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Old_Fence33 karma

How high are you?

3idvet52 karma

im on 20 mg of norco and .4 mcg of dilaudid every 2 hour

Dan361227 karma

How did it happen?

3idvet37 karma

i was removing a prop shaft and my coworker walked by and engaged th tramission while the bar still had bite in the block

catcatherine11 karma

Have you been given any expectations of what you'll get back as far as nerves etc?

3idvet19 karma

As of right now no i havent thry were happy to even get it attached ag becust it was ripped my initial surgerywas 15 hrs. it is one of thos time will tell deals

richardeid8 karma

Pics or shens.

3idvet15 karma

right now all of the photos are with the wrorkmans comp but i am gettin the photots from the surgeons in a few hours

richardeid7 karma

Sorry for being skeptical.

It sounds like the reattachment was successful thus far. Have you heard any long term prognosis yet?

3idvet17 karma

its fine i have this photo http://imgur.com/gURN7Do like i said i got blood flow but i still have many surgerys ahead of me

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no im in the process of divorce