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oneplusoneoverphi67 karma

Does it say Charles W Chuck Bryant on your birth certificate?

joshandchuck35 karma

Chuck: Unfortunately, no.

Samueljacob37 karma

Hey guys! Long time superfan since 2009. What topics have you guys wanted/tried to cover but couldn’t due to time, political correctness, etc?

joshandchuck64 karma

Chuck: Scientology!

Neutral_Milk_Brotel15 karma

I believe that if there's any one media group who could do a comprehensive yet respectful investigation into Scientology it would be you guys, based on your past sensitive topics such as gender reassignment and destructive cults.

joshandchuck25 karma

Chuck: thanks - nice name!

Neutral_Milk_Brotel15 karma

Thanks! I emailed you a few years ago about neutral milk hotel and you told me you were seeing Jeff Mangum live! I was so jealous but I have since seen him play and it changed my life!

joshandchuck22 karma

Chuck: I remember you!

lavacat9 karma

Will you EVER do it anyway? It would be amaaaaaazing.

joshandchuck12 karma

Chuck: probably not.

Doom_Guard35 karma

Will there ever be an episode of Stuff They Don't Want You to Know that dives into proving or disproving the existence of Jeri?

joshandchuck24 karma

Josh: Man, I hope so.

Samueljacob23 karma

Describe Jeri in 3 words? Also plug for /r/SYSKarmy.

joshandchuck27 karma

Chuck: quiet, nice, sarcastic

M30W9 karma

I have a total girl crush on her. We met briefly at your science channel show premiere, and maybe it was all the wine talking, but yeah. Super cute. She seems cool.

joshandchuck15 karma

Chuck: she is very cool and will be happy to know that. :)

joshandchuck8 karma

Loyal, buddy, real? / J

lavacat18 karma

Josh -- what's the single most annoying thing about Chuck? What's the best?

Chuck -- what's the single most annoying thing about Josh? What's the best?

P.S. Thank you x10000 for making my commutes not only bearable, but fun and educational. I hoard your episodes for particularly bad weeks and road trips.

joshandchuck21 karma

Chuck: Josh isn't annoying at all, actually. I'd say the best thing is that he'd very talented behind a microphone and super smart.

penguintheft18 karma

Hey guys! Mega fan, emailed back and forth with you a few times, love the show.

  1. What's your favorite Simpsons episode?

  2. Can you post a picture of the inside of your actual recording area? I've always been curious.

  3. Do you hang out a lot outside of work?

joshandchuck17 karma

  1. The Listen Lady/Mr. Sparkle episode
  2. We've got one somewhere. It's more depressing than you'd think.
  3. On occasion / J

bread_buddy7 karma

Hello, american investor. I see you are interested in distributing Mr. Sparkle in you home prefecture.

joshandchuck12 karma

Tell Maude I want a fancy funeral! Big coffin, lots of jewels!

joshandchuck12 karma

Chuck: monorail. And yes, we could post a newer pic. And we don't hang out that much, but we enjoy it when we do.

sevvie15 karma

For highly disputed or controversial topics (e.g., fracking or hip hop), how do you make sure that you're representing all sides or facets of an issue? How do you choose whom to consult? Do you get a lot of feedback from people who feel you've misrepresented an issue?

joshandchuck15 karma

I would say we approach each topic, no matter how benign it might seem with the idea that there is someone, somewhere who takes issue with it. Then we try to find out what that issue is and include it as part of the whole. It makes every topic way more interesting, imo. / J

bread_buddy5 karma

As a follow on to this, how hard was it to do the bullfighting podcast? Chuck absolutely tore into the practice, but Josh was trying not to editorialize at all. How hard is it to coordinate your presentation of divisive topics?

joshandchuck14 karma

Chuck: that seems to just happen organically.

joshandchuck9 karma

Yeah, we try not to coordinate beforehand / J

Ugly_C14 karma

Josh and Chuck, you guys have turned into a dishwashing ritual for me. I achieve a somewhat zen-like trance, escaping from the world of work and kids and such, listening to whatever the next topic is while scrubbing dishes in some warm soapy water. :P

Anyways, how do you guys like Atlanta? I've loved the few times I've visited, is there any other place you would rather live/work instead?

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: thanks! I love Atlanta. And I'd love to live in NY one day, but that ship has probably sailed.

bread_buddy4 karma

I had a great time at Dragon*Con in my only trip to Atlanta. Do either of you ever attend? You should go and cosplay as each other.

