Proof for the "417 pound swordsman" thing can be found on my Youtube channel :

I can't really provide proof about the surgery unless ya wanna see my crotch which I somehow doubt.

About my weight, I used to weigh 452 pounds at my heaviest and I've been steadily losing for two months now, although it's slowed down due to my recent surgery. Once I heal up I can work out again.

My preferred questions are about my blades and other weapons, but I'll gladly answer anything else as well.

Link to my Tosh.0 segment:

Links to some of my better videos:

And finally, a shameless plug for my website: - This site is pretty new and pretty beta, so if you encounter any issues please contact me through the site, Youtube, or Reddit.

So, AMA! I'm on Reddit all the damn time so there's no "I'll be here until X", and I'll likely get around to answering everyone's questions eventually.

EDIT: 10 hours and nobody's asked if I would rather fight 100 duck horses or one horse duck. The fuck is wrong with you today Reddit?

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sjbock370 karma

Was Tosh as much of a dick as he portrays? Did you get compensated for that redemption?

Rayneworks117 karma

Tosh was actually a really cool guy. He was very respectful and showed a genuine interest in blades, he actually used to sell Cutco knives before he went into comedy. His show is meant to be comedy, nothing else, and it really says nothing about the guy. If he wasn't all famous we'd probably be good friends.

EDIT: Yes, I did get compensated, however I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say how much. I'll just say it was certainly fair.

BD260041 karma

So, is it a love of food, or a health issue?

Rayneworks68 karma

Love of food. Since I was a kid I've been overweight, fast food, sugary drinks, especially Monster energy drink, lots of meat and cheese, beef jerky, ect. I honestly regret nothing, I've had a fun, interesting life, but I've realized it's time for me to get my shit together. Discovering the tumor was really bad timing as I'm unable to exercise for about three weeks, and I'm actually excited to get back into it.

cartoon_gun22 karma

in case you read reddit some more. to each his own, but these may help you if you're interested:


Rayneworks40 karma

I know of these, but the only one I read is EatCheapAndHealthy.

I want to do things my own way, people trying to tell me what to do just slow me down.

Fenrir_Rendar5 karma

Also /r/knives /r/swords

But I'm sure you wouldn't need our help with those topics

Ninja edit: I can't grammar.

Rayneworks2 karma

Eh. /r/Knives is a Spyderco circlejerk and /r/Swords, while I'm subbed, is nothing but "HALP IDENTIFY WALLHANGER PLZ"

I actually, strangely, and somehow prefer the 4Chan weapons board, /k/. They know their knives and swords, though they have an unnatural dislike of katanas because they seem to misunderstand what they're meant for. Also they're pretty hateful of Cold Steel because of their prices. Their blades are great, you just have to buy them from a 3rd party like Amazon for a decent price.

chunkypants5 karma

Good luck with the exercise. I was laid up for almost a year after a vasectomy. Unable to do much of anything. That definitely made me gain weight and become out-of-shape. Knee pain I can deal with, but the other pain... nope.

lxKillFacexl21 karma

A YEAR? Who did your vasectomy, Dr. Kavorkian?

I was pretty much 100% a week after mine.... were there complications?

Rayneworks131 karma

i did his vasectomy

with a greatsword

Cereal_Killa32 karma

How has your weight helped/harmed your career?

Rayneworks71 karma

Well obviously it stops me from achieving higher levels of swordsmanship such as joining a Kendo or Iaido school, however getting to this weight and hopefully losing it soon is a life experience I feel will really change me for the better. It's a tough road ahead but if I get through it I'll be ready for anything.

bterre10826 karma

Anything cool happen to you during or after filming for Tosh?

Rayneworks29 karma

I've been recognized about ten times by people of many age groups, although not anybody too young. Everyone told me I'd be getting harrassed by middle-schoolers all the time. None of that.

Francis-Hates-You19 karma

When did you first get interested in swords? How much did you get paid for being on Tosh.0? Did you really invent your accent, or do you just speak that way? If you end up losing all your weight, will you sill go by "The Fat Swordsman"?

Rayneworks33 karma

1: I've been interested in blades all my life. Never liked guns very much as I've always felt they lack the level of human skill required by blades and bows. I do respect some firearms for artistic and functional value, but they're not my thing.

