Bonjour my friends. Let's make it simple: Reddit? Let's do this! Everything you always wanted to know about Ed Banger Records (but were afraid to ask) - hit me. I'll say it all.

Be sure to check out the trailer for the "Ed Rec Vol. X" compilation that is out now (here:, in addition to the "Still Busy" EP by yours truly that dropped this week.

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Schedule: 2PM - 3:15PM EST
*EDIT: And that's all folks. This was fun! Thank you so much for the questions. - PW

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for those who did not see it yet

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What's up dude! This is a weird coincidence. I do the dishes at a certain restaurant that I work at... and you came in today! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to say hi because I was overflowing with dirty stuff that I had to clean... also I was pretty gross and didn't feel like walking out with my nasty clothes. Anyways, my question: how do you get inspired to make music? I'm trying to start leaning about electronic music production but can't get motivated to create any catchy tunes. Thanks!

EdBangerRecords20 karma

noway! Soul Kitchen ??? i love that place! next time come say hi! and steal a madeleine for me! You have the best tools in your hand today. My only advice would be try to mix Analogic gear and computer device. For example, I work with Ableton Live 9 and Akai MPC 2000 and some keyboards. Learn the technic but feel free to do illogical stuff.

dodje18 karma

Salut Pedro! You have so many exciting new talents in the label, I was wondering how you "find" them? Do you still listen to demos you receive or is it always through acquaintances and such? and thanks for doing this AmA!

EdBangerRecords14 karma

we receive too much demo, thank you internet : ) ! i prefer to meet or cross path with new artists to sign them most of the artist on the label are accident (good accident)

filipsize17 karma

What happend to Uffie?

What do you think of Daft World?

Mad props, love Ed Banger, so much diversity and talent.

EdBangerRecords29 karma

Uffie was an amazing project when it was about a little girl having fun with Feadz and Mr Oizo. It was fresh and new in 2008. Then it became bigger and with more people involved, then I lost control and lost the vibe. But I'm sure she'll be back with some more music on another record label.

EdBangerRecords16 karma

Whouaaa it went fast! Hope you enjoyed this hour with me. I tried to reply as much as i could. I'll be back on Reddit for sure. Thank you all for playing the game. pw

keegzo16 karma

Sup Busy P!

I saw your set (and subsequently Justice's) at Sonar a couple weeks ago and wanted to say it was immense!

May as well ask a question, Is there any plans for a new SebastiAn album in the pipeline? Total was an amazing album and Prime is one of my favourite tracks!

EdBangerRecords22 karma

Sonar was a blast! loved it a lot! Yes Yes Sebastian is working hard. He just produced an album for french singer Philippe Katerine you can hear it here

funkysnave15 karma

why does fat ass mr oizo always cancel his appearances in Chicago?

EdBangerRecords30 karma

because he can't move his fat ass from L.A he should come to Chi Town , i'll tell him

orkboyz1713 karma

Hi Busy P, I'm very happy to see you doing an AMA and I have a few questions:

  • I recently created and now run the subreddit /r/breakbot and I was wondering if there was any possibility of Thibaut doing an AMA in the future? (also does he use reddit?)
  • I also wanted to know if the Ed Banger world tour is coming to Sydney and if so is there a timeframe for when you guys are coming down?
  • I was hoping you could shed some light on this track. Is it a future Breakbot release?
  • Not a question but I just wanted to thank you for bringing such great artists into the limelight and I also wanted to applaud you on a great dj set when you supported Justice in Melbourne last year (you conducting the crowd while everyone sung along to Da Funk was the highlight!)

EdBangerRecords8 karma

bonjour i'm testing Reddit now, it looks fun so i'll def tell the other artist of the label to do it one day. yes yes we'll visit Syndey for our 10th birthday world tour... stay tuned. thank you for the nice words. Da Funk always works, you looked pretty good all you aussies singing!

filipsize12 karma

Busy P - WTF

Thisisnotstupid11 karma

Hello Pedro! Thank you so much for taking time to do this AMA I am so very excited for it! The Ed Banger label has really influenced my life the last few years and I just wanted to thank you for everything you do! When I was battling depression, I had recently found out about Justice, Busy P and Mr Oizo and I became obsessed with your music. Probably the main reason I came out of that was listening and loving your music so much! Now my love has spread to Breakbot and SebastiAn and Uffie and everyone else on the record but I really just wanted to thank you. Chop Suey was the first song I listened to on the label. Now, I wanted to ask you a tiny favor if that would be alright. I introduced my little sister Zoe to the whole French EDM scene last year and she immediately fell in love with the genre but mostly with the whole Ed Banger record! Shes crazy about you all and shes eagerly anticpating going to Paris after her senior year in high school. Her 15th birthday is on Sunday and ahes asked the whole family to get her only merchendise from her favorite artists, one if them being you! If you could maybe write her a note and take a picture with it I would be so obliged to you! Im 100% sure it would be the best present she would recieve this year! If not I can totally understand and I wanted to ask, how are the fans different in America compared to France? Again, thank you so much for taking the time and doing this AMA, I absolutely adore your music! Stay busy.

