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thelordofcheese2 karma

Why not just kill a lot of people you don't like in about 23 months?

GeneralUnderpants3 karma

I don't hate that many people.

thelordofcheese3 karma

Can you do some of mine for me?

GeneralUnderpants2 karma

Do I have to?

thelordofcheese1 karma

I could pay you. But I guess you wouldn't need the money since you're going to die. What about if the money is transferred to a charitable trust set up for your condition?

GeneralUnderpants2 karma

If there is one then go for it. I wouldn't take it anyway.

kttngrl1 karma

Do you think you'd consider spending the last few months/weeks of your expected life high on drugs? To 'ease the pain' ?

GeneralUnderpants1 karma

Honestly if it would make things easier I probably would.

kttngrl1 karma

Thanks for responding. Are you planning on making a bucketlist of things to do?

GeneralUnderpants4 karma

My bucket list right now is trying to find a job and not getting evicted from my apartment. Trying to make ends meet so I can see my daughters again is all I give a shit about.

kttngrl1 karma

Also, do you plan on donating your organs in the end?

GeneralUnderpants9 karma

Yes. I've always made sure to be listed as an organ donor. I'll be dead so I won't mind. If I can help someone else stay alive then I'll die knowing I did something useful.

OhGoOnThen1 karma

Wow, dude, you've had a shitty life. Chronic lung problems, and even as a vet you can't get help with your medical issues? After all those years of service?

Also, did you wife leave you before or after your diagnosis?

GeneralUnderpants1 karma

The VA doesn't help with issues that came along after service. Also I'm not sure if you are being a sarcastic dick or just reminding me how shitty my life is.

And she left me after, but I didn't tell her before she left.