Hey reddit, I am looking forward to answering all of your questions about how a guy like myself went from hockey player to U.S. Champion figure skater, or anything else you'd like to know. This fall I will begin competing in our Olympic season with the hopes of securing one of two spots Team USA will send to the Olympics in Sochi. AMA

Background info: http://web.icenetwork.com/skaters/detail.jsp?id=101022&mode=I

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/rQWfR6l.jpg

Edit: 12:48 p.m. - Thanks to everyone who stopped by to ask a question! I have to get back to the rink and keep training, but if you have something you'd like to ask, feel free to follow me on Twitter and ask me there.

www.twitter.com/maxtaaron - @MaxTAaron


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hoopera234 karma

What would Brian Boitano do?

MaxTAaron387 karma

He'd use his magical fire breath to save the maidens fair.

Maxwyfe92 karma

With this statement, you have made me a figure skating fan for life.

MaxTAaron100 karma

Glad to have you.

TranceGemini77 karma



MaxTAaron121 karma


May I add, he'd also do two Salchows and a triple Lutz while wearing a blindfold?

girkabob83 karma

The most important thing I've learned today is that it's not spelled "sow-cow." Thank you!

MaxTAaron23 karma

You're welcome :)

Papa_Bitch141 karma

My name is Aaron Maxx. We cool?

MaxTAaron152 karma

We cool.

leclair929129 karma

What do figure skaters think of Blades of Glory?

MaxTAaron191 karma

I thought that movie was hilarious, I love Will Ferrell. You just have to realize that a lot of the stuff in the movie is not how things really happen.

lonely-stoner128 karma

What's a normal workout day for you? People always make fun of your sport but then I'm like, they seem in pretty good shape...

MaxTAaron238 karma

A normal workout day for me:

I do a short cardio session in the morning as a warmup and then I skate four 45-minute sessions. After that I'll go to the gym where I spend a lot of time doing explosive lifting (cleans, jerks, snatch, squats and some plyometrics) and then I end with a very intense cardio session. After that I'll head to rehab to protect against injuries.

PatentAtty82 karma

Given that every other professional sport seems to have drug issues, how prevalent are performance enhancing drugs in skating? Would you report violators?

MaxTAaron102 karma

I think it's important to be fair and clean in any sport. I don't think they're very prevalent in my sport, but I am all about being clean and having a level playing-field.

Skittl132167 karma

You get a lot of flack for not being artistic. Do you THINK you are artistic? (It seems like you certainly got into a character for west side story). Do you think program components are even the same as "the artistic mark" or is it something else entirely?

Also congratulations on your national title and your world finish- really amazing! Hard to believe you are in the top 10 at worlds without even going to a GP (And watching you jump into the boards and then bounce off like it hadn't even happened was pretty crazy...does anything phase you?)

MaxTAaron57 karma

I think last year's programs were definitely on the masculine side, but I think there were a lot of artistic elements while I was playing a character along with following the music. I have been working hard to find a nice balance between being athletic and artistic for this year's programs.

Thanks! I try not to let anything phase me, I feel like I am trained and ready for anything to happen. Sometimes you only get one opportunity in life and I wasn't going to let that affect me.

GoProDad55 karma

Hi Max, my daughter skates in Northbrook, she took a pic with you here. Can you let explain the total cost of Figure Skating? How often do you practice? What you plan on doing with life after training for the Olympics? Thanks again for being a great guy and promoting this sport. And thanks for taking the time out to take a picture with my daughter, she was on cloud 9 that day.

MaxTAaron83 karma

I'm glad it made her day, tell her I said hello and I hope she's doing well!

There are costs associated with figure skating and it fluctuates depending on each athlete. I'd say, for an elite-level athlete, you're looking around $2,000 a month.

I practice 3.5 hours a day on the ice and spend two hours a day in off-ice training.

Right now, I am looking forward to being a Real Estate agent. I have been watching a lot of Million Dollar Listing and would love to go to work wearing a different suit every day.

hogpiesatwork52 karma

MaxTAaron85 karma

Watch my free skate at the U.S. Championships, let's just say I needed to blow my nose at the end of my program. I think that's as hilarious as it gets.

dardar112637 karma

That did kind of drive me crazy when I saw you in the Kiss & Cry area...I thought "Get that kid a tissue!" lol

MaxTAaron68 karma

Make it a Puffs.

jumbleton50 karma

Loved your short program last season. How much influence do you have in selecting your music? What do you think of Daft Punk's new album?