I purchased my first "Sword" in 2005, and quickly and painfully learned that it was just a cheap display replica. After that incident I bought a full tang and high carbon steel katana in 2009 and realized how fun it was. After that, I kept buying more and more blades, learning what I could about them, training myself to use them. I love everything about them. The feel, the technique, the look of them, the scent of blade oil.

It's really just an amazing hobby.

2: Don't know if I'm allowed to say. It was fair, though.

3: It's really just a speech impediment. The thing about inventing it was a joke.

4: Doubt I'll ever stop being slightly chunky. Love food too much. It'll keep working.

antoniusmagnus17 karma

What was Tosh like when you went on his show? Was he dismissive of your skills and livelihood? Would you go back? OH, and

How often do you come across real tempered steel swords?

Rayneworks16 karma

Tosh was a pretty cool guy. He was interested in swords and he actually used to sell Cutco knives. I would gladly go back without a second thought, it was very fun.

Mcnichs12 karma

What, in your view, is the sexiest weapon in existence? As in, if it were human you'd do anything to get a piece of its ass.

Rayneworks17 karma

Yeesh that's a difficult one. Although I'm personally partial to Japanese weapons, I would have to say the best looking blade I've ever seen is the Scottish Lowlander sword. Enjoy some pictures.

Mr_Propane6 karma

Have you seen an Urumi yet? These things are badass.

Rayneworks8 karma

Ha, reminds me of Cho the Sword Hunter from Kenshin. And yeah I think I saw them on Deadliest Warrior as well. They seem kind of...silly to me. And I don't use that word often. Maybe because the guys using them look so unintimidating.

carterferunden11 karma

Have you been recognized as the guy from tosh.0 since then?

Rayneworks15 karma

Copypasta from another answer: I've been recognized about ten times by people of many age groups, although not anybody too young. Everyone told me I'd be getting harrassed by middle-schoolers all the time. None of that.

puredemo11 karma

What would you recommend for an inexpensive / middle of the road, home defense katana?

Is it as simple as going to ebay and searching for "full tang katana"?

Is something like this a good deal? I saw you mention it in another response.

McHaven16 karma


Rayneworks33 karma

If you're gonna go hostile on a burglar, would ya rather do it like a thug, or like A FUCKING SAMURAI? I know my choice.

Rayneworks9 karma

I need an approximate budget, give me a general outline and I'll find you something great.

puredemo7 karma

$75 - $150

Rayneworks13 karma

Hmm okay. My usual site is out of stock of fucking everything so I went over to my secondary. I'd recommend going for the best you can afford, get a good katana the first time and unless you're looking to collect them you'll never need to buy another. Here's my recommendation~

High carbon steel, heavily folded, full-tang, cloth wrap over leather for function, black blade so as not to reflect light if you're looking for home defense, and comes fully sharpened.

If you really don't wanna spend $150, there's this~

Has the same advantages, however the blade will be a bit thinner, possibly come less sharp, the wrap will almost certainly come undone after a couple months of even light practice in which case you can try to learn to rewrap it or just use hockey tape, that might look a bit worse but it's extremely functional.

Let me know if you ever decide to purchase either of these, I'm always interested when people buy blades.

brandonstark02 karma

Say I was looking to only spend $50, is there a sword about that price that would be worth it or would I be better off simply saving?

Rayneworks12 karma

Eeehhhhh you would probably be better off saving. Can get a pretty good sword for 100 but for 50 it'll likely fall apart. The blade will be okay but you'd to wrap the handle in hockey tape and maybe even lose the handguard.

If you want a katana, definitely save. However if you just want a really functional blade for cheap, go for a Cold Steel machete. Here's a big list of them:

For the best range, go with the two-handed Latin machete. For the best weapon functionality, go with the Gladius machete. For the best utility functionality, go with the Kukri machete.

grooooms9 karma

No real question here, just saying that I love how you are already a quite active redditor and that you have a hell of a lot of karma and that's awesome.

Rayneworks11 karma

Awwww yiss, Reddit's been great. I don't try to karma whore in any way really, I just post what I want and for some reason people seem to like my stuff...

lxKillFacexl9 karma

I just watched your Tosh.0 episode yesterday.

