hi reddit, Olivia Wilde here. I'm one of the stars of Drinking Buddies which is a comedy about love and craft beers, two of reddit's favorite things. I'm going to be answering questions alongside the director of the film Joe Swanberg, so ask us anything!

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Thanks SO MUCH guys for the great questions. This has been so much fun. I hope you enjoy Drinking Buddies!

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Because I've failed as a human.

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If you could go back in time and witness ANY historical event, what would you pick?

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The burning of Joan of Arc. I'd grab her and run and tell her that in the future Miley Cyrus is our saint and Joan must learn the art of twerking.

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Wilde until drink 7 and then I fall asleep and become Olivia Milde... Zzzzzz

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I would most like to have a beer with John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and ask them about their friendship, their fights, the founding of the country, etc.

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Oh sure, just leave Sam Adams out of it.

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He's welcome to join in!

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It's cool that you're not a hot girl Joe, we appreciate your contributions to this AMA all the same.

/Well the Karma will show that it's same same, but yanno.

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I've spent my entire life not being a hot girl. I'm used to it by now.

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Would you be willing to have a battle to the death with Emma Watson for the title of most obsessed over girl on Reddit?

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I would never kill Emma but maybe we should join forces and take over the universe.

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What does it take to be a world champion parallel parker?

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Hi, just curious. Whats the meaning behind your tattoo on your forearm/wrist and when did you get it? :)

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It's in honor of my late uncle Alexander Cockburn. He was a dear dear friend. The tattoo is the last phrase he wrote to me. All love, A. It reminds me to love everyone, just as he did.

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Hi Olivia! Since you were babysat by one of my favorite people, Christopher Hitchens, I was wondering if you could tell us what he was like? Or what your memories of him are?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

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He was kind and funny and brilliant and sweet.

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What are your thoughts on doing a sequel to Tron Legacy?

Also, were you present on the set when the lights went out and Daft Punk DJ’ed for a bit?

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I loved making Tron and would do it again though I'd probably have to play the mom now and the suit would have to made of sweatpants.

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Did you watch House after you decided to leave? If so, did you like how it all ended?

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It was tough to watch after I left because I missed them all so much but I also loved seeing Amber Tamblyn and the other new cast kicking ass.

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Olivia! First, as a bisexual female I have to say that your role in the OC was a huge eye opener for me and helped me come to terms with that part of my life. So thank you! Second, you and Jason Sudeikis' relationship is one that I admire and I strive to have a similar dynamic with my boyfriend.

Now that being said, how does it feel to be a woman who has portrayed an LGBT character and helped others come to terms with their sexuality?

And any relationship advice? How do you and your fiancee keep things fun?

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Nothing gives me more pride than hearing gay and bisexual men and women tell me they were helped in some way by my roles on television. That's a true honor. It is the responsibility of media to accurately reflect society.

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Olivia, given your ties to Haiti and the work you've done there, do you believe the UN was responsible for bringing cholera to Haiti?

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Absolutely yes. We made a doc about it called Baseball in the Time of Cholera. Check it out.

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Hi Ms. Wilde, thanks so much for doing this AMA! I was a huge fan of you on House, as well as many of your other movies. If you weren't an actress, what profession do you think you'd be doing?

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If not an actress I'd definitely work at Revolution Brewery in Chicago.

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First off I would like to say that my celebrity crush was stolen from me by my favorite comedic actor, so i'll let it slide.

My question to you Olivia is what takes up more room in the closet, your stuff or Jason's shoe collection?

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J has 110 pairs of Jordans. ONE HUNDRED AND TEN. So far.

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Question for JOE! (because, really, he's probably saucier than Wilde) - Why set a story like Drinking Buddies specifically around craft beer? Plenty of other alcohol settings (wineries, bars, nightclubs, AA meetings, etc.), why did you choose a brewery?

joeswanberg1310 karma

I'm a home brewer and a big craft beer drinker/supporter. A brewery looks beautiful on camera and the people who work there are passionate. I also think the people who care about what they drink also care about what they eat/read/watch/etc and I want to tell stories about those characters.

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Any reason why you chose Revolution in Chicago? Us Coloradans are all disappointed you didn't chose one of our many awesome breweries.

joeswanberg655 karma

I live in Chicago and had to support my local scene. The folks at Revolution have always been really supportive of local things and they also had a big beautiful new space that could handle the size of the crew. There is an Avery hat hanging in Jake and Anna's bedroom in the movie, so there's a little Colorado love in there!

