im adrian peterson, nfl mvp from Palestine TX. im also the latest person on the wheaties box

my foundation helps at risk kids n i love giving back to others. im 28 born 3\21\85.

ill be back in 15 minutes to answer questions. ask me anything!


edit: im out of here for now. thanks guys, i had fun. and i wanna say thanks to wheaties for helping set this up. catch you next time.

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Do you prefer AD or AP?

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lol! you got me on this one, i actually do put a little more into it for some of the reporters. they're like sour patch kids! guys can be so nice and so sour at times

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AD, my 10 year old son is a running back on a team in Bloomington, MN and totally idolizes you. More than anything, he really wants to know what exercises he can do to improve his footwork like you.

And from me, what 1 thing in your career are you most proud of? And what 1 thing would you change about the Vikings if you were given the chance to coach them?

the_adrian_peterson1692 karma

1) the ropes, lateral drills, high knees, side shuffles, in and out drills, do it on an incline instead of flat surfaces, works more muscle and you'll get a lot quicker 2) being on the wheaties box!

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Who do you think is the best rookie RB prospect in the NFL this year?

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eddie lacy, but he's on a passing team. but that was a real good pickup... that i didnt like

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First of all, I'd like to say thank you for dedicating your time to doing this. To be able to communicate with you – the most favorite player I have ever watched – truly is an incredible experience. The way is electrify the game is truly unmatched by anyone else in the league. Anyways, off to question time!

  • What has been some of your proudest achievement? We all know about you breaking the single game rushing record. We all know about you having 2097 yards in a single season. We all know about your incredible drive to succeed. We know about your dedication to God. Some of us even know of you being a proud father. My main question is - What are some of your proudest achievements, and what about them make them so special?

  • You are a man of many morals. You are are driven and dedicated . You also are adamant that you stayed clean during your 2k season. In addition to your attitude, you are also a physically gifted person (understatement of the year). So, tell us, what has been more important to your legacy? Have you gotten as far on your physicality, or on your attitude?

  • When you're not running over, around, and through people, how do you like to spend your days? What are your hobbies?

  • Who is the funniest person on the team?

  • How are you able to go All Day?

Finally, one last question. Perhaps the most important question of them all:

  • Do you see yourself earning that ring in the coming years?

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my hobbies are call of duty, laying in bed relaxin. im a homebody. i like to shoot pool, like to bowl, like to fish even though i havent gone in like two years. attitude helps you accomplish anything you set forth . a lot of people mentally don't have what it takes to keep going towards their goal. funniest guy is jared allen. we have all the right pieces in place to get a ring. one thing i've learned is its not the personnel onf the team but the chemistry. i feel like we have that.

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Hey AD, Who are your best friends on other NFL teams? Thanks for doing this, you are the man.

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larry fitzgerald is a guy im cool with, cromartie, sidney rice, percy, even though he only answers the phone every blue moon, arian foster, andre johnson, antonio smith, leon washington, jacoby jones

okthrowaway2088728 karma

Even though you were playing yourself, how did you enjoy acting in things like The League?

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it was cool. i like the show and it was fun just doing something outside of football and kind of going to a different career. doing cameos that's fun. and brooklyn decker wasn't bad to work with

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ALL DAY, I'm a bears fan but have the utmost respect for you man.

Quick question.. What has been the toughest challenge (aside from the unfortunate injury) you have faced to get where you're at today? Also, please tell me you've seen the voiceover video on YouTube with you talking to the sideline reporter about peanuts!

I appreciate your time!

the_adrian_peterson2078 karma

toughest challenge was losing my brother at a young age. i was age of 7. just holding him and seeing it happen, it happened right in front of me. holding him, trying to call his name and he wan't responding. at the time he was braindead but i didnt know. that was the toughest thing to deal with but it was the one thing that made me who i am.

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No one to break 2k yards has ever come close the next year. The best was Sanders' 1491. Do you think you will be the one to buck this trend? Why/how will you be able to maintain such a high level?

OJ Simpson

  • 1973: 2003yds
  • 1974: 1125yds

Eric Dickerson

  • 1984: 2105yds
  • 1985: 1234yds

Barry Sanders

  • 1997: 2053yds
  • 1998: 1491yds

Terrell Davis

  • 1998: 2008yds
  • 1999: 211yds

Jamal Lewis

  • 2003: 2066yds
  • 2004: 1006yds

Chris Johnson

  • 2009: 2006yds
  • 2010: 1364yds

Adrian Peterson

  • 2012: 2097yds
  • 2013: ????

the_adrian_peterson1416 karma

i feel like i'll be able to repeat. why? just a group a guys in front of me, dedicated to running the ball, were definitely a team, we feel like we wanna do better next year and i just have faith i can do it

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Hey AD, what defensive players hits the hardest?

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no one really got a good shot on me this year. Shaun Rogers

gb12rulez601 karma

Adrian how do feel about this

the_adrian_peterson1454 karma

mixed emotions. thats pretty funny but im a big on faith. i dont really like to be called purple jesus because there's only one. i get what theyre sayin though.

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Other than yourself, who is the best RB in the league?

the_adrian_peterson1387 karma

all around guy, productive, id have to go with arian foster and marshawn lynch. talentwise, chris johnson and my guy frank gore.

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Hey AD!!! Thanks for taking the time to do an AMA!

If you were to name a fantasy football team after yourself, what would it be?

