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I know I'm a little late, but if you were to pick one sent from each season. Which would they be?

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Spring: cucumber mint. Summer: rain. Fall: harvest moon. Winter: winter cabin.

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link to your website?

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I would love to sell world wide. I haven't begun to look into my options for doing so, but I'm inspired now!

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I've been getting active with my local co-op recently, and am interested in making some soaps and waxes, so I imagine you're a good individual to ask:

As a beginner, what should I be melting my wax in?

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Use a double boiler system. Put a few inches of water in a large pot, and get an aluminium pitcher to melt the wax in. The aluminum pitcher sits in the pot of water. Wax is combustible, so the water in the pot prevents the wax from getting over 212°f.

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Do you have any employees?

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None. It's just me doing everything. Plus, I work a full time job, too. It can get hectic, but it's worth it. I like knowing that I create something that people respect enough to continuously buy. That makes sacrificing sleep worth it.

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Will / would you ever consider bitcoins as a payment for your products, all of us over at /r/Bitcoin would love to hear new businesses joining us!

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I've never heard of Bitcoin. I'll have to research what it is and get back to you.

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So I just googled bitcoins and went to the subreddit. I still dont quite understand what they are. Care to explain?

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Its a peer to peer decentralized currency, what this means is that no government or governing body in general is in control of bitcoin. Its essentially a way for people to exchange bitcoins (which are assigned a monetary value ((in your case likely USD))) for goods or services, exactly how a currency is used now, for example your fiat dollar.

The difference is that while the dollar, or any other fiat currency, is inflationary (meaning more and more dollars will be created over time thus taxing the purchasing power of your savings) bitcoin is actually deflationary, that is to say that there is a set amount that will ever be in existence and that's it. Its sort of like a digital gold. The current exchange value in USD for one bitcoin is $110.

Its very fast and you send it similar to an email, and its also border-free just like an email is. For example I can send bitcoins to my friend in Russia just like you would with Western Union, except its totally free and takes about an hour to totally confirm on the network (which is a bunch of computers set up to process bitcoin transactions). The network is global, so no one country really has much of a say in Bitcoin regulatory policy.

The bitcoins are protected because they are a cryptocurrency, that is to say that they are actually a string of numbers that are protected by military grade cryptography, the best people in the field have tried to crack Bitcoin and can't do it. Its secure.

Tl;DR: Its a way to exchange value over the internet with zero fees, zero regards to country/state/logistic boundaries, can be converted to fiat if desired at an exchange, can be anonymous if you really know what you're doing (but its hard), and is very, very fast. It really blows other methods of exchange away and the main hindrance to adoption is resistance from current regulatory bodies such as the Federal Reserve and frankly it sounds way more complicated than it really is and that scares people away.

Happy to go into more depth if you so desire.

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So I have to pay $110 for ONE Bitcoin?

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Give or take, yeah. In and of themselves Bitcoins are utterly worthless, just like anything else people dictate a value for them, similar to say Gold...Gold isn't worth anything except what people decide what it is worth in relation to other things. As of now the value of bitcoin is $110, a value which fluctuates.

That is the current exchange rate, though.

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LOL! not interested.

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To each their own.

But in your case you would actually be accepting Bitcoins for payment, which you would then presumably convert into fiat instantly, so I fail to see how this would do anything but benefit you by opening your doors to a greater market through much greater ease of transaction. However, as I stated, to each their own. Best of luck.

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Is 1 bitcoin the smallest denomination? I mean, I obviously can't charge 1 bitcoin, which is valued at $110 American dollars, for a candle... Am I not understanding this correctly?

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What's the best way to pass a urine drug screen?

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Abstain from drug use, obviously.

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How exactly did this happen?

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Read the entire thread. It's all explained there.

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No you didn't

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Oh yes I did.

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RL friend, I can verify he did.

btw, when we gonna get high?

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Picking some up later this afternoon...