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filya21 karma

Ever tried to play a prank on doctors? Rushing into the emergency room and yelling "Aliens teleported my heart away!!" and then the look on their face when they check you.

jeremydavis1333 karma

I will put it on my bucket list of crazy shit you can get away with when you are old.

Pewpie18 karma

Does this hold any truth?

jeremydavis1325 karma

Only after tequila.

friedjumboshrimp14 karma

Have you ever gone on a swingset so fast that you went completely over the top bar, completing a circle?

jeremydavis1347 karma

No, but I once flew around the Earth so fast, it started to rotate backwards. It was once used as the basis for the scene in a movie.

IamNotorAmI-3 karma

THat is not what happend. Superman flew so fast time moved backwards.

jeremydavis136 karma

That's why it was based upon a true story, they embellished.

GenericNick12 karma

Left-handed or right-handed? Also, which ball hangs lower?

jeremydavis1318 karma

Right handed. I have heard there was a test in WW2 to look at balls to diagnose (second hand source...well probably like 5th) and in the name of science I just checked, my left one is lower. Didn't think I would be posting that on the internet today, or well ever. Anyways, what does that mean about the majority of males? Their right ball is lower? Or are they both even??

rsd21210 karma

Ever think about getting a tattoo on your chest with an arrow pointing to the right side saying "EMTs: Wrong side; heart is over there"?

jeremydavis1312 karma

Yeah, I have thought about getting a situs inversus tattoo. When I got trained for CPR, they told me if I ever had the AED set up on me, it should still work...should. I'm feeling quite confident.

Honkeyass2 karma

Do you tell everyone where your heart really is if it comes up, or do you just go along with it?

jeremydavis138 karma

Doesn't come up too often, but I teach anatomy and physiology, so the kids usually get a kick out of it. After reading this thread, apparently, I will need to point out that I don't crap out my mouth.

Honkeyass1 karma

You responded! I feel so special! Ha so you teach anatomy? Is it related to your condition, or did you just want to teach normally?

jeremydavis132 karma

I have always been pretty good at science, so just went that way.

Nadabrovitchka7 karma

Nac uoy daer siht¿

jeremydavis1329 karma


LLLeitung6 karma

Very interesting. I had to look it up on wikipedia.

Have you ever had functional brain imaging, to see if language processing areas are reversed?

jeremydavis135 karma

I haven't. I guess there hasn't really been a reason to do it. The kids at school always ask if my brain is reversed, and if my right brain is really my left.

cpt_hammer5 karma

Have you ever been asked to volunteer as a patient for medical student exams? In med school we hear about occasions where a someone with dextracardia (just the heart) or situs inversus is the exam patient and it catches eveyone out - and can be used to test if students are lying when they say they can hear the heart sounds/feel the heartbeat

jeremydavis134 karma

I have not. Though, in one of my exams the doctor did have some students with them and had them check me out first to see if they would catch on.

cptstupendous4 karma

Has your condition affected your ability to be physically active? Do you have reduced (or increased) stamina, for instance?

Also, do you have an evil goatee?

jeremydavis1313 karma

Not that I know, I am pretty typical guy. I was a decent wrestler and soccer player in high school. I picked up running a few years back and ran a half marathon and then last year a full marathon.

Unfortunately, my evil brother inherited the strong facial hair gene. I only grow mine out to accent halloween costumes, or for bets. Last year, I had a dirty porn mustache for a day at school, because my friend bet me $20.

Ostylee2 karma

What school do you go to? You said you were 31.

jeremydavis131 karma

I am a teacher.

Slip_853 karma

This might be a foolish question, but are you right handed or left handed? I want to guess left handed since the majority of people are right and in your case that would be the opposite. I understand that my reasoning involves no use of science whatsoever.

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Slip_853 karma

According to my made up science, that means you're actually a lefty! You're just all about being a lower percentage.

jeremydavis133 karma

I think that means I have a better chance of being the president one day, so I am cool with it.

Emelhines3 karma

Are there any issues that you have to deal with daily?

jeremydavis134 karma

Nope, it doesn't really affect anything I have noticed.

lurkingfrom20092 karma

How does it feel when you are examined by every student? Also do you trick doctors and nurses when they periodically check up on youg

jeremydavis136 karma

Well, unfortunately, I have to have my intestines looked at every year because of my deformities. Frankly, it sucks. First year, I came in and the doctor brought 2 med students with him. They scoped my rear, and weren't very smooth.

Though that is nothing to last year. Apparently, they had a new doctor last year. So, with the scope up my rear, the doctor leaves the room to go and see if that doctor is available to come look. (I am a double freak in that regard as I not only have situs inversus, I also have a rare deformity of my large intestine.)

wright_dude2 karma

so if your organs are reversed are you a boy or girl?

jeremydavis134 karma

I am a guy. And usually people ask, it only affects my internal organs. All outer anatomy is normal. (Teaching high school kids, it never takes long to go down this path.)

