hi reddit. i was created at a research facility in Nevada as part of an electron experiment using only positive isotopes mixed with manipulated molecules. now i'm trying to pursue my dream of singing on broadway. my album is called watching movies with the sound off and i'm going to be touring from now until august 10th. ask.

proof: https://twitter.com/MacMiller/status/356837125557207040

thank you everyone for coming and hanging out. unfortunately i have been up for the past 24 hours watching "orange is the new black" and i'm going to fall asleep any second now. i have to go but i'll be back on /r/hiphopheads.

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EasternFitz1015 karma

What does Ariana's hair smell like?

Mac_Miller_1228 karma


Jfinn2493 karma

What kind of cookies?

Mac_Miller_1068 karma

chocolate chip.

Michael_Thugless750 karma

Are you going to do any work with Childish Gambino?

Mac_Miller_1197 karma

yes, i am supposed to send him some beats.

FlyersFan11707 karma

My name is also Mac Miller so thanks for giving me the easiest pickup line ever.

Anyway, I have one question: What has been your favorite place to perform and why? Keep up the good work.

Edit: a word

Mac_Miller_867 karma

you're welcome

my favorite place to perform is pittsburgh, always. there is a special energy there.

JPNasty672 karma

Would you ever do a song with Eminem?

Mac_Miller_1071 karma

hell yea

TrepidaciousFatGuy626 karma

Yo mac, I was the fat dude killing dance circles in you "Party on 5th Ave" video, remember me?. Anyways, I just wanted to say that whole video shoot was fun as hell and I always tell people how I was surprised how down to earth you were. Anyways, keep reppin' for Pittsburgh brotha.

EDIT: Also, I remember what song put me on to you, back in 09 this was my shit party in the USA remix, you should put out a mixtape doing more remixes like this

Mac_Miller_509 karma

yea and hell yea!

K3ViNPwNz595 karma

Are you going to do any Collabs with Chance the Rapper?

Mac_Miller_856 karma

we already did one, working on more.

baito586 karma

Did you fuck Ariana Grande?

Mac_Miller_1479 karma

watch your mouth.

Dat_Asymptote459 karma

What's the best movie to watch with the sound off?

Mac_Miller_952 karma

turtle: the incredible journey.

ceesmusic458 karma

Mac so I'm curious to whats your view on birds?

Mac_Miller_1432 karma

they have life figured out.

iMyth392 karma

Hey Mac, big fan and long time listener. Who is your favorite artist to work with?

Also, have you ever checked out /r/hiphopheads? You have a pretty big fan base growing over there thanks to WMWTSO.

Mac_Miller_697 karma


yea, i've checked out /r/hiphopheads...i have noticed, my friend from colorado actually put me on that. i think it's cool, i like open discussions.

ProcrastinatorGod376 karma

How much pussy did clock actually get last night?

Mac_Miller_659 karma

a single female.

patman920322 karma

How much has your family supported your music?

Mac_Miller_741 karma

zero - psych. as much as you could ask for

KidFuture280 karma

How did your friendship with q came together?

Mac_Miller_671 karma

cuz he lent me a tshirt at a party.

gersmith6274 karma

Is Pink Slime ever getting released?

Mac_Miller_384 karma

yes. whenever me and p get back in the studio.

K3ViNPwNz268 karma

What was it like working with Schoolboy Q? The guy's energy seems to be off the walls.

Mac_Miller_1099 karma

he sucks. i have to write all his verses for him.

zeebs758266 karma

If Biggie and Tupac were hosting two separate parties on the same night, whose would you attend? Why?

Mac_Miller_617 karma

biggie's party because...i'd draw straws.

Mr_marres256 karma

Been a fan for a couple years and I've noticed your music style become more mature in a sense. Was there a specific event that caused that?

Mac_Miller_1384 karma

some birthdays.

agehayoshina233 karma

Hey Mac!

Big fan of your stuff.

'Watching Movies With The Sound Off' is a fucking HUGE change from 'Blue Slide Park' and I love it.The music has gone from well produced happy-go-lucky college rap to brilliantly produced rap that is veering straight into leftfield. When Blue Slide Park came out I was 15, and I thought 'that shit's dope' but then I started moving into different areas of electronic music, more specifically the L.A and Glasgow Beat Scenes (Hudson Mohawke, Lunice, Flying Lotus etc.). From what I can tell you have donesomething similar on a much grander scale than me and most of my questions are regarding that.