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Wow so many questions already! Doubt you'll see this Olivia but I went to high school with your brother! Met your parents as well, very nice people. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of House and I was wondering what it's like to work with Hugh Laurie? Any interesting stories from in between takes? He seems like an extremely funny guy.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

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Hello! Hugh is the most wonderful, awesome, hilarious bad ass I've worked with. Such intense talent. I miss him!

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Huge fan. The question I have regards your role in House. With so many actors joining that season, did you specifically audition for the character of 13 or did you kind of do a blind audition and the casting directors/producers thought that you fit the mold in mind for the character of 13?

Did you know right away that you would be a regular cast member or did you and the rest of the cast have to wait to see the script before knowing your fate?

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I had no idea who i would play or for how long. It turned out to be a fantastically fun character and a wonderful ride.

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Beard or no beard?

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I feel like I look better with a 5 o'clock shadow. Sort of gives me that rugged, Clive Owen look.

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Looking forward to seeing Drinking Buddies, but my question for Olivia is going back a few years. Why the hell did NBC cancel The Black Donnellys?! That show was great and I was super pissed it was canceled.

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We had bad ratings. You may be one of five people who watched it. The other four being my immediate family... Maybe.

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Olivia, I know what House says but... Isn't it lupus?

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A question for Olivia and Joe: What's your alcoholic beverage(s) of choice?

Therealolivia1641 karma

Beer, dude. Beer.

joeswanberg835 karma

I'm a beer guy. It's not just for the movie. I have a whole fridge in my house just for beer.

DoorMarkedPirate149 karma

Favorite craft brewery (or specific brew) of the moment?

joeswanberg650 karma

3 Floyds Zombie Dust is probably my favorite. I also love Lagunitas Lil Sumpin Sumpin

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Hello! I'm sure you're tired of hearing this but you are amazingly talented and incredibly beautiful.

After all the movies, tv, magazine articles and near constant attention was there a moment you can recall thinking, "crap what have I done, my life will never be simple again"?

Also, thank you for all your work in Haiti!

Therealolivia1178 karma

Every day. Usually when someone is trying to take a pic of me scooping dog poop. Weird world!

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What superhero/villain would you want to play if you were in a comic book movie? A puppy dies for every minute this question goes unanswered.

Therealolivia955 karma

Wwwwwwwwonder Woman of course

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Where do you stand on the House/Wilson ship?

Therealolivia1300 karma

They belong together and will make beautiful babies.

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Hey Ms.Wilde, It's my birthday today and I'll be spending it at a bar alone in LA. How should someone ask you out to have a beer with them?

Therealolivia975 karma

"Hey olivia, here's a free beer."

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How has being a famous actress changed who you are? For better and for worse?

Therealolivia1123 karma

I feel very lucky. But I hate that I'm less trusting and walk with my head down. That's not my natural way.

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What was your inspiration for Free Hugs?

Therealolivia811 karma

So many friends going through breakups and losing touch with their friends and inner bad asses. The movie is a love letter to friendship. And hugs.

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Hey Olivia, I recently watched "Butter", and I thought it was an awesome film. You looked great in it too haha, but I was just wondering how hard, or easy, is was for you to play a stripper??

Therealolivia631 karma

It was fun fun fun. I read Diablo Cody's book Candy Girl and that was my bible for playing Brooke.

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Hey Olivia. You are super classy. What are your memories of early Christopher Hitchens?

Therealolivia788 karma

Laughter and grrrreat stories. Also he was always wonderfully respectful of children's dreams.

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I don't have a question, just wanted to let you know Tron was the shit.

Therealolivia501 karma

Thanks man.

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Hi Olivia, any movies you regret being in?

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Joe, I know the film was improvised almost completely, with just an outline beforehand. What's that process like? What kind of notes do you give the actors? Do you run scenes many times before you shoot to find the beats?

joeswanberg534 karma

A lot of my notes are reminding the actors that they don't have to always talk. Silence can be very exciting on screen, especially if the camera can see an actor's eyes. I never rehearse. We block it out for lighting, but I want to save the dialogue for when the camera is rolling. I sometimes use the first take and I don't want to miss something great during rehearsal.

