Hi reddit, Kevin Hart here. I'm a comedian and my latest film, LET ME EXPLAIN, comes out July 3. This is your chance to ask me anything so let's get started!

I tweeted proof too.

update - thank you and i appreciate all the love. Go see my movie July 3, LET ME EXPLAIN ( trailer ). thanks reddit!

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Frajer453 karma

How did you wind up in This Is The End?

Iamkevinhart682 karma

Seth Rogen and myself are really good friends. We started out in the business together, so he was calling friends for favors, he wanted me to do a cameo and I agreed. It was a funny cameo; he explained the premise to me and I agreed.

Jesus_Kitten218 karma

Why weren't you in it longer?

Iamkevinhart1319 karma

Because they killed me.

thewizardofcoz402 karma

Kevin, when you hang out with Shaq, does he constantly knee you in the back of the head on purpose?

Iamkevinhart734 karma

Yes, he's extremely tall.

shat_in_my_pants346 karma

Are you going to play in the NBA celebrity game again next year? Any stat predictions?

Iamkevinhart943 karma

You DAMN right I am! And I probably am going to have 57 points, 67 rebounds and 72 assists!

amakattack300 karma

What was your worst experience with a heckler?

Iamkevinhart771 karma

In Atlantic City, when a guy threw a buffalo wing at my face. I took it to the cheek, and wiped a little sauce off.

codes107283 karma

KEVIN! I just saw This is The End and loved it. Did you enjoy kicking Aziz Ansari in the face?

Iamkevinhart679 karma

Yes, Aziz and I are secret enemies.

YouMad226 karma

What is your favorite memory of Patrice O'Neal?

Iamkevinhart362 karma

It's hard to pick just one, because that was one of my closest friends. I can't just pick just one because he was so close, the memories that I have of him would just take this whole AMA over.

TheDuskDragon212 karma

What's up Kevin Hart! Thanks for doing an AMA!

Would you ever consider stepping away from comedy and taking on a serious role in a TV show or movie?

Iamkevinhart380 karma

Right now, I'm enjoying stand-up comedy and I'm enjoying comedic acting or comedic roles within acting. When the time comes for me to be serious, I will DEFINITELY pursue that path in my career, but right now I'm enjoying being funny. And you're welcome!

pezisdead115 karma

No need to if you don't want to and are enjoying what you're doing. Just saying thank you for bringing laughter to our household. The best of luck to you and we look forward to seeing you in more movies : P

Iamkevinhart208 karma

Thank you, I'm glad that your family's happy.

wdk68189 karma

How short are you? Drew Brees is supposedly 6 feet tall, but we all know that's a lie. So really, how short are you?

Iamkevinhart448 karma

That is NOT a lie! I'm actually six one.

NineteenSixtySix179 karma

Kevin, what is your opinion on Canada?

Iamkevinhart398 karma

I love Canada. Eh?

wiffleball_lgnd157 karma

I think we all have the same question here: When is the Chocolate Droppa EP dropping?

Iamkevinhart326 karma

July 3rd, 2026.

Scabdates155 karma

What are some of your all-time or current favorite bits by comedians other than yourself?

Iamkevinhart504 karma

Eddie Murphy's rant about his day. Richard Pryor's joke about the monkey fucking him in the air. Bill Cosby's joke about his wife and kids. Dave Chapelle's joke about the little baby that was selling weed, that was pretty funny too. Just to name a few.

Sukhvirlam144 karma

I love you :)

Iamkevinhart263 karma

Aw I love you too.

islanders888127 karma

Kevin, what nba player would you compare yourself with? And is the cast of "this is the end" the funniest cast you have ever worked with?

Iamkevinhart370 karma

Dikembe Mutombo.

BlakeC93116 karma

Who was your favorite comedian growing up?

Iamkevinhart289 karma

Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy.

mr5424116 karma

when you were filming modern family, how was catching up with Sofia Vergara?

Iamkevinhart222 karma

She's amazing, she's beautiful and she's talented. I also worked with her on Soul Plane.

roxie1127111 karma

When you were younger did you use your comedic talents to stay out of trouble?

Iamkevinhart237 karma

Yes! That's the best thing about being funny. It keeps you out of trouble. When you can't fight, you can make people laugh.