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: I usually go to the parade.


What is the creepiest fan mail you have ever received?

joshandchuck15 karma

Chuck: believe it or not, we don't get many creepy ones.

foxydoxie7013 karma

Hey Chuck and Josh, Love you guys! Two questions...

  1. What happened to your tv series?
  2. What is the most popular/talked about show subject that you have done?

joshandchuck11 karma

Chuck: the TV series was not renewed for a second season. Sad face.

  1. Most popular, tough one. The gruesome ones and pop culture seems to be pretty popular.

ChaNasty13 karma

Can you guys talk about the state of Podcasting. Where do you see it in a year? 5 years?

joshandchuck12 karma

Chuck: seems pretty strong. I certainly hope it's still around in 5!

zeel231412 karma

Just want to say thanks for getting me into podcasts. The one about the grossest parasites is want got me hooked. I'll just go ahead and throw out a question. Are there any episodes that majorly changed your views on anything?

joshandchuck16 karma

Chuck: I wouldn't say it changed my views, but the response we got from the homeless episode def opened my eyes. In a sad way.

SmithFire1311 karma

Chuck and Josh,

Just recently started listening and now I'm doing the SYSK binge listen marathon that seems to be quite popular with new listeners. Any other media suggestions for me when I hit withdrawal at the inevitable end?

penguintheft13 karma

I remember when i caught all the way up. I felt lost. 2 new episodes a week wasn't enough.

Thankfully I broadened out a bit and discovered other amazing podcasts as well: This American Life, Planet Money, Radiolab, The Moth (pretty standard recs but I definitely have enough shows now to cover my commute)

joshandchuck10 karma

All of those are real nice. We've got some other good ones at HSW http://shows.howstuffworks.com/hsw-podcast.htm. I would also toss in anything that Jesse Thorn and Bullseye makes (including Judge John Hodgman), and 99% Invisible from Roman Mars. Just remember, even tho you'll run out, there will always be new ones twice a week.

joshandchuck9 karma

Chuck: some of the other stuff podcasts for sure.

visibomb11 karma

Love, love, LOVE the podcast. It gets me through more workdays than coffee can. And that's saying something. What's the most touching/memorable piece of listener mail you've received over the years?

joshandchuck16 karma

J: We've gotten a bunch of good stuff over the years. The two that have always stood out to me is one from a mom years back who thanked us for getting the attention of her kid, who is on the autism spectrum and showing him learning is pretty cool. That was awesome to hear. We also got one from an English teacher who uses our podcast to teach English and grammar to inmates at a prison. Stuff like that really opens your eyes.

joshandchuck9 karma

Chuck: boy that's tough. We get a lot of touching emails - usually from people who say we have helped them through some very tough times - death, sickness, etc.

jtw1616310 karma

Which episode got the most hate? Do you regret saying anything in podcast for any reason?

joshandchuck11 karma

Chuck: the one on homeless got a lot of hate. I usually watch what I say enough so that I don't have to regret anything.

PaulMcGannsShoes9 karma

Hi, guys! I'm a huge fan, thank you for getting me through some long workdays.

Question: are there any podcast requests you are SICK TO DEATH of getting?

joshandchuck16 karma

Chuck: probably How SYSK Works. We get that A LOT.

eagleandchild8 karma

If you had to relocate How Stuff Works somewhere outside of Georgia, where would you choose?

joshandchuck10 karma

Chuck: NYC!

agent_purrito8 karma

Hey guys! Love the podcast -- long-time listener! :)

What is the process for coming up with topics to discuss, other than suggestions from listeners?

joshandchuck6 karma

Chuck: we just take turns and generally simply look for interesting topics that vary in subject matter. :)

jacobo8 karma

Hey Josh and Chuck, listener from Costa Rica here.

What other podcasts you recommend? Any in particular you listen?


joshandchuck10 karma

Chuck: I listen to TAL, Judge John Hodgman, Bullseye and Marc Maron's show.

Gaywallet7 karma

If you had to choose one thing, what is the one thing that I have to know.

joshandchuck17 karma

Chuck: be kind to others.

