Hello Reddit!

Since my previous AMA was so much fun (http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1c7h00/i_am_a_public_assistance_food/) I figured I would do another.

With a record number of people on food stamps and other government assistance in America, fraud is inevitable. That is where I come in. My job is to investigate discrepancies and uncover fraud where possible.

One thing since so many made comments on the last AMA, I don't know of any success stories off hand. Nothing against those who might be on assistance or have received it, but finding success isn't in my job description.

Edit #1: To everyone who is asking how to report abuse http://lmgtfy.com/?q=report+food+stamp+abuse

Edit #2: Yes I'm still answering questions as of 12:58 EST. Just might be a few minutes in between answers

Edit #3: 2:00pm EST and I'm still here

Edit #4 (06/13/2013 10:50AM) Sorry for leaving so abruptly yesterday, Had to do that job so many accused me of not doing. I'll keep lurking here today if you have questions.

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juror_chaos9 karma

Have you watched Swipe Yo EBT?

foodstamps20138 karma

I actually had a client quote me that song once. Thank the flying spaghetti monster for alcohol.

KNNLTF6 karma

Do you stop enough cases of public assistance fraud to justify the existence of your office financially? If possible, can you take into account the cost of ending public assistance, e.g. the associated paperwork and court costs? For example, if a person is fraudulently receiving $200/month in food stamps for the next year, and the cost (outside of your office) of ceasing their case is $1000, then you've saved the state $1400 (without adjusting for time value of money). So basically I'm asking you to add all these up, or provide your best estimate of them, and compare them to your salary and benefits and your job's share of administrative, clerical, and supply expenses.

Is there a way to tell how much you save the state via discouraging fraud, leading to fewer cases of fraud even if you don't catch very many fraudsters? Are there state-by-state comparisons, or before and after comparisons based on the existence and expenditure in jobs like yours? On the other hand, to what extent does your enforcement discourage people from seeking assistance for which they qualify?

foodstamps201343 karma

I've saved taxpayers over $300,000 this year and over $4.5 million since I started working.

FoxtrotUniformTwo2 karma

What is the largest PA abuse you've ever uncovered?

foodstamps20133 karma

A woman was receiving cash and food stamps for 7 children that weren't hers. All total she received over $60,000 in benefits fraudulently. She also received a $250,000 subsidy from the state for operating a business in a low income area.