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P00NSLAYER69491 karma

Would you rather clean up a crime scene of 100 murdered duck-sized horses or 1 murdered horse-sized duck?

Lotsofshi495 karma

I knew this was coming! However, it would be a sad day and great tragedy if either of those situations came about.

I'd rather clean up the former, as a bigger mess means more $$$ my friend!

GFandango59 karma

on what basis do you get paid?

Lotsofshi93 karma

Hourly wage. Driving to the scene is a different pay grade. I get additional commission if I referred the job or it was a result of my marketing work on off-hours.

Wormguy66614 karma

How does a job like yours affect someone's faith? Assuming their religious do you tend to see a job like that have a negative or positive affect on them?

Lotsofshi32 karma

Awesome question! I'm an atheist, and was prior to taking this job. I find most of my coworkers are as well, but it's all individual volition. I don't necessarily think the job itself would change someone's faith. Regardless of religious affiliation, it doesn't change the grim reality of the situations we deal with on a daily basis. All a matter of perspective, of course.

As for the clients, it is quite difficult to say. I take a neutral stance on any religious talk while on the job, as it is unprofessional not to. If they [clientele] bring anything up, I do my best to level with them and empathize. They are in the grieving process and I don't see anything beyond the cleanup process.

thedarklord1874 karma


ever see this movie? The main character (Samuel l Jackson ) does what you do. If so is it an accurate portrayal of the job.

Lotsofshi25 karma

No, I have not. My coworker has and he vehemently told me "NO!".

Sunshine Cleaning (http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0862846/) is another crime scene cleanup film. I was told by coworkers not to waste my time, as it would just piss me off, haha.