PinkBandana6 karma

If it weren't for the show, what would your dream jobs be? Also, though there may not be an answer, what would the "definitive" sysk episode be? The one that you would choose to be shot into space for aliens or something. Peace out guys. x

joshandchuck13 karma

Josh: There actually have been ones where we finish recording and agree that it was a quintessential SYSK episode. Twinkies is a good example: It had history (Twinkies originally had banana filling), urban legends (Twinkies last forever), science (Twinkies do not, in fact, last forever); cultural stuff (Twinkie defense) - it had all these different facets to it that would interest anybody. We've recorded a number of those, but any episode that covers a topic that has that whole package is a "definitive" SYSK episode, I think.

joshandchuck12 karma

Chuck: filmmaker.

thebloodofthematador6 karma

I'm also curious to know if you get any hate mail, and if so, what kind or about what subjects?

joshandchuck7 karma

Chuck: we get mostly really great, supportive emails. We did get some angry mail from people about the homeless podcast. Sadly, there are people out there that think they deserve it.

joshandchuck6 karma

Josh: We actually don't get hate mail. Everybody who listens to the show are extremely cool people. Surprisingly so, and even the ones who come off a bit as jerks in their corrections or protests still tend to say how they really like the podcast overall. Even ones we've really offended before tend to say that they'll continue listening, they just wanted to let us know they were disappointed in us, which is really effective in getting a point across I can tell you.

Sethican6 karma

How many fan emails do y'all sift through on a regular basis? I'm curious as to how many letters and emails are read during the selection of listener mail.

joshandchuck5 karma

Chuck: we get about 100 to 150 per week.

Neutral_Milk_Brotel6 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing the AMA, I've been hoping you guys would do one for a while. Question for Chuck: you've brought up that you were raised southern baptist, but you're clearly no longer religious. What was the process of losing your faith like? When did it happen? And how did your family react? I'm going through a similar process myself and am curious as to how you handled it.

joshandchuck10 karma

Chuck: it's complicated and happened in late high school. Family sort of understands. I encourage you to just follow your heart.

sublimeluvinme6 karma

Josh and Chuck I love your podcast. Today's episode was great and Josh was extra funny. Chuck your wife makes some tasty soaps. My only knock on you guys is you arent vol fans, but I will let that slide. Now on to the questions:
How much time do you guys spend preparing for each show?
How close of friends are you irl? You two seem to mesh together well and I'm wondering if that extends to your personal lives.
How hard has it been to break into the video format? I really enjoyed the TV show!
Are you guys going to do any live shows soon? Come to Knoxville!
Please continue doing what you are doing for a long time. My tuesdays and thursdays would be terribly dull without you.

joshandchuck7 karma

Chuck: hard to put a time on it, but two shows a week combined with our other duties fills our time nicely. We are very supportive of each other in real life and can't fake that kind of camaraderie. Video is a tough game. Go Vols!

joshandchuck6 karma

J: It hasn't been too hard to transition into video as no one's watching them much, so we've been able to just kind of do our own thing. It's the same thing with how the podcast started; totally under the radar and that allowed us to figure out what we were doing without much breathing down our necks, which I much prefer.

Timedaduk6 karma

Hi guys. Me, my SO and my son all love your podcasts, you're a couple of swell dudes.

Question: You dig out the way-back machine and return to a historical setting of your choosing to live there for a full month. Where do you pick and why?

Keep up the amazing work guys and thanks for taking the time to do this.

Edit: Me learn English? Unpossible

joshandchuck11 karma

We actually have no control over the Way Back Machine. It appears to us when it is ready to be used and we just kind of smoothly introduce it into the episode. Most everyone else in the office is scared of it, what with its ability to read minds and fraying upholstery, but we feel it's pretty handy. / J

Kaiuk6 karma

Josh and Chuck, long time fan. Thanks for the AMA. I have two questions. 1. Which episode was the most fun to record? 2. Which episode received the most surprising response from listeners. Thanks!!!!!

joshandchuck9 karma

Chuck: Muppets was a lot of fun. The homeless podcast generated some surprising responses.

Le-derp26 karma

Just wanted to say you guys are awesome and have been the source of many thought provoking discussions and 'nerd rampages' for my friends and I.

joshandchuck7 karma

Chuck: thanks!

DoctorCameo5 karma

Hey, guys! Long time fan from Sweden. Just wanted to say thanks for making my commutes fun and interesting. Thank you! :)

joshandchuck4 karma

Chuck - thanks!

Sethican5 karma

Coca-Cola or Pepsi? (I think I already know with y'all being in Atlanta)

joshandchuck9 karma

Chuck: Coke. Come on.

SirDigbyChknCaesar5 karma

Josh, what should we know about Chuck?

