I am Peter Mayhew, Chewbaccca from the Star Wars Saga, Author, and currently working on the Kickstarter project Standing In The Stars.

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Proof: http://imgur.com/xY1t6oB

and please donate to the Kickstarter project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lenswithaview/standing-in-the-stars-the-peter-mayhew-story

I look forward to your questions.


Peter Mayhew


Please dont ask about any questions about the new upcoming Star Wars movies. I am unable to talk about it at this time.

UPDATE: It was wonderful talking to all of you. Thank you for the support, and I will remain on Reddit from now on. Please also spread the word, and donate to the kickstarter, and be a #chewbacker

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williamshatner3472 karma

Peter! I'm here. Hold on, getting more people to come. Bill

PeterMayhew2818 karma

Howdy Bill... from our little farm in Texas, thank you for joining us... and thank you for mentioning our Kickstarter project on Twitter. That was very kind of you. We will do our best.

williamshatner2527 karma

Anytime, my friend. I just finished Dragon Con duties so it was luck that you timed you AMA so perfectly.

fawbuck2559 karma

Captain Kirk and Chewbacca helping each other. My nerd-heart beats proudly. Edit: Thanks for the image, Peter! You were a huge part of my childhood and it makes me so happy to share Star Wars with my kiddos.

AaronOG398 karma

I love the fact that you had the ready to go!

PeterMayhew895 karma

Actually, our producer Ryan Ziegler threw that together on the fly. He has talent...

Gank_Spank_Sploog416 karma

I'm 25 andI had just seen all the star wars movies for the first time in a marathon run last week. Just wanted to say thanks fot what you helped create.

PeterMayhew976 karma

You are welcome. Welcome aboard young padawan.

PeterBarker766 karma

Holy cow, Both of you in one place!

Can I just say that I grew up like most kids a huge fan of Star Wars, but my favorite character by far was Chewbacca (with Ben and R2 a close second/third). So I wanna first say holy crap you're the man.

Also, Back when I worked at sears (in the men's department) me and the guys used to do ridiculous things to pass the time. We decided one day that instead of paging people over the intercom, we would instead do our loudest Wookie call across the whole department. You would then hear distant response calls soon after to acknowledge the first call. It made the day so much better and definitely brightened a few days.

All in all, thanks for being awesome.

PeterMayhew528 karma

Great story. Love it.

timingandscoring2148 karma

Mr Mayhew. Did Han really shoot first ? You were there. You saw it first hand. The truth needs to come out !

PeterMayhew3448 karma

uughghhhgh uughghhhgh huuguughghg

Baseyg1922 karma

would you say wookies are closer to bears or primates?

PeterMayhew3834 karma

They're closer to your mom.

PeterMayhew1802 karma

It came from the zoo....originally, from the imagination of the sound master himself, Ben Burtt..who mixed the sounds of a bear that he met at the zoo with other organic animal sounds. Later, I was called to Skywalker Ranch to add my voice to the signature sound and become a part of the Official Voice of Chewbacca.

SleepyDustKing1253 karma

Is this like jeopardy or somethin?

PeterMayhew1437 karma

What is: Why? Did I answer the wrong question?

PenguinJuice69707 karma

Nah you may have just accidentally replied to your own post rather than the comment itself. No biggie.



I can make the best Chewbacca growl! But actually BEING THE Chewbacca is the best life achievement ever! I aspire to be as cool as you!

PeterMayhew796 karma

Coolness Recognized...and thank you...

laughingworld1348 karma

Thoughts on Ewoks?

PeterMayhew3082 karma

Great for tossing...but they were a little Chewie... ;-)

Baconface2341238 karma

Was the Chewbecca costume itchy? And what is your favorite subreddit?

PeterMayhew3082 karma

/r/starwars ... duhh... yes, but I had an under suit that stopped a lot of the itching... they dyed mine pink so that it would stand out in the laundry.... original hair came from shaving Carrie Fisher.

PeterMayhew1213 karma

Gosh, thank you for making us No. 1 on Reddit!! That is totally awesome and unexpected!! If you haven't already, please take a look at our Kickstarter project that we are currently working on and please, donate if you can and share with your friends and family. I believe this documentary will be worth your time: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lenswithaview/standing-in-the-stars-the-peter-mayhew-story/

Making Number 1 on Reddit is better than any medal I would have received.....you guys are awesome!

ranrob1967905 karma

How did you like the Krewe of Chewbaccus parade at Mardi Gras last year? Will you be back?

PeterMayhew1653 karma

Seriously?? I'm Emperor for life of my own Mardi Gras Parade. Thanks to their generosity and alcohol, I don't remember a thing, but I went and did my best to represent the Drunken Wookiee Himself!! I will always be back at every opportunity I can...