EdBangerRecords19 karma

email me at [email protected]

nereuj10 karma

Hey P. In like 06/07 Ed Banger was the fucking 1# label, nowadays, everyone is a producer, and can sell your songs by your own, and the game changes all the time, how you deal with that?

Thanks, and bring an Ed Banger party to Brazil, obrigado!!!

EdBangerRecords16 karma

we are a very small company so i can move fast and adapt myself to new business Streaming seems to become the new business thing, so we put all our records on youtube for kids to listen and share we don't make much money but at least kids are discovering other things than the usual major acts Can't wait to come back to Brazil!

nandini778 karma

1) I like the direction in your new EP

2) Why did you decide to have a music video for "This Song"

3) Do you think Oizo's new album cover is sexy?

EdBangerRecords9 karma

merci! i wanted to make more videos for my tracks so i asked this young director to do this and i'm really happy with the feedback Oizo is a sexy bird yes

gear3rd8 karma

Do you like Random Access Memories?

EdBangerRecords31 karma

of course i like it

braxtron55557 karma

what is your relationship with other french producers like DatA, Danger, Kavinsky, etienne de crecy? i imagine paris has epic parties like every night where all of you get together and make the music that will make aliens realize humans aren't all bad

EdBangerRecords29 karma

Kavinsky is evil, he makes me smoke weed and drink bottle of vodka. Etienne de Crecy is responsible for one of my lifetime favorite Motorbass "flying fingers"

murrray7 karma

Yo Pedro, we've met a few times and tweeted back and forth, and every time you are incredibly humble. I wanted to say that you are the man. Keep up the good work. If you ever need anyone for a street team in Chicago, I would be more than willing to drop whatever I am doing to help out.

Also, are you going to be with Justice at Wavefront next weekend?

EdBangerRecords6 karma

thank you murray i miss Chi Town No Wavefront for me sadly, busy here with my family

KingSpanner7 karma

Is there really two SebastiAns?

EdBangerRecords18 karma

hell no! they will kill me! one is enough!

braxtron55556 karma

why is club75 merch so fucking expensive? also, have you ever considered a cheaper shipping alternative to the US?

EdBangerRecords10 karma

i agree with you but I quit my job at Fedex long time ago I'll tell my team, but i'm sure you understand i don't handle this side of Club 75 ahahaha

Shah-ryar6 karma

All my favorite musicians are signed to EdBanger. Specially my man pedro!

I hope one day I can come and visit the office of Ed Banger records.

EdBangerRecords12 karma

i'll make open doors for people to come say hello

yifalchunbee6 karma

Salut Pedro ! Congrats to you & Justine on the baby ! Ed Banger is my favorite record label ever; I've been a fan for years and years and words still cannot describe how much I love you guys. :) Say hello to the Crüe for me !

EdBangerRecords13 karma

whouaaa you know lots of stuff ahahah merci

joszagu6 karma

Hi Pedro! I'm from Mexico and I'm so excited that you decided to come to the land of Tequilas and Fiesta! My biggest dream is that maybe one day I can meet you and the whole Ed Banger Crew, maybe in Ceremonia my dream comes true. I'm the founder of the page of Justice fans, we are over 2,800 fans here in Mexico, not only of Justice but of the whole Ed Banger Family. I'm so busy with a fan page of 2,800 people, but I just can't imagine how you can handle with the whole Ed Banger label, it's amazing! Is it hard to be the head of Ed Banger? Do you have free time? Saludos Busy "Hijo de puta P"

EdBangerRecords11 karma

hola hermano escribe aqui [email protected] let's meet in september

wwastedyouth5 karma

Hello Pedro, saludos desde México.

What electronic artists are you listening at the moment ? and also...

What do you think about the actual EDM scene ? Do you like the direction it took (Mostly in America)?

Also, you have been an inspiration for me, Ed Banger opened my mind to all new kinds of music. Maybe thats why I'm such a big fan. Proof:

See you in the Ed Banger Party in México city !

EdBangerRecords6 karma

hola guapo! i love Cashmere Cat, Aluna george, Mikky Blanco EDM ? honestly it scares me ahahah Are you coming to Mexico in Septiembre ?