How was filming the fight scene? Was it fun? Was there a lot of coaching given to you on how to make your cuts look real?

Rayneworks15 karma

Fight scene was really fun to film. They pretty much let me run things with the fight choreography except for the arm cutting off and the beheading. I let the fat ninjas know what I'd be doing and where I'd be striking so they could react appropriately and fall off in the right directions, ect. The whole thing wasn't really scripted at all, they gave me a lot more freedom than I expected. Probably because I actually had experience talking and moving on camera.

confederacy8 karma

Why do you hate bottles?

Rayneworks10 karma

I use bottles as my primary targets because they're kind of just...there. Me and my family go through a whole lot of water, juice, milk, ect. so there's always a TON of bottles laying around. Just fill them with toxic New Jersey hose water and I have perfect, effectively free targets.

inputninja7 karma

Favorite cheeseburger? Favorite blade to cut the burger in half?

Rayneworks20 karma

White Castle burger with jalapeno cheese and bacon. Cut it in half with a Zanbato because fuck logic.

2edgy5you6 karma

How many White Castles can you eat in one sitting? I max out around 15.

Rayneworks13 karma

I only do 4. I used to get 2 jalapenos and 2 bacon burgers, but I recently learned that you can just ask them to put bacon on a jalapeno burger. So I get 4 of them now.

Dermacia5 karma

What is your favorite type of blade?

Rayneworks9 karma

Katana. And I'm not even on the "Katanas are the best sword ever" train. Every weapon has advantages and disadvantages. Katanas are the best for cutting through unarmored flesh and bone. Longswords are more durable and effective against armor. Sabers have the same advantage as a katana but they're heavier and slower. Greatswords are great anti-cavalry and good for charging into pike formations. Out of all of these, the katana is the most functional for anything that would happen in modern times. If you got a burglar, or say, a zombie, they're not going to be wearing plate armor.

Marylandman1015 karma

how long were you working with Tosh for the redemption vid?

Also have you been in contact with him since the episode?

Rayneworks4 karma

Filming was from about 11 AM to 8 PM. Woulda been faster but Danny Trejo came a bit late, not too bad though.

And nah not really. I've tweeted him a couple times but he gets like 543 tweets a minute so I doubt he saw either of them lol.

mimemoag5 karma

1 - When you did the segment for Tosh.0, did you get to spend much time with him outside the camera?

2- how is he with his crew? Is he really an ass to them? (and to people in general)

3- how long did it take to film the whole bit?

4-Also have you ever hurt yourself badly by any of your weapons?

BTW loved the pug shirt! best choice of wardrobe for a TV appearance.

Rayneworks12 karma

1- We had some nice conversations, including how mad I was that he wrecked that Cold Steel greatsword. We discussed knives and all in all he was really nice.

2- He was pretty much nice to them, he did kind of bark orders but it wasn't like...hostile. He just knew what needed to get done.

3- From about 11 AM to 8 PM. It was delayed a bit because Danny Trejo was kind of late but it wasn't bad.

4- Not badly, no. Just a small cut on my thumb from the first time I was practicing drawing and sheathing a katana.

And yes, the pug shirt is FUCKING AWESOME.

KonDon5 karma

Have you ever gotten injured making your videos?

Rayneworks5 karma

Not making a video, no. Just a small cut on my thumb when I was practicing off-camera.

KonDon2 karma

Do you ever feel the urge to go and use your weapons on real people?

Rayneworks13 karma

If Snookie and Kim Kardashian count as people...

It really pisses me off when these gasbags have kids. If you want to fuck yourselves up, fine, but don't bring a kid into it.

Scouth5 karma

What is your favorite brand of blades and what website do you like to use to purchase blades?

Scouth5 karma

Also, do you LARP?

Rayneworks11 karma

Really hard to say my favorite brand of blades. The one I have the most of would be Musashi because they're extremely functional blades for a great price, but they are pretty basic.

Cold Steel is good quality but very overpriced.

Masahiro looks great but the construction is pretty iffy.

Every brand has their advantages and disadvantages.

EDIT: Used to. Dagorhir. However the group of guys there was more interested in sitting on a tree stump talking than fighting. I didn't know any of them and I was just there for the combat, was too far a drive to stand around for two hours and fight for three minutes.

