confused check out Brian's stand up work and Mike's shows Trailer Park Boys and new show he has (the name escapes me at the moment). I think their work can speak for them better then I could.

LloydConquers1 karma

oh! Mike Smith's show was The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour

Does that help?

VsUniversalAbsurdity1 karma

Posehn doesn't smoke anymore. He had to be a real adult.

LloydConquers2 karma

True, we were doing some festivals and tours together last year, and he was long done with it. Good thing he only got funnier off it

skunker2 karma

What was your distribution deal with Freestyle like, and which festival/marketplace did you make the sale?

LloydConquers1 karma

I'll let the producer log on and answer that question, as he can do so more thoroughly, informatively, and accurately.

In the mean time you can check out this video that I found to be really helpful, and inspiring in a way

LloydConquers2 karma

Producer here. Freestyle was our US sales agent, and asked if they could move into being our Distributor for US non theatrical. Guess they liked the film quite a bit. They are handling the iTunes, and all digital and Video on Demand outlets in the US, and DVD's are forthcoming to coincide with distrib windows that were full at this time. Feel free to ask more indepth questions at [email protected] where we chat at length if you like :)

thegagefather2 karma

This is the only thing bookmarked on my smart phone. No questions.

LloydConquers4 karma

Somehow I don't believe it's the only thing bookmarked on your phone, thegagfather . . .

KristopherRocancourt2 karma

Mike Smith is so typecast, how can he possibly pull off another role other than Bubbles?

LloydConquers3 karma

Well believe it or not he does it, and with mind blowing results if you grew up watching him on the Trailer Park Boys. On set I told him I wrote his character with a cross between Adolf Hitler and Walter Peck(this man has no dick) in mind. I don't know if he used that at all, but I say it to illustrate how far the character is from Bubbles.

playdoepete2 karma

Why did you not mention Harland Williams in your title..... I feel this was a mistake

LloydConquers5 karma

It probably was a mistake, Harland was great in this film. Maybe I subconsciously left him out bc he appears as a cameo, whereas Posehn and Smith star in the film.

smapddi2 karma

Have you ever seen a ghost?

LloydConquers6 karma

I think so, once. I woke up in my apartment in San Francisco and saw this lady standing at the door. The next day I was having lunch with my roommate and asked him if he saw anything weird the night before. He said, "You mean that girl walking around in the room?"

[deleted]2 karma


LloydConquers6 karma

*Paul Thomas Anderson is my favorite writer/director. I will always have a special place in my heart for Boogie Nights. Pre Titanic James Cameron and Ridley Scott are great as well!

*Two books that I really realy enjoy but never hear anyone else talk about are: Death Rat by Mike Nelson(2nd host of MST3k) It's a fun and quick read. A couple of the characters inspired me when writing Lloyd the Conqueror. Also Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. I believe it was written about 10ish years ago but it's themes are very prevelant in today's news, especially if you're interested in bitcoin stuff at all.

  • the epiphany I'll never forget- in my mid 20s I realized I wasn't always right, especially about politics. I think realizing your own fallibility and mortality are two of the most shocking moments of ones life.

*I would tell my younger self to pay more attention in my Spanish and German foreign language classes, I really wish I was multilingual right now. I'd also tell my 16 year old self that when a girl offers to give you a ride home, squeezes your knee, and invites herself into your house when your parents aren't home probably woulnd't be mad if you tried to kiss her.

  • If you like learning about American history check out any of Winston Groom's non fiction novels.

bryceroberts2 karma

what would be your one biggest piece of advice for potential indie filmmakers?

LloydConquers4 karma

First you have to really believe in your project, because the road ahead of you is going to be very difficult (rewarding but difficult). Also, embrace criticism, don't et your ego get in the way of improving your script, shot, performance, whatever. Third, read the fine print.

phatcrits2 karma

I too find that many indie filmmakers fail because they didn't believe enough.

LloydConquers2 karma

I hope someday you team up with a user named phatlootz and you guys get into crazy adventures or open an private detective agency.

PhantomPhun2 karma

Poor Mike with his perpetual Bubbles tag line. I wish this movie enough success that he can drop it forever.

LloydConquers4 karma

I know, I hate doing it myself. In this film Mike plays the antagonist, and his performance is a total 180 from Bubbles. Mike Smith has some acting chops, for real.

SoundHound2 karma

Say no more. I'm looking forward to this now.

Best of luck!

LloydConquers2 karma


jessereid2 karma

Who was the most handsome actor in the movie, in your opinion?

LloydConquers4 karma

That's really a hard question to answer, as they were all so handsome in their own special way. For example: Jesse Reid, who you may recognize as the Newstand Kid from the film Watchmen, has these very dreamy eyes that you can just lose yourself in, whereas Evan Williams has Legends of the Fallesque locks that you can't help but want to play with. Scott Patey has a really great personality. (jk Patey's ass is out of this world).

booscolding881 karma


LloydConquers3 karma

LARP makes BDSM look like COPD

tex7921 karma

Any LARPers on here now? Share your favorite LARPing adventure!

LloydConquers2 karma

YOU first