  • 1.) The track S.D.S. is produced by FlyLo, what was it like working with him? Did he just send you the beat or did you guys sit down together?

  • 2.) What made you change from the happy-go-lucky college rap 'genre' to the somewhat darker L.A beats area?

  • 3.) Of the beats you produced on WMWTSF, which ones are you most proud of?

  • 4.) On 'Red Dot Music' one of the opening lines is 'who the fuck is Mac Miller', so in your own words who the fuck is Mac Miller at the moment?

  • 5.) In one of your videos (can't remember which one) one can see the young Mac rapping 'Rapper's Delight' by the Sugarhill Gang. That made me wonder what aspects of the old school influenced you in both your older and your more recent work?

  • 6.) What do you think are the best hip hop albums of the last year? The most overlooked? What rapper is really tearing it up that almost no-one has heard of? What's your favourite non-rap song at the moment?

  • 7.) aaaaaand finally who are your favourite electronic producers at the moment?

I know this is quite longwinded so just answer what you want.

Thanks for doing this man, really appreciate it!

Mac_Miller_342 karma

1 it's a good experience, he's a good friend and it's fun to work with people who are excited about creating music and just creating something. we did it at his house.

2 i wouldn't have ever put that specific of a title on any period of musical career, i just think that the things i wanted to focus on have changed and grown and it's just all about me progressing forward in life.

3 aquarium.

4 that's a good question. i don't have an answer.

5 i couldn't call specific aspects, but i just think that all music that you listen to is going to influence and come through in some form in whatever you create.

6 kendrick's album. ab-soul's album. vince staples - i think that he just started, he's still at the building stage of his career. my favorite nonrap song - radiohead's "all i need."

7 i really don't even know what makes someone an electronic producer, is flylo considered electronic? i guess him.

Jonathansussman227 karma

How did you meet tyler and OF?

Mac_Miller_491 karma

at a dance battle.

xxlauraleexx138 karma

Who won?

Mac_Miller_482 karma

lil saint

Buzzarda333221 karma

Who has influenced you the most throughout your career and helped you get to where you are now?

Mac_Miller_567 karma


blakedoyle41195 karma

Your music is a huge part of my life.


Mac_Miller_307 karma

you're welcome.

mhch720183 karma

What was working with Jay Electronica like?

Mac_Miller_302 karma

very spiritual. and enlightening. he's a very intelligent human being.

utahinneed176 karma

Mr. Miller, I am the head of security for the Nevada Electron Experiment facility you have until 21:00 hours to report back to the facility peacefully. Please Mac you remember what happened last time we had to use force. If you need a reminder just think about the Larry Dollaz faze.

Mac_Miller_204 karma


KyleCole90167 karma

Mac thank you for staying independent. What made you want to stay independent?

Mac_Miller_413 karma

fear. and bravery at the same time.

bitethecrust165 karma

Hey Mac! Thanks for taking the time to do an AMA, I'm a fan of your work.

1) What was your life like during the filming of your t.v show?

2) What's your favorite food?

3) What are the ups and downs of being on tour?

Mac_Miller_300 karma

1 it's like living in an aquarium.

2 broccoli

3 the ups = performances and memories. the downs = constant motion.

MinnesotaFuckery160 karma

What's your opinion on Hoodie Allen?

Mac_Miller_342 karma

never heard his music

slater912144 karma

How did you get Jay Elec on a track? Came out of nowhere but I loved it.

Mac_Miller_217 karma

telepathy and good deeds.

WhiteDeanSpreck139 karma

Hey Mac Miller! I have recently been listening to you a lot because of your work with Odd Future. I have some Odd Future related questions..

  1. Has your bike gang and Earl's gang done any crazy stuff yet?

  2. Are you friends with the none-performers of Odd Future such as Taco, Jasper, and Lionel?

  3. Was Jay-Z alright with you and Earl smoking weed on his lawn?

  4. How did you discover Tyler? Did you approach him or did he approach you?

Thanks for your time :)

Mac_Miller_223 karma

1 we are working on a united bunny hop

2 yes.