GunnerIke4 karma

Are you a fan of Khukuris or Non-traditional swords?

A buddy of mine was incredibly interested in them, bought a ton, I ended up getting a couple as well. Great blades and HI makes a great product. Not plugging them, but you seem to be able to appreciate something like that and they are, IMO, by far the best manufacturer.

Rayneworks2 karma

For me, if it has a blade, I like it. I own a pretty simple Kukri, just a Cold Steel machete version, but it's pretty nice. My own site sells more professional and combat-oriented kukris but I haven't gotten my hands on one yet because our CEO / shipping department has been really really busy.

SteroidSandwich4 karma

What was the worst you felt when you had the full tumor?

Also is Daniel Tosh really socially awkward off camera?

Rayneworks3 karma

1~ Never really felt bad with it. Didn't hurt, and I doesn't afraid of anything so I was fine going into surgery. Really was a simple, straightforward procedure with no complications. Wound's closed now, no infection or anything.

2~ Wouldn't really call him that. Didn't really hang with him THAT much to take a real assessment but he seemed pretty cool. He didn't like...go hide in his office or anything lol. He was out there.

drskidadles4 karma

Do you still keep in touch with Daniel Tosh?

Rayneworks5 karma

Nah not really. I've talked to some of his crew afterwards but that's it. Dude's busy.

pruaneforever3 karma

Could you say a little more about what Tosh is like? On the show he seems to be playing a character, as he acts completely differently from the way he seems in his early standup. I guess, what's the guy really like?

Do you think your sword skills would be sharper if you lost weight?

How did you find out about your ball tumor?

Rayneworks3 karma

1~ I think Tosh was really nice. He was respectful to me, nice to his crew while still being firm with what needed to get done, and really was nothing like his TV persona. Personally I've never really "got" his kind of asshole comedy, but whatever gets the most viewers I guess. As long as he's a cool guy IRL I ain't gonna judge what he does on TV.

2~ Definitely. Even with the bit of weight I lost before surgery I felt myself getting faster.

3~ I noticed a bit of a lump a couple years back but I didn't really think anything of it. Went to a doctor for a basic checkup about a month ago and doctor said it wasn't normal, went to urologist, got ultrasound, said it was a tumor. Got it removed about a week ago and had the stitches removed last Friday but I'm still not supposed to do anything strenuous for three more weeks even though I already feel totally fine. I'll listen to the professional.

Melnorme3 karma

Are you good enough to just take off the caps off the bottles, say 10 in a row (that is, consecutively)?

Rayneworks2 karma

If you mean line the bottles up in a row, then no. I've never been very accurate horizontally. And I'm not fast enough yet to cut that many anyway, eventually they'd just get knocked over. In a big pack of them tied together then yeah probably, but not free-standing.

AlmostEntirely3 karma

  • Stranded on a potentially dangerous island, what would be your sword of choice?

  • Have you ever suffered any sword-related injuries?

  • If you could fight against any real (past or present) or fictional swordman/warrior, who would it be? (Assume the outcome would not have any permanent effects like injuries)

  • What is the most badass, sword-related thing you've ever pulled off?

Rayneworks12 karma

1: My first choice of melee weapon would be a spear, but you did say sword so I'll answer that. I'd probably go with an English cavalry saber. Curved, so you can get the extra cutting power of a katana, yet made with thicker and heavier steel so it's not as fragile. A katana requires too much maintenance for island survival although it would otherwise be the most useful for cutting down hostile animals or natives.

2: Cut my thumb once during my first session practicing drawing and sheathing a katana. Nothing serious at all though.

3: For someone real, I would want to take on Genghis Khan in a 1 on 1 fight. Take away his army and his bow and you just have a short guy with a giant head.

Also 3: For fictional, I would want to fight Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. We're kind of the same, not much REAL training, learned mostly from experience and self practice. I think it would be a fun fight and we'd probably end up friends.

4: I once had my cameraman throw a katana's sheath at me, and I caught it in the air WITH MY KATANA. Very, VERY sadly, this wasn't caught on film.

SeryaphFR3 karma

No offense, man, but I think Genghis Khan would eat you alive.

