Hey Reddit. I run a youtube music channel... MrSuicideSheep! Feel free to ask me anything :) Proof!

EDIT: Thanks for all the questions and the love. Will try answering a few more later.

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tmassofficial209 karma

I'm honored to be on your record label Sep. 2nd!! Keep up the amazing hard work.


thisissheepy111 karma

I'm honoured to release your stuff! Looking forward to the EP dropping.

Benb121183 karma

Where do you find the music you upload?

thisissheepy194 karma

Different places. Mainly soundcloud and blogs. Youtube is also a great place for discovering new music... As most of you guys probably know :P

Dragule70 karma

Your channel is actually the one where I discover music. Do you find some artists on other channels, as Fluidified etc. ?

thisissheepy52 karma

I have never heard of Fluidified but yes I have found new artists on other channels.

slktrx14 karma

Do you ever have artists send you music to sample? Or do you find it all yourself?

thisissheepy8 karma

What do you mean music to sample?

slktrx10 karma

Sorry, I meant sample as in, Do artists send you tracks to consider uploading to your channel?

archorigin22 karma

You don't want to know the number of demos he gets every day. Trust me.

GreenEggsAndHamX3 karma


thisissheepy17 karma

More like -2

Collegepreneur76 karma

Has ad revenue been enough to live off of?

thisissheepy139 karma


hotinmyigloo75 karma

Do you like Uppermost's music as much as I do?

thisissheepy92 karma

I love it even more than you do!!!

thesirdeath74 karma

why did u choose that name ?

pd: love ur music <3

thisissheepy246 karma

I got the name from the PC game Worms. I used to play it a lot as a kid. One of the weapons you could use was a sheep that blew up. I made up the name SuicideSheep and stuck with it ever since.

BeeeeNi74 karma

Do you have a job?

pd: I love the music that you put<3

thisissheepy145 karma

Youtube is my job, and I love it! Thank you for the love.

Ninjapigeon68 karma

Don't really have a question just want to say thanks for the awesome music you show us. Been a fan for like 2 years now :D

thisissheepy50 karma

Thank you for the support! I hope I can continue showing you great music.

Pixelpersonality61 karma

What is your own personal favourite song from your channel?

thisissheepy141 karma

I don't really have a favourite song. Each one is special. I have a memory attached with each single upload so they all trigger different feelings. There are so many wonderful songs in this world. It's impossible to choose a favourite, or even make a list of 100 favourite.

MinnesotaFuckery61 karma

What is the best label and why is it Monstercat?

thisissheepy70 karma

Hahaha smooth

Rayquinox45 karma

Hey, are you a team of guys, or just one person? And what is your personal favorite track?

I really love Dust and Echoes by Emperor, thanks for sharing that one a long time ago :)

I also made a little piece of art for ya a while back, here it is: http://i.imgur.com/qfBXWOG.jpg

thisissheepy40 karma

I love that song as well :) Just one guy.

ragamuffon44 karma

your name offends me as i lost my friend sheep to depression

thisissheepy49 karma

Sorry :(

analyticalchemist44 karma

Why did the sheep commit suicide?

thisissheepy186 karma

Because he wanted to kill a worm.

soulblaz0r35 karma

Where are you from? How old are you? What's your job? AND WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU GET THOSE MUSICS FROM ?

thisissheepy73 karma

I am from Austria but have lived all over the world. I am 22 years old as of the 18th of August. I GET THE TUNES FROM THE MUSIC GOD!!!

Cronosator33 karma

What are you hobbies(other then uploading great music to youtube) / what do you like to do for fun?

thisissheepy71 karma

Playing the guitar. PS3. Photography. Travelling. Cooking. Being a lazy bum...

norablindsided27 karma

Your music has helped me through college so far. Like seriously, when I'm down and need to study and just can't focus, I turn on your playlist set and just listen to the music while working.

My questions are:
What music do you recommend to study to?
What music should I play at a party where no one is dancing?

Thank you for introducing me to uppermost and blackmill :)

thisissheepy31 karma

  • Definitely Hammock!
  • Depends on the crowd. Getting something for people to sing along always seems to get them moving. After that you can change to more 'dancey' tracks.