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EdBangerRecords5 karma

Sampling is basis for electronic or hip hop music. So we'll do it forever. BUT business has changed and you now have to clear things and share the benefit, which is fair.

marmeladi5 karma

Bonjour Busy P! After the first time I heard some of Justice music I have been completely hook'd on the Ed Banger crew. You guys are basically my Idols, I even started to learn some french because of you guys. I went to see Justice in Copenhagen in 2012 and it was unforgettable! Was super sad that I was not able to meet the legends after or before the show :(

But anyway my question to you is Why was NY Excuse not on the new Justice Live album? IT is soo good! and Do you ever think you'll visit Iceland?

Thanks for doing this AMA! Bonus: A fraction of my vinyl collection

EdBangerRecords4 karma

thank you for the nice words NY Excuse was on the first JUSTICE Live album so we decided not to put it again

Wegian5 karma

Why do you put so many Ed Banger tracks on the official Youtube channel for people to watch. Marketing decision? Goodness of your heart? Neither? Both? There's nothing quite like it as a resource for finding new artists.

For whatever reason you did it, its encouraged me to buy several times from the Ed banger label. Truth be told, i don't really do much music buying, but i have the utmost respect for you for putting all that up in one place.

EdBangerRecords33 karma

we do it because youtube is another way for people to discover our music our world i'm glad it works i'm cool with streaming music some can buy our music some can't , but i want everybody to be able to listen to our music

JellyGhost5 karma

Hey, Busy P! I'm a big fan of the Ed Banger, thanks for doing this AMA!

1) What Ed Banger song do you think best describes the label?

2) When you looking for a new artist for your label, what do you look for?

3) Are Justice or Sebastian working on new albums? I need more from them!

WatersofNazareth5 karma

Yo Busy Cock Sucker P! Got some Questions for ya!

  • What were some of your first impressions of some of the artists who are now on your label (Breakbot, Oizo, Justice Etc.)?

  • I've heard you like to visit Canada, well have you ever been to Vancouver?

  • Not a question but... come check out r/EdBangerRecords if you already haven't!

EdBangerRecords14 karma

r/EdBangerRecords fuck!!!! that's serious!!! i am discovering this now i'll come say hi

anciar4 karma

would you ever consider signing an american act?

EdBangerRecords14 karma

Uffie was american Yes yes anyone is welcomed on Ed Banger

xtreme2themax4 karma

Hey, Pedro! I was wondering, is it true that the label is like a family? Do you have "family outings" and such? Thanks a lot! PS: Thank you guys for inspiring me to become a DJ!

EdBangerRecords7 karma

we go for holidays together for real yes

Memmo754 karma

hey pedro, first of all i would like to thank you for making ed banger happen and all the great stuff you and the label bring out... my question is: how was the very famous raclette party at gaspard's and meeting justice? could you tell us some memorable funny storys that you had with these two awesome guys? thank you and see you at berlin festival!

EdBangerRecords4 karma

the truth is that i really ask to be invited! i was not invited at the beginning. But i love cheese so much.

Mengwiches4 karma

Hey busy P.

My girlfriend is making me ask if she could have an internship at ed banger. She's hot, if that helps.

EdBangerRecords13 karma

ahahaha good try but we already have a handsome boy call Riff Raph

RoseChildD3 karma

Hi Busy P!!

Just want to say I love everything you do, you and the Ed Rec crew are a great inspiration to me. Any plans in the future of a full on US tour? I was lucky enough to catch Breakbot in San Francisco, but would seriously love to see everyone else, specifically SebastiAn and Boston Bun sometime in the states! We love you guys!!!!

EdBangerRecords3 karma

come see us on the west side

JPEG123 karma

What was it like to manage Daft Punk and what is it like to currently manage Justice?

EdBangerRecords4 karma

it's completely different 1996 and 2006 are 10 years away you see Daft was the time I learn Justice is the time I run

tillymeeow3 karma

Pedro, you're my hero man, it was great to meet you again in London last month! I hear you're a daddy! How does parenthood feel?

EdBangerRecords2 karma

bonjour bonjour! it's amazing as you can imagine i'm doing my best to mix both world

braxtron55553 karma

my music library revolves around ed banger artists. i feel like there should be a name for us fans, i've been thinking "ed banger rec'ing crew"

EdBangerRecords12 karma

i prefer ED WRECKERS how does it sound ?

chmpgn3 karma

Salut Pedro :) I'm big fan of you and your label crews. (you guys changed my whole life!) well.. I have just one & important question, Do you have any plans to have Ed rec. 10th anniversary live in S.Korea? We are really looking forward to it because you guys have schedule in Japan where is really close to Korea. Hope to see you guys here. love from Seoul XX. // PS. Busy Père!! Célébrer la naissance ton fille :')

EdBangerRecords4 karma

maybe for New Years eve ? me and Dj Mehdi came to Seoul 2 times and we loved it.

mgam3 karma

Salut Pedro!

