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Planticulture3 karma

Is this unethical? Who is to say who is deserving of immortality?

DmitryItskov9 karma

It is imperative for me that anybody who desires full access of life extension has that access. If anybody was denied due to economic status, I would consider the project a failure.

SecondChanceGirl-2 karma

Why are you afraid of death? Who would want to cling on to a mortal life? I certainly don't. Greater things await me.

DmitryItskov20 karma

It's not so much a matter of fearing death, rather, it is a matter choice. One living has a choice over their fate, including whether to live or die.

Considering the finality and permanence of death, I think it makes sense to life as long as possible.

I love living. I think life, and the world, are very beautiful. The future promises great discovery and wonder, it would be a great shame to miss out on such experiences.

Think about it this way- you don't want to die tomorrow, do you? Why not? Suppose you stay healthy and happy, and active. On your 85 birthday, you are given a choice every night before going to sleep- you can choose to die tonight, or wake up again tomorrow.

On what day do you finally say "ok, I would like to die today?