My short bio: My name is Sarah and I'm 28 years old, from Michigan. In July of 2012, I started giving away free pies in Ann Arbor, after getting in a facebook argument over then-candidate for Senate Elizabeth Warren's "Factory Speech." I modified her metaphor into one about pie. I told people I made a pie, but I didn't plant the wheat field or milk the cow or churn the butter or plant the apple trees, so how could I say that the pie was all MINE when I was relying on the hard word of thousands or perhaps millions of other people?

What started as a facebook rant turned into a weekly event in Ann Arbor, with free pies every Wednesday for 18 weeks. When winter came, we decided to plan a road trip. It took 3 months to pack, mount the camper on the truck, quit our jobs and tell our families, but we left Michigan on March 3rd and headed out to San Francisco.

Since then my fiance and I and our hitch-hiker friend have given away 251 pies in 31 cities across the US. We still have 2 months to go in our tour - our schedule page can be found here. And the rest of the blog is here.

EDIT Our next few stops are Newark NJ (Sept 1-4) NYC (Sept 5-12) and Newtown Conn (Sept 13/14) and we are still in need of hosts!

EDIT 2 Our purpose in doing this AMA is to bring attention to our road trip mission and hopefully get more people out to our next few events, especially in NYC. Redditors across the country have been extremely kind in hosting us and signal boosting us, and we want to bring pie to all the people who have helped us!

EDIT 3 We got a philanthropy ribbon! Thank you reddit mods!

EDIT 4 It's 4 pm and we need to pack up and head to Newark. I'll be back later tonight if there are any more questions. Thank you reddit!


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