3 i think he might have been a little creeped out.

4 i heard about him from 2010 when he dropped the french video.

rawwmoan136 karma

are you gonna collab with anyone from The Bay anytime soon? maybe E-40?

Mac_Miller_201 karma

yea, we have a song in the works.

Seekerofthetruth126 karma

First off i would like to say I'm a big fan, watching movies is mega dope. For my questions, how do you deal with people who see you as nothing more than frat rap?

Mac_Miller_377 karma

with a smile.

martzzz117 karma

Craziest concert you performed at?

Mac_Miller_475 karma

the original woodstock.

Tengil_114 karma

Who do you think is most fashionable, Mac or Larry?

Mac_Miller_146 karma


JohnM1337110 karma

What's your personal favorite song you've ever made?

Mac_Miller_301 karma

aquarium. has my 2 favorite versus i ever wrote.

carlo123456109 karma

Spongebob or Patrick?

Mac_Miller_342 karma

spongebob. gotta go with the protagonist.

therealslimmshady109 karma

local pittsburgher here, and huge fan! my questions are:

1) how much do you smoke a week?

2) Whats your favorite place to hang out in the city?

3) What is one cool thing that many people don't know about you?

4) What is your relationship with Wiz Khalifa if any?

5) Want to hang out sometime or go to a concert ;D

Mac_Miller_523 karma

1 smoke? what are you referring to?

2 id labs

3 i can do a 1-handed cartwheel

4 he's a friend

5 definitely. hit me up. 281-330-8004

Giggidy42094 karma

What kind of kid were you in high school?

Mac_Miller_247 karma

a man of god.

Musicmantobes93 karma

Thank you for doing this. I'm a huge fan and it's great to have you here. I'll be seeing you soon in St. Louis.

  • What advice could you give to an aspiring rapper/producer?

  • Do you agree with people's claims that you have changed since Macadelic?

  • How did you quit lean?

Once again, thanks for coming. Be sure to check out /r/hiphopheads. We love you over there.

Mac_Miller_249 karma

if you are an aspiring rapper / producer, don't listen to anybody but yourself.

yes, i've changed, you can't wear the same clothes every day. you gotta change.

i quit with jesus.


FlySociety1980 karma

Yo Mac, a huge fan here. Not looking for a question answered just wanted a chance to let you know how talented and how much power you have behind what you do. It would only be a pleasure meeting you but until then ill be listening to what you have to say. Keep doing what you're doing. You're on path to go down as one of the greatest. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing what's to come. See you soon at northern lights in NY. MOST DOPE!

Mac_Miller_134 karma

you are appreciated.

NakedCrab6977 karma

Have you ever given Wiz a beat? Or Trinidad James?

Mac_Miller_169 karma

trinidad james yes, wiz no.

Had2ChangeMyName76 karma

What is your favorite sport?

Mac_Miller_288 karma


PsychoEmpyre75 karma

Boxers or briefs? Pizza or Mac n cheese? Favorite tv show? And besides music what is something you've always wanted to do? Oh and favorite song ever?

Mac_Miller_139 karma

briefs. mac n cheese. boy meets world. i would want to discover artifacts. already answered my favorite song.

Chewalk75 karma

Favorite Cereal?

Mac_Miller_272 karma

golden grahams.

rigamaroll63 karma

I caught a white sweaty ass tshirt at your houston show a few weeks ago. I still don't know if its yours or not.is it?

Mac_Miller_189 karma

i don't know...if it smells like butterflies, then it's mine.

ThomasLyle59 karma

Do you always wear Nike's?

Mac_Miller_219 karma

no, not always. i like to be barefoot.

GorGo7859 karma

Hey Mac just wanted to say thank you for all the great music you have put out! In songs like Youforia and Aquarium do you think about a girl you are with or is it just some of your amazing imagination?

Mac_Miller_100 karma

mixture of both

RawrMeansFuckYou57 karma

Who is an artist/band that we wouldn't expect you to listen to?