Rayneworks4 karma

Depends on if I could choose my weapon. If we were both on even footing with say, the same longsword and no armor, then yeah he'd probably take me out. However if we got our melee weapon of choice, his longsword and my Odachi, I think I could take him down with long-range thrusts and slashes.

boostykaka3 karma

So how tall are you?

Rayneworks9 karma


Not very tall but at least not comedically short.

howdoiknowimreal3 karma

What would you say is your favorite blade ?

Rayneworks5 karma

About a week ago I would have said my Musashi Damascus Katana, however I recently purchased something infinitely better. I'm keeping it super secret at the moment though until I'm healed up enough to make a video of it.

howdoiknowimreal2 karma

Nice! thanks for the heads up. Also if you dont mind another question, how did you first get started with video making ?

Rayneworks3 karma

When I was looking to buy my first blade, I had a whole lot of trouble finding reviews on specific swords. So I figured I'd fix that problem myself. There's a whole lot more sword reviews available nowadays because of the much more common high speed internet, and readily available HD video cameras in everyone's phone.

Tikiman772 karma

What movie character do you aspire to be like?

Rayneworks3 karma

This is a tough one. In appearances I would go for an Aragorn look. I already got the hair going for me, now I just need to get thin and muscular as fuckall.

In terms of personality I see myself as, while not a movie, Finn from Adventure Time. I just want to have fun, help people, adventure, I got swords and other weapons laying all over the damn place just like he does, and if you attack something I care about I will JACK YOU UP.

AFineRedditor2 karma


Rayneworks4 karma

The way I see it, if you're going to be cutting meat you should use a great hunting knife. Even for simple kitchen work. They can get sharper than most kitchen knives and hold an edge forever. I don't have much experience with hunting knives, but I do know that a Norwegian knifemaker called Helle Knives makes some DAMN GOOD hunting knives. Got to borrow one from a friend and it was awesome. Here's their website:

NJ7252 karma

Where do you film?

Rayneworks3 karma

My backyard mostly, though I've done videos from my room, my basement, and a big forest.

Callizero2 karma

I love you. I serisouly can watch your videos all day. your like a younger more lethal version of Don Vito.

Rayneworks3 karma

Funny you say that, I used to be such a fan of Bam Margera. Still would be if he was still doing stuff. Dunn's death probably really jacked him up, poor guy.

I always planned on hunting him down someday to see if I could hang with him.

Ezbakeoven12 karma

Zombie Apocalype... What blade(s) do you bring with you, and why?

Would a katana be as functional/feasible as something a little heaiver-duty?

Rayneworks3 karma

I would carry a katana and a machete. Machete for utility work and to use if the katana ever breaks. Thing with katanas, is while they may not be as durable as some other swords, they are absolutely the best blade for cutting down unarmored enemies such as zombies. Sabers are a close second. Straight blades are known to be more durable but they can get jammed up on bone.

Ezbakeoven13 karma

I was thinking something similar, katanas seem very nimble and agile in tight situations, and for the real grunt work the machete comes through time and time again.

Best believe I'm seeking refuge with you when the outbreak happens!

Rayneworks3 karma

Indeed, katanas are extremely versatile. You can easily wield them in one hand leaving the other for a handgun or equipment bag, yet the handles comfortably accommodate a two-handed grip for powerful slashes that go right through bone like butter.

However the drawback to this is the thin blade with an extremely hard edge...they chip easily, bend kind of easily, and can't just be jury-rigged with some tape and a blowtorch like a more crude blade such as a machete, axe, or some straight swords.

Ezbakeoven12 karma

I keep seeing that portrayed in film (Kill Bill and Walking Dead) but have yet to experience it with a real blade (I've only owned the knock off display ones). granted I wouldn't slash through bone, but it has to be a great feeling getting a good solid chop through something like that.

Thanks for the replies, you seem like a down to earth cool guy I with you the best in your endeavors, and I'll be checking your site for updates and recommendations!

Rayneworks2 karma

I've cut through some good 3-inch thick hardwood with my test katana, a blade I have dedicated to doing dumb shit with for science. No hilt, tons of dings, a bit of a bend, rusted as shit, but the thing's just as sharp as it came. It's amazing how well katanas can hold an edge.

