hello there Reddit. Check out the new Major Lazer video I directed starring Terry Crews, Nick Kroll, Blake Anderson and Lauren London: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EiBJPMIn8M

Ask me anything about any of the projects that I have directed...

Nekrogoblikon 'No One Survives'

Wavves 'That's On Me'


Jon Lajoie 'Started as a Baby"

and many more. Also feel free to ask me about my pizza addiction and my love for Bill Paxton in the movie Twister.


EDIT: hey everyone! I'm back! replying now.... will check again in AM. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: just finished replying to final questions. Thanks everyone! keep up with new videos at brandondermer.com and @brandondmob. NEW stuff coming very very soon!

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playdevilsadvocate111 karma

How much was your Budget? Terry Crews is freakin Awesome!

Brandon_Dermer13 karma

legally I cannot speak about the budget. Sorry! But, I spent over $100 on pizza the night we wrapped the shoot.

Brandon_Dermer7 karma

Terry is THE MAN!

Triumphofaheart10 karma

Did you go to Stevenson? I'm pretty sure I've smoked pot with you

Brandon_Dermer5 karma

I did.

Patos1456 karma

No question here, just wanted to say that video was crazy awesome... about as opposite of derivative as possible. I'll definitely be on the look for your work in the future!

No high speed with the epic though?!

Wait scratch that, question; how long have you worked with Jon Lajoie? The cinematic masterpiece high as fuck seems like it could be your handiwork...

Brandon_Dermer4 karma

I started working with Jon in 2010. The first video we did together was I CAN DANCE ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHnGwDy2y6s ) . I actually make a cameo in it. Actually, I make cameos in a lot of his videos. For example, I'm the prostitute in BEST SONG IN THE WORLD ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_cikTgwMXY ).

Patos1451 karma

A little ways before shooting on red's I guess! It's awesome that you guys have been getting recognition and working on bigger projects for awhile. Rewatching those feels almost like stepping back in time and rewatching Tom Green on ch 22 way back haha! All the best my man!

Brandon_Dermer1 karma


RocksTheSocks1 karma

I Can Dance is actually my favorite song of Jons and favorite one of all time on YouTube. Thanks so much for the comedy gold you don't know how many laughs I've gotten out of it with friends or alone and it even helped my best friend get out of a suicidal situation believe it or not ... Also I love Major Lazer so can't wait to see this! Thanks for the AMA and good luck

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

Thank you good sir!

JaNieSomKlamar6 karma

Where did you get the inspiration for the video?

Brandon_Dermer6 karma

All the incredible Major Lazer imagery that surrounds the group. From their music videos, to their live shows, to their album covers.

Frajer6 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

Brandon_Dermer19 karma

Sausage. Specifically on deep dish Chicago style pizza. Specifically from Lou Malnatis.

EvilKHANevil5 karma

Ho much weed does Diplo Smoke?

Brandon_Dermer18 karma

all of it.

kennington375 karma

what are my chances of getting a date with kaden kross. Who is funnier you or Nick Kroll?

Brandon_Dermer8 karma

Regarding Kayden... it depends on how well read you are. Regarding Nick Kroll... Nick Kroll. But my Mother would say me.

Imaflyguyinatie4 karma

Tell me about your pizza addiction and why you love Bill Paxton in the movie Twister?

Brandon_Dermer13 karma

My Mother is a pizza and my Father is Bill Paxton.

Wendypeffercorn4u4 karma

Hi Brandon! I love the video. How long did it take to put on the goblin mask/costume?? Also, where did you get it? Did someone make it?

Brandon_Dermer7 karma

Thanks! The mask was created in my brain and then executed by the mastermind Mark Villalobos at MonsterEffects. First, we digitally created what we wanted the Goblin to look like. After that, we had to mold our actor's head. Our actor, David Rispoli, has a fear of small places... so the molding process a hoot! After that, Mark spent weeks perfecting the design. The mask took 4 hours to put on everyday of shooting. At the end of the day, the mask would have to be cut off David. So, we didn't have a mask he could just take on and off. He had to wear it ALL day. Each mask was a 1 time use only and glued to his face. The video took 3 days to shoot. So if crew call was 7am, David was in the make up chair at 4:30a/5am. He was a trooper and gave an incredible performance!

brobice3 karma

What is Jon Lajoie like in person? How different is he from his character on The League?

