For more than six years, IGN's been pumping out Podcast Beyond, a weekly show about all things PlayStation, vans filled with nuns, and hypothetical abortions. We're the No. 1 PlayStation podcast on the Internet (somehow), and today, we're celebrating with you.

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MitchyD142 karma

hi greg big fan

GameOverGreggy96 karma

Hi, Mitch. Keep reaching for the stars!

GameOverGreggy45 karma


We will be starting the AMA at 11am. Go ahead and start lining up questions!

Assmoney16 karma

Out of all the games left to come out this year, which do you think will be the biggest surprise (good surprise)?

PS: I love absolutely love Podcast Beyond. You guys are awesome. Can't wait for episode 300!


GameOverGreggy14 karma

It sounds stupid now, but The Walking Dead. Remember, Telltale was coming off Jurassic Park and Back to the Future and taking on a comic I love. I wasn't sure they could do it justice, and -- BAM -- GOTY contender.

Jimabbottsrightarm40 karma

Best Ryan Davis memory?

GameOverGreggy58 karma

At the SimCity preview event, I walked up to him and was like "How's it going, man?" And Ryan launched into all this deep shit that was going on at CBSi. He treated everyone like they were best friends. Loved that about him.

justawhale37 karma

I don't personally believe it to be true, but there are people who would have you believe IGN accepts bribes for better review scores. How do you feel when accusations like this are made? Why do you think this conception came about?

GameOverGreggy60 karma

It breaks my heart. I love IGN. IGN is me. My best friends work at IGN. We're a site of buddies that talk about games. To have people out there thinking we're looking to be sinister -- it sucks. I try to convert as many haters as I can, but my Twitter only goes so far. I think the conception came about based on what smaller sites have done or demanded. No one at IGN has ever been paid off.

GameOverGreggy33 karma

Naughty Dog's David Ballard just walked into the IGN conference room!

IceBreak33 karma

Colin: How's The Last of Us platinum looking? Got it yet? How much of a bitch is that Dragon's Crown platinum gonna be?

Greg: What was that Twitter beef with Glenn from PSNation about? That made me sad. Are you guys still copasetic?

Goldfarb: BioShock Infinite or The Last of Us AND Grand Theft Auto V?

One for the group: What are you guys' thoughts on the news that the PS4 will allow folks to play their digital games on any console when logged in but the actual number of activated consoles has been reduced from two to one?


GameOverGreggy42 karma

Hi, IceBreak. There's no beef. A user insulted Colin, I expected the outlet to tell its user that's not acceptable. The outlet didn't, I'm not going to worry about it, but I'm not going to support said outlet. I won't accept people threatening physical violence to any peer. I wish more took that stance.

ScottEatsKids28 karma

Goldfarb, when can we expect to see you on /r/gonewild? Your fans demand it!

GameOverGreggy30 karma


applepiedestroyer25 karma

What brand of toothpaste do you use?

GameOverGreggy31 karma

Crest, baby.

krhithm25 karma

I remember an amazing article Greg wrote about how inFamous got him through a tough divorce and I was wondering, if you guys have origin stories in a similar vein. I guess, about why games are important to you and more than just a fun hobby.

GameOverGreggy29 karma


tejota8825 karma

In all your years at IGN, what one game announcement did the office collectively get the most excited for?

GameOverGreggy45 karma

Everyone freaked out when Jack said the PS4 was doing the opposite of everything Xbox at E3.

timmy076823 karma

Would you like to see a Lair on PS4?

GameOverGreggy22 karma

Yes. With decent controls.

SandwichDude23 karma


GameOverGreggy20 karma


donTurgol23 karma

Greg: What kind of job offer would it take to make you leave IGN and therefore Podcast Beyond?

Colin, Goldfarb: Can you think of a Podcast Beyond future without Greg - what would you miss the most without him in the Beyond team?


GameOverGreggy65 karma

Jeez, man. I have no idea. I'm so happy with Beyond and the video opportunities I have at IGN that I really hope I can ride it out until I can sell out and do Capital One commercials.

duddersj21 karma

Would you rather fight a hundred Goldfarb-sized Ty's or one Ty-sized Goldfarb?

This question also applies to Goldfarb.