Chuck, what should we know about Josh?

joshandchuck10 karma

J: You should know that Charles W. Chuck Bryant is just as real and friendly as he comes across on the podcast. If you feel kind of like you're pals with Chuck even though you've never met him, you pretty much are. You'd get the same kind of greeting you'd hope for from him in real life.

hayesmith5 karma

Hi Josh and Chuck - huge fan!

What serious medical ailments can be cured by Chuck's golden laugh?

joshandchuck7 karma

Chuck: most skin conditions.

sumnuyungi5 karma

What, in your opinion, has been the coolest thing you've learned while researching for SYSK? Outside of SYSK?

joshandchuck8 karma

Josh: I guess it's cool in an academic sense, but learning that it's technically legal to sterilize addicts to this day really blows me away.

joshandchuck4 karma

Chuck: probably the gruesome stuff for me - lobotomies, shrunken heads, etc.

Mies_van_der_Robot5 karma


joshandchuck9 karma

You should wait until November. / J

brinleyasdfgh5 karma

Hi Josh and Chuck (and Jeri if she's there!) Is there a topic that you've covered in a podcast that you weren't too excited about, or one that you thought would be more interesting than it actually turned out to be? Also what are some of the strangest suggestions you've gotten from people?

(Just wanted to say that my all time favorite podcast that you guys did was the Barbie Doll® episode, I could not stop laughing when hearing the description of I Love Lucy Santa Barbie.)

joshandchuck11 karma

Chuck: We recorded one show that was so crappy that we locked it away forever. It's now our "use only in case of emergency cast"

lavacat6 karma

What was the topic?

joshandchuck8 karma

Chuck: trade secret.

bleepssweepscreeps4 karma

Hey guys, long time internet first time asking you questions via ama-er. Now that you have the tv gig up and going which do you prefer recording tv or podcasts and which do you think will be best for your future careers ?

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: TV was fun, but I like podcasting.

mistermajik20004 karma

Love the podcast.

I've noticed many times that you claim that Jeri will "edit out" meandering side conversations or off-color remarks, but there they are. We just heard it. Has there been anything said that was actually cut out? What sort of stuff would you be willing to admit to that has been cut out?

also - do you think that every time you say "Chuckers" someone still is doing shots? I bet they've got quite a drinking problem by now.

joshandchuck7 karma

Josh: I can't imagine anyone doing that drinking game could possibly still be alive after these years.

nutellatime4 karma

How did you start working for How Stuff Works?

How do I, as a college student, start working for How Stuff Works?

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: I got lucky and knew someone who worked here. And our careers page is actually up to date and well-managed.

darkxc324 karma

Hey guys, big fan of the show. How do you make the podcasts on material you have just learned about seem so conversational as if you've had this knowledge for your whole life?

joshandchuck8 karma

Chuck: I think the key is that we don't rehearse and just try to have a good chat about the topic.

Riles424 karma

  1. How much do you guys dominate at Friday Night Trivia contests?
  2. If one of you were to stop working on the show for whatever reason, would it still go on? Or does the dream team stick together?

So much love for both of you guys, keep on making me smarter!

joshandchuck8 karma

Chuck: I do pretty well at trivia, but haven't been in a while. And I can't imagine ever doing the show with someone other than josh.

Samueljacob2 karma

What about John Hodgman?

joshandchuck11 karma

Hodgman's not allowed around Chuck when I'm not around, just in case.

Godzrocker4 karma

It's it weirder to hear your voice on a podcast or see yourself on TV?

joshandchuck9 karma

Josh: I used to think I had a terrible, high pitched voice. It wasn't so much hearing it on the podcast that changed my mind, but that people didn't write in demanding I be removed because of it. That was kind of weird for me; changing how I think of my own voice. I talk to myself a lot more now.

ForbiddenStuff4 karma

What is the minimum/maximum amount of time a morning shower should last? Thanks for doing this - love the show!

joshandchuck10 karma

Short enough to lather appropriately, but just shy of actually rinsing off. According to Dear Abby etiquette dictates you should always have a thin layer of dried soap on you. /J

SirDigbyChknCaesar3 karma

That sounds itchy.

joshandchuck7 karma

It's horrific, but Dear Abby says.