Ezbakeoven12 karma

Time to start reading up on a real one it seems. Can't run out of ammo with a solid melee weapon! :D

Rayneworks1 karma

If you want recommendations send me a PM with your sword budget. I can find you a great blade for just about any price. Obviously higher budget = better weapon, but even an $80 katana can be very functional.

Prozac12 karma

I remember you saying you didnt own guns because of NJs laws, so if you could, what guns would you own? Also: remove kebab

Rayneworks3 karma

Removing laws and money from the equation, I would own a Mauser C96, a S&W 500, and a double-barreled elephant rifle. The only three guns I consider badass enough to warrant owning. I have zero interest in modern-looking guns or semi-automatics. Well the C96 is semi, but still classic enough for me.

XeroValueHuman2 karma

Why mention the 417 pounds? Is your identity intertwined with your weight?

Rayneworks12 karma

Well I've seen other fat guy AMAs. Some people have an interest in how we got this way or how we plan on losing the weight. Figured I'd mention as many points of interest as I had.

XeroValueHuman1 karma

if you lost say around 200 pounds, do you feel that you would be losing your current "brand". Would you need to re-establish yourself as say" The Thin Swordsman"?

How important is your current brand identity worth to you, consciously, and maybe subconsciously?

Rayneworks1 karma

I'll certainly always be a bit chunky, I just love food too much. I'll never stop being a little bit fat so it'll keep working out. I'll be more bearmode than whalemode though.

Mr_Propane2 karma

How many blades do you own and where do you get them? I've always wanted to collect martial arts weapons and guns but I'm not sure where to get real ones for a decent price.

Rayneworks3 karma

Easily own over 20 blades...lost true count a while ago.

I mainly got them from, although nowadays I don't make videos with their stuff because I have my own site. Nothing against them though, they're a great site.

PM me with a budget and I'll happily find you some good blades. Can't help you with guns at all though. I can do archery supplies!

Mr_Propane1 karma

I've heard that's a really good site actually. I think I'm going to have to wait a year until I graduate to start collecting blades though.

Rayneworks3 karma

Well I'll be here when ya do lol. Send me a PM literally whenever and I'll help you out.

scigs62 karma

So, it's been a lifelong dream to own a suit of legit medieval armor. Is there anywhere I can go on the internet that will sell decent stuff. And where the hell are you from? That's quite an accent! Thanks dude

Rayneworks2 karma

With some quick googling, I found this site:

Pretty expensive, but with even the shittiest job ever and some dedication, you should be able to get one in 1-3 years of saving. I say go for it. Obviously because of my size armor isn't my thing, but I definitely respect it.

Eyeshield1452 karma

What video games do you play?

Rayneworks5 karma


TheSwarre2 karma


Rayneworks3 karma

I work at a Walgreens. And in 5 years I see myself managing said Walgreens as well as owning a much better website by then.

dougfunnie021 karma

Given that you have two first names and some other exotic tastes, have you ever considered a career in NASCAR?

Rayneworks2 karma

I don't get the joke here >.>

dougfunnie023 karma

A ton of NASCAR drivers, past and present, have had two first names. Some examples include:

  • Jeff Gordon
  • Rusty Wallace
  • Mark Martin
  • Bill Elliott
  • Tony Stewart
  • Danica Patrick
  • Ricky Bobby (yeah, I know, not a real guy, but there's a reason they chose this name for Will Ferrel's character in "Talladega Nights.")

A lot of NASCAR drivers also lead pretty interesting lives with some really varied tastes. They're renowned for being a little off-kilter at times.

Given your duplicitous set of names and your seemingly varied lust for all things from food, swords, and scrotal surgery, I propose that driving 200+ MPH and making constant left-hand turns might be a good career choice for you, should you ever consider moving on to another profession. You probably wouldn't even have to give up the swords, archery, and other weapons -- just toss them in the car. Believe me, everyone at a NASCAR event is already armed with either a gun, a knife, or a nasty case of the beer farts. No one would bat an eye at your choice of weaponry.

EDIT: I had Rusty Wallace on here twice. Oops.