GameOverGreggy31 karma

LOL. Ty-sized Goldfarb.

mubashir133721 karma

What were your feelings like when you touched the PS4?

GameOverGreggy39 karma

I was happy.

MRUN20 karma

Is Shuhei Yoshida really as funny in person as he seems online?

GameOverGreggy39 karma

Funnier. I love that man.

chrimbo18 karma

If you had to change the name of the Podcast to something other than "Beyond", what would it be? BEYOND!

GameOverGreggy45 karma

I would never ever change the name. I don't want anything else being shouted at me in airports.

Chriiiiiiiiisss17 karma


XanderHD25 karma


GameOverGreggy27 karma

Or this.

RobertLutece18 karma


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MaximumDub15 karma

Hey Greg, I have been a fan since the tenth episode, though I havent always tuned in every week. But, I just wanted to say that you and the Beyond crew (Colin, Goldfarb, Clements, Bishop, Roper, and Dunham) have given me so much joy and laughter throughout the last six years. And all of you have really changed my life, for there is no memory that I have that doesnt remind me of you guys. So thank you so much for being as amazing and dedicated as you guys are, especially you Greg, what with your recent cancer. I just cannot thank you enough, but I do have a question. How do all of you deal with the seemingly extreme fame that you guys have on the internet, especially in the Playstation universe?

GameOverGreggy20 karma

I don't take it for granted. You guys and gals allow me to live my dream each and every day. I'll never be able to repay you for that. Thank you.

TwistyMcFrosty15 karma

Will roper return for a roper report tonight?

GameOverGreggy11 karma

Tune in.

ItsEaster14 karma

Fuck one, kill one, marry one. Colin, Daemon, or Mitch?

GameOverGreggy38 karma

Marry Colin because we already are. Fuck Daemie cuz we have a hot relationship. Kill Mitch to leave Goldie lonely forever.

vinuash14 karma

As only a sometimes podcast listener, what separates you from the multitude of other podcasts out there, and why should I choose to listen to you over someone else?

GameOverGreggy43 karma

I think it's our chemistry, right? These two are legitimately two of my best friends. That's why even though we're a PlayStation podcast, we get into hypothetical abortions and Clements' unborn kids.

red_spy9514 karma

Greg: What's your favourite Beyond memory/escapade??

Colin: What was your first reaction when you joined IGN?

Goldfarb: What's your trophy level sitting at? And why isn't it higher?

GameOverGreggy21 karma

Man. Hm. Probably some dumb nonsense like the Undertaker moment or channeling Sean. The best moments to me are when we're in hysterics. That's when you can see that we're all besties.

timmy076812 karma

who wins in a voice off Nolan North or Troy Baker

GameOverGreggy34 karma

We all die before a winner is declared.

brendogg0611 karma

Chobot or Naomi?

GameOverGreggy23 karma

I love them both.

TooSuhweet10 karma

How did you guys get your start at IGN? How much mayonnaise is too much mayonnaise, Colin?

GameOverGreggy21 karma

I applied a ton. I got hired on my 13th Gmail attempt. I bugged them forever.

Jindoker9 karma

BEYOND! Hey guys, "beyond" makes an awesome podcast name and catch phrase. How did you come up with the name? And were there any alternatives?

timmy076811 karma

the original PS3 tagline included Beyond back when they still has Spiderman 3 letters.

Whereas Xbox 360 has the tag line Three Red Lights because if you bought a unit in the first 2 years, that was all you saw (Three Red Lights)

GameOverGreggy23 karma

Yeah, this is pretty much it. "PLAY BEYOND" was the PS3's original tagline. When we started, a user submitted Podcast Beyond, and we ran with it. The ad campaign stopped. We didn't.

electrosquirtle3 karma

Greg's dad.

GameOverGreggy16 karma

My dad doesn't know how to use the Internet.

hyperlancer8 karma

Greg, how are the Watermelon Oreos?

GameOverGreggy12 karma

I have them, but we haven't filmed the episode yet.

TheLudster8 karma


GameOverGreggy39 karma

Remix to Ignition.

tejota887 karma

If you had to pick a fourth cohost for Beyond, who would it be and why?

GameOverGreggy35 karma

Nolan North.

arihaniscool7 karma

What is the greatest invention ever?

