Hello Reddit! This is Kikuo Ibe, Research and Development Chief Engineer at Casio Japan, and the creator of G-SHOCK. I’m looking forward to answering your questions about G-Shock, Casio, myself – Ask Me Anything!

Here is my photo proof: http://i.imgur.com/N52Fx6s.jpg

My answers are being translated from Japanese by an interpreter, so there may be a short delay in answering your questions, but I will do my best to get to as many as I can. Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE: Thank you, everyone – sadly, I must now go, so this AMA must now come to a close. I had such a fun time doing this, so thank you very much. This was a great experience for me, and I really enjoyed taking your questions. This year is G-SHOCK’s 30th anniversary, and I am very grateful and appreciative of how many people have come to love and use G-SHOCK watches over the years. I would be very happy if you would continue to support G-SHOCK in the future!

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LifeguardMan66647 karma

Just came here to say that your watches are amazing, the expected battery life is bs though. It says two years but after 4 it still works!!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe60 karma

Your comment gave me more motivation to work even harder! Thanks!

Sedi7625 karma

Dear Mr. Ibe, will there be more G(W)-5500 models as we saw one used as a wallpaper on your computer in one of your videos? Maybe even a re-issue of the steel cased DW-5500C? How many more 30th anniversary series will there be? Will there ever be a atomic/solar re-issue of the DW-6600? Maybe a GW-6600? Will we ever see an updated version of the "Silencer" GW-400 with Multiband 6 and vibration alarm?

kind regards, Sedi (watchuseek.com, G-Shock moderator)

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe20 karma

You have a good eye to notice that GW-5500! Currently, there are no plans to make more GW-5500 models. There are no plans for the other things you have mentioned, but thank you very much for your very specific ideas.

demonicdrummerboy22 karma

what did it feel like knowing you had created a massive global craze i dont think i knew a kid who didnt have one

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe26 karma

The reason it has been popular for so long is because of the fans, so I am very grateful to you all.

MD_Lurker22 karma

How do you feel about G-SHOCKs being the unofficial watch of the US military?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe25 karma

The G-Shocks are not designed for military use, but I'm very happy to hear they are supporting G-Shock watches.

PeaceBanana13 karma

Ibe-san konnichiwa, I love G-Shock watches but i a few questions. I realized that some japanese G-shocks are made atomic solar but the american version were only solar.. is there a reason for removing atomic timekeeping on some american watches? (for instance the 30th anniversary red Mudman, JPN version was atomic solar and US version is only solar). Another question is I love the bright color G-Shock watches but most of them operate on battery only, is there a reason why there is no solar version of those and will be solar/atomic solar for future bright color G-Shocks?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe35 karma

Konnichiwa PeaceBanana-san. The difference in the G-Shocks is based on the market needs. However, this is a very good question, and we will look into it.

nepster97713 karma

oh my god. i love casio g-shock. i can read about its history and stuff in wiki. but please tell me your personal experience, motivation, and a bit of design history..

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe35 karma

Years ago, on my way to work, I dropped a precious watch I received from my father, and it broke into many pieces. From that moment, I was inspired to create a tough watch that wouldn't break even if it was dropped.

As for the design history, it was originally a black plastic design, but over time it has evolved into many new styles, new colors, and a combination of new materials.

BraveNewWild-32 karma


GSHOCK_KikuoIbe20 karma

I'm so shocked to hear that! I wonder why it broke??

rlrbladingfool9 karma

Mr. Ibe, could you please tell us when we might expect the next generation Frogman watch to be released?

Thank you so much for the work that you have done developing G-shocks over the years -- so many people like myself are huge fans of the brand!!!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe10 karma

Right now, there are no exact plans to release it yet -- but if there are a lot of passionate fans out there, we will definitely consider it for the future.

Zeppen59 karma

What is the future of G Shock watches?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe25 karma

We have already released a watch that notifies you when you have a new e-mail or a phone call using new Bluetooth technology. We will continue to add new functions that will link your watch to your smartphone, so please look forward to it.

dai97sai9 karma

Mr.Ibe, since you are the founder of G-Shock, so I think u personally also collected plenty of G-Shock for yourself. Can u tell us how many G-Shock u personally own in your collection now?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe23 karma

Everyone asks me this question, but I only own the first G-Shock model and the DW5600, which has the same design as the first model. Do you think it's too few?