NYE 2013 in the dome (Société des Arts Technologiques)was the nicest thing you could do for us in Montreal, you have a lot of follower in the area and we'll keep mixing your tracks at all our dj set!

En avant pour un autre 10 ans! Mes Félicitations!

EdBangerRecords6 karma

Montreal... stay tuned... ED BANGER 10 world tour is coming at you!

Revolutionaryy3 karma

Bonjour Busy P,

En partant, merci pour 10 ans de bonne musique! Bon, pour ma question:

Je sais que vous n'allez pas vouloir choisir des préférés mais...qui a été l'artiste avec lesquelles vous avez le plus aimé travailler avec? :)

EdBangerRecords15 karma


manbearmule3 karma

Hey Busy P,

I'm big fan of the club 75 scarfs released.

  1. How has Ed Banger records handled situation of the similarities between Breakbot's "Baby I'm yours" and bruno Marrs' song?

  2. What is your opinion about trap?

  3. I'm excited to see justice at wavefront in Chicago. Will Ed Banger be coming to Chicago?

EdBangerRecords5 karma

Bruno Mars loved Breakbot's song, so we take it as a compliment. He told us he did that song inspired by "baby i'm yours" Breakbot himself is influenced by lots of old funk music. Trap ? i like some of it, but not sure i really know what it is... Chicago we're coming whenever you invite us! What is the cool venue to perform ? Smart Bar was our local stop forever.

nereuj3 karma

P., and reddit guys, My best friend has made an incredible remix for Justice - Brianvision MMXIII, seriously man this is amazing!


EdBangerRecords5 karma

sounds cool chill well done makes me think of this classic one

JGC273 karma

Hi Pedro, thanks for doing this AMA, and for founding such an amazing record label with equally amazing artists!

Do you still keep in touch with Thomas and Guy-Man after being their manager for so long?

Also, do Justice have any plans for another album or will we have to wait on that?

And one more thing, any chance I could get a late happy birthday from you? It was yesterday y'see.

Thanks again :)

EdBangerRecords11 karma

BON ANNIVERSAIRE ! I bumped into Guy Man yesterday in the streets, they are very busy robots now... Justice are setting up a new studio, so we need to let them work and make music before telling when they will release a new record.

KingSpanner3 karma

What is your favorite picture in Travail Famille Party?

EdBangerRecords6 karma

Mehdi sleeping in a tee shirt box backstage in australia or me signing a girl ass in Asia what's yours ?

braxtron55553 karma

how do you like strangers coming up to you and asking for photos/autographs and stuff? it seems like it would get old, but i've never heard anyone say that you weren't super cool to them.

EdBangerRecords9 karma

it's cool man i am not justin timberlake! 2 or 3 photos can't kill me and i'm happy to shake hands of our supporters

KingSpanner3 karma

Hey Busy P! First of all thank you for the address for the Kavinsky's birthday Daft Punk after party in Denver! Incredible night! Here are my questions:

1- Are you bringing all of Edbangerland with you for your Anniversary Tour?

2- Is Uffie still on EdBanger?

3- Who is your favorite Beastie Boy?

4- Any plans to re-release classic Ed Rec shirts? How do you feel about fakes on ebay?

Thanks man! See you in LA!

BONUS - Here's a fun pic of us at Coachella I'm the dude behind the arm

EdBangerRecords5 karma

hey Ed Bangerland was only for Paris sorry it was the biggest party I ever produce The Ed Banger 10 world tour is a way to celebrate our birthday with our friends all around the world Uffie left the building couple of years ago now Mike D is inspiration #1 for Busy P Official Ed Banger gear here :

nightzone3 karma

Yo Pedro! Long time fan of you and the gang. I saw Daft Punk & Justice front row in Chicago. Both were life changing shows! Today's my 23rd birthday and I have been listening to Ed Banger since 2005 when I was 15.

I've seen your office in a few interviews, so my question for you is what is your favorite piece of art/memorabilia lying around?

And... when can we expect a new release from Uffie?

Thanks man, keep it sick!

EDIT: I am so sad I was late to this. I set my alarm wrong by an hour.