SpaceCuci25 karma

Good evening, Sir, and thank you for the AMA. I have a few questions for you, don’t bother to answer them all, just pick the ones you like :)

  1. Which of your released mixes is your personal favourite?
  2. How did your taste in music evolve over time?
  3. What is your favourite non-EDM music genre/artist?
  4. Do you really like/dislike any mainstream EDM-artist in particular?
  5. Which is the most memorable/best concert you have ever been?
  6. Which football-club do you support?
  7. Could you recommend me any headphones you like or know that are good? (over-ear, just for music-listening, any price range)

Thanks for answering!

thisissheepy44 karma

Hello there.

  • Probably 'Taking You Higher', because of the memories attached with it. I was road tripping with a bunch of close friends through Croatia when I first heard it.

  • I don't know really. It just did.

  • Probably post rock. Hammock :)

  • Apparat! Absolutely phenomenal live concert. If any of you have the opportunity to go see him live, I highly suggest it.

  • Don't support any club.

  • I have had the Bose AE2 for the past 3 years. Great clean sound quality. Decent price ~ 160 Euros. And really comfortable. They haven't failed me yet.

hiokiebye21 karma


thisissheepy28 karma

  • Monstercat, Majesticcasual, Liquiform, Liquicity, Tastynetwork, the_accidental_poet, FunkyyPanda..

  • Already answered this before :)

  • Just music.

crital18 karma

Hi sheep! Do you ever feel that the attention is more towards you than the actual artists ?

thisissheepy71 karma

This frustrates me all the time. I often try to redirect more of the love to the artists as I feel that a lot of the subs give me most of the credit. I am just a messenger in the end of the day. The artists should be getting all the attention.

victra17 karma

Not a question, but I just wanted to thank you so much for the music that you share. Your selections have helped me through a lot of the darker points in my life and ironically enough, through many of my high points as well. Had it not been for you I never would have never discovered some of my favorite artists and I can't thank you enough for that. Keep doing what you're doing Mr.SuicideSheep!

ps. your most recent upload, Ed Sheeran & Passenger - No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix), is fucking hot

thisissheepy14 karma

Success! :) This is exactly what I want to achieve with my channel. Thank you!

Smurffffffffffff14 karma

Hi i love you Mr. Sheep. I was wondering if you get a enlightening feeling(the best way i can describe it) When listentining to the songs you love.

thisissheepy27 karma

I absolutely do. Music shivers are a great feeling!

TheBhaveek10 karma

how many submissions do you get and how do we know we aren't annoying you when we send you these tracks? (when we message you more than once...)

thisissheepy28 karma

The amount of submissions varies. But I very often get over 100 every day. I try to go through every single song but as I am the only person running the channel it is quite difficult.

Vathor10 karma

Any hobbies?

thisissheepy25 karma

Life is my hobby.

cheesedanishes9 karma

  • What headphones and/or speakers do you use for listening to music?

  • What are your hobbies? (other than listening to music I suppose).

thisissheepy6 karma

Bose AE2 headphones and Harman Kardon Soundsticks. Not the most high end products but I think they are amazing.

Chimneythinker9 karma

Hey there Mr. SS!

Only question I have is when the next playlist is coming out!

Huge fan of yours and I try to recommend people to your channel whenever I get that chance. Keep on doin what you're doin!

thisissheepy21 karma

If by playlist you mean mix, then hopefully on the 8th or 9th of September.

Dragule17 karma

"Mr. SS" actually sounds like some nazi thing :P (no offense, ofc)

thisissheepy20 karma

It does! :P

TheDogstarLP9 karma

Why did you start running the channel?

thisissheepy21 karma

A few friends of mine were running similar channels at the time and I thought it would be cool to share the music that I found.

Hosseh9 karma


thisissheepy28 karma

You shall never know :P

Foofoojack8 karma

How well do your uploads match your personal taste?

thisissheepy25 karma

I only upload tracks that I truly enjoy. So they basically match 100%.

tolo57 karma

Were you a little high or drunk back then when, you know - uploaded funny stuff on you facebook-page and apologized the day after?

thisissheepy16 karma

Naaaah. Just having a bit of fun :P

diablos7777 karma


thisissheepy5 karma


poshjoshi7 karma

Hey Sheepy, listen to your uploads all the time, definitely prefer the more ambient ones.