MaxTAaron64 karma


First of all, I love the new Daft Punk album and I am always listening to it in my car. In regards to selecting my music, I have a lot of influence in selecting my own music, with help from my coaches, but it really comes down to if I love the music or not.

lula248843 karma

What is your favourite type of Dinosaur?

MaxTAaron63 karma

I have to go with the T-Rex, who I consider the most dominant dinosaur.

mambos1through460 karma

And why does nobody skate to the music from Jurassic Park anymore? Did Tanya Harding ruin that for everyone?

MaxTAaron79 karma

Haha, I may have to bring it back.

icenetwork38 karma

How important to you is your Jewish faith and how does it play into your everyday life?

MaxTAaron54 karma

My faith is very important to me and it's a part of the way I grew up. I still practice to this day and make time to observe despite my training.

RowTheDamnBoat38 karma

Have you wanted to do this your whole life?

MaxTAaron47 karma

As I grew up, I played a lot of sports, but I fell in love with figure skating but I still love playing a lot of other sports.

coldstar20 karma

What other sports did/do you play?

MaxTAaron45 karma

greenfox3837 karma

What's your favorite jump? And non-jump element?

MaxTAaron52 karma

Favorite jump: Triple Axel

Favorite non-jump element: Footwork, especially for this year.

mambos1through432 karma

Figure Skating has a reputation for being a pretty conservative sport and pretty solidly "conservative Christian." I remember Paul Wylie being very vocally proselytizing, Scott Hamilton being a regular on the 700 club, and Kristi Yamaguchi appearing in a Mitt Romney ad.

Do you find that to the be case? How has that affected you or your experience as a Jewish athlete? And do you think that reputation (real or deserved) has alienated people (younger audiences, gay and lesbians, etc) from being fans of the sport?

MaxTAaron36 karma

While I agree with you that figure skating can be a conservative sport at times, I don't think that defines me or how I choose to carry myself. I don't think it has affected me, and I enjoy being a jewish athlete in this sport. If there is anyone that feels alienated, I hope to turn them into fans and make them feel more accepted.

FletchedUp31 karma

Hey Max, good luck! What kind of mental prep do you go through before an event to help ensure you are ready to be the best?

MaxTAaron55 karma


I spend a lot of time with my psychologist and we go through a lot of the things that could happen at an event so I am ready for anything.

dardar112630 karma

Whether or not you make it to Sochi 2014, do you plan to stay in figure skating for the 2018 Olympics?

MaxTAaron36 karma

I'm taking things day by day. My short-term goal is to make the 2014 Olympic Team, but 2018 is definitely a long-term goal of mine.

dt1325 karma


MaxTAaron30 karma

The choreo is planned by my choreographers, Pasquale Camerlengo and Lori Nichol, but we work together to make sure it looks correct for me to do it.

The outfits are custom-made and I have a hand in designing them to go along with my music. I think people want to keep everyone on their toes and changing their costume is one way to do it.

misskarne25 karma

Favourite place you've been to so far? Any place you wish you could go?

MaxTAaron47 karma

My favorite place to skate is Japan, the fans there are amazing and so supportive.

I am really looking forward to visiting Israel some day.

misskarne10 karma

Would you have wanted to come to Skate DownUnder in Sydney if it wasn't the same time as Champs Camp?

MaxTAaron13 karma

I hope to one day travel to Australia, but probably not in an Olympic year. I hope to one day perform there.

Salmon_Pants7 karma

Japan is great and so is Israel! Question: do you miss playing hockey?

MaxTAaron10 karma

I do, a lot of my friends still play in the WHL and at D-1 and I love seeing them progress as I live through them.

dasherboard22 karma

Hi Max, ice tech here. What's the most common pet peeve for you when it comes to the ice/arena? How often does the ice condition meet your standards?

MaxTAaron23 karma

The most common pet peeve for me are when holes aren't patched on the ice properly because it's really easy to twist an ankle and get seriously injured.

I try not to be picky because I'm always on other people's ice and I just go with it.

felto35618 karma

are you like michael phelps in the way that he eats like 10,000 calories a day when he's training? what's your diet like?