EdBangerRecords6 karma

i love my Daft Punk disco ball (from their very first studio) i love the arts on my walls, my MTV aware Uffie is not on Ed Banger anymore i'll keep it sick!

t33563 karma

Hey im a big fan of Ed Banger just here to say hi.

EdBangerRecords9 karma


EdBangerRecords3 karma


miami_highlife3 karma

Whats the best way to reach out to promoters and recommend an artist to play? Lets say, if i wanted you or Mr. Oizo to perform at Grand Central in Miami, what would be a good route to take?


EdBangerRecords8 karma

Most of the Ed Banger's artists have the legendary Windish Agency looking for the perfect place to perform in the US You can reach them here :

Protest_Shit2 karma

Hey bro, long time fan of the label you've created and the music i lived and breathed for years.Vancouver, Canada is my home! My question is... WILL SEBASTIAN AND OIZO NEVER COME TO VANCOUVER? I obviously saw Breakbot and Justice already and they were everything I imagined, but i must see the rest of the head banger crew! Thanks brah

EdBangerRecords6 karma

both of them are lazy ass we went to Vancouver with Justice and Mehdi years and years ago it was fun in fact i'd love to come back!

Centribo2 karma

Hey Pedro! What's your favourite Ed Banger release?

Slade742 karma

Busy P. You are one of my heroes and inspirations. Thank you!! Club 75 was an unreal experience at Coachella 2010. You rock!

EdBangerRecords6 karma

CLUB 75 at Coachella was special Glad you enjoyed and hope you'll remember the good old times

matz89162 karma

Ey salut Pedro! Simple question but will Pocket Piano on vinyl ever be re-pressed? C mon ep favoris. :(

Other than that, keep being cool. Oh and why do you have a Canadian maple leaf tattoo? (I am Canadian and not complaining at all j'suis just un peut curieux!)

EDIT: Montreal vous attends!!

EdBangerRecords3 karma

oui oui on va re-press des macis classic du label stay tuned Maple Leaf for life! J'ai pas mal visité Gatineau dans mon enfance.

shanniemarie922 karma

Busy P! You are my idol. I don't really have any questions, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your production talent and musical skills. I was so inspired by Ed Banger records, The Cool Cats Club and all that jazz that I took french for 5 years in high school to move to Paris one day and create my own music magazine. Even though I'm not in Paris right now, I am a journalism student at Emerson College in Boston, and I write for a music blog, I wanted to thank you for sparking a passion that I have. You and Ed Banger records are truly inspirational. I hope one day that I can interview you. I mean, you did inspire my career path.

EdBangerRecords1 karma

merci merci

gear3rd2 karma

what is your favourite song?

EdBangerRecords6 karma

too hard to choose but i'll be happy with Beastie Boys, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake CDs on a desert island

lady_lady_LADY2 karma

Hi Busy P.

I'm only starting to delve into the history and productions of Ed Banger Records but I'm rapidly becoming a big fan. I don't really have a question, but I just wanted to say keep doing what you do so well!


EdBangerRecords6 karma



What's it like running a label?

And how many demos do you get on average?

Not a question but Thank you for starting the ed banger label they have been a great inspiration to me.

EdBangerRecords14 karma

i'm a lucky bastard running my label is not really a job, i meet great artist and spread their sound all around, we travel a lot and meet even more people. The most important for me is TO MAKE THINGS, having ideas is good, but making happened is gold.

Roargasm692 karma

Where were you in life at the age of 17?

EdBangerRecords10 karma

in Paris

braxtron55551 karma

when you/your artists design your live shows, how do you handle the lights? is there a company that is your go to for stage design? do you have ideas for the lights or is just an after thought? do you prefer standard lights or custom installations? do any edbanger artists control their own lights like another instrument?

EdBangerRecords2 karma

we work with different companies. For my Ed Banger Megamix I am working with french company Most of our shows, music and lights are linked

mrmaks1 karma

Hey Pedro

Im a huge Fan of your lable. Do you remember the ED Banger Crew picture you made some years ago?

Is there any way to get a high resolution file of it to print a poster for my room.


PS: Keep on doing your stuff, Ed Banger Records rocks!

EdBangerRecords2 karma

maybe you should ask the photographer directly

AngeloMoreno0 karma

Busy P serious you like boys? Just kidding

Real Questions: 1. Is it possible to bring back the Club 75 starter hat that are sold out? Those were sick. 2. What instruments do you know how to play? 3. And are you excited for Hard Summer as much as I am?

EdBangerRecords3 karma

angelo my favorite song i'll tell CLUB 75 crew I don't play instrument, I program computer and drum machine Hard Summer is gonna be a blast! can't wait!