SocksOnHands3 karma

How do you know that your outsides are not reversed? People are symmetrical.

jeremydavis132 karma

I was thinking of posterior to anterior reversal.

chem1stry2 karma

It took doctors until you were 8 to catch on?

jeremydavis132 karma

Yeah, I think it was the first time I had x rays of my organs. It doesn't have any negative side effects for me. Though the wiki says, some who are born with it have immediate congenital issues.

karnarka2 karma

Is it bad my mind instantly went "he shits out his mouth?!"?

jeremydavis131 karma

Apparently, when we talk about my condition in class, I will need to point out that I don't in fact shit out of my mouth. I didn't know so many people would immediately think this.

ErmahgerdPerngwens1 karma

How did you find out you had Situs Inversus?

As a kid when you're commonly taught your heart "is on the left side" did you get freaked out that your heartbeat wasn't there? If you knew, did it freak other kids out?

This could be an interesting AMA, but no offence, this doesn't sound like it affects you much? The photo doesn't prove much, as there's no lettering or identifiable features to say it has/hasn't been flipped. :(

jeremydavis132 karma

Yeah, you're right about the proof, sorry I don't have anything better.

They didn't find out until they were looking at x-rays to see if my appendix was acting up when I was 8. As for heartbeat, since your heart is really close to the middle noone had an issue hearing my heart beat. I remember being told when they found out, it is really compounded for kids who have a smaller chest.

eminoff1 karma

If someone were not diagnosed but had this condition do you think it would cause problems for them? Is this something, after having dealt with it, do you feel more people should be aware about?

jeremydavis131 karma

Not really, the only issues I ever had were in diagnosing my appendicitis. It's not something I have to actively deal with.

jeffontiv171 karma

So your heart is on your right side? This maybe a dumb question but what about your brain? Are the hemispheres swapped? I know both hemispheres look the same but as far as functionality goes, would you happen to know if they are are they reversed?

jeremydavis131 karma

Yes, my heart is on the right side. I don't know. Someone else mentioned it would be useful if I ever have a stroke, but by then I guess I will already have had a stroke, and we will probably know what issues I am facing. Hopefully, we will never find out.

StooftheGoof1 karma

What would happen if you needed an organ transplant of some sort? I'm assuming a normally oriented heart or liver wouldn't "fit" in your body. Would they have to find another person with situs inversus to donate?

jeremydavis131 karma

I looked at the wiki that someone linked to in the TIL post. It sounds like it would be a little screwy for most (except the organs you have two of I imagine). It said that the arteries and veins would be messed up.

eminoff1 karma

"As for saying the pledge, I am a teacher, and I simply don't put my hand all the way across my chest...too many kids thinking I was an idiot when I was younger and used the other arm."

I am not sure I understand. Why would you have to use the other arm? For the heart? Is it not towards center or is that on your right side as well?

jeremydavis131 karma

It is still towards the center like all hearts. But when I was growing up, I would use my left arm when I found it. Too many questions about why I did that, so I ended up just short arming it with my right arm.

glassf0x1 karma

With your appendicitis was your pain on the 'wrong side'? Did it mean it took longer for them to diagnose you with it?

jeremydavis135 karma

Yes, by then they knew my stuff was backwards so they knew that was where the pain should be. Not really, I was in such bad pain by the time I got to the emergency room in the middle of the night they knew.

christoph991 karma

Can you be an organ donor? I'd imagine if you're organs are on the different sides that the heart is also mirrored meaning you're aortas aren't in the same place so they can't be matched with someone else

jeremydavis132 karma

I checked the box to donate. Who knows, maybe they will go to some other person with situs inversus.

paraplegicgiraffe1 karma

Do you have to carry a card in your wallet explaining your condition? What if it were an emergency and you couldnt communicate with the doctors?

jeremydavis131 karma

I had a necklace at one point. I lost it some time back in high school.

When I get a new job, I do usually tell my co-workers in case anything messed up happens.

I should probably get another necklace though.

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jeremydavis131 karma

Here is a picture of my appendectomy scar. It is on the left side, but it should be on the right.


tiatalksalot1 karma

Haha okay but how do we know which one is your right side?

jeremydavis131 karma

It is outside, so not in a mirror.

Obese_Teen1 karma

If you got shot where a heart is on someone without situs inversus. Would you die?

jeremydavis132 karma

No, but that is unrelated to my condition. That is because I am so badass I laugh at getting shot in the chest.

kingofvodka1 karma

What's your favorite color?

jeremydavis132 karma

Blue. Though it might be because I can't tell the difference between blue and purple because I am color blind. My seven year old has already latched on to this in order to terrorize me.

Cyberian_Husky1 karma

Have you met anyone else who is afflicted?

jeremydavis131 karma

Not that I know of. It doesn't really come up in conversation.

aidirector0 karma

Are you right- or left-handed?

jeremydavis131 karma

Right handed