MaxTAaron25 karma

I would love to eat as much as Michael Phelps! I don't think I burn as many calories as he does.

Soxknocker16 karma

I'm going to the 2014 National Champs to watch you compete for the Olympic spot!!! What can I expect?Any chance of meeting you??

MaxTAaron19 karma

Thanks for your support of figure skating and I always try and make time to meet my fans!

Hopefully you can expect to see two clean performances!

ChiefRunsWithHardOn15 karma

How did figure skating go when you were in school? Any teasing because you're a guy?

MaxTAaron25 karma

I skated before and after school, I did go to public school my entire life.

I took my sports very seriously and no one disrespected me because they saw how hard I was working.

edit41114 karma

Mazel tov re your Skate America and NHK assignments. Before your GPs, will you defend your title at the US Int'l Classic in SLC (possible pre-match w/ Lysacek before Skate America??) and/or compete at another Senior B? All the best to you on the road to Sochi.

MaxTAaron16 karma


I do plan to compete prior to my GP assignments, but I'm going to wait to announce where I will be competing.

edit4115 karma

No worries -- understand that you're not ready to announce. By the way, have fun at Champs Camp! Would love to see you in a ShibsSibs video!!

MaxTAaron9 karma

Thanks! We have been talking about making one.

E_franco13 karma

Ever since I met you at the ice dreams tour, I have worked and pushed my self to do better. My mom (who is also my coach) always asks "what has motivated you to work harder recently?" I respond to "After seeing Max Aaron skate, I want to go somewhere with my skating. When he skated, he looked so happy on the ice and comfortable. That's what skating should be. Fun and comfortable to preform." Thank you for inspiring me so much. So my overall question is, whats your motivation? Who inspired you to skate and go somewhere with your skating? What would be some advice for a skater who wants to go somewhere with their skating? Thanks !

MaxTAaron7 karma

Thanks so much for your kind words!

My family has played a huge role in my motivation and I enjoy working hard every day and letting all that hard work play out on the ice. My advice is to make sure you love what you do, and if you do, that's motivation enough.

misskarne12 karma

What's the funniest thing you've ever been thrown on the ice?

MaxTAaron27 karma

The funniest thing may have been the time I had a stuffed animal thrown on the ice with my face taped to where the head should be.

Although, I have heard other skaters have had ladies underwear thrown on the ice for them...

Gingetastico12 karma

If you were gonna skate to one song and one song only what would it be?

MaxTAaron13 karma

I think you know the answer to this one.

kanayeva11 karma

Who is your favorite women figure skater?

MaxTAaron14 karma

Gracie Gold

dardar11265 karma

Why are we NOT surprised! ;)

MaxTAaron5 karma

I do have a lot of other favorites too :).

kanayeva2 karma

:) thanks for reply. besides her, Are there any skaters who inspire you as a skater?

MaxTAaron5 karma

Michelle Kwan, Ashley Wagner, Sarah and Emily Hughes and rink-mate Agnes Zawadzki.

StoleYourComment11 karma

Good luck with everything brother!

What do you think about the S.Korean goddess, Yuna? Think you could out figure-skate her?

MaxTAaron20 karma


She's just on a different level. She could be the Michael Jordan of figure skating right now.

kanayeva10 karma

Do you want to compete in team competition in Olympic honestly? and what do figure skaters think about it?

MaxTAaron9 karma

If I make the team I'd love to compete in the team event. It's another opportunity to win an Olympic medal.

MrMason5229 karma

Do you play any video games? If so, which ones and what platform?

MaxTAaron12 karma

Unfortunately I don't have time to play video games right now.

1025-Nicolet9 karma

Thank you for being inspiring, humble, and kind. In vail, you came up to my friend when she was crying outside. You have a wonderful personality and I with all your fans are so excited to see your career blossom and we are all behind you! LOTS OF LOVE MAX!

MaxTAaron4 karma

Thanks! Love you back.

1025-Nicolet8 karma

How do you deal with nerves and what is the hardest aspect of overcoming these nerves? Love you so much!

MaxTAaron11 karma

Love you back!

