Hi reddit! I'm a narrator of audiobooks and a voice actor. As of this AMA I have 18 titles published with several more in production or post-production. I specialize in military history, but have done memoirs, fantasy and hope to do more science fiction titles, as that's my personal favorite genre.

Ask me anything!


My current published titles: http://www.audible.com/search/ref=pd_narr_1?searchNarrator=Corey+Snow

I've tweeted! https://twitter.com/vox_man/status/356226659826929664

Edit: Going to bed shortly, but I will check back for more questions, so please feel free to ask. I'll answer any that I can!

Edit2: I'm back this morning, answering more questions. Thanks!

Edit3 (11:15 AM PT): I have to get to work, I have a book I'm narrating today. But I'll be checking in from time to time all day, so please feel free to ask any further questions. I've enjoyed doing this AMA so far! :)

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