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Luck_Of_The_Draw5 karma

How much do you pay for say...an eighth of weed? Street value is usually $20 so I'm wondering if there is any difference since you buy from a dispensary.

maybetreescanhelp19 karma

i get top shelf indoor for 20-25 but usually i don't buy 1/8s just oz's

Insidi26 karma

I would love to be able to say "nah man I only buy oz's"

maybetreescanhelp24 karma

consider that i am sharing with my mom and we don't go to the dispensary that often and it is cheaper to buy in quantity

Swag_Daddy5 karma

That's awesome you smoke with your mom, I wish I could.

maybetreescanhelp21 karma

it is definitely a bonding experience

rabidmonkey11635 karma

Medicinal users don't use $20/eighth schwag

maybetreescanhelp10 karma

no i use $20 1/8 top shelf indoor

chancrescolex2 karma

Dispensaries have a lot of different varieties (bud) on hand, some cheaper than others. I'd say $40 an eighth would be the cheapest they might have. Medically grown MJ is higher quality though and inspected for mold/mildew and pests like spider mites. They are also tailored genetically to be high in THC or CBD, as each chemical has it's own medicinal properties.

"Street" MJ has no "quality control". It can be dried/cured improperly, have seeds from being exposed to male plants, be exposed to pests like spider mites and contain webs/eggs, have mold/mildew, etc. Saying the street value of an eighth is $20 is like saying the street value of a car is $x. You're missing a lot of detail there, like make, model, year, etc. Same goes with MJ.

maybetreescanhelp7 karma

i would never pay 40 an 1/8. 35 is the most i have seen at dispensaries around here

AudaciousTickle1 karma

How do you medicate during school?

maybetreescanhelp5 karma


thisisboring1 karma

On a day to day basis, how high do you get? If you've ever smoked a lot for the purpose of being high, compare it to that experience. For example, do you get a body high, or is it just enough to feel it a little and increase your appetite?

maybetreescanhelp5 karma

until i feel like eating