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  1. What is your favorite beer?
  2. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
  3. You are amazing

Therealolivia903 karma

  1. Daisy Cutter
  2. Chocolate (bitch, please)
  3. Thanks man!

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What is your favorite band

Therealolivia1344 karma

That's impossible. If radio head had a baby with Tribe Called Quest I'd adopt it and follow it to every gig.

amandajreynolds304 karma

Thank you for your Glamour article on turning 30. No question here, just wanted to say as someone turning 30 this year... Thanks! :)

Therealolivia342 karma

You are very very welcome. Thanks for reading it.

InsaneFreedom266 karma

Hey Olivia you should back to Ireland again and I'll show you all the West has to offer!

Therealolivia560 karma

I miss Ireland so much! Can't wait to go back! Maybe Drinking Buddies 2 should take place in Cork.

IAmMaximus262 karma

Olivia! Cake or pie--which do you prefer?

Therealolivia549 karma

Sophie's Choice, dude. (Pie! Pie! Pie!)

herovhero228 karma

What do you think of the song "Something Like Olivia" by John Mayer?

Therealolivia316 karma

Sweet song!

murtaza64202 karma

What was your opinion on the ending of House?

Therealolivia489 karma

Go to KU games!

mangoesmangoes200 karma

Hi Olivia! What are your favorite things to do back in Kansas when you visit with Jason?

Therealolivia357 karma

KU games

Djammer187 karma

Hi there!

Just wanted to ask, could you describe your perfect Sunday?

Therealolivia535 karma

Farmers market breakfast, bike ride, swim, movie, great food, karaoke, Knicks game.

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What are your 5 favorite books? In any order.

joeswanberg435 karma

White Noise (DeLillo) Portnoy's Complaint (Roth) Fun Home (Bechdel) Post Office (Bukowski) Lolita (Nabokov)

thedarkknightcrisis85 karma

which one would you like to adapt the most?

joeswanberg209 karma

I'd probably have the most fun with Post Office. It's a great character and not one we usually see in movies.

Therealolivia251 karma

I want to star in your adaptation of Post Office!

partypantscuddy173 karma

Olivia - What has been your favorite line you've ever said in anything, ever?

Therealolivia384 karma

"I'm sweatin my balls off in here" - Drinking Buddies

kevinbarnold165 karma

I'm stoked to see this movie! Two questions: What's your favorite craft beer? And how was it working with Jake Johnson?

Therealolivia302 karma

Daisy Cutter from 3 Floyd's brewery in Indiana. And Jake is a monster. The cuddly awesome hilarious kind.

danlenzen192 karma

Daisy Cutter is a Half Acre (Chicago) beer! And it's also one of my favorites.

Therealolivia259 karma

Oh shit! Thank you!

Therealolivia196 karma

My bad! Thanks for correction!

Radioheadless164 karma

Olivia, what bands have you been listening to?

Therealolivia626 karma

The new National album is great. Also Kendrick Lamar. I'm all over the place.

stomper253158 karma

I have a question for Joe Swanberg.

Why did you choose to write Drinking Buddies with Kate as the main character? What do you think the female point-of-view adds to the movie/story?

I was so happy to see a grounded, flawed, fascinating female character as the protagonist. It doesn't happen enough. I though Olivia did a brilliant job. (Anna Kendrick was spot on, too.)

joeswanberg355 karma

I have a friend named Kate who works at Half Acre Brewery in Chicago and I was fascinated by her job as a woman in a very male dominated industry. She was on set as a consultant for Olivia and I wanted to tell the story of the pressure she faces to be "one of the guys" but also the constant attention she gets from those same guys. It's a complex thing to navigate and Olivia did an amazing job portraying it. There aren't nearly enough stories about women being told. I'm doing my best!

Macphet144 karma

What was it like working with Anna Hendrick on Drinking Buddies? She looks like a really nice person to be around, loved the film by the way

Therealolivia231 karma

She is awesome! So tough and wise and fun.

kaljaen141 karma

A lot of us get the idea of a celebrity's life being all about shooting movies, going to bars and fancy events, and being on the beach all the time. What sorts of things do you do in your free time that aren't all over the tabloids?

Therealolivia254 karma

I read, play games with friends, smother my dog with love, karaoke, eat, drink, play, eat, and dance.

Npslayer133 karma

Is it hard to act as a Doctor?

Therealolivia327 karma

Yessiree. Big words and lots of glove work.

Zosoer90 karma

why are there so many downvoted posts here?

Therealolivia413 karma

I have no idea what that means. This is a mystery to me. Am I old? Oh shit I'm old.

