Hello! I've been making videos under the name Nerd³ for the past 2 years and I'm about a week away from 1,000,000 subscribers. This is my job. This is my life. This is my destiny. (Maybe)


Edit 1: Proof.

Edit 2: Calling it a day for now. Need sleep. Will be back to answer more tomorrow. Thanks for the interest. :D

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Darkshadows12020 karma

Do you plan on working with more people besides Martyn?

Nerdcubed52 karma

I want to do a video with Emma Blackery soon although she may bring out my inner essex persona. :p

TCN6412 karma

Do you plan on playing anymore simulators?

Nerdcubed23 karma

Always. :D

nader50008 karma

Are you going to play minecraft again?

Nerdcubed17 karma

Maybe if I can get a fun challenge out of it.

danvar2496 karma

do you think half life 3 will ever come out? if so when do you think it will?

Nerdcubed10 karma

Yes and soon!

etheron3695 karma

Do you ever get the "Impostor Syndrome" feeling?

Nerdcubed8 karma

Nah. I'm brilliant. :p

bobofallvaas5 karma

If you had your own game development studio, what would its name be and, what would your first game be?

Nerdcubed5 karma

"Nerd³ Games" of course! :D It would be... bad probably. :p

Seabass465474 karma

Have you murdered Wot yet?

Nerdcubed7 karma

Nope. He's keeping me alive while I'm ill. :p

Samster184 karma

Dan, can I have some awesome cake please?

Nerdcubed22 karma


didopi3 karma

Celebrity girl of your dreams? (Can be a fictional character if you prefeer that)

Nerdcubed4 karma

Jewel Staite. 50% for Kaylee, 50% for her incredible food blog.

imattc2 karma

Will you do TubeCast Season 2?

Nerdcubed3 karma

Probably not unless I change the formula.


Are you ever going to do another live stream and are there ever going to be more t shirts

Nerdcubed6 karma

Not with this internet but if I ever move I shall. :)

And maybe. We shall see! :D

AlbinoMexican2 karma

How do you and Wot know each other? Who's your favorite Non-UK person?

Nerdcubed3 karma

School! Also... uhhh... Norman Borlaug.