I have been living in China as a refugee for the past 2 years. no job I cannot go back to Iraq or I will risk my life. I am still waiting and hoping that the USA will grant me a VISA to come there. AMA. ([email protected]) if any one can give me help contact the Resettlement Support Center, who are handling my US resettlement case

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Best of luck mate, I worked with local Iraqi translators and interpreters with the Australian Army in 2006 and 2007. You guys lived a terribly brave life, going home into the community not knowing if you'd come to the attention of a militant. You have my deepest respect. No question, just wanted to say that.

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thanks alot mate i also worked with an Australian weapons engineer at camp wolf west of iraq realy was a good guy , there are alot of good people over this world they put politics and religion a way and deal with the true personality

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Have you listened to This American Life's radio show about Iraqis who worked for America and have trouble getting Visa's? Can you speak to it's accuracy?

Appreciate your service! You're a braver and bolder man than I'll ever be.

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I work with interpreters in Iraq in 2005-06, what was the American name you chose to be named?

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I just wanted to say, as an American citizen, that i think you deserved a USA VISA as soon as you took the job.

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thanks alot

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Is your situation unique, or are there a lot of former interpreters who find themselves in a similar predicament - fleeing Iraq hoping for an asylum in the US?

What are your chances of getting a VISA?

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i am not really sure , maybe there are somebody left , but there are many iraqis who worked for the US they trying to get an asylum to the US , but they are just work as a simple job they didnt get that much of risk interpreters had , and each one is not the same , i got in to real things

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Have you heard of this podcast? This guy named Kirk Johnson is going around collecting names of Iraqis who worked for America during the war http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/499/taking-names

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If I feared for my life I wouldn't put my name on that list. Too easy to fall into the wrong hands.

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if not . how these iraqis who don't speak english can communicate with american army , i am glad of what i did

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never heared of let me check it

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I was in Kuwait from May '11 to May '12 with the MN Army National Guard. We had a Soldier in our unit that started as an interpreter in Iraq back in '05-'07. He managed to get to the U.S. and join the army with the help of several guys from the unit. He was very helpful when working with the Kuwaiti Naval officers at our base. We never let them know he was Iraqi though.

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that what supposed to happen , its the right way you did , thanks alot you helped out one of my poeple

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I work with asylees and refugees in the U.S. and I'd say at least half of the Iraqi folks I see have been interpreters for the U.S. Army. at some point. I even have one Iraqi guy who is a pretty serious U.S. army supporter who tells me every day that I don't know America until I join the army.

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Do you work for Catholic Charities? I work with Iraqi & Afghan refugees here in the US, most of whom were interpreters for the Army (don't know which units), and they have a legit reason not to return home.

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i used to work at red crescent hospital back in iraq 2002 until 2004

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I'm also Iraqi, I'm Iraqi Turk from Kirkuk.

In Iraq, the interpreters that were Iraqi were seen as traitors to the nation. How did you feel about assisting the invading force actually invade your country?

Edit: look everyone, I'm not pro Saddam and I'm definitely not pro America. If you guys want honesty then Fucking take it but quit insulting me for my personal opinion. I live a nice life as my parents fled Iraq in 93 in a very good country. I go to Iraq regularly and see first hand the suffering my people have.

As for me calling him a traitor, I only say that because he assisted the enemy. If China invaded the USA tomorrow and people became interpreters for them you would say the exact same thing.

Do you still support the invasion after all these years? Do you regret helping?

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can you tell me what you did at that time , we helped your ass back there , so dont ever call me like that again , there was no real war for iraiqs back there it was all iran and fucking alqada ,

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Best of luck to you. My next door neighbors are refugees from Central Asia.

Best neighbors I could ever have asked for and genuinely good hearted people. Hopefully you'll get your chance to be here too.

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thanks alot sir

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shlonek cousin good to see another camel on Reddit

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i am zeen

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I have been living in China as a refugee for the past 2 years. I cannot go back to Iraq or I will risk my life. I am still waiting and hoping that the USA will grant me a VISA to come there.

China: Now helping people who helped Americans but whom America won't help.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the too-much-truth-for-comfort department.
Thank you for listening to this public service announcement.

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i live in china as a refugee for the UNHCR that is my right and it can be at any other country when i arrived there , we cant have a job or study or do any thing over here so bad

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There is a good chance we crossed paths at some time. I was 3rd infantry division 4BCT and would have been around 6/8 any time the Brigade CSM or COL was. I wish you the best of luck, I was the point of contact for our interpreters and always developed good relationships with them. I met some great people. Most of my old terps are in Colorado or Michigan now, and I know how difficult all the paperwork was for them. I gave them my contact info in case they ever needed a reference on a resume or any help, but I never heard anything from them. Keep your head up and keep trying!

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thank you very much sir , i hope that my old friend from that unit will know about me and my story and the same thing you did , i am sure that there are many people can offer the god hand for us

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Was it better under Saddam or is it better now?

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for me , i am out there , it will be much better when be controled by some good person

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i don't even give a damn about what they talking about , its mean nothing to me

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dont be sorry for somthing you didnt made

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I don't have a question but I wanted to wish you good luck my brother.

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thanks wish all the best

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How is life in China? Are there many other Iraqis there?

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the life its hard for a refugee in china cant work or study , there are some iraiqs around too

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How many questions did the OP answer? 2?

Maybe he doesn't know that he is supposed to.

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thanks brother but you know i am in china , the time is not the same sorry for that

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I feel that this is perhaps something NATO should address, so that we can get around to giving all the Iraqis and Afghan translators asylum and/or visas and/or refugee status in any one of the NATO countries, so long as they assisted any NATO country.

If you had a choice of any NATO country to go to, which would you pick?

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We had a terp named "Sam" back when I was in it. This man was one of the best people I've ever met. I'll never forget my 1st SKT, I was scared shitless and didn't even realize it. Sam must've picked up on my anxiety and he just starts asking me all these completely banal questions, "Favorite color/food/drink" just the dullest, most pedestrian queries you could imagine. It took me six months to realize that he was talking me down, masterfully. I'll never forget that and what he did for me, some twenty year old punk kid that was getting his cherry popped. He also stopped one of our heart-eaters from sawing off some Baba's ear. He got kidnapped and killed a week after I caught some shrapnel and got med-evac'd. Thanks Sam, you were an awesome dude and I'm glad I got to know you. Thanks for your service OP

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i am taki , i know sam i workem with him too in the same troop , delta

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Mutarjim! I hope you get your VISA, man. Semper Fi.

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shokran jondi , thanks bro

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I think it's a shame that you haven't already been given a VISA to come to the United States yet.

Thank you for your service, I hope my country makes it right with you some day soon!

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thanks for the wonderful feeling

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One of the things that has continually haunted me about Iraq (besides the grander political repercussions) is the thought of what happened to the local interpreters after we left.

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we all run away from iraq

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Are you angry at America for what happened? I just want to say how much I respect people who do what you do.

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i am not angry only upset of it , it's nobody fault i think it's the Policy