I'm ready!!

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Vinura159 karma

Hey, in your opinion, why are Japanese drivers so under marketed in F1? Is it the language barrier or something else?

Takiinoue292 karma

Very simple! Japanese mentality doesn't work for F1 driving.

Takiinoue155 karma

Tonight I need to drink a little bit more. So I will answer your questions tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Ciao!!

EauRouge86124 karma

  • who, besides yourself, was the funniest driver in the paddack?

  • Did/do you know Michael Schumacher personally? How was he?

  • Any regrets about your F1 career?

Takiinoue420 karma

The funniest driver in the paddock? Well......All drivers are very boring. I don't know Michael personally. I believe you know more than I do. I regret whole my F1 career.

shadowkhas101 karma

Taki! You're one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter, you're hilarious.

Keep the fire extinguisher ready to go!

Takiinoue140 karma

Don't worry. Leave it to me mate!

nick9090 karma

Who would you say is the best driver on the current F1 grid?

Takiinoue323 karma

Easy to say. KIMI.

rottneu369 karma

How's the leg?

Takiinoue149 karma

My leg is still like a dog leg.


Cerveza8766 karma

Hi Taki, A few questions if you will allow,

1) Are you going to Goodwood Revival this year?

2) What is your favourite car/era/driver?

3) What do you do with your time now?

Thank You!

Takiinoue139 karma

I don't think they invite me to Good wood. But it's a dream. My favorite car is Ferrari and Kimi. My time is now very miserable indeed! But much better than 1995.


davie1859 karma

What was your favourite and least favourite track you raced at in f1? Did it hurt when you got ran over?

Takiinoue184 karma

My favorite track was Spa. Of course very painful indeed. But I got a only bruise. Hehehe

Racer155 karma

Do you play any racing sims? And if so, which ones?

Takiinoue76 karma

What is sims??

venom0253 karma

How was your first lap in a F1 Car? did you expected that kind of power/acceleration ect.?

Takiinoue191 karma

Well...I can't remember exactly. Let me think. I guess my first F1 driver was at Barcelona. The Simtek car was on their back to UK after the European GP at Jerez. They stopped and gave me around 30 laps. I couldn't use the tyre properly and carbon brake made me slow down too much. But I didn't use any fire extinguisher.

gaymanlicker6939 karma

Are you praying for a Japanese driver to get a seat next year? Someone like Kobayashi or Kimiya Sato.

Takiinoue167 karma

Of course. I really praying for that. But whatever I pray, it means nothing. Money talks a lot in F1.