DNAhelicase96 karma

I love your stand-up shows, and actually just spent the weekend with friends constantly quoting lines from the section of your routine about your dad, the spelling bee and how he never wore underwear under his sweats. Can't count how many times, when asked to spell something, the first thing that came to mind is "Spell Loong Dick.... L-O-Diiiiiick, alright, alright, alright!!!!" hahahahaha

Anyway, what is your favorite joke from your routines and which movie was the most enjoyable to do? (I personally loved your scene in 40yr old virgin when you're asking for a free extended warranty).

Thanks for doing the AMA, keep on killin it on the comedy scene!

Iamkevinhart146 karma

So because you love that scene, it's my favorite scene I did.

aww-yeah82 karma

What celebrities do you pal around with in your spare time? I mean people you consider real friends, like bail you out of jail friends.

Iamkevinhart162 karma

Well, I don't consider my real friends celebrities, so that's a difficult question to answer.

madbadger8980 karma

What is your favorite bit to tell? Like, when you start communicating it to the audience, what makes you have to control your laughter?

Iamkevinhart203 karma

My joke about the bum flicking my lip is really hard to get through right now. It makes me laugh.

Ithegreatkahoona80 karma

Who would you say is your favorite comedian to work with?

Iamkevinhart209 karma

My fave comedian to work with is Chris Rock.

UUvis69 karma

Hey, Kev! Great to see You here. My question - what is the chance to see You performing in Northern Europe? No doubt that I would visit any country near Baltic States to see Your show. Thanks dude, You are the best! Shout out from Latvia. P.S. Can't wait to see "Let Me Explain"

Iamkevinhart146 karma

Well, I just performed in London, Oslo, Sweden, Amsterdam - just to name a few. I plan on returning within a year. Shoutout to Latvia!

808breakdown69 karma

Thank for doing this AMA Kevin. My question is, what has been your most awkward run in with a fan? I'm sure people yelling to you about their long dick happens frequently.

Iamkevinhart161 karma

I had a woman that might have been about 50-60 years old run up and kiss me on the mouth. I was shocked. Her name was Casey. And people quote at me all the time.

CeleronX60 karma

You make a lot of jokes about how small you are, and how because of that you try to stay out of physical altercations. My question is Have you ever actually gotten into a fight? Have you ever "won" a fight?

Iamkevinhart203 karma

Because I'm such a thug, I got into several fights and won 'em all.


Hey Kevin Hart! I was wondering, will we ever get to see your uncle Ritchie Jr in one of your stand-up comedy shows?

Iamkevinhart149 karma

i wish - I don't know where my Uncle Ritchie Jr is, because he just disappeared!

andoutcomethewolves56 karma

Any chance we hear more out of Chocolate Drop soon?

Also, I just want to say how much I love Real Husbands of Hollywood. Definitely think it's one of the more underappreciated shows on TV these days.

Iamkevinhart111 karma

Well, Chocolate Drop will definitely be resurfacing soon. He's actually in jail in North Dakota. He got locked up for a riot after a concert.

And thank you - REAL HUSBANDs is definitely going well, and I appreciate your support.

Jimay45 karma

When the Plastic Cup Boys hittin the court again? Ballin on Drake next?

Iamkevinhart92 karma

They have a lot of injuries right now. They're out of shape, so they're recouping.

jpatjpatjpat44 karma

Hey Kevin thanks for doing this!

Where is your favorite place to perform at? Also, do you like doing stand-up more or are movies going to become a bigger thing for you?

Iamkevinhart96 karma

I'm always going to be a comedian first, because that's what started me in the entertainment business. My favorite place to perform is Philadelphia, because that's where i started and that's the place that made me. Movies are growth.

808breakdown29 karma

You started in Philly? Does that mean you're an Eagles/Phillies fan?

Iamkevinhart125 karma

Yes. Love Eagles, love Phillies, love Pistons.

GioRivera8139 karma

How do you stay motivated and inspired to continue creating? And not stay complacent? Now and when you were coming up?

Iamkevinhart73 karma

My goals are high, and I want to achieve a lot within the entertainment world, so that is my motivation to continue.

HawaiianPunch4238 karma

What was the best part of being in This is the End?