StarscreamTF47 karma

Hello Mr Ibe! My favourite G-Shock is the GX56, has it been discontinued? no new GX56 in a long time! I would love to see new GX56 in more colours.. thank you.

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe9 karma

Unfortunately, we have stopped selling the GX56. However, thank you so much for being such a passionate GX56 fan!

KVM8886 karma


A big fan of the Casio G-Shock line for the last decade, thank you for creating these for us!

I just have two questions:

1.) Is it true that a brand-new master of G model will be coming out soon? (The Rangeman) 2.) Any plans of holding a "Shock The World" event over here in the Philippines?

Warm Regards,


GSHOCK_KikuoIbe10 karma

Thank you for being a fan for the last decade! And thank you to the commenters below -- you really know your stuff!

I haven't heard about any event in the Philippines yet, but I'd like to go!

Flatticus6 karma

Mr. Ibe. Just wanted to say that I have many fine watches. But when I want to be sure of the time, I wear my Riseman. Thank you.

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe7 karma

Thank you! I hope you continue to use it for a long time.

Imperial_Trooper5 karma

What motivates you to make the products that you do and who was your hero growing up.

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe7 karma

Gekko Kamen and Shonen Jet were my heroes when I was younger. They were very popular action heroes in Japan (kind of like Ultraman).

celibacy4life5 karma

Ibe San, I am a big fan. Please answer some questions for me.

Will there a move towards glass that does not have such a bad glare. I love my 30th Anninversary GA-1138, but it can be really hard to read?

Will there be new or updated Frogman and Mudman designs next year? Will there be wifi enabled watches or full e-ink displays? Will Baby-Gs ever be beefed up with features. How often does the steamroller get busted out to test a prototype?

Thank you very much!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe12 karma

Certain G-Shock models use sapphire glass for anti-glare properties, such as the GW-A1100, so I hope you'll take a look at those.

There are no plans to release new designs for Frogman and Mudman next year. We haven't thought about wifi-enabled watches or e-ink displays, but it may be possible depending on how technology advances.

StarscreamTF45 karma

Mr. Ibe, Will India have a Shock the World event any time soon?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe8 karma

We had a Shock the World event in Mumbai, but as of now, we don't have any plans to hold another one in India yet.

1dontpanic5 karma

I have and love a g-shock watch and g-zone smartphone. Any plans for a) bluetooth linking the two{ie phone rings in pocket, caller id shows on watch}; or b) a tablet?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe7 karma

Thank you for being a Casio fan. The newest G'z One, which was released in June, lets you link via Bluetooth and shows caller ID, etc.

longlivegshock5 karma

Why don't they put a el backlight into the GA100 and GA110 watches. The super bright LED does not help in the dark especially when the watch has a reflective face.

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe9 karma

Thank you for your comment. We will work on this in the future.

ornjv1p3r5 karma


GSHOCK_KikuoIbe5 karma

Is this a question of mechanics? If so, there are no plans for a tough automatic model line at this time. Thank you for the idea about a minimal zen-like G-Shock, I will consider it for the future.

DownvoteWizard5 karma

Dear Mr, Ibe, thank you so much for creating G-shocks I have a collection on them inculding ga-110s,dw6900s, and the final frog and so on. I was wondering, why are some models not released in the U.S but are released in other Countries? Also, when do you think the 2nd illest g shock coming out? Thanks again, hope to see more from you!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe8 karma

Thank you for supporting G-Shock. G-Shock is designed for all markets, but some models are not released based on market needs. As for the 2nd Illest G-Shock, even I don't know when it is coming out, so I will look into it as well!

longlivegshock4 karma

Mr. Ibe Thank you for making the greatest tough watch ever. I love the G-Shock product and want to see my grand children wear it some day. As innovative as the G-Shock watch is, I believe it is important for G-Shock to keep up with the times. I feel G-Shock needs to answer the call and make a tough smart watch. Or expand its design into other applications like phone cases. What do you think?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe4 karma

I'm so thankful that G-Shock is loved by all generations. In the future, I'd like G-Shock watches to be able to link up with smartphones and be useful in your daily life. I have never thought about making tough phone cases, so it's a very fresh new idea, but unfortunately, there are no plans for that as of now.

ron2819694 karma

are there any more versions of g-shock that will have the same look as the dw-5000c-1a first g-shock?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe8 karma

It won't look exactly the same, but we'd like to consider this for the future.

StarscreamTF44 karma

are there more 30th Anniversary limited editions planned? something like the Rising Red series but in a different colour like Purple or Green?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe8 karma

I think there will be some good models coming out, so please wait and see!