And who was that artist/band that you listened to in your teenage years that you're now embarrassed of, or don't like them any more?

Loving Aquarium too.

Mac_Miller_195 karma

destiny's child.

i'm not embarrassed about any music, all music serves a purpose.

BayerOnFire56 karma

Is there a story behind the girls' voices in the tracks on Macadelic?

Mac_Miller_106 karma

yes. but you will have to figure it out yourself.

BTheFisch55 karma

What's your favorite album?

Mac_Miller_238 karma

ScHoolboy Q's "oxymoron"

ajtothe54 karma

I don't mean to name drop but do you remember a kid Kyle Tarpley? I went to Slippery Rock with him for a semester, had nothing but good things to say about you.

Also wanted to say I loved WMWTSO and the direction you went with it. I'm excited to hear some of your production on Doris as well

Mac_Miller_89 karma

yes, i do remember. i don't have any beats on doris, but thank you.

whitehouligan50 karma

When can I start bumpin' Watching Movies on vinyl?

Mac_Miller_86 karma

hopefully soon.

jrizzly47 karma

How did you get into producing? What was it like working with ScHoolboy Q?

Mac_Miller_114 karma

i started producing before i started rapping. working with ScHoolboy Q was fun. and fuckin' isn't Q's favorite word. his favorite word is hello.

Mac4Life45 karma

do you ever browse r/trees?

Mac_Miller_123 karma

no, should i?

mordenumerounobrazil28 karma

If you wouldn't have become an artist, what do you think you would be doing?

Mac_Miller_67 karma

i'd be a chef or a teacher.

haleypatel7923 karma

What was your motivation behind writing and recording WMWTSO?

Mac_Miller_54 karma

motivation was everything that was happening in my life.

Symz5821 karma

Mac, What is your favorite album that you have made? I love KIDS I rock out to it every single day I snowboard I start out with it. I can't possibly be in a bad mood when I heard that album.

Can't wait to see you in buffalo Sunday

Mac_Miller_33 karma

thank you. but it's the new one. sick, see you there.

Nyte918 karma

Hey Mac! Big fan, When was the first time you realised you made it big? Did it feel weird?

Mac_Miller_53 karma

still don't feel like i have made it big. but thank you.

elnomnom18 karma

As a fan and a Honda owner I have to ask, do you in fact own just a Honda?

Mac_Miller_51 karma

no, i have since upgraded.

MLT314 karma

as a fellow pittsburgher, what's your favorite place to eat at when you come home?

Mac_Miller_47 karma


randomguy24513 karma

When you were in high school, what made you want to decide to start rapping seriously rather than playing sports and partying all the time?

Mac_Miller_23 karma

music was always my #1 passion.

imakebadchoices8 karma

Yo brahj:

  1. How did you feel about how people started labeling you as a coke head?

  2. Will you release a song with Cudi?

  3. Will you release a song with Chance the rapper? Also, what are your thoughts on touring with him and his recent success?

4.Are you gonna start making fun is 4 everyone's again?

Mac_Miller_4 karma

1 it was false but people are quick to make assumptions about things they don't understand.

2 yea, definitely.

3 yea, definitely. it was great touring with him, he puts on a great show and the energy of the tour was perfect.

4 yea, we have some in the archives.

JTdangerman7 karma


1) Wanted to say the London show last month in Brixton at Plan B was awesome, I know it is soon but surely you are coming back to London again this year?

2) Also, WMWTSO has a completely different sound with you and the Internet performing, any chance of a live studio album being produced? I would 100% buy it!

3) Do you play video games? If so which ones are your favourite?

Want to also say you are a huge inspiration, the lyrics which have seemed to stay with me since I heard them was "Never needed permission went a lived the life that I chose", so tight! very inspirational for people from all walks of life!!

Been tweeting you for years and have never got a reply (I know you are a very busy individual) but a response on here would be awesome!

p.s it was my birthday yesterday and I got WMWTSO, me, my girlfriend and my car love it!!! Keep it up Malcolm!!!

Mac_Miller_17 karma

1 yes, stay tuned for details.

2 yes once they release their album.

3 i like nba 2k13 because i am in it. you can play as me. and i like all story games.

thanks for letting me know i inspired you.