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all day all stars!

vamsi93560 karma

Had the Vikings not drafted you in 2007, which team would you have preferred to go to?

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Thanks for being late, I thought I was gonna miss this!

During RG3's rehab, it was revealed that part of his therapy involved stem cells. Since the cat is out of the bag, did the doctors use the same kind of treatment on you?

Also, what car do you drive?

the_adrian_peterson1046 karma

no stem cells. i didnt use any of that stuff. it was brought up but i was like na, go natural.

car i drive is a bmw 760

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Hey Adrian Peterson! First of all I would like to say thank you for doing this, and thank you for helping me win one of my fantasy leagues last year.

I have two questions for you:

  • How do you feel about the new Vikings uniforms?
  • How does the locker room feel about Christian Ponder?

the_adrian_peterson582 karma

new uniforms are pretty cool, i like the numbers. its a different look. its like a vikingish type style even in the cut and the collar, pants are very comfortbale. the locker room is feeling confident. he's showing us a lot. showing that he's becoming more of a leader. hes taking command of the huddle. putting his confidence on display

czechsmex374 karma

If you didn't go into football, what would have been your career choice?

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id own a couple business. real estate. property. i know a couple guys making some pretty good money in that world, so that would be something im interested in.

snuggerrose352 karma

Do you eat wheaties for breakfast?

the_adrian_peterson1146 karma

yes i do! with bananas. and im trying new muddy wheaties with chocolate milk. its scrumptious

nickmangoldsbeard351 karma

Hello Mr. Peterson,

First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer questions for us.

You’re obviously a very intelligent player, I’d like to know how you feel about the effect that the newest CBA has on running backs, who not only have less incentive to be drafted higher because of the position’s unfortunate vulnerability, but also probably only have the opportunity to negotiate one veteran contract before their play starts to decline.

the_adrian_peterson584 karma

it is what it is. they make the rules. we abide by them.

barrows_arctic329 karma

Hello, All-Day. Thanks for doing this!

  • How rigorous (and painful) was the physical recovery process last year? At its peak, what kind of exercises and regimen did the doctors have you on?

  • How many yards you planning on racking up this year?

  • Who's the weirdest/funniest guy on the Vikings?

  • How often do you eat cheerios like this?

Check out while you're here.

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the pain was brutal. my manhood definitely was tested. but mentally i had to get it done, suck up the pain. some of the exercises i did a lot of stationary bike just to get the flexibility back. just to get the muscles firing. the worst exercise was the bending to break down the patellar tendon. doing that manually and the flexinator you put your foot in a crank and it bends the leg for you. not good memories but it helped out tremendously.

i'm racking up as many yards as it takes to win a championship

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Xbox or Playstation?

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pjdiaries319 karma

Sorry if it's already been asked, but what went through your head when Pam Oliver told you "9 yards." Did you think you broke the record by nine yards? Nine yards short? What? Was it both exciting and confusing at the same time?

the_adrian_peterson695 karma

it was a little confusing. 9 yards! i dunno it was bittersweet at the time because we had just won as a team, we were in the playoffs, knocked chicago out, but to be 9 yards short. i knew i didnt break it cuz they would have announced it. to get so close. thats the bitter part.

Liverpoolfan8316 karma

Have any pranks ever happened among you and your teammates?

the_adrian_peterson1195 karma

not too many pranks but weve had jared allen come in to team meetings in a speedo and a cowboy hat. he is crazy

lookingtheotherway305 karma

Who is your favorite player in the NFL (besides yourself)?

the_adrian_peterson1052 karma

ill use the past. barry sanders

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the_adrian_peterson432 karma

antoine winfield and jeff dugan. dugs was professional. he got it done. guy that wasn't extremely talented but the work he put in was inspiring for football. catching balls every day after practice. small things. when i first go t in, just watching him answering so many questions. he was so particular with his details and making he had the right blocks on everything.

Thekosherone217 karma

What's your favorite type of food?

the_adrian_peterson460 karma

seafood! i just have to be careful what i eat now. chinese food and italian. soul food is just a part of me so i dont really consider that.

Mr-Nipples193 karma

Adrian, as a huge Vikings and AP fan from Michigan thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with a part of the team. I try to go to the games when you play here in Detroit and have high hopes of making it to a game in Minnesota this year if everything works out. I just have two questions for you. 1.) What are your plans after the NFL? When you finally retire in 2035 do you plan on just enjoying life or do you see yourself in a new career field? 2.) What is your favorite hobby outside of football and training? 3.) If you ever wanted to hangout I’d be ok with it, if not an autograph would suffice…

the_adrian_peterson254 karma

sit back, relax, make a lot of money, enjoy life!

bbaglien180 karma

Wow, Adrian Peterson. Thanks for doing the AMA!!

Couple questions:

What do you think of the new offensive rule about lowering the crown of the helmet? Do you think it will affect your play? If you were commissioner would you have instituted it?

Who do you think is the best RB in the NFL (besides you of course)?

What sports/teams do you like to watch during the offseason?

the_adrian_peterson418 karma

1) the rule is what it is. i think it helps prevent injuries. i dont know. i like it in a sense cuz of concussions and neck injuries but on the flipside its going to make guys attack lower. look at keller.

2) i like watching miami heat, okc, when those two teams play i gotta go okc. i like miami cuz im a big fan of lebron