JeremyClarksonVoice3 karma

  • What is your favorite G-Shock model?

  • I really love my GW5600J. I wish you design more G-Shocks in smaller dimensional sizes similar to the DW5600/GW5600 series that are not Baby G's. Will we see more smaller G Shocks in the future?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe14 karma

My favorite G-Shock is the original G-Shock (DW5000).

The watch I am wearing right now is actually the DW5600. I'm glad to hear there are other users out there who feel the same way as I do.

Zwitterion313 karma

Mr. Ibe, there are rumors spreading about the reproduction of the famous GA-110F2 Manbox. Is it true?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe10 karma

This is the first time I've heard this. I'm interested in this too, so I'm going to search for more info as well!

StarscreamTF43 karma

Dear Mr. Ibe, will you be there for the Shock the World August 7th event? I see there will be a live stream on Facebook. Will you show new models at this event?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe6 karma

Yes, I am planning to attend. As for what will happen at the event, I guess you will have to wait and see...!

SirBastiano3 karma

Mr Ibe, I'm a massive G-Shocker....what's your favourite G-Shock collaboration, and what's the rarest most limited edition you have done?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe10 karma

We've had really great collaborations, and I think they are all fantastic.

From my own personal experience, the rarest, most limited edition I have worked on is the second G-Shock watch, which is the first Mudman.

The_Hairy_Nipple3 karma

I just wanted to say thank you for helping fuel my watch obsession. G-Shocks are 4 of my 30, and definitely my favorite 4. I love my GA-303B and I am wearing it right now. Also super excited for August 7. And of course a few questions:

  1. Can you tell us anything about the event coming up on August 7th?

  2. Will Casio be doing any more watches like the Black 30th anniversary collection (with shiny buckles, flashy backs, etc [more classy/showy designs]).

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe6 karma

Thank you for being a G-Shock fan. I think the event on August 7th will be very exciting, so I hope you are looking forward to it! There will be more 30th anniversary collections that will be released, so please keep an eye out for them.

Sedi762 karma

Dear Mr. Ibe, I have one more question - will Casio release another all-digital MRG model?

kind regards, Sedi

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe6 karma

The first MRG model was all-digital. Right now, there are no plans for another one, but I would personally also like an all-digital MRG watch.

nepster9772 karma

Regarding linking up with smartphones, would that apply to all brands or do u collaborate with one?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe7 karma

Right now, they do not link up with all smartphones, but I think it would be great if we could in the future.

dpanchana2 karma

Dear Mr. Ibe, where did the idea of combining classic and modern watch came from, to make what we know as today g-shock

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe3 karma

The G-Shock was developed because the team who worked on it had people who were both interested in a classic watch design, as well as a modern one, and so we all shared our opinions together. Because we were able to combine our ideas together, we were able to make G-Shock as you know it today.

karrri31 karma


GSHOCK_KikuoIbe2 karma

My favorite and the one I have the most pride in is the very first G-Shock.

trevormac1231 karma

Mr. Ibe As a long time G -shock owner i would like to know your preferred battery?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe6 karma

I like solar batteries the best, since they are environmentally-friendly. Does this answer your question?

jazzfan4eva1 karma

Mr. Ibe, I have 10 G-Shocks and my personal favorite GA1000-1A that I just purchased. My question is, what new groundbreaking watch technology that we haven't experienced yet do you expect to be integrated into watches within the next 10-20 years? Thanks

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe4 karma

Thank you for collecting so many G-Shocks. I think there are unlimited possibilities for linking up watches with smartphones. I think there will be new technologies that I can't even imagine in the next 10-20 years, so please look forward to it.

peeaches1 karma

Wristwatches are a huge passion of mine, what do you think would be the best way for me to introduce myself into the field? Thanks!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe2 karma

If you're looking into the engineering side, the best way would to hone your skills in designing small, sophisticated parts. For the sales and marketing side, a bright smile is best!

peeaches0 karma

Definitely the engineering side! I am still a college student but have 3D modeled some simple mechanical movements, any other tips or advice on how to gain leverage in finding a job after graduation? Thank you so much for your time in answering my and others' questions!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe4 karma

3D model technology is one of the newest types of technology, so I think if you stick with this, you will have a bright future ahead of you. Good luck!