GhettoFishJelly883 karma

Out of costume, do people ever recognize you on the street?

PeterMayhew2327 karma

Yes, I am Howard Stern...

2th823 karma

Do you have a costume at your disposal at all times? Or do you have to call up the Lucas ranch. or whatever marketing firm, and request the suit for various public appearances?

I ask because I would like to think that there is a Chewie Costume sitting in your closet at all times.

PeterMayhew2121 karma

I wear it under my clothes at all time so I can pull a superman.

Another-Chance790 karma

Have you ever dressed up as chewbacca and trolled people at a sci-fi convention?

PeterMayhew1658 karma

Absolutely not, the only way to hide me would be in a wheelchair with a lampshade on my head, and at a sci fi convention, that wouldn't help either...I once snuck into a little people convention, but they found me out instantly...and Kenny Baker ratted me out...

PeterMayhew775 karma

For all of you guys, here's a picture from 1978 of me and Darth Vader himself... http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Fbxn57RNpEU/UeJly_GlP2I/AAAAAAAAU70/3LwbTgtbdyU/s320/prowseandmayhew1978.jpg

centuryfalcon745 karma

Was this picture as fun to take as it is to look at?http://i.imgur.com/lA8G14B.jpg

PeterMayhew858 karma

Truth... Carrie says its real, and I believe her.

megaman520731 karma


PeterMayhew1914 karma


ILL_Show_Myself_Out721 karma

How tall are you?

PeterMayhew1380 karma

Seven foot two...after my surgery, I should be a couple of inches taller...stay tuned...we'll see...

BroChoice712 karma

Me and my family used to lie in bed together on Sunday mornings doing terrible Chewy impressions. Just wanted to say I love you and the work you have done!

PeterMayhew834 karma

What a cherished memory...I'm impressed and good on ya..

mtthwas685 karma

Can you share your thoughts on the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special and what it was like working with a whole family of Wookies?

PeterMayhew724 karma

They had a video-cam from the Trader Dans to our tree house that actually worked.

bakokok596 karma

What are the greatest perks of being one of the most-loved Star Wars character?

PeterMayhew1048 karma

People love me.... it's awesome!! I am grateful and blessed with a big Star Wars family and a wife and kids who love me too.

esshall582 karma

Did you ever pass-out from the heat of your costume?

PeterMayhew1204 karma

Once on empire. But they were more interested in the 3PO suit on my back being dented.

junipersnickety567 karma

What is going to be showcased in the documentary?

PeterMayhew1085 karma

Knees, knees, and more knees.... it will deal with me as a giant, the good, bad and ugly of it; my part in the fan community; my impending surgery to fix my knees; and hopefully, my recovery, rehab and rejoining the Star Wars community.

The_Atrum559 karma

I'm 6' 6", which is nothing compared to your height, but I'm also very hairy so ever since school I've been called Chewbacca and I've never taken it as an insult, if anything I'm proud to be compared to Chewbacca as he is easily the best character to come out of the saga.

Anyway here's my question, what's your favourite memory from working on the Star Wars franchise?

PeterMayhew1202 karma

Possibly holding Carrie Fisher in my arms at the wrap party for Star Wars while we popped the cork on the massive champagne bottle...


entropyblues525 karma

About six years ago, when I was working for Lucasarts, I met you and your wife, at a Comic-con after party. I bummed a half dozen cigarettes, and you and your wife told us a completely crazy story. Afterwards, you made us swear never to repeat it.

I have broken promises to my wife, my mother, and to everyone else under the sun. But I have never broken my promise to Chewbacca. Just wanted you to know.

Oh and thanks for making our childhood myths as hairy as they are.

PeterMayhew516 karma

Thanks for keeping our little secret. But you gotta admit it's a great story!

yacht_boy296 karma

Oh, goddammit. The suspense is killing me. Reddit can keep a secret, too. Right, guys?

Also, I hope your surgery goes well.

PeterMayhew226 karma

thank you.

mtthwas502 karma

One of my favorite episodes of "The Muppet Show" was the one with the stars of Star Wars (Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2) What was it like working with Jim Henson and the Muppets? What was it like being asked to dance as Chewbacca during the closing number?

PeterMayhew856 karma

I proved that Chewie does indeed have two left feet but I really really loved working with Jim Henson and the Muppets. Jim and Frank Oz always gave directing instructions in their characters of Kermit and Miss Piggy. I was so enthralled with the process that at one point I thought I had missed my calling and wanted to try to be a puppeteer.

p5surf480 karma

As for me, I think that Chewbacca deserved a metal after the first death star destruction. What was that last word he spoke in Episode IV? Did it have something to do with not getting a metal?