Ugly_C4 karma

Do you guys ever get vetoed by the higher ups on any of your shows/ideas, or do you pretty much have free reign over the podcast?

joshandchuck18 karma


aiagh4 karma

Favorite style of architecture?

joshandchuck4 karma

Chuck: I like craftsman and mid-century modern in terms of houses.

georgia104 karma

It sounds like y'all are actually friends during the podcast, do y'all hang out a lot outside of the show? (also GO DAWGS!!! from a fellow UGA grad)

joshandchuck5 karma

Chuck: we do sometimes. And yes we are friends. We can't fake that stuff.

lhk913 karma

I've been listening to you podcasts ever since they were the 5 minute shows, they would be over just as I wanted to learn more!

Just want to say thanks for keeping me entertained and informed during my many train commutes, keep it up!

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: thanks for the support!

Chiz_93 karma

If you could be a master of any one of the topics you've covered, what would it be? E.g., you could know absolutely everything there is to know about the sun, or you could be a ninja.

joshandchuck8 karma

Chuck: great question! I'd probably be a head shrinker.

Eminemshrty3 karma

What's the most absurd thing people have asked you in fan mail?

joshandchuck10 karma

Chuck: to go out to eat with them. ;)

astro_grad3 karma

Hi y'all! I'm a fan from San Diego State University (originally from South Carolina)! I'm an astronomy graduate student and I think it would be such a good podcast to go over the women in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Just an idea ;)

QUESTION: What is your favorite book?

joshandchuck5 karma

Chuck: Middlesex.

OHiowan3 karma

Josh: As a fellow Toledoan, how badly do you want a Tony Packo's hot dog right now??

I also would like to throwout there that a SYSK on Juggalos would be fascinating. I really like how you both delve into different subcultures (Free Masons, Burning Man, etc.)

joshandchuck14 karma

Josh: I pretty much always want a Tony Packo's hot dog, so my answer would be "very badly." One listener wrote in and asked what to eat when he visited Toledo and I dragged out the Packo's menu to give him some ideas and ultimately told him to leave me alone because if I can't have any Tony Packo's why should this guy? Why, because he's willing to shell out his money for a ticket to Toledo? That's not fair.

IloveSYSK3 karma

Hey guys!

I have to admit seeing you guys on TV freaked me out a bit. I had only ever heard your voices on the podcasts. I had incorrectly assumed that Josh was Chuck's voice and vice versa.

Now for the hard-hitting questions: What are your thoughts on the Atlanta Falcons' new training camp "burger" (http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/22772455/atlanta-falcons-want-help-naming-new-training-camp-burger) which features barbecue, bacon, mac 'n cheese, cole slaw and onion rings?

What would you name it?

Would you try it?

Maybe a future podcast on extreme meals...

joshandchuck5 karma

Chuck: that sounds delightfully disgusting and yes, I would eat that. In fact I may soon.

sirbanksy3 karma

You mentioned a podcast in earlier episodes that you recorded but was so bad it hadn't been released. What was the topic?

joshandchuck5 karma

Chuck: trade secret.

vidproducer3 karma

Do you like Tab cola?

joshandchuck5 karma

Chuck: I do not, but I have a friend who really does. ;)

Spinoza843 karma

We hoard it in your honor :)

vidproducer2 karma

This is why you are my favorite, Spinoza84.

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: I thought I was.

joshandchuck2 karma

Do they still make that stuff?

Chiz_93 karma

Absolutely love your guys and the show. You've really changed a lot in my life, so thank you!

Question: What podcast topic has garnered the most backlash?

joshandchuck4 karma

Chuck: thanks! I'd say the one on homelessness.

Spinoza843 karma

If you guys weren't podcasters extraordinaire, what would you be doing as a job?

joshandchuck6 karma

Chuck: filmmaker

cathatmatbat3 karma

Hey Josh and Chuck! My fiance and I listen to your podcasts on road trips- we're both big fans!

He's not a Redditor, but he wants to know- spam or twinkies? GO.

joshandchuck7 karma

Chuck: both - one for main course, the other for dessert.

jb65053 karma

Hey guys, long term listener here: Exactly how scripted is the show? You two have excellent chemistry, but is the entire show actually adlibbed? To what extent do you outline?

joshandchuck5 karma

The show's totally unscripted. We agree to cover an article from HowStuffWorks and we both go off and research the topic and then come back and talk about it. What you hear is the first time it's been discussed and we try to edit as little as possible. There have been one or two eps that had no edits whatsoever.

idocrosswordsinpen3 karma

Josh and Chuck! Just wanted to drop a quick THANK YOU. Your bodyfarms podcast helped me as a first year high school English teacher to get my kids actually interested in Frankenstein. It's an older book and was hard for them to read, but the podcast really fit in well with the scenes where Frankenstein is creating the monster. They loved it! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

joshandchuck2 karma

Chuck: thanks a lot!

jeff3033 karma

I love the podcast; it's helped my wife and I make many long road trips more enjoyable. It took me a little while to warm up to it, but after a few episodes I was hooked. I'd easily put it in same echelon as This American Life or Radiolab.