GameOverGreggy19 karma

The iPhone or the all-in-one Egg McMuffin maker.

GameOverGreggy6 karma

That's our two hours, everyone. Thank you for coming by! I have to get this place whipped into shape for my 400 friends coming by tonight. Love you all. Come watch the stream: BEYOND!

mozzarella_fox6 karma

Who is the most badass person at IGN and why is it Colin?

GameOverGreggy10 karma


tejota886 karma

Can we get a segment on Beyond each week where Colin "explains" a comic book character's origin?

GameOverGreggy6 karma


MattRocks94736 karma

Will Matt Cassimasina ever come back!?

GameOverGreggy12 karma


jqdunn5 karma

Greg - being a Chicago native, what're your thoughts on Gene and Jude's, Johnnie's Beef and Kuma's Corner??

Also will you guys be at Comic Con next week??

GameOverGreggy7 karma

I'm a suburb kid. I'm all about Portillo's. It's home to me. I'll be at Comic-Con.

RainbowFury134 karma

Did you ever see yourself where you are now 10-15 years ago? Did you ever think youd (Beyond crew) have so many loyal and loving fans? BEYOND!

GameOverGreggy8 karma

I knew that I would be working in the gaming press, but I didn't think I'd be important enough to have "fans" or whatever. I feel conceited when I talk about it, but the travel and the celebrity were the two things I never expected about the job. Both are awesome. I'm blessed that so many care about me.

And, no, I thought Beyond would be dead in 12 episodes. :)

CRDawG4194 karma

BEYOND! Hey, Greg, fellow cancer survivor here (Leukemia). I just wanna know what kind if cancer you had and how you got through it (family and friends for me). And on a lighter note, isn't it fun pulling the cancer card?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 2. I got through it with the help of a whole mess of family:

Milospopovic4 karma


GameOverGreggy7 karma


Milospopovic4 karma

Nolan North or Troy Baker?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

I shoot myself.

bowdagger4 karma

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

GameOverGreggy4 karma


IndoPr03 karma


I want to ask something, maybe will hurt your feels.
Your reaction when Ryan Clements, one of your mates, laid off from IGN? Personally, it HURTS. He's the one who brought me to love Podcast Beyond. Also he likes SNSD.

Also, best moment ever that happened while recording the podcast?
Once again, BEYOND!!!

GameOverGreggy5 karma

I openly cried in the office. Like big ol' bawling tears. It was gross.

Manhands93 karma


Is Naughty Dog the best developer of this generation?

GameOverGreggy6 karma


Yosogo3 karma

Make more please!

GameOverGreggy5 karma


slixshot3 karma

BEYOND! What are each of your favorite games of this generation?

GameOverGreggy5 karma

BEYOND! Peace Walker.

firethorn433 karma

I just want another 'Mast' game from Andrew and I will be on my way

garfep5 karma


GameOverGreggy3 karma


iwishforagini3 karma

What ice cream flavor do you feel describes you the most?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

Chunky Monkey.

matheaks2 karma

Beyond crew, in praise of Clements, K-Pop or J-pop? BEYOND!

GameOverGreggy4 karma


jondySauce2 karma

Did you all have some kind of schooling in writing or was it just lots of practice?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

I went to the University of Missouri and have a degree in journalism. I use it to run the No. 1 hypothetical abortion podcast.

solidius262 karma

Love the show guys

GameOverGreggy3 karma


matheaks2 karma

/u/GameOverGreggy, can you give us an update on your cancer status? You don't have to answer if its too personal. We are a family :) Beyond!

GameOverGreggy3 karma

toddley2 karma

wow greg is balling on these questions. colin and goldfarb need to step it up

GameOverGreggy4 karma


JCordeiro2 karma

Just wanted to say that you guys are awesome and Podcast Beyond has held a special place in my heart since episode 1 <3

GameOverGreggy4 karma

Thanks for all the support.

conjr22 karma

Greg: Pick one, Portillos or Chicken wings.

GameOverGreggy3 karma


Mottaman2 karma

Greg, are you guys allowed to show the back of the ps4 yet? What's the reasoning behind the ban on the reveal? Other websites don't seem to have this problem

GameOverGreggy4 karma

They asked us not to on Up at Noon. I imagine because the mock-up they have isn't final.