PeterMayhew955 karma

No, actually, the last words Chewie spoke in Episode IV was to dismiss the troops and thank them for their service.

wookiee_goldberg519 karma

Did the script include meanings for each of the sounds Chewbacca made? Or at least, for the more significant lines he had?

darklordreddit342 karma

I can answer this. For A New Hope there were lines. In the Documentary that came with the original trilogy (sorry I forgot the name) there is a raw clip of the scene where Obi-wan leaves the crewin the controll room.
Chewie: That old mans crazy ! Han: You said it buddy.

PeterMayhew671 karma

Actually, I said: "The old man is mad" and I just made that up on set. Did that a lot back then. But hey, everybody knows what Chewie said....

Jswani449 karma

If Peter Mayhew answers me, my life will be complete.

PeterMayhew1023 karma

I would hate to think that you have wasted your life...so, here I am...."me" always here to help.

Tjnerd430 karma

What was the audition process like for Chewy?

PeterMayhew1533 karma

Well it wasn't short. (insert joke here)

chewbeccerz405 karma

I just wanted to put it out there I love you! My dogs name is chewie, got chewbacca tattooed on my leg and even my user name! You're the bomb!

PeterMayhew743 karma

photo or it didnt happen.

chewbeccerz593 karma

http://imgur.com/wqu6akH Theres the tattoo! He was the first of an entire Star Wars leg sleeve.

http://imgur.com/0a4SOB3 And here's my doggy! Her collar even says "Chewie is my copilot"

I'm totally fan-girling right now! Thank you!

PeterMayhew626 karma

What a wonderfully lovely tattoo. Thank you for showing, and the adorable puppy too.

imaphilote376 karma

Awesome of you to do this AMA. Besides your Kickstarter campaign and upcoming Star Wars, what else are you doing these days? Any other projects?

PeterMayhew552 karma

Getting back on my feet is top priority right now. It's what will allow everything else to move forward. Thats why I'm working on the kickstarter and getting my story out there.

philasophicalrocker324 karma

What is the biggest misconception about playing Chewie?

PeterMayhew571 karma

That you don't sweat or that you can be herd through the mask.

Slaytounge323 karma

What was auditioning for Chewbacca like? What did they have you do exactly?

PeterMayhew877 karma

Stand up.... that's literally all I did...

GoingDownInFlames319 karma

Do you have a nephew named Brendan or is the kid I work with claiming to have you as an uncle full of shit?

PeterMayhew427 karma

Are you in austin, and does he date a girl named Sheril? That's my daughter. Or if he's in dallas is he a fireman or a computer tech?

karma3000244 karma

Wait. So your nephew Brendan is dating your daughter Sheril?

PeterMayhew614 karma

No... but our daughter Sheril does have a boyfriend named Brandon, and lots of people call me Uncle Peter... I guess that didn't come out just the way I planned..

philasophicalrocker305 karma

What is the best fan mail you have received from somebody over the years?

PeterMayhew709 karma

I have it in a case on display in my Chewie Museum, it's a letter and an action figure of Chewie as a Jedi written to help a fan cope with reading Vector Prime and the death of Chewbacca...

chipper747300 karma

Any tips on doing a good chewbacca impression? I always end up sounding like a choking walrus or I have to gurgle. By the way I kind of love you.

PeterMayhew548 karma

growl from your diaphragm...

hiddenbehindamask300 karma

Hi Peter, thanks for doing this AMA..I got to see you participate in star wars weekend at Walt Disney World, which was amazing! So do you have a favorite ride at WDW?

PeterMayhew726 karma

Teacups of course.... I'm British...but, seriously... Rocking Roller Coaster... I have a Roller Coaster fetish and I admit it and don't want treatment.

SleepyDustKing275 karma

Does chewbacca chew bacon?

PeterMayhew596 karma

Yes, with green eggs and ham.

Boy11jb274 karma

First of all, thanks so much for doing this AMA! Chewie has always been one of my favorite characters ever since I was a wee babe. Questions!

1) Who was your favorite actor/actress to do scene work with during?

2) Who was your favorite actor/actress to spend time with behind the scenes?

3) Other than Chewbacca, who is your favorite character?

PeterMayhew396 karma

1) Harrison Ford but Mark and Carrie were both wonderful as well. All good folks and easy to work with. 2) Everyone (with a couple of notable exceptions) 3) Obi Wan

AgentRG241 karma

Ruh gwyaaaag, Huwaa muaa mumwa?

(I am friend, can I buy you a drink?)

PeterMayhew389 karma

Yes please, missing my drinking weekend at Dragon Con really sucks.

sandman1969214 karma

As someone who lost his leg while serving in the US Army, I was touched by your comment in this thread. Did you or someone close to you serve in the military?