Iamkevinhart71 karma

Just being around all my peers, all my friends. We had a ball.

NineteenSixtySix36 karma


Iamkevinhart200 karma

Get a personality. It works.

flopotheclown32 karma

Hey Kevin! Because I just started out myself, what was your first stand-up performance like? Thanks!

Iamkevinhart79 karma

In the beginning, a little rough because I didn't know who I wanted to be as a comedian or how to tell jokes in the beginning. I've been doing comedy for 15-16 years and I'm still not comfortable.

fscvatommygundacreep28 karma

When you and your buddies hang out, whats your drink of choice?

Iamkevinhart179 karma

Water. Because we all love God.

germandoerksen26 karma

Kevin Hart! I love your comedy!

Question: Ever thought about doing something with Gabriel Iglesias? aka: fluffy guy?

Also, what do you think or do when people find your stand up offensive? Do you try to please them by toning it down or just say "Say it with yo chest!"?

Thanks again!

Iamkevinhart103 karma

I've done shows with him in the past, I think he's amazing and he's a good friend, so yes.

When people find my comedy offensive, I say it with my chest.

lcantu112121 karma

Kevin thanks for doing this! Love your shows! My question is, would you ever consider doing a family friendly show of your childhood adventures for kids? Also, would you ever consider writing books for children? I'm a teacher, and I think your funny ways of telling stories would inspire so many kids to read!

Iamkevinhart107 karma

No, I'm too filthy.

BlackoutMurray20 karma

Kevin, huge fan of the show room husbands of Hollywood, but I have a question: is this show a spoof on reality TV (like real housewives of Atlanta) or is it satirical to make fun of what we call for entertainment. Or this completely something else... (And my thinking too much into what it is?)

Also 15 min late?! CP time man c'mon.

Iamkevinhart81 karma

You're thinking WAY too much into what it is! It is a mock reality show. We're making fun of all other reality shows. That's why it's called "The fakest reality show ever."

And I'm here now!

Ima_Grab_Yo_Snatch18 karma

Are you ever going to return to Modern Family? You're hilarious on it!

Iamkevinhart31 karma

If my schedule permits, yes.

NYGiants153218 karma

Kevin, thank you for doing this AMA!

What was the funniest thing that happened on set while filming Let Me Explain? Also 3rd MVP at the NBA All-Star Game, I think so!

Iamkevinhart36 karma

Well, because it's a documentary and a concert film, I'd have to go with the actual concert. YUP! Without a doubt!

NileFroDaddy16 karma


Iamkevinhart38 karma

the more shows you do, the easier it is to stop getting nervous. Keep at it!

verbalsoze13 karma

Hey Kevin, I don't have a question. Just wanted to tell you I think you're funny in everything and you make it look so effortless, but you were absolutely hilarious in 'Think Like A Man'. Who the hell shits with a hat on anyways? Hahaha.

Iamkevinhart29 karma

Thank you for the support, and I appreciate it.

bayls12312 karma

Hi Kevin, you make me laugh :) But tell us a story when being funny got you into trouble!

Iamkevinhart49 karma

If I were to respond, I'd be telling you the story of my life, and we don't have enough time for that.

Meth_Damon7 karma

Who would your dream team of celebrities be to play with in the NBA celebrity game?

Iamkevinhart38 karma

Me, myself, and I.

joedel3117 karma

Big fan Kevin! Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?

Iamkevinhart35 karma

Okay. I guess I would go with one horse-sized duck. I can't believe I'm saying that.

waviecrockett17 karma

bruh I thought you were afraid of large birds?

Iamkevinhart36 karma

You're right, I forgot.

notthatinsightfull7 karma

What is the first original skit/joke you came up with?

Iamkevinhart28 karma

I come up with all my skits / jokes originally, so I don't have this one.

fackyouman4 karma

Favorite food place in LA?

Iamkevinhart27 karma


jorfon2 karma

what was your favorite part of filming your new movie? I'm so excited to see it.

Iamkevinhart6 karma

The introduction and the fire. I had a lot of fire while I was onstage.

notProfCharles2 karma

Kev,thanks for doing the AMA. What advice can you give to someone who wants to break into standup but is terrified of bombing.

Iamkevinhart7 karma

You can't fail unless you try.