Brandon_Dermer9 karma

Jon is the worst. He never showers. He is always begging for money. He is always trying to get me to watch The Voice with him.

None of that is true. Jon is the best. I love working him. He has a beautifully disturbed brain that churns out some of the funniest things I've ever heard/seen in my life. His creativity and unique voice never fails to impress me.

My favorite part of the process working together is when we sit down to spitball ideas until we find that one thing that makes us laugh so hard that we start to cry.

He's also just a great dude. Completely humble and an absolute pleasure to be around.

imhalfpirate3 karma

What's your favorite Hard "R" movie?

Brandon_Dermer4 karma


bl1ndvision2 karma

How much pot does Jon Lajoie smoke? Seriously...

Brandon_Dermer3 karma

all of it.

dargonfyre2 karma

A suggestion: team up with the creators of far cry 3 blood dragon and make a full length major lazer film. I would cry if you did.

Brandon_Dermer2 karma


AndrewDaShiz2 karma

How did it come about Major Lazer hiring you to direct this video? btw, diplo is the shit

Brandon_Dermer4 karma

I was able to get my Nekrogoblikon music video ( ) in front of Diplo's eyes. He flipped for it and asked what I had in mind.... so I told him live action Major Lazer.

andannabegins2 karma

Was the baby difficult to work with? More or less then Jon?

Brandon_Dermer8 karma

The baby was actually incredible. Jon and I couldn't believe it! The kid always had a smile on it's face. Jon was terrible to work with, he was constantly pooping his diapers and crying for his bottle.

awilsak2 karma

there's a rumor that your creativity is surpassed only by your sexual prowess. any truth to that?

Brandon_Dermer3 karma


AmericanSexpress2 karma

Nekrogoblikon FUCK YES!

Great job on the video.

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

not that I know of.... but maybe.... tell me more!

ThatsFeffedUp2 karma

If you could remake any movie as a porno but starring the original actors, what would it be?

Brandon_Dermer5 karma


ThatsFeffedUp1 karma

Beyond the amazing sexual chemistry between Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, are there any other reasons why? What kind of scene would you have planned for Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Brandon_Dermer5 karma

There are just so many incredible LOCATIONS for sex... ie, the way I'd redo this scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzYXUVmt9So)... you start off with some tugs in the car.... then full going at in under the bridge as the TWISTER is over them.

Philip would make love to the DOROTHY device.

Beef_5upreme2 karma

Thanks for No One Survives. It's genuinely the funniest thing I've seen in my life.

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

thank you! we just released a new LIVE video featuring the Goblin ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk1WCupiHOI )

WaffleWeasel1 karma


Brandon_Dermer3 karma

I love SCARE ME... runner up would've been Bumaye

radnerd1 karma

How did you get the hot girl from Birdemic?

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

First off, I'm a HUGE Birdemic fan. Second off, I'm a HUGE Whitney Moore fan (the said hot chick from Birdemic). Through a couple of friends I was able to get her contact info and I reached out simply telling her I wanted to work together. I first worked with Whitney on my Futurecop! music video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ba8zFBy0k0 ) and she was an absolute delight. Never complains. Always gives 110%. And she loves pizza. She also makes a cameo in Jon Lajoie's Broken Hearted, which I produced, ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAZhXAh7BC0 ). Keep an eye on for Whitney Moore, she's going to take over the world!

hobbsarelie831 karma

Any relation to Dermer's from upstate NY?

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

not sure...

TB912381 karma

What camera do you use?

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

It depends on the project... for Major Lazer we shot on a Red Epic.

zerokra1 karma

will there be a sequel, as the ending suggests? love this video! thanks for bringing back the mini-movie.

Brandon_Dermer3 karma

you'll just have to wait and find out....

and you are welcome!!!

zerokra1 karma

i am definitely in suspense. seeing the major come to life was a true treat!