PeterMayhew550 karma

We have lots of friends in the military, but some of my favorite time has been spent visiting at the Family Support Center for Wounded Warriors in San Antonio where I try to go every year if I can. The feeling you get when you make a circle with wounded vets and let them sit and ask questions and just go to a galaxy far away for a little while together, well, it's priceless. Our boys in the military deserve our deep respect and humble thanks.

uberlad214 karma

Thanks for doing this!

Question: Given your unique life experiences - both personally and professionally - what would you say your very best life advice is?

PeterMayhew480 karma

Always follow the opportunities that present themselves in your life. You never know where that road will lead you.

kire_ithal213 karma

Thanks for doing this! Wookiees are my favorite alien from the Star Wars universe. My only question would be do you ever intimidate opponents into letting you win?

PeterMayhew387 karma

Every time that I can... ALWAYS let the wookiee win...

ShmuleyBoteach201 karma

Is everything about your body in proportion to your size?

PeterMayhew381 karma


goodie2004182 karma

Did you mix much with the other unseen men of Star Wars, Anthony Daniels, David Prowse and Kenny Baker?

PeterMayhew369 karma

Dave, Kenny, Jeremy and I were the 4 musketeers who took the front lines in the early days of conventions. Great memories.

liamstarwatcher143 karma

Peter, do you think Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker will ever make up and bury the hatchet?

PeterMayhew209 karma


Craption129 karma


PeterMayhew243 karma


RuthB1957127 karma

Hi, Peter! Just wondering, do you believe in life on other planets, & what do you imagine they look like? thx!

PeterMayhew312 karma

Being one myself (an alien from another planet)space being almost infinite, there being infinite numbers of planets, what are the odds? Pretty good I think.

Zendainc92 karma

How did you feel about the death of Chewbacca on Sernpidal?

Did you like the ending for the character? or do you feel like things should have gone differently?

PeterMayhew153 karma

While Salvatore wrote a fine book, it was pointed out to me at the time, that Chewie's death would not affect any of the movie or TV projects. I don't know that it made him more popular as they expected it to, because, hey, HE's CHEWIE!! No extra popularity required..

Thedaveabides9885 karma

My 5 yo daughter says that she "loves your playing of chewbacca." My 4yr old son wants to know how "did you get with Han Solo" (how did Han and Chewie meet and become friends)

PeterMayhew191 karma

Han Solo rescued Chewie from the Imperial prison...

barrymcginty62 karma

Did Carrie Fisher have a thing for Chewie? In behind the scenes pictures there always seems to be some sexual shit going on between you two.

PeterMayhew158 karma

no comment.. see above comment about proportions..

philasophicalrocker58 karma

Hello Mr. Mayhew, I was just wondering, a few years ago I was at Pittsburgh Comic Con awaiting for you to come and sign my Chewbacca figure from around 1997. I am not trying to sound hostile, but just curious, why weren't you there?

PeterMayhew107 karma

Well, if I was supposed to be there and wasn't it was because I had filming obligations, because before I broke my ACL, that was the only reason I had ever had to cancel. But I do recall being at Pittsburgh Comic Con at some point in the past...

FailcopterWes40 karma

Is the Chewbacca costume huggable? It looks it. So on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low) how huggable is the suit?

PeterMayhew57 karma

It is the most huggable of all...cuddly too!

Wryanziegler21 karma

Biased question. What do you think of the Orion Experience "Obsessed With Chew" video we put together?


PeterMayhew36 karma

I am personally daring you to watch this little minute a couple of times and not hear it in your head... kitchy and fun!! Love it! And our daughter works there

PeterMayhew8 karma

Wugaga hu uwamma Woohiee wa-ah.

philasophicalrocker4 karma

Be honest, were there some things about Star Wars that you disliked when you were filming? ( A New Hope mostly) because I heard a rumor that none of the set was anticipating it to become a success, let alone one of the greatest films of all time!

PeterMayhew3 karma

I was really busy working and being the new boy on the set to worry about such things. I am naturally curious, so a I decided to keep my head down (insert joke here) and play nice and observe.

Jswani3 karma

Where do you get shoes? Do you get special customized pairs?

PeterMayhew9 karma

Yes, last year we did plaster casts of my feet and had custom shoes made. Don't know if they will still be good after my upcoming knee replacement surgery... Have lots of pairs of 16 and 17 EEEEEE, but truthfully, they are a little narrow...

superhotpants1 karma

hi peter,

i dont really have any questions. i just want to say thank you.

star trek was one of my favorite shows growing up.

thanks for being a special part of my life.

PeterMayhew9 karma

Mr. Bill is on the other Channel, but yes, Star Gate was one of the highlights of my life...