G4t5ug41 karma

I love gshock watches and own my fair share of them and just wanted to say keep up the awesome work! Also I have the burton GDF100BTN-1

And am very happy with the collaboration with burton. Any plans for another team up with them?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe4 karma

Thank you for supporting G-Shock. We will continue to have many exciting collaborations in the future.

zanonymous1 karma

Hi! Thank-you for doing this AMA. I have a few questions

  • I read that you were inspired to create a super-durable watch after you dropped a watch that was a graduation present from your father. What watch was that?

  • I have never seen an interview with you where you talk about non G-shock watches. Do you have an interest in other watches? If so, what non G-shock watches do you like?

  • The original G-Shock was built to be the ultimate tool watch - rugged and durable. While functional, it seems like aesthetics were a distant second when designing the watch. The modern G-shock has evolved into a kind of fashionable item, with colourful and eye-catching designs. How do you feel about that? Were you part of this design shift at Casio?

  • Does ultra-accurate timekeeping (such as in the Citizen Chronomaster) interest you? Would that be something that you would consider for the future of G-shock? We were talking last week about how someone recently built a pocket watch that uses atomic time-keeping. What do you think about that?

  • One of the trends of modern watches is a resurgence in interest in mechanical watches, despite the fact that they offer no practical advantage over quartz timepieces. What do you think of that?

Thanks! :)

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe3 karma

  • I often receive this question, but unfortunately I've never answered this question.
  • I think there is a lot to learn from Swiss brands, so I am very interested in those. I like watches that are high-quality but reasonably priced, and so I am currently on the development team to make such watches.
  • From the beginning, 50% of G-Shock is based on the core concepts of the original G-Shock (toughness), and the other 50% is based on new technology and new design. That combination is what makes today's G-Shock.
  • I am definitely interested in other watch companies' technologies. G-Shock also has an atomic solar watch for accurate timekeeping.
  • I am aware of this trend. However, I'd like to continue to release products using electronic technology.

rlrbladingfool1 karma

Mr. Ibe, do you have any hobbies that you like to follow when not working on G-shocks? Thank you.

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe8 karma

I like jogging and growing organic vegetables.

Videophilmer1 karma

Dear Mr. Ibe, if you had to take 3 G-Shocks on a lonely island, which ones would you choose? (Besides from your favorite, the DW-5000 Series) Thank you for inventing something that lasts!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe6 karma

I would bring: 1. Mudman GW9300 - Because it has a sensor 2. Bluetooth G-Shock - I may be able to communicate from the island! 3. I would definitely bring the very first G-Shock - Because it would encourage me right when I would feel like giving up!

Derek881 karma

Hello Mr. Ibe, this may be a silly question but I am very curious.

Could you explain how my G-Shock "beeps"? Where does the sound come from? Straight through the mineral glass?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe3 karma

Thank you for your curiosity! The sound comes from the back of the watch face, when it vibrates.

GiantsRTheBest21 karma

Mr.Ibe, what made gave you the idea of getting into making fashionable,protective,affordable watches that are Casio G-Shocks? Was there competition at that point when you started your line? Thank you for taking your time to do an IAMA

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe6 karma

I got the idea to make a tough watch when I dropped the watch my father gave to me. As we started to develop tougher watches, they began to become quite fashionable in terms of design. At that time, there were no "tough" watches, so the G-Shock did not really have any competition.

Bmwe921 karma

How do you feel that about the knock off watches that copied your brand. And what was your initial reaction too G-shock becoming so popular among artist like Kanye and pharrell.

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe4 karma

As you know, knock-offs are illegal, but I guess if there are many knock-offs, it means they are fans of Casio? As for so many celebrities being fans of G-Shock, I was initially very moved and grateful.

rlrbladingfool1 karma

Mr. Ibe, how large is the design team for G-shock watches? They are available in so many different models and fantastic colors, it's amazing!

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe8 karma

About 20 people who love G-Shock watches are on our design team.

BuckeyeEmpire0 karma

In regards to the previous answer about linking your smartphone to you watch, do you think at any point your watch will act as your phone? Where it will essentially be a touchscreen watch with all the capabilities, and then a simple earpiece as your way of listening and talking on it?

GSHOCK_KikuoIbe3 karma

Considering the shape of a watch, it doesn't seem like a very natural way to include a phone function. Your touchscreen idea is great, but I think it may be quite difficult for practical use. But even I don't know how what the future will bring...!

[deleted]-5 karma


GSHOCK_KikuoIbe5 karma

It's quite far to send from Japan to overseas, so I hope you will buy a new one!