Having dispensed with the ass kissing, here's my question. What was your biggest misconception that was squashed in the course of doing research for an episode?

joshandchuck8 karma

Josh: I've been trying to come up with an answer to your question; it is a really great one. Since I can't come up with a single misconception that was squashed, I will say that I guess I've learned to not hang onto my conceptions as a result of having so many of them changed by digging into varying viewpoints and seeking to be objective for a living.

Neutral_Milk_Brotel2 karma

Favorite Modest Mouse song?

joshandchuck5 karma

Chuck: anything off their first four albums.

m16gon2 karma

Hey guys, just wanted to ask when you were both kids what did you guys want to be? Thanks for all the great podcasts!

joshandchuck4 karma

Chuck: filmmaker.

taylor_norm2 karma

Would you guys ever be interested in doing books based on your podcasts?

joshandchuck6 karma

Chuck: that is a possibility. Stay tuned!

seren_canis2 karma

I have the same birthday as you, Chuck :) I'm a big fan, any chance you'd ever come to the UK?

joshandchuck4 karma

Chuck: I'd love to come to the UK. I've been to London - loved it.

Sarcasm_and_stuff2 karma

Hey guys, I love the podcast and the show isn't too bad either. I've been listening since 2009.

I have a story about the podcast about inventing your own country. I invented a fake country and wrote a 5-page history about it and sent it to the UN, asking if I could become an officially recognized country. I never got a reply. :(

So anyway, my question(s). What was your favorite episode? What is your favorite candy? What were your majors in college?

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: I like lobotomies, Reese's cups and I was an english major.

ScarletSpider20122 karma

Which episode have you learned the most from? Will there be another season of the SYSK TV show?

Maybe I'm just being opportunistic here but could I also request an episode on either photography or the history of cinemas/movie theaters?

Oh yeah, love the show and I try to listen to it when I'm working out or commuting. To put it simply, thanks for the show.

joshandchuck2 karma

Chuck: I learn a lot with all of the science episodes because I never knew much about it in school. Sadly, there will be no more SYSK TV.

zorbiffle92 karma

Who's the most easily grossed out by certain topics - Josh, Chuck, or Jeri? (Also: what topics in particular?)

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: hmmm, depends. Usually Jeri.

Cleft_of_Venus2 karma

Josh and Chuck:

What would you consider to be your favorite documentaries of all time?

joshandchuck6 karma

Chuck: Vernon, Florida

seonadancing1 karma

It seems like sometimes, you guys are learning something as you read it to us. Or you just read up on it recently for the show. Is that common, and how often are you cramming on wikipedia 5 minutes before a show?

joshandchuck6 karma

Chuck: I think when that happens it's usually one of us surprising the other with something. So yes, we are learning sometimes - from one another.

hgolightly611 karma

Hi Chuck and Josh, I love listening to the podcast - they are practically staples of my weekly routine! Keep up the good work! What was a research topic that you guys thought would be boring but turned out to be really interesting?

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: The Sun!

joshandchuck3 karma

Josh: How Population Works. I think that's probably one of the least-listened to episodes - we may as well have titled it How Boring Works - but it turned out to be extremely interesting. We've got another one like that coming out soon, How Maps Work, that I suspect a lot of people will steer clear of, but it's a pretty good one. You get to hear our brains break.

5thAvenue1 karma

Hey guys, will you do a podcast on heavy metal following your hip-hop one? PS I'm the one who sent you the short film about Jonestown. Big Fan.

joshandchuck3 karma

Chuck: I remember you! That was awesome. And yes, we probably should do one on metal.

littlehobbit1 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing this (long awaited) AMA. As a long time fan (from Guatemala), I wanted to thank you for being such a constant source of knowledge and fun.

Now, question: I'm really impressed by the variety on the ways you shoot your videos, particularly the Today in history videos. It seems like you guys try to do something new and different on each episode. How do you guys come up with all if those? How big is your writing team?

Also, are we getting a season 2 of the show? You two are surprisingly good actors.

joshandchuck2 karma

Chuck: thanks a lot! You can credit Josh with the TDIH creativity. And our writing team consists of us two. Sadly, no season two of TV though.