Brandon_Dermer1 karma


jsidhu9991 karma

How cool is DIPlo?

Brandon_Dermer3 karma

he is the MAN.

marinadeak1 karma

Do you wish you had directed Pon De Floor? I do. It's an amazing video. Scare Me is awesome, though, I loved the whole idea. Did the guys from Major Lazer help create the concept or was it just you? And, last, but not least, the pizzas in São Paulo, Brazil are amazing, you should come and get some!

Brandon_Dermer3 karma

Eric Wareheim directed Pon De Floor... and yes, it is amazing. All of Eric's work is amazing. The Major Lazer guys brought me all the mythology behind Major Lazer and then let me run with it.

marinadeak1 karma

Diplo must be interesting to work with. I get the vibe that he creates all the weird stuff and let people just roll with it, I dont know haha anyway, congrats on your work, I'm studying/trying really hard to become a video producer and it's always cool to get to know other people's work!

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

thanks! best of luck.

bl1ndvision1 karma

Pornstar Alexis Texas follows you on Twitter. Is there a story there...?

Brandon_Dermer3 karma

after I made Fleshlightning ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTQagbeCAxs ), I met some cool pornstars :) Alexis is awesome !

willigm1 karma

What's your favorite cookie?

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

Chocolate Chip.

swmay1 karma

Hey Brandon - let's get that drink soon before I move. Also some pizza. And metal music.

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

yes!!! lets go to QT Chicago! have you been?

ferlgatr1 karma

Out of the various artists you've worked with, who has been the best/worst to work with?

Brandon_Dermer3 karma

Best has been everyone from the actors to the Pa's... the worst, myself.

guyusingtheinternet1 karma

Bill Paxton in Independence Day >>>>

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

Big fan of both, but I was specifically moved by the sexual tension between Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt in Twister.

kickflipkyall1 karma

The 'That's On Me' video looks fantastic! What was Nathan Williams/Wavves like to work with?

edit: typo and to inform you that I'm literally eating pizza as I write this...

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

Thank you! Nathan is an total rad gentleman. He is smart, well-spoken, inspired and gnarly. We plan on doing some more stuff together in the very near future...

kickflipkyall1 karma

Never expected to hear any less. I've seen a few articles/interviews online that try to make him out to be kind of a douche but I never thought that was the case, seems like one of the most genuine and hard working people in music today.

New stuff together? Can you elebroate on that at all yet? haha

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

He's a hustler!

Can't speak to it yet... but very soon! follow me @brandondmob / brandondermer.com for updates!

ThatsFeffedUp1 karma

What would you rather do: have your hand smashed with a sledgehammer or be double-teamed by Grimace and the Hamburglar?

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

the hamburglar smash my hand with a sledgehammer.

tallsteve151 karma

When are you going to feature Lou Malnati's pizza in a music video? You know that would get mad viewz in the Windy City.

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

I actually have a pizza music video coming out in October for the Death Set starring Whitney Moore, David Rispoli and featuring Steve Aoki... sadly, there is no Lou's in the video... BUT, I have a Lou's video up my sleeve... just waiting for the right time... get at me Lou Malnati!!

marchingmilde1 karma

Weren't you a mailman once? That was pretty cool. Why did Jon Lajoie want a mailman-prostitute to be in "The Best Song"?

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

yes I was. Jon loves the mail.

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

I was a mailman.

logicisall1 karma

your great and I hope you keep kicking ass with your productions

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

thank you very much!

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

thank you!

joayo1 karma


Brandon_Dermer3 karma

We shot on a Red Epic. I wrote the script on a Macbook. I ordered pizza from Lou Malnatis.

metheking1 karma

What is it like working with Diplo?

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

a dream. guy is a true collaborator.

TrashyAshy1 karma

How was Blake Anderson to work with?

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

terrible. he was constantly farting on set. jk. maybe. no, seriously, the guy was awesome. he came on set with a smile on his face and gave a great performance.

uninattainable1 karma

How did Blake Anderson end up in this video?

Brandon_Dermer2 karma

we reached out to him. amazing dude

Brandon_Dermer1 karma

I'm a huge fan of Blake's so I reached out to him.