How did you get into this? When you started did you really think it would get this big? Have you ever thought about organising nights with DJ's who music you upload? I think that could be massive.

Cheers Josh

thisissheepy5 karma

I just wanted to start sharing music. Never could have imagined that it would get to the point that I have over 500k people following me. I have thought about organising nights with artists I promote. Hopefully we will be able to offer something soon!

archorigin6 karma

What do you think about the change of Drum & Bass its sound, between 2007 and now? Which year do you think was best?

thisissheepy22 karma

For me Drum & Bass has for the most part lost that thing that made it special. When I first started the channel I used to listen to it almost exclusively. Now I rarely find a track that I really enjoy. Maybe my taste has just evolved but there is definitely something missing in the d&b world.

hyperakt1v5 karma

What made your channel so popular?

thisissheepy16 karma

I am not sure honestly. Consistency maybe? I have had the channel for nearly 4 years. It took time to get 'popular'.

dscer5 karma

What's your favourite genre? Do you have a song which takes your breath away every time you hear it?

I just discovered your channel a few weeks ago and want to thank you for the amazing music you share with the world!

thisissheepy20 karma

Don't have a favourite genre. Two tracks that always take my breath away are 'Hammock - I Can Almost See You' and 'Massive Attack - Teardrop'. I am glad you are enjoying the channel and stay for a while :)

lewkablew4 karma

How many people are behind the channel?

Who selects the images for each song?

thisissheepy18 karma

Only me. I also select the images for each song.

icerooo4 karma

Did you ever consider getting a couple of your listeners to help you manage your youtube channels?

thisissheepy19 karma

Nope. I don't think that would really work. As egoistical as this sounds, the channel is about my taste not other people's.

speaktothehand4 karma

First of all, thank you for an amazing channel!!

What was your introduction to the music world? Are we ever going to see any Mr Suicide Sheep original song?

thisissheepy3 karma

You are more than welcome. What do you mean by introduction? When I was a kid? I tried making a few songs but I don't really have the patience for it. You never know though, I may make something later on in life.

Mroowka4 karma

Do You live in that small house, in mountains, higher then clouds, looking at the stars, and listening to music? x]

thisissheepy7 karma

That sounds lovely. I wish I did.

WojtMC3 karma

Sheepy, what do you think about old and current Tiestos style? What is the difference in your opinion?

thisissheepy9 karma

I never really listened to any of Tiesto's music so I can't properly judge it.

Planetary_Vagabond3 karma

Will you make shirts with the Mr. Suicidesheep logo at the beginning of all your vids?

thisissheepy4 karma

Yup. Getting that sorted now.

DNNYVST3 karma

What music do you personally listen to?

Also Chromabox - Little Ants might be the best song on your channel good lord it's amazing!

I don't have more questions but I just wanted to say that the work you do is astounding. This channel has NEVER uploaded a song that I have not enjoyed. Truly awesome work and I thank you greatly.

thisissheepy2 karma

I listen to the music that I upload. Haven't listened to Little Ants in a while, such a fun track!

cpenny202 karma

I've never heard of you before. From this perspective, it seems people are praising you simply for uploading other people's music and making playlists for profit (somehow). That sounds like criminal activity, not creativity to be celebrated. Am I missing something here? I hope I am.

thisissheepy9 karma

Understandable and valid opinion. It's all about promotion. Artists send me music asking me to upload or I find music and ask for permission. A lot of the artists I feature have very few followers and it's quite difficult for them to get their music out there. My channel has been around for 4 years now and has grown to have quite a lot of subscribers. I try to expose those underrated artists so that they can expand their fanbase and hopefully make a living from music. It's pretty much like a blog, label or anything similar.

bonaparte3132 karma


thisissheepy6 karma

Yes I was working together with artists for the mixes. I chose the tracks and they mixed them together. Concerts, online radio and festivals will hopefully all happen sometime in the near future.

southboy222 karma

Are your uploads more stuff you find or do a lot of artists send you tracks to upload ?

thisissheepy2 karma

I would say around 3/4 of the uploads find and then contact the artist for permission and the rest is sent directly by them.

weezenbrot1 karma

Hey, what is your personal setup at home for listening to music?

thanks for all the work you've been putting in over the years!

e: grammar

thisissheepy4 karma

I mostly use headphones. I don't have a fancy setup.