I'm a wind turbine technician for Siemens Canada, I have worked here for over two years.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/AyJ2pCc.jpg

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Who cleans up the bird carcasses?

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In Portugal we have those damn things planted all over the place.

Is it true that turbines only last about 25 years and that they also consume electricity to operate?

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It is true that they consume electricity to operate. There are many electrical driven motors and computers.

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Does windturbines cause large THD values? And how do they over all effect PQ?

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What is THD and PQ?

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*PQ = Power Quality

*THD = Total harmonic distortion

Follow up, what individual harmonic could you expect to see at a windpark?

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We have six delta modules and a reactor to smooth out the power output on each turbine.

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Why almost anything?

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AMAA... Ask Me Almost Anything.

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Oh, well I have to be careful with industry "secrets"

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They really do ruin the scenery? Lol, I'd rather have a wind turbine farm, I think they're really cool looking.

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Not in my opinion.

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It's probably not the best idea to have your hook through that hole that your lanyard attaches to. In the event that you do fall, there won't be enough room in that hole and you could cut your entire lanyard clean free.

That said, do you travel much across the country? Are you mostly based in just one area?

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That is a tie off point and I am attached to it for security. My double lanyard is "daisy-chained" like that so if I do fall I have a secondary hook to tie off

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Capital Safety or Miller? (fall protection)

or anything else really, those are just the two biggest. I work for one of them, yes this is a test.

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We use miller, but I think we're getting Skylotec soon.

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I'm sorry, but you failed. I work for Capital Safety. We're kinda only the number one fall protection company in the world. I'm no salesman, but I'd say we make pretty damn good product.

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Never heard of your company before

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Please, go ahead and tell me why you would say that to me.