Hello Reddit, My name is Anatoliy Sirota, an inventor since 1962. I have a PhD of Technical Science. I have 118 Russian patents and 4 US patents awarded. I had written over 200 scientific publications. I know everything there is to know about the nature of inventing, how to patent and the history of both these.

My work began in Saint-Petersburg, Russia as director of research and development of aircraft radar technology - in English that means I worked in a team to create the first ever Soviet/ Russian super low altitude flight control system that was installed as part of the navigation and targeting complex on all Su-24-mid-range-fighter-bombers and ground support aircraft.

I had immigrated from Russia in 1989 and continued my work as an inventor in US creating the only fully functional and commercially available Key Identification, Key Duplication and Lock Decoding Systems.

My latest patent is a gift to my entire family as many great inventions can stem from it. It's a technology that allows to replace any size propeller on any vessel to our "oar paddle" increasing output efficiency and saving fuel. This patent also brought about my new project for an invention which is currently up on www.KickStarter.com, aqua dumbbells that use a part of this technology to bring innovative equipment to work out world.

I will be answering questions for the next 3 hours and will be back to answer more questions on Tuesday 16th, 2013 at 4pm Eastern Time.

My grandson Dmitriy Sirota will help me translate some of the stuff you guys are writing as well as translate my answers. Looking forward to your curiosity!

EDIT: made easier to read.

EDIT2: I will be online for another 5 hours today and will log on periodically tommorow to drop in and answer questions

EDIT3: Off for the night, will be back in the AM to answer more questions! Thanks for all your interest so far.

EDIT4: I'm back online to asnwer your questions!

proof - http://imgur.com/h6v4Rff

kickstarter project - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1387415707/aqua-flex-workout-dumbbells?ref=live

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