Rayneworks2 karma

Ha, TIL. Well nah, I've never had much interest in cars at all. I prefer my metal sharpened, and my oil preventing rust on my blades.

goldfire6261 karma

Do you have any advice to someone who wants to learn how to use a sword for the first time?

Rayneworks1 karma

1: Buy a bokken. That's a wooden or polycarbonate katana. It's great to practice with for someone new as a real katana kills people who don't know how to use it. You can buy a good one here, you decide based on your budget which one~

2: Watch this guy's videos: - starting from the bottom. He'll teach you all the basic grips and strikes.

3: If you have the money for it, try to find and join a Kendo school. I know it can be pretty expensive though.

4: Practice daily, or whenever you have the time. Even practicing the basic seven strikes for ten minutes a day will keep your accuracy and speed sharp.

Francis-Hates-You1 karma

What do you think the likeliness of there ever being a zombie apocalypse is?

Rayneworks5 karma

Actually reanimated dead body zombies, absolutely none.

However, diseased, raged-out human zombies, incredibly likely. Every day they test new medicines, peddle new drugs, inject new vaccines. Every day there are new viruses, parasites, bacterias being discovered. Sometime soon, something is going to be created or found that turns the human brain into angry pudding. I don't know if it will be airborne, transmitted, or totally non-contagious, but it's going to happen in some scale larger than that one jerk in Florida.

That's one of the reasons why I like the katana so much. It's made for the singular purpose of cutting unarmored flesh, just as a zombie would be. It might be useless against plate or chain but for flesh and bone, it's top of the line.

Toubabi1 karma

Do you have any tips for quickly and easily sharpening blades? What do you think are the best tools and methods for making and keeping blades sharp?

Rayneworks3 karma

For knives and machetes I find that the Accusharp is pretty simple and functional. For a sword you should use a real leather strop or sharpening stone. I actually plan on building my own grindstone someday. It's gonna be awesome.

Ben_dover961 karma

so how did you find out you had a tumor in you nut? what did they do in the surgery to remove it?

Rayneworks2 karma

Went to a doctor for a checkup, doctor said something was up. Sent me to a urologist who then sent me for a scrotal ultrasound where they confirmed the tumor. For the actual surgery, they cut a bout a four inch long incision below the stomach and somehow managed to push the testicle through said hole. They luckily managed to save the testicle and just remove the tumor, it wasn't bad at all. Could hardly walk for a couple days but I got better fast and now I feel good as new, although doctor still won't let me do anything fun for a couple more weeks.

dizzy1001 karma

Whats kind of sword do you like(two hand sword,one handed,hand and a half etc...

Rayneworks1 karma

I love everything with a blade. Except for rapiers, fuck those toothpick swords. They're a joke.

AverageGuy281 karma

Why did you agree to appear on tosh.o, when he is usually a dick to the guests? Dies it just appear that way because of editing and such, or were you paid enough to sit there and deal with it.

Rayneworks1 karma

Tosh isn't a dick at all. That's just his TV persona because more people seem to find it funny. He was respectful and pretty chill, and I think the segment came out great. Judging books by covers and all that.

DankyDrew1 karma

What is your opinion on smaller combat blades such as the ACB-90 and others?

Rayneworks3 karma

Looking at the ACB-90, damn that's a terrible knife. With that hook you're just asking to get jammed up in the target's clothes / gear / body. It's extremely dangerous if you can't retrieve your weapon during combat.

As for other knives, I'm partial to the CS Espada or a Ka-Bar knife. Heavy duty, smooth edge, nothing but blade. Serrated edges cause more problems than they solve.

DankyDrew1 karma

Thanks for the reply! Kinda why I asked, everyone makes out like its a super hardcore knife but all I see in it are flaws honestly. But thanks for answering and the AMA!

Rayneworks2 karma

You're discussing knives with the wrong people man. Anybody who bases their knife preferences off of a video game (In this case, Battlefield 3) really has no idea what they're talking about.

andy108891 karma

Any intrest in guns? And if so AR15 or AK47. Funny tosh skit man. Keep on keepin on.