Hunterliv85 karma

Thanks for the AMA, how did you know you wanted to get into acting? How hard was breaking into it, and how long did it take for you to get discovered?

Therealolivia148 karma

I've always wanted to be an actress. But it almost feels like I've just gotten started. Success in this business comes from doing projects you truly care about and give everything to.

cannedpeaches50 karma

Hi Olivia! Hi Joe!

Olivia: What were Mick Jagger and Richard Holbrooke talking about? And since we asked Joe his, and I know you're a reader, what are your favourite books?

Joe: if you could tell the mumblecore movement to wise up and do one thing differently, what? Also, how does a guy who favors DeLillo get into mumblecore to begin with?

joeswanberg80 karma

I think the mumblecore movement is wising up by itself. As we get older, the stories we are telling, and the ways we are telling them, are changing. It's a natural evolution.

I started making films this way after having bad experiences in film school with people getting lost in the production and forgetting about the performances and the things that I thought mattered. I wanted to strip everything away and focus only on the actors. As I'm getting more confident as a director, I'm starting to add those other things back in (lighting, camera movement, production design, etc)

Umoloco32 karma

How can someone become as comfortable with their body as you?

Therealolivia113 karma

Accept it and love it and thank it every day for carrying your big head around. (I have a huge head).

kojane30 karma

What's your favourite movie you have done so far?

Therealolivia67 karma

Drinking Buddies for sure. No bullshit.

Hydrogenw203s23 karma

Hi Olivia:

I've had a massive crush on you since House and I'm a big fan of your work. I'll definitely be checking out Drinking Buddies.

My question : Have you given any thought to returning to TV in any capacity? I miss seeing you on my TV every week.

Therealolivia39 karma

Thanks! That's so nice. I would do TV in a heartbeat if the character was intriguing.

amytong15 karma

Hi Olivia, I am a high school senior, and I've been a massive fan of yours for years. When the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, my little 13 year old self raised money for APJ by making bracelets, and I was beyond excited to receive a video from you. Do you have any advice for the next generation of young women and what we can do to empower ourselves and women all over the world?

Therealolivia18 karma

Hello! I love the book Half the Sky when it comes to discussing women's roles in alleviating poverty. If that was required reading for both sexes we would be in better shape. My advice is get involved with small, locally run orgs and embrace micro finance and education projects. X

strings_struck11 karma

Hi Olivia! I've always been a big fan of your work. Saw Drinking Buddies last week and it was great. Thought it was very "real" and definitely not what I was expecting. Have you ever actually made any great real-life friends on set? Anna Kendrick seems like the friendliest funniest person ever and it'd be kinda hard to not want to be friends with her.

Therealolivia23 karma

I always make great friends on set and this was no exception. We all had to trust each other completely so we did become goooood buddies. Anna rules! She is so friggin funny!!

InfinityJester10 karma

Olivia, I really loved Drinking Buddies. The reason being is that it seemed like a really well directed pilot for a TV series, in the sense that all the characters had so much background and development. As well as, you and Jake had such great chemistry on-screen. Acting-wise, how did it feel not having so much dialogue to go by? And how much direction did Joe give you guys on how he wanted scenes to play out?

Therealolivia27 karma

Improvising an entire film only works if your co starts are ninjas who commit completely to the agreed upon make believe situation. I got so lucky that all the actors in Drinking Buddies were down to BELIEVE in the world we created. Yes And all day long! It was fun because we all reveled in the freedom Joe established with his directing process. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

nicklaus_asu6 karma

Hi Olivia! Thanks for this AMA.

What is your favorite type of beer?

Therealolivia10 karma

Daisy Cutter from Half Acre!

denveezy5 karma

what 3 things must you always have with you or else you'd feel uncomfortable without it?

Therealolivia8 karma

My phone (lame), my subway card, and my headphones.

SecureFreak4 karma

Do you enjoy sports? If so what kind and favorite team?

Therealolivia9 karma

Basketball. KU, Knicks, and OKC

ihatesafer4 karma

Question for Olivia;

Who's the greatest actor/actress you've worked with?

Therealolivia4 karma

Impossible. So many amazing co stars. Juaquin is pretty friggin brilliant.

Henah84 karma

Hi :) What was your favorite/most impactful part of your experience with Half the Sky?

Therealolivia9 karma

Dancing to the "vagina song" in the Umoja village of all women in Kenya.