Hi, Reddit. Dad, here.

My son and I are hanging out, he was excited about answering some more questions.

His first AMA

Photo set through the transplant experience

It's been 6 months since his liver transplant and he is doing very well! He still has very frequent blood work and transplant clinic visits. His immunosuppressed state has landed him in the hospital for IV delivered medication a few times, but his recovery is great. Thanks to everyone that has messaged me checking up on him and asking how our family has been doing.

I am convinced that children in the hospital need a way to smile. r/halo, Bungie, and 343i really helped my son out while he was in the ICU recovering. That story here

I am now building a replica Spiderman costume to visit sick children in the hospital. I begin sewing tonight!

I am debuting the costume at the Make-A-Wish 5k Superhero charity. Participants will wear a superhero costume and walk/run for donations. Please consider donating on my son's behalf. Our donation page

I'll be typing out little man's answers to your questions. AMA!

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