Rayneworks1 karma

While I suppose I technically have an interest in some guns, I'll most likely never get to handle any of the ones I care about. Mauser C96, S&W 500, Elephant Rifle. The three firearms I care about, all extremely expensive, two use effectively nonexistent ammunition, and it would be easier to learn to levitate than to get a handgun license in Jersey. If I ever get out of this hellhole of a state I may actually try to get my hands on a C96 Red 9 variant.

Eyeshield1451 karma

So after watching a few of your vids you seem to only cut bottled water why dont you use other things like meat,wood or even ballistics gel? And your camera work is pretty terrible to be honest maybe consider getting a tripod or editing your video.

Rayneworks5 karma

Meat is wasteful, wood can damage the blade although I have cut wood in some videos, and ballistics gel is too expensive.

bobofwar21 karma

How long did it take to film the web redemption on tosh.o?

Rayneworks2 karma

About nine hours. Would have been a little bit quicker but Danny Trejo showed up a bit late.

Typomaster1 karma

ok first, i thought it was hilarious that you said left nut instead of testicle. Now the serious question. Can you recommend a nice website to view medieval weapons (swords, axes, maces and poleaarms) and various siege weaponry? And the million dollar question of course, what is your favorite edged weapon and why? Thanks for the interesting post.

Rayneworks1 karma

For any weapon ever, you want:

For siege equipment though, I have no idea.

And my favorite sword would probably be a katana, both for the artistic value and the fact that it's the most practical blade style for modern times. They were designed for nothing but quickly, accurately, and efficiently cutting unarmored opponents. They're light, they're thin, they're capable of being sharpened to an absolute razor's edge. In modern days, anything anybody might be trying to cut will be unarmored. A burglar, an attacking wild animal, a stepmother, ect. ect. They may not be as durable as many European or even other Asian blades, but they're certainly the most nimble and versatile.

progelec1 karma

No question here, just a congratulations on getting your shit together. I saw the episode of tosh and you talked about disliking exercise and ik it can be hard I myself have lost 45 pounds in almost a year now its not easy but it seems as if you have your mind set on it since you seem to be disappointed about not being able to exercise due to your surgery. Good Luck bud and don't forget to keep doing what makes you happy!

Rayneworks2 karma

Thanks man. It is hard but in the end it'll be worth it. I want a real job, I want a wife someday, I want a future. I'm not afraid to die but I want to live a little first, eh?

JanetSnakehole241 karma

I notice you mention you are an archer. What kind of bow do you shoot, and is it mostly recreational target shooting or do you do any hunting? (Not sure where you live exactly, so I'm not sure if it is even legal where you are.)

Rayneworks5 karma

I shoot a Mission UX2 Compound bow, as well as a simple recurve crossbow. Just recreational for now, but once I lose a lot of weight I will definitely start bowhunting.

Ninja Edit: I also have a small and cheap pistol-grip crossbow. May be cheap, shitty, and useless for hunting, but GOD DAMN it is amazing fun for target shooting. Loads easily and quickly, can fire 40 bolts without tiring your arm at all.

aidan28971 karma

I have a few questions... 1. What is your accent, while watching your videos i couldnt quite place your accent. and i am curious 2. Do you find that your weight holds back your full potential with survival adventuring/ weapon reveiwing?

Rayneworks1 karma

1: Not really an accent. It's just a speech issue I've had my whole life. Most people just assume it's an accent though so I just roll with it.

2: Definitely. Climbing, running, chopping, everything is harder for me and I need to put in twice the effort to get the same results as an average-sized person could. I can get shit done, but it's not easy. Even with the small amount of weight I've lost so far I've noticed a big difference in my swing speed and many other things as well.

gmann8201 karma

1.Where did you get the pug shirt? 2.What are your other hobbies besides blades?

Rayneworks1 karma

1: I think the pug shirt originates from however I'm having trouble finding it there. You can get it from Amazon though, just search Pug Shirt.

2: Other than blades, it's archery and video games mostly. I guess working out counts nowadays but not really. Reddit, obviously, and I wanna learn to cook sometime.

gmann8201 karma

Thanks for the help! Another question did you see an increase of subs. on your youtube channel after being on tosh.0?

Rayneworks1 karma

Definitely. Few hundred at least. My biggest sub increase though came from the Bottles Beware video since people were like...already ON youtube to watch it. Easier to sub than finding the subject of a Tosh episode.