I try and prepare myself so that there are no nerves. I enjoy figure skating so much, so why be nervous to do something you love. Life is too short to let nerves get in the way.

fordaydreams8 karma

I loved your choice of music. I'm a big fan of West Side Story and Tron Reconfigured was the soundtrack to my summer last year. Can't wait to see your take on Carmen next season. Aside from Daft Punk, what other artists or songs do you like? And also, I am a fan of Johnny Weir as well. What was it like working with him?

MaxTAaron7 karma



Johnny is a great friend and he is so funny and entertaining to be around.

yancancook8 karma

What are you doing on the internet? America is counting on you to bring home the gold!

MaxTAaron9 karma

I'm going back to the rink now!

edit4118 karma

True that you are taking classes in both ballet and ballroom dance to improve your skating? When did you start taking them and how much time do you spend on them per week? Have you started to enjoy the classes for their own sake at all? Hope so.

MaxTAaron7 karma

That is true that dance lessons can improve your skating if used in the right way. I have been doing both ballet and ballroom dance for a while and as I became more mature I began to enjoy them in their own way. I tried to perform them in the studio like it was a competition.

VictorERink7 karma

How did your parents contribute to your athletic success? What did your father or mother say to you that helped you find your inner fire!?!

MaxTAaron5 karma

The constant support my parents have given me has made me who I am today. They have always kept me grounded and humble and to keep pushing for my goals.

Sacoco7 karma

Does figure skating translate well to hockey? I keep picturing a certain scene from The Mighty Ducks.

MaxTAaron9 karma

Some things, like speed and aggression do, but a lot of it is quite different.

Wu, Kenny Wu.

overlander27 karma

First, I'd like to say you are my role model and favorite male figure skater. I've skated my whole life with the dream of one day making the Olympics. Unfortunately injuries have made that an unrealistic goal. Anyway, I loved watching your short program last season, it was fantastic! Also, your quad salchows are incredible!!! It was incredibly motivating to watch. I wish you the best of luck with making the 2014 Sochi Olympics! :) Also, thank you for doing this AMA! Edit: I guess I need a question, so how long did it take you to land your quad salchow? It was unbelievable to watch!

MaxTAaron10 karma

First of all, I am sorry to hear about your injuries but I am honored to have you as a fan.

The quad Sal took me a couple months to land my first one.

icenetwork6 karma

How much of a whirlwind has this offseason been? How have you dealt with the distractions that come with your newfound fame?

MaxTAaron6 karma

I have been trying to keep everything the same. What I did last year worked for me so I am hoping to keep training as hard as I can.

beesbee6 karma

Why didn't your Tron costume light up??

MaxTAaron12 karma

I couldn't make it work, trust me, I tried.

JayBuzz6 karma

Favorite Hockey team?

MaxTAaron23 karma

Detroit Red Wings

praisedawings2478 karma

And why is it the red wings?

MaxTAaron17 karma

Most of my family lives in the area and I always went back and forth to Detroit so I always went to games. My favorite players have always been Steve Yzerman and Sergei Fedorov.

LizjaimeS6 karma

What is your favorite pizza topping?

MaxTAaron8 karma

Pepperoni and cheese.

1025-Nicolet5 karma

What does your diet consist of and how much effort do you put into maintaining your diet?

MaxTAaron6 karma

My diet consists of high-protein and low-carbs. I put a lot of effort into maintaining my diet.

smackuu5 karma

What's the weirdest things you saw in your audience?

MaxTAaron10 karma

I saw someone pass out right before Daisuke Takahashi skated.

Bragadash4 karma


Thanks for doing this AMA!

Men's figure skating has a tendency to get made fun of... A lot. Out of curiosity, how old were you when you first started skating? Were you picked on because of your interests? And how did you deal with that?

Thanks again, and go USA!

MaxTAaron5 karma


Like I said before, I think everyone respected how hard I was working on my craft so I didn't have to deal with being picked on. I'd only hope that to be the case with everyone else.

1025-Nicolet4 karma

At my rink, we all look up to you. Your skating quality, personality, and gorgeous smile, face, and everything else. :D

MaxTAaron7 karma

Thanks! What rink?

edit4113 karma

Any chance that you'll make news here and tell your loyal redditor audience what your new SP music is? ;) If not, anything you can tell us about how your Carmen FS is coming along?

MaxTAaron3 karma

I am trying to keep this a secret for as long as I can, I am trying to build some suspense and that everyone enjoys both programs.

The free skate is going well and is definitely different for me and a step in the right direction.